10 thoughts on “NAL #49: 7/11 Nationalism w/Richard Houck & Jefferson Lee

  1. Richard Houck is a great guest. He has a very good analysis of post-modern society. I would say that "Libertarianism" is the Devil's Religion, A La Aleister Crowley, Church of Satan and Ragnar Redbeard. The Amish still have 7/11 Nationalism 1800s style. Orania South Africa still has 7/11 Nationalism.

  2. Brilliant. All terribly spot on. This cast should be huge. Plug it.

    I'm gonna fucking do it So don't try n stop me. Fucking ironic trigger MAGA hat n handshakes. Thank you for being HuWhite, sir. Thank you for your service. Thank you ma'am. Beautiful HuWhite couple. God bless. 7/11 Safeway n everywhere. It's not illegal. Yet. Nice HuWhite neighborhoods y'all. Handing out stickers n sheeyit. Go viral videos. Epidemic . Thank you for making HuWhite babies. RESIST DIVERSITY!!

    Cute clever edgy podcasts aren't enough. As much as I love it. As much as we need to think n speak HuWhite. Get out n show your colors. Here's your job. Stop the cuck suicide. We demand our countries back. Migrate, secede, n let the EssWhites n primates rip themselves to shreds, perish n lose.

  3. It's like this in the UK, there are spots here where churches have barbed wire and broken glass on the wall ledges, to stop any vandals/intruders climbing the walls and breaking in.

    Even in majority white countries there is still a decay and danger from the depravity of some of the indigenous population, which has been poisoned over the past couple decades through destruction of the family unit and any sense of identity or community.

    It's incredible to me how the same exact problems and experiences are happening in every Western Country, the same weapons and engineering that have been taking place for so long. It's almost as if the one world government is already here…

    EDIT: Just got to the rounding up illegals/wild west part LMAO.

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