44 thoughts on “Nangtou vai Ken ngo ei |Zangkham Love Song|konyak wancho|Tizit |Nagaland

  1. Nok ! this dialect of the song is in Zangkham rite?.I loved viewing your video and I had remember that majang near the church.good

  2. As for me I can say it's a Beautiful song and lyrics.But unexpectedly i m disappointed by the last comments.

  3. This song has something beautiful that is so relaxing. Beautifully made.
    You've got one subscriber here.πŸ‘

  4. I used to listen this song everytime….
    I mean in Ao…
    Ao tune….I don't know the meaning….in this song but in Ao I know very well!!

  5. Great song and lyrics.
    and Awesome video editing!! Keep on coming up with more such videos.
    Though I'm from Ao community, it's so good to listen from my fellow friends from other community. Hats off!!

  6. I always feels encourage whenever I see Naga people show off their talent to the world…I hope u to get more sub….

  7. Congratulations brothers n sister for the mind blowing videos…..n the song is just woh!! Keep doing the same good things….we really enjoy the sweet n melody songs….proud of u guys…

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