My City Rijeka: European Capital of Culture 2020 (+ Croatian Language Lesson)

My City Rijeka: European Capital of Culture 2020 (+ Croatian Language Lesson)

My city Rijeka is the European Capital of Culture for this year 2020! We are going to hear more about it, but in Croatian language, so activate the subtitles like this Hi, It’s Sanda from Croatian Experience With Sanda. Today I’m doing something really fun. I’m in Riperaj right now, I’m doing something as a part of Rijeka, my hometown, being the European Capital of Culture for 2020. Riperaj is a small city workshop, founded by Utility Company “Čistoća” (Cleanliness) and where the citizens can repair small household appliances, toys, furniture, free of charge…. small objects they might need at home, and maybe would continue using. and in which weekly workshops are held, where it’s always interesting, it’s always fun and there is always a big interest, among other things, for spending time together. This is a self-service machine, where the citizens can buy various food and non-food products at wholesale prices, without commisions, all they need to do is bring their own bottles… so that the packaging would be used less and would be reused more times. Today we have a special workshop that connects the European Capital of Culture and Riperaj. In Riperaj we have a workshop in which we are making, out of cooking pots, something we used at home for cooking and now we’re making musical instruments out of them something that we’ll use at the opening ceremony. So, all of you are invited to the workshop, and after that to the opening! Great, and we’ll follow it online! I hope we will! Great, so now let’s get on with working and making our instruments! Hi everyone! I’m back at Riperaj and I’m sitting with Marko Jovanović. He is the organizer of a part of the project of EPK European Capital of Culture thank you, and he is organizing a part which is called Kids’ house? Children’s House European Capital of Culture is a city chosen by the European Union for one year. That year the city organizes a series of cultural events with a strong pan-european dimension It will be full of events. How many events? More than 650! More than 650 in this year, in 2020. I think this is the the biggest cultural event in Croatian history… Then when does it begin? So everything begins the 1st of February it will be spectacular opening ceremony for Rijeka And now we’re getting ready for the grand opening… Where is it in RIjeka? So it’s in the city center, it’s in center, just by the sea. After that what will you do for the children in Rijeka? We have 2 or 3 major programs and so many, let’s say, smaller events Tobogan Festival is, let’s say, biggest event for Children’s House I’m talking about more than 100 events for kids in 15 days 100 events in 15 days, I can’t imagine how that would be possible.. So the festival is Tobogan, Tobogan. It was, let’s say, a secret but I will tell you about Balthazar, because Balthazar is well known in the whole world not only in Croatia… So Baltazar will be one of the biggest figures in 2020 for Rijeka We all know Bal, Balthazar, Bal, Balthazar… But if you don’t know it I’ll put the link below professor Balthazar is a Croatian cartoon for children About an old inventor who is able to solve all problems By using his magic machine So he were just telling me before in Croatian, colorful city, the houses and all the atmosphere in Balthazar is based on Rijeka Everybody loves Balthazar, but nobody knows that Balthazar team and background is actually Rijeka! Baltazar grad or Baltazar city will transform parts of my city into a playground for children It will last for 4 months starting in August Come and join us! Doviđenja! Now, let’s learn some Croatian repeat with me Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe

12 thoughts on “My City Rijeka: European Capital of Culture 2020 (+ Croatian Language Lesson)

  1. Do you like Croatian language in this video? Did you understand some of it? Activate subtitles in English & Spanish 😀 // ¿Te gusta el idioma croata en este video? ¿Entendiste algo? Activa subtítulos en inglés y español 😍

  2. Congrats Sanda because your city that you love Rijeka so much was chosen as the cultural capital of Europe 2020👍😊 and good that you are part of that, you must be very happy 😄saludos de Peru ✌

  3. Rijeka certainly is worthy of City of Culture…how exciting!

    You may recall I'm a Canadian who lives in Istria part time…I was able to understand most of the Croatian spoken at the beginning! But really find subtitles helpful when Croatian is spoken quickly. For me speaking Croatian is difficult as I often must stop to think of the next word(s) with correct grammar as it is important for me to do it right. Thank you for the language lesson, too. 🙂

    Yay, Rijeka!

  4. I am glad that, you are back congratulations that Rijeka is a city culture for 2020 some words in Croatian I understand are the same as in Czech, but I would not understand so I rely on the program and please Spanish no there I do not understand a word

    otherwise I'm sorry I wrote you so many emails again I guess I had a lot of work I hope there will be more videos

  5. Welcome back! You hit it out of the park promoting the great city of Rijeka and ECC!! Keep up the excellent work and content.

  6. Excelentee! Cuantas iniciativas y eventos!! Que importante para Rijeka y para Croacia! Dan ganas de hacer las maletas ya…

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