Most Violence is Right Wing. Period. Stop Lying

Most Violence is Right Wing. Period. Stop Lying

Okay, let’s address something head on just
to do it and get it out of the way for future segments last week and in other segments,
I’ve made an effort to remind the audience that I’m completely fine covering instances
of right wing violence based on politics, end of left wing political violence. And that we shouldn’t be hypocrites, we shouldn’t
hide left wing violence to the extent that it exists, but when I do those stories, I
will remind you that it’s important to remember that most politically oriented violence in
the United States is right wing. It’s important to remind you of that, not
for some kind of what about ism, but because if we really want to deal with the issue of
political violence as an apparatus in the United States as a problem, we have to understand
where it comes from and it mostly comes from the right. Most religious violence in the United States
is from right-wingers, so let’s actually dig into that. And the way we know things is through studying
data and there are countless ways that you can come to the same conclusion. So let’s go through some of the sources. I’m sure many of you will have problems with
some of these sources, which is why I’m presenting a number of different ones. Let’s start with the anti-defamation league. The Anti Defamation League has studied this
for a very long time. Their latest report is from 2018 which makes
sense since we’re in 2019 right now and it is on domestic extremist murder. 50 of 50 people killed in 2018 we’re because
of right wing extremism. 78% were white supremacists, 16% were anti-government
extremists, 4% were in cell extremists and 2% meaning one guy was an Islamist extremist. Now we can argue over whether Islamist extremism
is left or right wing. The right loves to say Islamist extremism
is left wing because Muslims I guess often don’t like Republicans. This is extraordinarily simplistic and shortsighted
religious belief to a degree that you become radicalized, uh, is by nature a right wing
perversion of religion. But we can ignore it and we can say 49 of
50, 2018 domestic extremist murders. We’re definitely right wing extremists. One out of 50. I guess we can debate, uh, uh, the, the specifics
of it, that’s the anti-defamation league. Now I know some of you disliked the ADL or
you don’t trust the ADL. So let’s go to another set of data. This CSI s the Center for Strategic and International
Studies. They’ve identified that indeed the overwhelming
majority of violence from extremists in the United States is coming from white supremacists
and high government extremists, including militias and so-called sovereign citizens
groups. Very, very clear on the data. Some of you will say, David, I don’t like
the ADL and I don’t like CSI. Yes, well then you’ve got the data from the
Center for investigative reporting who also looked at this from 2008 to 2016 and they
found 115 right wing terror incidents, 63 Islamist inspired terror incidents and 19
left wing incidents. So if you include radical Islam as right wing,
which I do, it is almost 91% right wing. If you consider Islamic terror it’s own thing,
it’s still about 60% right wing. And bear in mind that this includes a way
broader definition of domestic terror than any of the other studies. What if you don’t like any of these three
studies? Well then you can look at the national consortium
for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism. They maintain profiles of individual radicalization
in the United States. They look at individuals radicalized since
1948 and they have found that 40% are far right. 24% were Islamist, 17% are far left, and 18%
are what are called single issue individuals who could be anywhere on the political spectrum
or even sort of outside of it. So no matter how you want to catalog this,
no matter what set of data you look at when you look at radicalization in the United States,
when you look at what movements are leading people to commit violence in order to try
to achieve their political goals, goals, or enforce what they see as their vision of what
the United States is or should be, it is at minimum a clear plurality, right wing. And in some ways when we’re looking at, for
example, extremist murders, uh, we’re talking about 90 plus percent right wing. The normal responses that I hear when I talk
about this. Well, they’re not really right wing. Uh, and this is a sort of a no true Scotsman
fallacy sort of thing, which we could delve into a but listen, I mean these militia groups
are right wing white nationalism is right wing sovereign citizens movement is right
wing extreme dogmatic religious belief that leads you to violence because you’re angry
that other people don’t follow your religion, whether that’s Christianity or Judaism or
Islam, that is also right wing by any common sense interpretation of what we’re talking
about here. Uh, so that one is a common talking point. You’ll hear they’re not really right wing
hard to talk to people who are going to make that argument. What about Antifa right? But ANTIFA is a common one that you hear. Uh, look at the data. Big Picture. ANTIFA is tiny. I am not a fan of Antifa. I have denounced anti a methods to the extent
that Antifa is a, a sort of coherent and discrete group with methods. I’m against all of the stuff that has been
reported under the guise of Antifa. ANTIFA is tiny. These are the broader numbers. You can’t look at anecdotes. Both sides do. It is another common one that you will hear
where that’s why we’re looking at the data to point out that yes, both sides do it in
drastically different proportion and two d drastically different degrees. So we’ve got to take the narrative back. We don’t have to be afraid of talking about
a guy who attempted to fire bomb an ice facility where no one died or was even injured. We denounce it. Uh, we criticize it. We point out that that person should be prosecuted
to the fullest extent of the law, but we don’t lose the narrative. The big picture narrative that most political
violence in the United States is coming from the right. Do you have other data that contradicts all
four of these sets of data? Let me know. I’m on Twitter at the pacman and the show
is on Twitter at David Pakman show

