My visit to the United Nations Headquarters “Hello Kitty’s promotion of the SDGs Worldwide. Vol.2”

My visit to the United Nations Headquarters “Hello Kitty’s promotion of the SDGs Worldwide. Vol.2”

Hello! New York! HELLO KITTY “GLOBAL” CHANNEL, let’s get started! Yes!
I have crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and come over to Manhattan! Beyond this line of flags is today’s destination. Let’s go and see! In fact, these flags,which are arranged in alphabetical order, are those of Member States of an important organization. What organaization is it? We are here. The United Nations! This is its global headquarters. Let’s go inside! This is the visitors entrance to the United Nations General Assemply building. Ok, let’s go! Well, the inside is like this! Looks like there are lots of people coming to visit. First of all, I’d like to go and greet the person that invited me! Maybe she’s over there… Ah, I’m a little excited. Tee hee. Hello, I’m Kitty White. Hello Kitty. Welcome to the UN.
Please come with me. Thank you! DSG, Kitty is here to see you. May I come in? Hello Kitty, welcome to the United Nations. Ah, DSG! I know everyone here is going to be so pleased to see you. You’re doing a great job, showing everyone, What it’s gonna take to reach the Global Goals. Have fun in the United Nations. Thank you very much! I’m so glad! So, I’m going to take a walk around the United Nations. Well, look at the Trusteeship Council Chamber. It is colorful, like the Global Goals wheel. Isn’t it cute? This is the chamber of the Economic and Social Council. Well, at the back of this room…
You see? The architect left the ceiling unfinished. This is a symbol that countries will always have to work to improve the world’s economic, social and environmental conditions. That work will never be completely finished. Just like the ceiling. Here’s the UN Bookshop. Oh, I see, the Global Goals are being strongly promoted. Mugs… The tote bag has a Goal 5
“Gender Equality” symbol on it. Oh, I want to get some souvenirs for all of my friends… One hour later… Yes, this is gonna take a while… Well, before I do that, there’s a place I want to visit first! I think a lot of you might know this place. Hi, Kitty! Hello. Oh, now I can see. Ta da! Here you go! This is the General Assembly Hall. I think you often see this room on the news. That’s why this is the most famous room. This is the main conference hall. As a symbol of the UN’s fairness and neutrality, the 193 Member States sit in alphabetical, and every single country has one vote. Well, excuse me for one second,
I want to see the view from the podium Look at the dome! Wow, how spectacular! I imagine all these chairs filled with my friends… I, Kitty White, pledge to do my best to help achieve the Global Goals by 2030. Hello Global Goals! Don’t forget to subscribe!

18 thoughts on “My visit to the United Nations Headquarters “Hello Kitty’s promotion of the SDGs Worldwide. Vol.2”

  1. 日本語しか聞いたことなかったけど、キティちゃん英語話してるときのほうが声自然だしかわいいですね

  2. 今度アメリカに旅行で行くので、これ見て英語を聞き取る練習します笑

  3. キティさんが最近はSDGSの事やらないからやめたのかなと心配してたから安心しました。


  4. 英語版の時だけご本人呼んじゃうと普段のぎこちなさか目立ってしまう説…。

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