Most Americans Believe President Donald Trump Committed Impeachable Offense | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Most Americans Believe President Donald Trump Committed Impeachable Offense | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Most Americans Believe President Donald Trump Committed Impeachable Offense | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Trump: "Fixing (insert topic) will be easy, I know more than the experts!"

    Also Trump: "Who knew that (insert topic) could be so complicated?"

  2. No cause for impeaching POTUS!!!
    MSNBC keeps getting it wrong
    Pelosi slowed down or backed off sending order to Senate, because of weak impeachment articles.
    Can't patronize Iran leaders and send billion on pallets as Obama did.

  3. I am sick of hearing about Trump base whom are assumingly most uneducated misinformed "Racist" Impartial Individuals. 65 yrs on this earth I have never seen anyone whom have admiration blind faith of such any human. How can they explain this to their Children Grandchildren "Yes! Child you must admire, trust, respect and support a Person who lies, surround themselves with Criminals, Disrespect Women, conceited ….. etc. this is whom you want to be like when you grow up". The Polls are misleading majority of People Impeach Trump over 2 million People do not do Polls or have a cell phone or Social Media Accounts!

  4. Again: What does it matter what "most of the people" think about it? They have no hand in the deciion at this point. I'm more interested how many people in the senate think he should be removed.


  6. Well its true what trump did is by definition a bribery and if you think about it any logical person can make out what was this purpose for when he specifically said in the transcript to investigate joe bidens son hunter biden most likely to insue to shame the biden name to make them look corrupt and unfit for office solely by the polls in the democratic primarys and for all of it joe biden has been the front runner so of course donald trump would do this to get leverage

  7. But trump is allowed to do anything because he's president, so he is above the law! (This is the argument of the president of the US and his supporters, incredible isn't it? Banana republic)


  9. Then please show me the evidences that show President Trump committed a crime to be impeached. Am I the only thinking this way.

  10. yes, he has committed impeachable offences. And in fact, just very recently he has gone over the top with this drone attack. He has, in effect, killed about…what ? 26 human beings, and for what? It is so obvious for what. He has done it in an attempt to distract negative attention from his impeachment predicament. I would say this latest stunt is the worst offence of them all.

  11. How about we hand DT the destination of being the ONLY president removed from office! Senators STOP THIS MADNESS!

  12. Not only Americans believe he should be removed from office but the rest of the world also agrees. Get him out of office before he puts the USA into a position they can't recover from.

  13. People are finally waking up! It's about time. Remove him now!! And the 5 time Draft Dodger is starting a war to deflect off his Impeachment Trial.

  14. The Democrats are acting like a bitter ex-wife who'd rather hurt a man rather than help the American people that's obvious!!!!!!! Seems like the squad and Nancy have made a big batch of koolaid! And why does the party who hates the president wants to know his plan for the middle east conflict!

  15. I don’t understand why the republicans don’t join the dems and use this great opportunity to get rid of Trump

  16. But seriously, these polls show why America is doomed. Its at the end of its run with so many useless, ok-with-crimes-and-treason citizen, as long as they have their racist in the White House… 😡

  17. Isn't this the same station who said on their polls hellary will win the 2016 Presidential Elections? Hahaha.. Yeah, msnbc and their fake polls..

  18. But chuck doesn't say that not one Republican representative voted to impeach and 3 demokkkrats have against impeachment, and chuck failed to mention that this was the first partisan impeachment with the 2 weakest charges ever, no high crimes no extortion, no bribery, no collusion, they have nothing, and Pelosi isn't sending it to the Senate, so much for impeach, lol demokkkrats are such a joke

  19. Trump did it because he thinks that more people will like him and reelect him!!! All selfish reasons!! And also to distract from impeachment!!!

  20. Joe Biden withheld $1 billion from the poor Ukrainians. Why is he still thinking he can b president? He admits this on video btw. It seems most people don't know about the video. Also this pole was taken in their biased news studio. Lol we ain't stupid.

  21. Why is it that #45 supporters ALWAYS use NAME CALLING as a tactic? Follow the leader? Like come on… It's a bit disturbing…

  22. That’s what happens when your president combines stupidity with abuse of power. You get into another war.

    Impeach and remove please.