100 thoughts on “Most Violence is Right Wing. Period. Stop Lying

  1. It's that obvious that the ttump crazy 🚆 is full of alt right crazy outfits i.e. white supremacists,kkk,skin,neo Nazis and the neo Confederate.

  2. Fucking sports teams. There's a million sects of left and right ideologies. Fuck the left and the right and just do the right thing. Is it that hard to be a decent human being? Yes. Yes it is in this age of global capitalism.

  3. Huh, there have been 600 or so politically-motivated assaults committed by left-wingers in the last three years. Five cops shot in one incident by a BLM activist, other cops attacked regularly due to false liberal narratives about police racism, and let's not forget the multiple-assassination attempt on Republican congressmen that nearly killed Steve Scalise. Then there are the attacks on ICE facilities, shooting up/burning of republican campaign offices, etc. That's just the stuff that actually made headlines, when the entire news media can't simply ignore it.

    Nice, lumping in Islamists with American "right-wing" politics. They have no historical place in American politics, and they have nothing to do with american right-wing politics. Typical bullshit, trying to pretend that Muslim terrorism has ANYTHING to do with American right-wing perspectives. Laughable.

    Libs are so desperate to blame all violence on whites or "right wingers", they even blame them for the violence caused by their precious "vibrant diversity".

    Pakman is a liar and a moron. His fans are, at least, morons.

  4. Name 1 white supremacist and please do actually prove it with facts. Not just your typical pussy whiny blag blah blah bullshit! The left's ideas are far more dangerous than any right wingers actions! Dude buy a shirt that fits and stay outta Baby Gap!

  5. I follow Prager on facebook and the last video they uploaded about "Violence of the left" was filled with comments of inbred hillbillies and "Tactical bros" fantasizing about "concealed carry" and "good guys with guns" to help a guy dressed as a knock off hoplite (yes, a hoplite) protecting some little girl (that was the video btw, the hoplite guy "protecting" the maga child).
    They don't seem to realize how they undermine themselves by boasting about using guns, when most antifas prefer not to use them to keep a higher moral ground (altho, to be fair, keeping a higher moral ground than fascist, Christian fanatics, is far from what I'd call an accomplishment).

  6. The problem is that anyone who actually cares about the facts likely knew this already and the right wing is going just call this fake news.

  7. Wow. Pakman has gone full disinformation propaganda campaign. Here's reality.
    I'm pretty sure most of those people are NOT white supremacists. Just saying.
    plus this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and……… this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and this..
    and this…
    and… I could literally do this all day. The left screeches that 'white supremacists' are behind every bush and shrub, and yet.. are harder to find than Bigfoot. While mobs of violent leftists can be seen every time you turn the TV on. No Sale Dave. No Sale.

  8. Nazis, Fascists, Bolsheviks, Chairman Mao’ red guards and Pol Pot were all left wing. They were all affable dolls.

  9. Nailed it! But it does no good pointing this out when you have rw people who no matter what will twist facts to fit their agenda.

    PS thank you for pronouncing consortium correctly. I hate hearing con-sor-tee-umm.

