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  1. If you can't be fucked to watch the whole video, jump forward to 32:15 to see the result.

    The test I took can be found here: http://www.isidewith.com/
    And my patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/EABT

    If the notion of direct democracy scares you, take a look at Switzerland: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/1435383/How-direct-democracy-makes-Switzerland-a-better-place.html


  2. Oh and stein is for open borders and free one way immigration. If folks want open borders it should flow both ways

  3. I realize where you are from so I’ll let the bush thing go. But Dick and bush is always a good idea. She is a dem socialist. Ya you are along those lines.

  4. I’m with you till the min. Wage. Flipping burgers is a kids kid. Not in anyway a job for a family. Go to school while at this job and you don’t need two jobs. Get one that pays both. And all innovations come from the military. While we need to leave other countries alone.low corporate taxes = more employees = more taxes. We have guns to keep our government from importing oh things like rape.affirm was a way to give blacks here a hand up, dems turned it into a hand out.

  5. I honestly never thought we shared same opinions on matters such as abortion and gay marriage.
    You're one of my all time favourite YouTubers.

  6. 20 min. in; I think it's something else. Something to do with social structure, exclusion, values, the inhibillity to balance thought and emotions etc.
    29:24 min. Illegals working take employment opportunities away from legals and natives. I'm in doubt because of unemploymentstatistics. Maybe yes, create a simple path to citizenship etc.
    34:25 min. What do you think of Trump's accomplishments?
    39:30 min. We still fighting for equality, aren't we? Aren't we critisizing because inequality is still a big part of society and even knowingly encouraged?

    Have a nice weekend.

  7. It's so funny how the comment section goes from actual smart people with opinions against you or only partially supports you but also idiots that say shit like: "Oh, so this is your actual opinions? You're left!? K unsubscribe."

  8. Per capita, our gun violence is the same as Europe, mass shootings account for less than 1 percent of our gun deaths. We also have more guns than people and yet we haven't descended into a hellscape like Mexico. Where as I can't say all of our gun violence is gang related or drug related, that is connected to most of it. Your also basing your gun comments on numbers that lump self defense, and police shootings in with murders. Not to mention that our largest use of guns is suicide, making up 2/3 of all deaths.

    Also, no. No refugees. Per capita doesn't mean shit when you consider that we have enough problems from people being here that just want to take advantage of our society as it is. If they don't want to live like shit than pick a side and fight.

  9. Wow. All but one question we agree on every question.

    And the differing question is not by political choise, it is purely individual view.

    So regarding this U.S. impotent quiz, i will buy you a beer if we ever meet at a bar in Lappland, when the Saami get fed up with crap from the south and brake out to a country.

  10. So you are all for abortion… Deleting life before it has a chance to be shit, because it might be shit. Fair enough. At the same time, against the death penalty, where the person has already been proven to be shit (in the vast majority of cases). The fuck mate? At least be consistent

  11. America has gun violence by design, it is the only way to convince people that only the government should have guns.


  12. Americans are like the Romans about the time of the fall of Rome. They would all like a career in pornography. American lack of education has been by design since the 1950’s, yeah, just like George Carlin states. 😕

  13. Christianity is disgusting?? I'm sorry, but I don't think you understand that God said that the act of homosexuality is abomination. I:m not about to deny them rights because they're gay, but still, that doesn't mean that Christianity is disgusting, most Christians don't do any thing they believe that's between them and God, so we leave it alone.

  14. man you really are Angry, So angry you're not thinking right ! who Da fuck do you think is going to free your country from the disease called Islam ?  I'll give you a clue, it's the same group that has been fighting their incursions into Europe this last 1400 years… So the next time you DIs Christianity, You should think about this.: if the islamists win you're going to have to grease your wife's anus each morning before she leaves for work; Because those Cocksuckers are just out to rape all of you.

  15. Your view on abortion is rather eugenic and Nazi esc dude. The next step is choosing who gets to have children based on a code on what a Orwellian government says is right. Ya sound a quitter. Disgusting Christianity? Go fuck yourself on that one. Unsubscribed ya nihilistic fuck. Semen wasted, not murdered. Murder is different from killing, not surprised you don't get that. Life begins at conception. So, nihilistic faggotry like what you subscribe to should shape society? Yeah no. Jill Stein? Figures. Tch, you're barely different from the socialist injustice weaklings on the subject of religion.

  16. Brilliant. People are going to have to take a test to prove they are going to be decent parents.
    They are going to take the test, as dictated by your government.
    Guess who is not gonna past the test? "Misogynistic, sexist, racist, xenophobic, etc…" people who are currently thorn in the sides of said government, are they not?

    At what point in this line of thought you arrived to the genius idea that giving governments power over who is allowed to have kids is good idea?

  17. If you increase minimum wage, you tend to increase unemployment..make more hard to employ and make product more expansive cause you have to pay more wage! Peace from brazil!

  18. "lets change social attitudes"
    What makes you think this is possible?
    I'd love to have a political debate with you.
    You want stupid people to suffer, but everything government does and what you would vote for is making responsible people pay for the bad choices of irresponsible people.
    What makes you think people will act responsibly in such a situation?
    Think one step further please.

  19. The amount that I disagree with this video is unbelievable. I thought I agreed with you on most things before I watched this.

  20. According to your answers you believe taking responsibility for your actions is a punishment and the state (tax payers) should relieve you of that responsibility.

  21. On the raising the minimum wage u haven't talked about the economic argument. Logic and example of raising it before show us that what happens it businesses simply lay off workers and make it much hard for low skill workers to get a jobs. The reason someone get a jib is cuz the business value the persons work over their money while the employee values the money over their work. But when u tip the balance of the scale thousands of people lose jobs and unemployment skyrockets.

  22. most of the oney that goes to the ilitary goes towards science in the military (medicine, engineering etc), which has always been the most productive way to carry out science (i.e. nazi germany), although the entertainment industry (at least a few years ago) is overtaking the ilitary

  23. Although I agree with you on most of the economic stand points they are also a bit off because the cost of raising the federal minimum wage in Sweden would cost a shit load less and would be much easier to maintain because of how small it is. The US has significantly more people than Sweden so its not as practical as you might think. Sweden is only ever so slightly larger than California.

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