Most Brutal Chimpanzee Society Ever Discovered | Rise of the Warrior Apes

Most Brutal Chimpanzee Society Ever Discovered | Rise of the Warrior Apes

50 thoughts on “Most Brutal Chimpanzee Society Ever Discovered | Rise of the Warrior Apes

  1. Male chimps are cunning, evil and extremely clever and complex.
    Do not ever mistake kindness for weakness with these animals.
    They're extremely dangerous.

  2. Jane Goodall always portrayed chimps as peaceful..She would observe this agression and not publicize it..

  3. The guy with a scar on the side of he's head looks like a bad guy in a movie, and the type of bad guy that hunts down apes for fun, then he'll have to fight Tarzan for it, and he'll lose at last.

  4. How do you stop a brutal chimpanzee attack? Toss in a banana. LOL Seriously, this is very educational and well done. What kind of an ASS would "thumbs down" this??? Probably some Berzerkley Antifa punk ass that attacks vets in wheelchairs and thinks because he "identifies" as a woman he is one. LMAOH

  5. WTF is with @2:29 pedo guy? In fact, the discovery crew are all weirdos and creeps, possibly jooish.

  6. Why are we so shocked? The other day, (May 2019) a 5-year-old child was on the upper floor of a large shopping mall. The mother was still a few yards away looking into a window of a store. Suddenly, a mutant, a degenerative version of what was supposed to have been a human being suddenly grabbed the young boy and threw him from the upper level of the mall down to the lower level instantly killing him, before his mother had a chance to even scream. WTF is the matter with us? Are we nothing better than the Chimps in the above episode. I'm so f…..g pissed off I can't contain myself because there is no way to prevent the deaths of young innocent children even five years old, let alone still in the wombs of their mothers. I'm outraged that innocent children are killed on a daily basis. The mall event was one in a billion. Abortion clinic deaths are every day. There is no difference between the guy who picks up a five-year-old kid and throws him off a balcony and a piece of a shit butcher who sticks his tools into the neck of an innocent baby, then sucks out its brains and kills it. The butcher justifies it because "the fetal matter" hasn't yet reached 40 weeks gestation. There is a special place in Hell for abortion people unless they realize their faults and repent. Of course, this is all within my very humble opinion.

  7. Do some aliens examine us with the same compassion and interest as these people do? This, of course, presumes we've been visited so some will think I'm nuts and others will understand my question. Oh, I see this question was asked three months ago, never mind.

  8. When they had the chimp down and beating and kicking him in an unfair fight. By up to 6 other chimps..did that remind anyone of some other species ?

  9. Man, this camp. Are way stronger than human , just imagine if they have human brain, it will be planet of the age for sure

  10. So you get paid to watch these chimps play with the magic banana every 10 seconds and eat shit after throwing it.Cannibals and dirty.

  11. You depict them as killers!! They do this to survive. We kill all different kinds of animals to survive. Dont portray these animals like murderers.

  12. This is how we humans started. It doesn't surprise me that they are evolving too. It's a little scary but inevitable. Thanks for the great piece.

  13. Bruh funny how they put on some dark music and sinister vibes and make these mfers that just mindin they business look like some lowlife animal barbarians. Great vid tho

  14. People needs to understand that chimps are not only intelligent with emotions like us humans. These are wild animals and not a pet even though they have similarities on us Mankind they can hurt you and even kill you when they are threaten or lack of food to survive.

  15. Caucasians should take note of this video because this is how your ancestors lived before they were civilized by the Moors. Caucasians are just cave apes that's why they all have Neanderthal DNA.

  16. Why do black people disproportionally act more like this than any other race. Lmk what you honestly think 🤔

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