  10. lol these stats are hilariously bad. Look into some of those "white supremacist/extremists" violence. A lot of them are "guy goes to jail, is white, joins aryan nation, gets out and beats his girlfriend or some other non race based crime" they label that a white supremist hate crime. They do the same thing if anyone has ever said anything right leaning. Yet when the perpetrator is left leaning his political affliation is rarely brought up. this shit takes like 5 minutes to debunk. Either you're retarded or purposely being intellectually dishonest. Hell the bottom of the first chart literally fucking says "total deaths include both ideologically and non-ideologically motivated killings". Fucking pathetic. how about you look up fbi crime statistics. Oh i guess we don't want to look at actual stats…

  11. Terrorists and deranged lunatics are bad. No one disagrees with you except for terrorists and deranged lunatics. When people talk about antifa violence, the issue with them is that they are a group that uses intimidation and fear tactics with low level violence to prevent people from exercising their first amendment rights and the biggest issue is that whether or not you want to admit it the media, aside from fox, gives them very favorable coverage at worst and downplays the seriousness of their actions at best. I wouldnt even really be opposed to punching an actual Nazi since They are actively promoting violence but thats not what they do. I probably disagree with your typical Republican on every issue except for guns and capitalism and even there I dont think they go far enough but when you have a city like portland where you cant even wave an American flag without being violently assaulted, there is a problem. That in no way means that psychopaths shooting up churches is not a problem.

  12. The difference is that almost all mainstream right wingers categorically condemns all instances of political violence. It is only in the left that political violence is being propped up or downplayed – you have people like Talcum X praising the ICE bomber and calling for more attempts of it – popular commentators and media personalities saying it's okay to assault conservatives.

    Political violence are edge cases on both sides. It's a behavior that are only done by the fringes. But the huge difference is in how the majority reacts to it. Right wingers condemn. Left wingers prop it up and calls it "punching nazis"

  13. Not so. The lion's share of hate and violence in 2019 America is coming from the left. Also most mass shooters are minorities –

  14. Bunch of fragile snowflakes that snap and cause violence. Much more violent than SJW tantrums that people like to claim are more of a problem than right wing terrorism.

  15. Right because you fags on the left with Antifa are so PEACEFUL. WTF ever I REALLY do want all this to escalate into a full fledged Civil War. Nothing would make life more enjoyable than wasting you Beta Soy Boys

  16. I would like to add the southern poverty law center, as well as the FBI to the list of organizations with data that that would support davids argument here.

  17. The ADL's numbers are falsified. You are a liar. You do not cover left-wing terror. You deny it. You are a hypocrite. Period. Stop lying.

  18. June 29th – Quillette journalist is punched and kicked at a Proud Boys "Rally" by a guy in a mask that looked like and probably was black block Antifa
    Republican Response: Antifa is a terrorist organization
    August 3rd: White Supremacist, Trump fanatic kills 22 people in El Paso because they were brown.
    Republican Response: Video games are too violent

  19. Funny that you tried to make light of Antifa or throw it in there as an afterthought – the most violent domestic terrorist group in America today is a Left wing group. Period.

  20. Right wing terrorist are Muslim, Jewish and Christian. This lie that Islamic terrorist are leftist is as incorrect as it can be.

  21. But David I saw one video where antifa punched a guy so all the data from the FBI and ADL is obviously liberal SJW propaganda

  22. Right Winger aka REPUBLICAN!!!! The idea that Being Religious is Right wing….this is how u discriminate Religious people who supports Progressives….

  23. Being against antifa is awful and stupid. Everyone who wouldn't be targeted by fascist genocidal intent is welcome to sit down and shut the fuck up. We're going to keep bashing fash to keep more of them in their basements so they know there are risks to coming up to try to commit said genocide.

  24. Thank you for breaking it down for us. I've heard the meme from you dozens of time that right wing violence is the majority, and i mostly agree when considering religious people as all right wing.

    Sincerely, thank you.

  25. This is precisely the reason that the hard leftists are making a bad mistake by “fighting fascism”. You really don’t wanna pick fights with right wing loons. They are better and more effective at violence. I mean on a local/person to person level. Debatable on the government level. Plus it just makes the problem worse. Come on pissed off leftists. Become more like your boy Dave get some perspective and balance, stop fueling the right wing fire. They can be talked to, and talked down, hell one day we all might be friends. And that’s when we realize that actually Governments are the problem😘

  26. Random question, are INCELS right wing?

    I'm not refuting that, I've just never seen or heard them being classified on a political spectrum before.

