Nannerl Supports Red Ice TV

Nannerl Supports Red Ice TV

Good morning YouTube friends. I Wanted to post this video tonight after I had a shower and put on makeup and maybe find different clothes, but there will be times when I want to tell you something that’s a lot more important than makeup and clothes and hair and More important than how my voice sounds Whether I have a boxer that wants to go play frisbee in the mud and I Just got her to sit down. So hopefully she’ll be still for a couple of minutes. I just want to bring something to your attention And that is the channel red ice TV Lana and Henrik host that show and They have a Second strike against this channel that’s been a decade in the making with over 300,000 subs. I like in Rick and mana Henrik especially because he’s sober He’s a sober reporter. He’s not silly. He’s not slapstick He doesn’t act foolish and he’s very serious and you can probably see why I like him Henrik just posted a video on their backpack channel Which would be it’s a red ice media. I will have these links posted across most of my latest videos including today and He has an urgent plea an urgent plea and the title of this latest fit on the media channel is why they censor us YouTube strike two and it’s it’s sobering and I’m asking those of you who are listening to to check it out. Give him a listen I’ve listened to it Probably I’ve had it on on going a good three times I was anxious to listen to it a second because I’m often interrupted and I Can’t hold that thought and I have to get back to it and I want to hear what he has to say But this is this is just really critical and thank you so much for watching and listening There will be times when I look the way I look and this is real. This is very real Hello to everybody. I love all of you. Whoever you are. And I hope your your staying healthy and well and I’m planning to post any second video hopefully tonight and Have a great day

15 thoughts on “Nannerl Supports Red Ice TV

  1. Have self confidence, stunning hair.
    Get Twitter and save the world.
    Believe in yourself

  2. Lana never talks about how white people in Greece were going over to Africa and other african countries.They studied in Egypt because it was the educational capital of the ancient world.

  3. Lana Lokteff's Twitter handle featuring this video:

  4. NB…. Great voice of logic, common sense, and value. You are a great asset to yourself and the Red Ice….

    Carry On!!!!!

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