Multiple Grown Men Attack David Pakman

Multiple Grown Men Attack David Pakman

Hey, this is funny. So many of you know this guy named Jesse Lee
Peterson. He’s a 70 year old black religious conservative. I’ve been on his show. I’ve appeared in his studio in Los Angeles
at his Christian men’s counseling center. Yeah. When I was last in Los Angeles or not last
actually a couple of times ago, maybe it was last time. Now I don’t even remember. It’s all blur. Uh, he was recently, either he was interviewed
by or he interviewed another conservative Trump has named Nick de Paolo. And if you’ve not heard of Nick DiPaolo DePaulo,
I don’t know how he pronounces the last name a Nick DePalo is a 57 year old Trumpist comedian
from the Boston area. Shockingly enough. And the topic came up when they were talking
to each other of apparently Jesse Lee Peterson seems to think that he and I are debating
at Politiken this weekend. Now I’ll talk more about that in a second. And they took it as an opportunity, I guess,
to frame me as some idealistic, wide-eyed, naive, 18 year old political correctness,
socialists, lefty or something like that. Take a look at this clip. Well, he’s actually gonna be a debating a
David Pakman at a Politiken on October 27th in Nashville. Please welcome, uh, Jesse Lee Peterson. Jesse, how are you all those, well, thank
you so much for having me, Michael. Appreciate it. My pleasure, Jesse. I got away, I said earlier, I’m really liking
the studio. You and Lou Sharpie the background. Yeah. I’m not a, I’m not good with my hands, but
we, uh, we found the cheap place where I could save about two grand a month and me and my,
me and my producers were at home Depot, uh, you know, all weekend buying plywood and two
by fours and somehow we got it all together, eh? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And we love it much better actually. It’s uh, it’s more intimate and uh, yeah,
I’m, I’m actually proud of people saying nice things about it. Let me ask you just see, uh, uh, first things
first. Uh, who’s this guy you debating and do you
need help? Cause he sounds like a punk. No, I’m just kidding. Who, who’s David Pacman? You know, I’ve had them on my TV show, the
fallen I believe we’ve been on a radio show or something
like that. He’s just another little young liberal who
has no idea of what he’s doing or what he’s talking about. He’s one of those intellectuals who, who has
no sense of common sense at all. So I’m trying to help him find his way back
home. It’s a nice way of putting it. How did these, how do these kids get so luck
kids, I’m, well, I’m 57. I guess I can say that. How do they get so lost Jesse today and why
are they so susceptible to a lot of this, uh, left wing PC garbage culture? They seem to ingest it. I know it goes back to college campuses and
even further back a high. How do you undo that? How are you going to get this guy home? Well, it’s, it’s really due to the lack of
fathers. Well, you don’t have a, a father and a mother
who are perfect examples for you. If the father is not the head of his wife
and the children, then the mother tend to take over and women tend to be emotional. And so the boys and girls are turned away
from the father. And so they take on the, uh, the thoughts
and ideas of, uh, of their mothers and the feelings. So when they go out into the world, it’s easy
to deceive them because they are, uh, women tend to be intellectual and men tend to be,
uh, logical. It’s also funny to me what when you watch
something like this, Nick DePaulo seems to be talking to Jesse Lee Peterson. Like Jesse Lee Peterson is a serious political
person, which is just precious and hilarious and it’s not the approach I’ve taken when
I, when I, uh, do stuff with Jesse, but you know, left wing political correctness, that’s
not this show. That’s not me. That’s never what it has been. Uh, how to get me home. They want to figure out a lack of a father. I have a father and there’s no, no problem
there. And hilariously, if you looked at the live
chat while they were broadcasting this, the comments aren’t just about me being, you know,
girly man feminized Cissy liberal as the problem. A lot of the people in the live chat were
saying, no, no. The problem with David Pakman is he’s one
of these jewel liberals. That’s a the real problem. Anyway. Clearly society is going to progress as a
result of the political discourse that happens when a 70 year old and a 57 year old make
fun of a 35 year old who isn’t even there to defend himself, uh, on the basis of incorrect
allegations. Right? This is really how we’re gonna solve the world’s
problems. Now let’s get to the political thing. I am confused about why Jesse Lee Peterson
believes that he’s debating me at Politiken. I’m not going to political. I have no tickets to Nashville. I have a weekend of, uh, uh, social and family
gatherings planned. People have notified me that Politik on, on
their website listed an event that, uh, shows me debating Jesse Lee Peterson, I think on
Sunday at like three or 4:00 PM. And I have no idea why my manager was in discussions
with Politiken. We never got an offer in writing with all
of the parameters and logistics that had sort of been mentioned, uh, verbally. And they have it scheduled for a time Sunday
afternoon, where even if I were to go, um, I wouldn’t be able to do it at that time. We had problems getting the travel together. I was waiting around for a written offer for
something like six weeks. In any case, nothing happened. I was never going to Politiken never had flights
to Nashville, never signed a contract. Um, there’s actually, I’m kind of being careful
because there’s actually a lot more to this story. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to tell
it right now, but much like Sam Cedar had a story to tell about Politiken and he waited
nearly a year to tell that story. He recently told it. It relates to Steven Crowder. I also have a story to tell about Politiken,
um, which maybe I will someday tell, but not today. And I, a lot of my friends are going to Politiken
and participating and I don’t want to get anybody in trouble, throw anybody under the
bus or do anything. Uh, but there is a story to tell. In any case, I was never going to Politiken. I will not be there. I’m not debating Jesse Lee Peterson. I have no idea what he will be doing or what
he thinks he will be doing. It’s, it’s all kind of a nebulous, uh, very,
uh, sort of opaque situation. But I will not be at Politiken for everybody
who’s been emailing me and asking about it.