  27. I do agree. However, you have better odds of being killed by a dog than being shot by a right wing nut job. Less than 300 people have been killed this year in all mass shootings. That includes left wing, right wing, drive by & gang related. 33 people, mostly children have been killed by dogs this year.
    Let’s talk gun violence. If you are black you are 10 times more likely to be killed by a black man. If you’re a cop you are 5x more likely to be killed by a black man. 37% of mass shootings are perpetrated by blacks that represent 14% of the population. 41% by whites that represent 61%.
    Islamic? There are less than 3 million Muslims in the US. Regardless of “wing” they do not mesh with western values. If 1 mass shooting reported ( there are many where race and ethnicity aren’t revealed) was by a Islamist, that isn’t anything to brag about since 170 million people in this country are white. Nearly 60x more, c’mon dude. You do realize that right?
    You do a good job with numbers but a shitty job putting it together factually, what they mean per capita. I know you are trying to spin a narrative but real facts are out there and right wing extremists as well as left wing, aren’t the ones doing most of the killing. I will give you a hint: Google shooting deaths 2019 Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans & Charlotte.

  28. Listening to to David articulate facts, with an educated, but not pretentious vocabulary, acts as a relief to the cesspool of the current state of the country and "administration" that fuels anxiety. Thank you, 'Data' Pakman. 🙂

  29. I find you misleading in this…

    Most of what you’re saying by claiming that most of the violence is right wing is misleading. There’s a difference between the right and the alt-right. What you’re showing in this video such as a lot of the violence caused by white suprematists is alt-right.
    It literally stands for “alternative right”. The right are against the alt-right and condemn them totally.

    The top targets of white supremacists are people of colour, Muslims, Jews, and the LGBT community.
    People on the right see people of colour, Muslims, Jews, and the LGBT community as equals.

    Again… there is a difference between “the right” and the “alt-right”.

  30. Your definition of right wing is wrong. Nobody on the right accepts neo nazis. They are widely condemned by every major pundit and politician on the right. The difference is that mainstream democrats REFUSE to denounce antifa.

  31. The FBI and the CIA have used the excuse of “black extremism” as a way to shut down any dialogue and it’s a literal conspiracy proved to be correct throughout history
    Why wouldy these tricky bastards be up to the same things in 2019? it harkens back to the days of slavery Most violence is most definitely white supremacist violence

  32. Care to explain why Religions groups are sorted into Right Wing?
    People do things depending on there belives, if that belive is religious or not is deeply relevant, and I cant see why for example Radical Muslims who do 99% of world terrorism should be sorted into Right Wing ?
    And yes, Im talking about WORLD WIDE, not USA related, the world is bigger then the USA…

    Example – Take random month this year, for my example lets try june.
    1 Go to google write "List of Terror acts made in june 2019" ==>
    2 You go to Wikipedia, unbias source, with links to all attacks, in this case 198 incidents.
    3 I did not count all, but an estimation of around 99% of the attacks are made by Islamic radical groups in some way.

    I cant see why people would talk about "Right wing" or "Left wing" when its mostly religions, or do I dare say Islamic related….

  33. I’m not hating but no joke almost all hate is on the left wing, there is over 1000 vids of left wingers attacking right wingers

  34. Hi – I'm conducting a study on the dietary habits of Leftists / Progressives.

    Please respond below with your daily intake amount of soy…

  35. okay is Incel a right/left thing? I mean they are supposed to be involuntarily celibate I didn't know this is a right/left thing.

  36. If u look at the cases the adl adds to right wing violence u can clearly see how they are inflating the numbers, for example a guy with a swastika tatto kills his wife or another white guy and they count this as ring wing violence, AIU did a great video on this

  37. Many right wingers try to pretend that Nazism is left wing – I presume because it includes collective action (socialism) for organising the delivery of services. They completely set aside their underlying beliefs which are right wing e.g racism and eugenics, they disagree with liberal democracy, they have extreme nationalism which they use to persuade people to subordinate their own wishes and feelings for the sake of the common good and they are feverishly anti – communism which is one form of left wing organising.

