My Honest Thoughts On Minimalism, MLMs, The FIRE Movement, And More

My Honest Thoughts On Minimalism, MLMs, The FIRE Movement, And More

43 thoughts on “My Honest Thoughts On Minimalism, MLMs, The FIRE Movement, And More

  1. I embrace minimalism as a way to keep myself in check… trying not to buy nicknacks that I will enjoy for a season and then get bored of, donating things that I previously bought and just don’t use anymore, or make my amazon wish list representative of those choices, instead of asking for a bunch of junk just for the sake of giving people lots of options for gifts (this year I got a set of tiny plant pots, which bring me joy everyday because I have several tiny succulents that I haven’t killed yet😍).

  2. What are you going to replace plastic with to make your electronics products without fossil fuels? YOUR A DIPSHIT! Can you live without fire? Wood puts more carbon into the atmosphere! READ A BOOK!

  3. New subscriber as of a couple of days ago. My heart melted when you started talking about politics. #Bernie2020 I own my own business too. I dug my way out of debt from generations and generations of poverty. Just because I struggled doesn't mean that everyone else should have to!

  4. These are political matters. Some states use their solid financial power to refinance student loans. The individual pays far less interest. Get your representatives at state level to do this. You owe it to yourself to not be passive about this. Contact them.

  5. Minimalism saves heaps of money. If you are talking about a financial diet, this is very effective. Also, for me, it reduces stress because I don't have to worry about all that "stuff".

  6. I really dislike the FIRE movement. Because honestly I've known way too many people who worked their asses to make it to retirement with money and ended up dying before it retirement or very soon after.
    I'd hate to spend my whole life pinching pennies only to have spent the best years of my life not doing the things that make me happy and living a comfortable life. This also seems especially difficult if you're raising a family.

  7. Can you please make a video on the advantages of living in Canada,such as healthcare and much cheaper higher education compared to the USA? Thanks a lot:):)

  8. 👍👍👍👍👍 #ElizabethWarren2020
    Nobody should have to ruin their financial life @ 22 years old just to go to medical school & become the doctor that could save your life.

  9. 8:12 btw Chelsea, bath salts are actually very dangerous (potentially lethal) when snorted, and yes people do that.
    So people actually might be killing themselves w those bath products 🙃 lovely, right?

    I respect your comparison of pyramid schemes to drug dealing 👍 🙌

  10. I always tell people who yell at others about recycling:
    Until recycling is accessible and readily available to the poorest of our nation, it is not a meaningful way to affect change.
    Also, many recycling plants don't even recycle much of what they receive (such as plastic #2) because there's not enough of a financial incentive or government regulations.
    These are the changes we need to make, not yelling at broke people because they use durable plastic reusable bottles instead of easily breakable glass, or metal that can chip your teeth.

  11. I really love how well you explain your philosophies and why you believe what you do. I have found that often I agree with you, but because of how open and transparent with you, I still get something valuable when we disagree. Your videos have helped me to think critically about my money, and how I think our country should look. Keep doing what you're doing.

  12. Completely agree with the idea of yes making better individual choices BUT ALSO do things to improve life in a systemic way, to governmental, political, societal level. We SHOULD NOT HAVE TO reduce our spending a ton and take financial risks say with the stock market in order to live a good retirement life; we should be able to if that's something we truly aspire to, but we should all be, systemically, in a place where we don't have to worry about food, shelter, health and education, which truly are the real, valuable and essential pillars of societies (not even just modern ones). If we want to live like ascetics, cool, let's make that choice, but it shouldn't be a necessity. Obviously, I don't think we should all have tons of money to spend on crap quality items that pollute our planet and our lives; that's a different problematic. But everyone should receive the care they need when they need it without having to spend tons of money, everyone should have access to free, good quality education and of course, access to real food and decent shelter. In order to achieve that though, we need the (large?) majority of societies to adopt a (new) mindset to make things change systemically.

  13. It's really refreshing to engage with an American finance channel that doesn't promote individualism in the same way that most of the American media does, and instead frames personal finance within the parameters of systemic issues and recognises how privilege affects finance. I really enjoy this channel.

  14. This is the first video I’ve watched of yours. Good stuff! New subscriber. Elizabeth Warren’s policies are great. So are Andrew Yang’s.

  15. I appreciate you opinions and views Chelsea! You have helped me in many ways and I'm sure so many others.

  16. First of all, not all MLMs are alike. I have been in 2 different ones. The first was strong on pressure sales and very vague and deceptive in their verbiage. The second is surrounded around personal growth and the products really work. We're actually the #1 skincare company over ALL brands in the US. We're centered around sharing EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of the product. And even when someone joins the business or buys the product, they have 2 whole months to decide if it's for them or not. We also don't carry inventory. The company provides a website and ships all the products for us. It's not much different from telling a friend about a great hair product at ULTA. Except, when your friend buys from ULTA, you're not getting any financial benefit from it. If a friend buys from you, you do get a little extra cash. And if they return something, there's no hard feelings. That's what the policy is there for.
    Yes, a lot of unethical companies have given MLMs a really bad rep, but keep in mind that we're not all the same. I love the one I'm partnered with and mine isn't the only one with good practices.
    Do some serious research before passing judgement on someone's business choice. Your way isn't the only way. It really does feel like this channel is very closed minded. You have some great resources and advice sometimes but seriously stop being so fucking preachy.

  17. I have a FIRE hack but this is not something to be replicated unless you're in a similar situation. Save up 10k to 20k every year (which is not that bad) for about a decade then move to a country with cheap cost of living.

  18. @thefinacialdiet looking at student protests across the globe in particular the #FeesMustFall in south africa. I agrre with you. Nice content

  19. You don’t have to sacrifice for decades to join fire. If your salary allows you, it can be done in much less time. My path will only take my husband and I 5 years total. And just so no one comes at me, Im a teacher, my husband works at a hotel, we don’t have fancy jobs. We just don’t have kids and worked hard in our early 20s to get debt free.

  20. This is probably my favourite video of yours! Beautifully reflected my own thoughts on minimalism/FIRE. I feel the same way about the tiny house movement. A great lifestyle choice for some, but definitely NOT a scaleable solution. Requires lots of compromise, and does nothing to address the macroeconomic issues that brought it on to begin with.

  21. Just started binging your videos today and I LOVE that you promote quality of life as well as smart money decisions. a lot of financial channels and minimalist channels promote giving up your whole life to save money and that is so unappealing for so many people

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