100 thoughts on “Multiple Grown Men Attack David Pakman

  1. If you are a grown man, and your only concern about the world is wether or not people are too politically correct in their language and behavior – know and acknowledge that you are not a grown man. You are a mental juvenile. With no meaningful understanding of the world and what we should be concerned about.

  2. Seems confusing for you to say you were never going to go, you made it sound several times that you were in dissuasions to go and be there but plans fell through due to not getting something in writing, and at a time that would work for you. To then say you were never planing to go just sounds wrong in the context you described.

    Also where do they get off characterizing you in the light that they did??? To me it sounds like they are just trying to feed into what maybe their base wants to hear. They are making it sound as if they have a first hand account into your personal family dynamics .

  3. To those who say Nick diPaolo isn't funny, you have no sense of humor whatsoever. And i bet you're full of PC BULLSHIT too. You don't get comedy and you don't have the slightest sense of the New York comedy scene. Humorless bums.

  4. JLP is likely mentally handicapped and so out of respect I don't make fun of him. But I'll make fun of the portion of the Right wing that props him up as some sort of rational political voice. What the hell is wrong with those people? Where are their standards?

  5. "Women tend to be intellectual, and men tend to be more logical"
    So that would make JLP neither man nor woman. Non-binary JLP confirmedxD

  6. What could I say about Mush-Mouthed Jesse that hasn't already been said here? And of course Dick Nipple-O is just some bigoted door-to-door meat salesman who got semi-lucky in showbiz and has since made a meteoric disappearance. Neither one are in a position to attack anybody.

  7. The fact that he refers to us as kids that's the problem. They respect that we can be as knowledgeable and educated as then and come up with different ideas and perspective. Y'all are too damn old to be running our government we need younger people who are open to new ideas and various perspectives. Not some old ass narrow minded crackheads that spouts nonsense. This is 2019 and we are almost in the year 2020. Millenials and Gen Z's are the ones who are gonna govern shit and these old people (by old I mean people who are like 55+) are not setting up good examples.

  8. jessie lee Penison is a fucking Neanderthal and "dip shit" nick is a east coast moron. truly the worst from America. boomers fucking suck.

  9. Patrice O'Neal would really be disgusted at what a sniveling pile of garbage Nick DiPaolo has turned into in the Trump era

  10. Who are these old farts and why are they attacking David's father? Jesse Peterson is such a moron. He's always so nice to you when you're on his show. What a soy boy.😂

  11. exactly why I've unsubscribed from the David Pakman Show. This show has devolved into click baity, college level, tribalistic, youtube algorithmic-ally focused vids. You used to do decent reflections on current events and political awareness.
    That's all lost to, "how do I popularize something on YouTube?"
    This vid's purpose: To inform the viewer you are not going to politicon.
    The Title click baits the viewer, says nothing of the purpose and bloats the video with moronic quibbling; which, is ultimately identified as meaningless as you're not going to politicon.
    I still listen to your topical collections in your podcast; which are much better, more informative with interviews and insight.
    Your YouTube stuff is just….not…..good.

  12. Nick DiPaolo has become nothing more than an absolute Trump fanatic. He claims his show is for blue-collar people, yet he preaches “The economy is booming!” And spends more time crying about the racist Parkland gun activist not getting into Harvard than anything else, while staying quiet about his racist fanbase (seriously, read the comments on his videos. A large, vocal part of his fanbase is racist.)

  13. Nick DiPaolo was never funny, standup sucks, acts tough but he's super sensitive, all his friends are better and more successful

  14. Spreading lies seem to be the only way conservatives can get heard. Now they’re lying to each other because no one else will listen to them.

  15. lol a bunch of old geezers leading the anti-intellectual charge with sexist generalizations, and nonsense like logic is the opposite of intellectualism. What? Are these guys fucking serious? Even Ben Shapiro wouldn't say something that moronic.