  38. Of those 50 murders, 100% of the murderers were most likely circumcised as infants and children by right wing and left wing religious extremists. Bet the ADL would keep this important aspect hidden because of their religious biases.

  39. Let's also remember that most state violence is a result of right-wing policies, perpetrated at the border, at poorer communities or across the world as a result of imperialism.

  40. Most political and religious right wing extremists throughout modern history have enacted violence against religious and ethnic groups. Examples are: The Inquisition in Spain against Marranos or conversos (Sephardic Jews who converted to Roman Catholicism), the Nazis during WW II, and white supremacists today.
    I think hatred towards Jews is based on envy, jealousy, and resentment, because most Jews assimilate in almost every country successfully, whether Orthodox or Reform etc. also most Jews succeed at what we do, and because we are taught since children to protect the orphan, the widow, the stranger in the land.
    The insecurity and lack of family cohesiveness in non Jewish families makes non-Jews feel insecure, and disoriented in life, however from my own experience, Roman Catholics of a middle class upbringing are culturally similar to Middle class Reform Jews in many ways.

  41. David, thank you for your studies and bringing out the facts. The problem with people being a part of the problem is they dont want to see what they're doing as a problem in general. They truly believe they are the solutions. But when a solution creates a domino affect of more problems then the solutions are the problem. If a solution has a tipping point that can roll off on other problems and solutions are more obvious because of it then the domino affect can apply towards more solutions. So we have to decide what side of the tracks do we want to stand on to be able to board the train?

  42. Correction. The. radical right is responsible for more deaths than the radical left. David should be clear and not color the right wing as more murderous. It is only the radical extremists who are doing it. And the general right wing is against it and appalled by it. So what david is doing as usual is revealing how unconscious and deep his bias is. For the manner in which he speaks is implying that all of the right wing are doing most of the political driven killing. Yet it is only radical extremists doing it. And the numbers of radical extremists on the right is very small relative to population. In reality thrse evil people and their murders are rare. So why is david so concerned? You are more apt to be killed by a bullet in a hood than by a right wing extremist.

  43. David, here im looking at RealTruthFreedomNews dot Org and it says leftism is the root of all evil ergo all evil is leftists and it reports that 99.89% of all violence is actually antifa framing right wingers as being violent. so what Im saying is this video is wrong and Im flagging it for spreading lies.

  44. I love when you use statistics DP :). Calling out Islamic extremism and appropriating them to the right wing. Nice haha I love it. White supremacist ARE THE REAL THREAT THOUGH right wink wink. We all know the travel ban was a pump fake/dog whistle to his Islamic terrorist base. Pretending like he wants to vet them for security reasons.
    I love you work DP. Still better than CNN and Kyle.

  45. Religious extremism is not a perversion of religions. It’s fundamental. Even christian extremism. Have you read the bible?

  46. *In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.

    *In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States who later died

    from the wound.

    *In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.

    *In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.

    *In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.

    *In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.

    *In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

    *In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

    *In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby's cafeteria in Killeen,


    *In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.

    *In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.

    *********ALL of the following were on some sort of mental illness medication. ALL were Democrats!

    *In 2001 a left wing radical democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W.

    Bush, President of the US.

    *In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.

    *In 2007 a registered democrat named Seung-Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.

    *In 2010 a mentally ill registered democrat named Jared lee Lloughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and

    killed 6 others.

    *In 2011 a registered democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12


    *In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.

    *In 2013 a democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school.

    *In Sept 2013, an angry democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.

    *In May 23, 2014, Elliot Rodgers; killed six people and injured thirteen others before committing suicide. He

    and his parents were/are devoted Liberal Democrats

    *In June 2016, Omar Mateen, a registered democrat and Muslim that pledged his allegiance to ISIS, shot

    102 people in a Orlando gay night club.

    *Stephen Paddock, the 2017 Las Vegas shooter, was a registered democrat too.

    *In June 2017, James Hodgkinson, a democrat, opened fire on Republican congressmen at a ball field in

    Alexandria, Virginia.

