Murder and Migration in Honduras: Immigrant America

Murder and Migration in Honduras: Immigrant America

100 thoughts on “Murder and Migration in Honduras: Immigrant America

  1. Fight for you're land. You got balls to go through hell to come to America even bring kids in you're journey yet no balls or dignity to fight for what is yours? Too scared to fight you're own dam kids. Cowards for running.

  2. Hondurians and Salvadorians have always had it easy. Seen many elders that come to work and migrate to America with 13 – 16 year old kids that later start banging Mara and still stay in America. Look up MS13 conspiracies in NC Charlotte. 37-67 cought mainly teens with permits to stay here. You help them out and they come doing dumb shit. Fix you're country.

  3. USA deportees will never stop until their country is fixed.

    When they get caught they will try again, again, and again. Unless the USA says 10 or more years in prison for illegally crossing (which by international laws it can't) and because the USA prisons don't have the prison capacity to even hold all immigrants

  4. This is bullshit, if you talking about crime go to Chicago or Detroit Michigan or L A , just look at all the cities in U S , do you want us to feel sorry for them?

  5. America. Can Not save all of these countries And there people. NEed. To fight. The corruption. In there countries if they. Fought there Government as hard they fought our Boarder agents they wouldn't have No crime. in there Countries

  6. Venezuela and all Central American countries are in poverty because of one hideous thing…SOCIALISM!

  7. The migrants should get together, get some guns from Putin, and kill the criminals. Then form a socialist government. Not ideal, but better than what there is now.

  8. If thier women properly ware the dress(should cover unwanted thing) the murders will be reduced

  9. If thier women properly ware the dress(should cover unwanted thing) the murders will be reduced

  10. La policia Hondurenas son cobardes, declaren la guerra contra las pandillas al igual que mexico esta en guerra contra los Narcos.

  11. living in Honduras is hella sad, you see starving dogs/cats, homeless/ dirt type houses/ house getting their windows/doors taken…

    this is why people come to U.S.

  12. Let me guess, the richest ten percent of Hondurans are primarily of European descent, the bottom ninety percent are mixed race mestizo and pure blooded indigenous people. This inequality exits in pretty much all Latin American countries.

  13. Their situation SUCKS! But if a person doesn't have anything. Busting down your neighbors door and DEMANDING their stuff is BULLSHIT! If they are so afraid, and the gangs are running rampant at will. The ONLY solution is that they HAVE to engage in the political process. Then they CAN change the situation in their home countries. We can't accept EVERY poor and oppressed person on the planet. Otherwise WE'LL be San Pedro sula. Get INVOLVED in the Honduran political arena. Then they'll see change. Since they don't, the situation will remain unchanged. But don't trespass into MY home and DEMAND my stuff! While they are in detention, give them a class on how to become involved in those processes. Then ship them back. So they can change things in their countries. To make their countries better. Instead of making ours worse.

  14. so the lady left her teenage daughters behind so she could come to america we dont need people like her here who would leave their kids

  15. Blame the corrupt governments for the refuge crisis. The governments in Latin America are easily bribed by the drug dealers.

  16. Population control Honduran style. Elite socialist dictators, rich overlords….However…we in USA have no power over their situation.

  17. Geez, after all Latin America is the U.S. region of- what they call it, "influence, importance, interest, dominance? Whatever. The historical and ongoing fact is the United States continuously interferes and intervenes is the affairs of all Latin American countries and Mexico. The U.S. believes it has sole ownership and authority over all the natural resources of these sovereign countries and if there is any resistance to it's grab and take the U.S. will simply install a government and military who sees things their way. The U.S. also has running about the continent the strong arm of the infamous and notorious assassination and torture team, the C.I.A., mercenary soldiers, and who knows who else to quickly stomp out any effective opposition political, environmental, economical, or social groups who want justice, peace, self governance, and self rule. There literally is no excuse for the poverty, violence, despair, and exodus from any part of the region. Latin America is home to a ancient rich Indigenous cultures, beaches, mountains, breath taking natural beauty, excellent year round weather, an abundant natural resources, delicious sea food, fruits, vegetables, coffee, cocoa. The misery, despair, and violence is the trade deal with the U.S., officially and unofficially. No one wants to leave their country, family, and home but for the un-livable conditions imposed on the whole region overtly and covertly by Washington has caused more than half the continent a 'no go zone'. This isn't to mention what they finger the rest of the world for. I would say for all the money Washington spends in Latin America for 'it's region of influence' for corrupt governments, military strong arms, theft of lands and resources – give it back and give direct foreign aid to the people so they can raise their standard of living, take care of their families, build comfortable homes, design communities that give the opportunity to open their own business, eradicate poverty and the inherent violence attendant than they become the travel destination of million's of tourists, visitors, vacationers, and retiree's. I think it's more than overdue – a fair deal for all Latin American peoples and their countries. Show your hand Washington, no tricks and no deceit. Every human being deserves to live with digmity, justice, and liberty..End for once and for all the embargo's and blockades against Cuba and it's people. There has existed this merciless inhuman policy for close to 60 years. The battles can go on between the governments forever, who cares, what are governments for, their diplomats and their political and diplomatic immunity? To screw with each other even after the
    cows come home. Free the people. The people are the nation and are not an enemy to anyone. Stop the inhumane policy"s and inhumane suffering. On this one, stop passing the buck Washington and take responsibility for the ruination you and your banking corporations have been creating, pay up!

