National Anthems Guitar Cover! (Shredding Around the World)

National Anthems Guitar Cover! (Shredding Around the World)

100 thoughts on “National Anthems Guitar Cover! (Shredding Around the World)

  1. Any Aussies? No? Okay, I'll go now…
    Also loved how Stevie played on top of the opera house
    1:41 is our anthem

  2. 1:23 I want to salute to the motherland Russia but I'm in a capitalist country and a Muslim majority country which was 5:22
    Well I salute to both

  3. Playing our philippine national song in any genre(exept the original) is a sign of disrespectful to our country…

  4. I was gonna ask for the Netherlands (Wilhelmus van Nassauen) but it's so slow, if you could actually shred my national anthem I'd be so impressed. :') Big fat like from me, awesome vid.

  5. Hey Steve, I have a question.

    Among all these anthems of these countries, which is your favorite or most easiest to play?

  6. Steve I'm sorry to say you a tiny bit disrespected our country the Philippines we put our right hand in our chest and sing but it's ok

  7. Americans: hey Canada what does hot choclate taste like up their?

    Canadians: hot choclate? Never heard of it, but we have COLD choclate!

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