    *In April 2018, Nasim Aghdam, a leftist PETA activist, opened fire at the YouTube building in California.

    *In May 2019 two leftists, Devon Erickson, 18, and Alec McKinney, 16, who was listed on the court docket by

    the name Maya Elizabeth, a transgender, opened fire in a school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, injuring 8

    and killing one.

    *In July 2019 in a Southaven, Mississippi Waymart, Martez Abram a registered democrat, opened fire killing 2

    and wounding 2.

    *In July 2019 in Gilroy, California, 19-year-old Santino William Legan influenced by the

    book "Might Is Right", an anti-capitalism, anarchist book by socialist author Ragnar Redbeard, heavily advocating egoist anarchism and Darwinism opened fire killing 3 and injuring 12 at a garlic festival.

    *The shooter in El Paso a socialist and registered democrat who says he was triggered after watching the DNC debate where all the candidates raised their hands to provide “health insurance” to illegal immigrants.

    *The shooter in Ohio was a registered democrat.

    *Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns. Not one NRA member, Tea Party member, or Republican conservative was involved in any of these shootings and murders. *****SOLUTION: It should be illegal for Democrats to own guns. They may have psychotic episodes and start killing people!
    Let me let you in a widdle secret that even one such yourselves can understand =

    these mass shootings attributed to conservatives ie white supremacists are a conflation of facts in the history of how the left thinks and responds to its enemies –

    white supremacy has its roots in Britain and Germany and they are not anything that founded the basis of conservative thought or our govt – or more importantly the churches that founded the country and fought to keep it- mass shootings are based in murder and the extent and method are based in the junk philosophy called eugenics – it is called "culling" – getting rid of the unwanted – preferably quickly –

    gas chambers – abortion – mass shootings euthanasia are eugenic in origin – they are ideas the left embraced in Europe and in america

    Fascist and Marxist ideas fought with each other in Europe then came to to america and have and will continue to fight over the carrot – ie the soul of the left – here – USA-

    this mass shooting crap went on in the 19th century against the Indians from time to time but was looked down upon and was not what one would call "policy from DC"

    unfortunately it did happen – the Indians were not invited in the first place or the buffalo either –

  47. David. I’m a fan and agree with 90% of what you say. I wouldn’t even disagree the “right” commits most of the violence. However, as good as you are at calling out your conservative foes for not understanding the facts, you are guilty of the same sometimes. This being one of them. Antifa has been far more violent than the counter protesters. There are thousands of non biased, non partisan, people with cell phone videos you can find on YouTube that prove that. People who happened to film some of these protest incidents. You’ve bought into propaganda about the proud boys who are obviously not the alt – right or remotely related to the people who marched in Charlottesville. In fact, there is no alt right in the way you imagine it. Unless you’re taking Richard Spencer, David Duke, etc. You weren’t aware Steven crowder was a comedy show. You don’t interact enough with the oppositions content. I used to be the same way. I’m still a Democrat for what that’s worth. But you are in denial or not doing enough digging to realize the far left isn’t our party anymore. They are easily committing, at least, equal if not more of the violence.

  48. But they were never conservative, and usually mainstream progressives are apologetic for AntiFa. Nevertheless yess "right wing" violence should always keep conservatives in check in keeping them out of their "conservative" ideas.

  49. The ADL study is almost complete bullshit. At least half they killings they refer to show there is no evidence that political affiliation motivated the act. By the logic of that report, the Dayton shooter would have been counted as a left winger, and the three murderers who subbed to TYT would have been included had such a report been made for those years.

  50. You're looking at antifa as a group, it's just an ideology, if you're against facism then you are antif-facist.

  51. Remember when anti government extremists were left wing anarchists? I mean sure, Antifa, but they got nothing on Right wingers. Antifa doesnt have anything on the Yellowest protestors either, those guys make Antifa look like cuddly bunnies.

  52. Why not just use the FBI's Dataset? They come to the same conclusion, Albeit, way less lopsided.

  53. It's funny that the right, since T, has taken to accusing others of their own strategies. Over and over again. Laughable really.

  54. It's crazy that someone wouldn't know the mind of the right. The right are complete hypocrites that don't understand what they understand. These people are walking Billboards for the importance of education

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