  18. Just couldn´t hold the tears. I´m a proud Honduran, and I can assure you this video states the unbelievable truth. Some might say stuff here is not as bad, but before believing what they say, please consider that they might belong to a minor privileged sector (as if the images of wealthy homes next to slums didn´t provide enough evidence of the country´s inequality). I surely consider myself privileged, too (just the fact that I´m typing this in English proves it), but the difference is I don´t live in a bubble. I am aware of what´s happening. I don´t fall for all the bs that´s constantly thrown out to our people daily by our local mainstream media. And most importantly, I am not sympathetic to Juan Orlando Hernández´s Narco-state regime.

  19. Why would you let your children go anywhere without you never mind into another country you just wouldn't there is something wrong with the parents

  20. The priviledge white people in this comment section, wheww you would assume that they would use their privilege and actually get educated on what's going on with Honduras and how the united states is also one of the reasons on why it's the way it is. Some of yall need to be empathetic

  21. So? If the city is plaqued by violence give off your asses and fix it. It's not the U.S.'s responsibility to take care of you. Get the message, you're not wanted here. Fix your country so you can stay home

  22. It’s no accident that the surge started in 2010.

    The FY 2009 budget approved by the Dem majority in Congress and signed by Obama that blew the deficit over 1 trillion dollars was stuffed full of progressive wish list items.

    One of these things was paying progressive NGOs to go into

    Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala and spread the word about how to circumvent immigration policy and request asylum once they have snuck in with what they claim is their family.

    This is why (gaming the system) asylum claims are up 2000% since 2010.

  23. Keep out all invaders, Deport all that are here. Those hiding should be put in box cars by force, and be deported. Th ose violent should be terminated and fed to the sharks.

  24. I hate these ignorant racist bitches in the comment section, how would they like it if they were from there and suffering?

  25. for all of you that are having bleeding hearts for this and feel privileged your privilege come at the price of loss of life over here to ensure your privilege don't give it away

  26. tell you're proud brave men to do something about it and quit whining and crying and sneaking in here ahead of everybody else in line like you're some kind of supremacy that is active racism and supremacy we don't want you stay out

  27. All bullshit – These people can work. They just don't want a job where they have to work day to day. They want to come to the United States work illegally. Send the rest of the money back home where it's then worth 5 times the amount. Buy land and build homes in their own country and retire. That's what these people do. Mean while Americans have to suffer with low wages, no jobs and no future. It's all bullshit. Send these people back as soon as they get here. Complete and utter bullshit and propaganda.

  28. I would help them all, but, I cannot. Democrats and liberals want to help them out but they cannot. Why are all those who want to help these people live in countries other than Honduras? Their own people do not help them, why should we? Because it's humane? Okay, I'll chew on that if you will chew on this. If these people are not worth being saved by their own people, what makes them good enough to come here?

  29. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL FUND THE WALL!!! $25,077,239 of $1.0B goal


  31. This is NOT AMERICA’s problem their government needs to do something Why the hell is it America who needs to do something Jesus I’m so Sick of hearing sob stories from Honduras, Tijuana etc….. This Is NOT OUR PROBLEM and if they come here they should be Sent Back to wherever they came from

  32. The US likes to “bring democracy and freedom” to other countries of the world by invading them with the military…. yet never with humanitarian aid, which would actually help the countries in which the US becomes involved.

  33. Anglo-Saxons Protestant Culture proves to be the best culture. If a society sucks, it is ultimately because of the culture and the people that sustain that culture.

  34. Honduras and similar countries should be run by international organizations, and declared wards of the international community , managed by real good leaders, not a kleptocracy.

  35. Amazing what the light skin Europeans governments are doing throwing the native Americans out of native Americans own country

  36. So this are the rodents 💩💩who came n polluted my beautiful country 🇺🇸🇺🇸💪 u should have seen just the few months they spent in my city 🏙murders sky rocketed 📈

  37. So if these young boys can enter the U.S. legally, why can’t the rest of them. Why don’t these older illegals make a effort to learn English &, at the very least, bring something to the table a& expecting US CITIZENS TO PAY FOR THEM.