  16. I know of Nick Dipaolo from the Howard Stern show. He's also been on Joe Rogan's podcast. Jesse has dug himself deeper into a hole, while Nick has destroyed all of his credibility in those few minutes.

  17. There is no debating Jesse. Everything is just amazing. Even when it's jaw droppingly thick. Especially!

  18. I admire the way you handled these guys on your show, it would have been so easy to drop to there level and trade silly insults!
    (Even though it’s never been your style)

  19. Wow David, a convenient excuse to avoid having to debate Jesse Lee Peterson at Politicon? Sounds like the behavior of a…..BEYTUH MALE!

  20. Jesse will make the erroneous claim you were 'too scared to debate an alpha male like him' and that is why you did not go to Politicon. Pathetically predictable.

  21. “All is well” is gang slang and tends toward the Muslim bend. It comes from the ViceLords who are Muslim adjacent.

  22. I have heard Jesse a couple times. I don't find him intelligent or logical. I think he just talks because he has a mouth.

  23. DiPaolo has been physically and mentally melting for the last few years. He used to be pretty big 10-15 years ago, but his comedy couldn't adapt to changing times. It's just whiney and repetative. Maybe he's been boozing super hard, he just looks like death now and he's not even 60. I used to like some of his bits too, but I think he'd rather blame SJWs rather than do any kind of introspection about why he isn't as big as he used to be.

  24. "He's one of those intellectuals who have no common sense,…….What??!!

    These two are living in the dark ages, and are highly ignorant. Wow 🤔😐🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  25. Nick’s just hiding behind the fact that he’s a “comedian,” so he can take you on without any real substance. Nick means we’ll, ….he’s just comically, perhaps dangerously uninformed. Also Jesus that clip was BORING as FU*K.

  26. Instead of whining like a "little bitch" Pacman, you should learn from the wisdom of those two men. Here's an excellent representation of who Jesse Peterson really is, which isn't the person you try to portray him to be, to your moronic audience.

  27. I think you hit the nail on the head when you sarcasticly brought up maturity. You definitely raise the intelligence level in every debate with an idiot who can only shriek "Beta Male!", "Amazin'!" and ick, "The Great White Hope."

  28. Easy, they are framing you. Pretend to invite you, but making sure you won't be there.
    Announcing it as a "done deal" to then say you "chicken out" and didn't have the guts to show up.
    Wanna bet?
    I like you, but if you wanna give me your money, I'll take it…

  29. I swear to JLP God that JLP is a robot created by conservatives to punish anyone that has some basic knowledge on any topic.

  30. At 3:10 does Jesse call out David for not having a father figure, when somebody told me he is a dead beat dad himself? Typical right wing projection, much?

  31. Ah hahaha…what a couple of douche wads…these sniveling little whiny cry babies…they are so scared of a world view where they can't be in charge of others…especially women! I played many team sports growing up and I remember once in the locker room right after a game where we lost horribly to a rival team and several of the 'alphas' were actually crying about it….a game….in highschool…it was so pathetic…I made a joke to try and lighten the mood and several of them just lashed out and angrily yelled at me…through their tears…that I wasn't taking this serious enough! I would argue that these guys that seem to have a 'need' to dominate others probably had a father that was the same way…saw feelings and emotions as weakness…calling another grown man a kid…look at me Mom…my penis is bigger than his!…what a bunch of clowns! You keep what you're doing with your intellectualness, David….your videos are always enlightening, thank you.

  32. Jesse find your own fucking way home you
    piece of human garbage. Home to slavery and degridation of women in this football culture you support througj christianity. Scumbag

  33. Multiple grown men, Jesse Lee Peterson and Nick DiPaolo, attack David Pakman, in a stunning show of maturity and elevating the political discourse. Grow up, you sound like a BETA!!

  34. Guess the two kids are the ones knowing nothing. Being unable to see he's supporting a NaziPig at the age of 70 shows a total lack of intelligence and basic knowledge.

  35. I don't understand how anybody listens to Jesse Lee Peterson, he is nothing but a piece of performance art. No one can possibly be as ignorant, uninformed, and just plain stupid as he portrays himself to be. Nick DiPaolo stopped being funny 20 years ago.

  36. "Richard Pryor made an album in the 70s aptly titled for that gummy mouth Jesse lee Peterson,
    "That Ni…s Cray"….and I am a person of color so no self-righteous comments please.

  37. So David is a gay teenager raised by 2 lesbians, maybe 3 or 5 for good measure, and that's somehow relevant to his political views because he was, what, born liberal that way? It's really funny that there is of course nothing true about neither these assumptions nor their conclusions. At least it's funnier than the supposed jokes they make about David in this disgusting way, while there is more of a grown man in a Pakman than in a son of Peter or of Paolo, if you want to turn the jokes on them…
    Go David! You have it easy with such poor critics!

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