  38. well, Hondurans don't seat around, they run away from their country in caravans of thousands and thousands of people towards the USA, they cross through El Salvador, Guatemala and then Mexico in order to get to the USA. If they can build caravans of thousands of people, they could easily get rid of their government, but they are scared, so they would rather run away in caravans. I heard that one Caravan full of Hondurans leave Honduras every week. Now, the problem is that Cubans and Africans are traveling to Honduras to join those caravans in order to get to the USA. This is why the USA has asked the other countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico to put their armies at their borders to stop the caravans.

  39. When will people learn that the more children they have, the less they will have and the harder it will be. And most people in the USA resent paying for their many babies. Take a pie, divide into 4 pieces. Now divide into 8 pieces
    Why don't people get that. Or maybe they think Americans enjoy paying for other people's babies, while struggling to have 2 children.

  40. I say we invade there country and take all that drug money, kill off the Cartel and gangs and go home with alot of money!

  41. To everyone who says the US is evil for not using its military to intervene: you said the exact same thing when we sent troops into the Middle East. Don't act like you won't call us evil for sending men to Honduras.

    And while we're on the subject; the Middle East is a great example of why sending in troops won't work. Just replace Al Qaeda and ISLS with the Honduran gangs.

  42. They are in a latino country run by their own race, yet they want to risk their lives to come to the land of white privilege, racism and misogyny, the way the liberals tell it.

  43. que trite mi Honduras su gente muere por que nuestro gobierno noo nos ayuda en nada no se tiene un traabajo digno todo esta controlado por elite narcotraficante .

  44. Until someone (like the US) cleans out the drug lords from these countries, migrants will keep coming to US borders……a Wall will do no good.

  45. Goddammit is there any fookin place on earth where there's no misery!! So depressing to watch, the suffering fellow humans are going through.. Consider it as a blessing being born in top 10 nations of the world and even more so, a big blessing being born with bare minimum financial and survival needs.. God bless Everyone..

  46. I blame American capitalists for every murder and crime because they think it’s ok to let a few white men have more wealth than most of the earth’s population combined! I blame American corporations too, which kill millions of people but can’t go to prison or be executed. Corporations are like huge evil beasts that keep a foot on the hose of prosperity worldwide. Kill the beast.

  47. Americans can give and give and give lots of money to charities but they’ll never reach and help most people. Make no mistake, capitalists are mass murderers. Read “Merchants of Misery: How Corporate America Profits From Poverty.” There are 3 beasts on earth: Big Religion, Big Government, and Big Business. There are also only 2 “ways” freedom and slavery. America wants slavery for tiny wages for the masses, while giving most money to a few rich people. Insanity.

  48. I'm from Colombia. My parents brought me here legally. Been here for 50 years and I think it's b.s. that migrants get freebies while I have to work everyday and I can't afford doctors or dentists but Juanito gets everything handed to him and his family. My checks suck because the taxes are killing me……no more freebies.

  49. Trump doesn’t understand how violent and pain there is in Honduras that why we have to move to the U.S. to have a better life🥺😭

  50. Why not send our violent trigger happy police and military there so they can stop coming here they never show the Honduras government

  51. I know its a shit lifestyle but these central americans are beyond stupid to try to cross in broad daylight
    Atleast be discreate about it🤦🏽‍♂️
    If they were ninjas theyd get a -F

  52. So Obama was deporting immigrants. Hmm. Why did the democrats not make a big stink about it like they do with our current president ? Amazing hipocracy.

  53. Once again "give more money to [fill in the blank country] to improve quality of life issues and stop illegal immigration, not two minutes after identifying Honduras has one of the most corrupt governments in Central America. Who exactly should we give the $$$ to?… the corrupt regime of the gang lords. Defective grey matter with a degree in journalism is still defective grey matter.

  54. This is why there should be a limit as to how much money a single person can make, and there can be more money than just what the greedy politicians take from us, and it should be sent to countries like this. The fact that a single human being can have 10’s of billions of dollars, while even $100,000 could go so far in a country like this is ridiculous. A persons doesn’t need more than 1 billion dollars for a lifetime, or even 50 million.. it’s the arrogant stupidity that comes along with having all that money where their lifestyle choices make it seem as if they have to have more money to pay for their new cars or several million dollar homes etc. There’s beyond more than enough money in the world to keep every country out of poverty and that third world country status.

  55. It's useless to try and deport everyone. As long as America has a better economic situation or security situation than other countries people are going to try to come in. Better to accept that and try to make them good American citizens

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