  23. About a foot of snow in here. Trumph is still your president, he hasn't been Impeached.

    Two articles of impeachment have been passed solely by the democratic party, the articles however amount to about a noise complaint by an eccentric.
    I have been on the fence before all of these high dallor investigations happened. How much money does it cost for y'all to let this man do his job?

  24. Party before democracy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ some of these people sounds like they belong to political parties from these Shitholes countries that Donny likes to talk about.

  25. 57%…. I think that's the percent of the popular vote who will vote for NOT HIM in November. I'd guess 54.5% Dem, 42.5% GOP,, 3.0% Independents

  26. It’s taboo to reap benefits attributed to a sinner. All who believe that Trump did wrong should volunteer to return or donate all their gains from 401K, stocks and taxes. A petition should be initiated for believers to reject all these ill-gotten gains. All the anti-trump rhetorics are useless.

  27. who didn't see that coming? getting bored with the whole idea of "oh my god look what whigonawimp did!" over and over again. just predict the worst cases and you only need to adjust your surprise in a minority of cases.

  28. an unconstitutional attack, open murder is that what the american people support…. if by now the population really goes with trump then the future looks pretty grim …..american stay in your own country, you are not welcome elsewhere as you are an aggressive power……i

  29. Wake up !!!!!!!! drump WANTS to see a big war 'game', using ALL the 'kings' horses and all the 'kings' 'men'!
    GOD SAVE AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. SO WHAT?  Trump is a dictator and will do what he wants.  Nothing will stop Trump.  It makes no difference what dictator Trump does.  He has a free ticket bought and paid for by the rich 1%. Eventually Trump will be King and no one will do anything to stop him.

  31. No one called me and asked. These poles are based on 1000 people called with a margin of error of +-3 1/2 percent. Joke.

  32. This is really the Attitude of racist white skinned people! This is how white people act when it comes to the law racism is a illegal act and yet in this country white people will still tell there daughter you better not dating or have a baby from a Black guy! And that whole statement shows just how white people twist there personal ignorant education that is damaging Black people's character and demonized and killed black teenagers call the police for stupid observations from people who ignore the law of civility!!!!

  33. If so many "Americans" want Trump removed from office, why is everyone worried he may be voted back in again?????????????

  34. The Senate needs to hold a vote to remove Moscow Mitch from Majority lead. The Senate is not a productive Senate with MM as the leader. Even the republicans can say MM not productive had only sent ONE bill up for vote in a year and a half…make the right move Senate remove Moscow Mitch THEN remove trump.

  35. This president really shows just how obstinate the white men and women are in keeping ahead of the narrative of racism like its some daam conversation please!! It's the law this president shows just how much he acts like a women example women say there mothers taught them to treat people with fairness right and yet 95percent of women are telling there own daughters they better not bring home a black guy because of the ignorance of law that white people oppress blacks with just the level of being hard headed and I mean like a ignorant Dog running around pooping and making the world stink from there untrained Dog pooping every wear and think tat us funny please!!! It's disgusting!!!!!!!

  36. He don't even have the moral duty to respect his own White House institution this is the major problem with White Americans you to hardheaded and you all act just like the immigrants that come here from hostile countries begging for asylums using again kids to get anything and everything everything on a loan a loan that is all covered by one income this is the problem with this country is full of cowards Looser using there children for excuse under the sun and not paying any of it back and go to there grave with there and of debt and I mean a ton!!!!!

  37. Trump might just make history once again by being the first president of the USA to not gain approval by starting a war.
    Most Americans already know that he shouldn't be president and this is just another thing that proves them right.

  38. Why are we polling all the time? I try very hard to keep up with what's really going on and it's hard. Hard because there are many different "truths" gettingbpushed around. How well informed are the people getting polled?


  40. All the news stations talk about polls like they're the be all end all facts.
    Did anyone poll you? Nobody asked me if he should be removed

  41. Scarborough: "I'm So Confused" About Giuliani Accusing Democrats Of "Racketeering" In Ukraine? On the other hand it doesn't take much to confuse Joe Scarborough

  42. I say hand over Trump to Iran and let them prosecute him for murder. Killing a General who has no presidential rank, is the same as killing a civilian.

  43. Trump starts a war,because of his hate for Obama
    Trump says am bringing are people home,now he sends thousands to fix his stupidity
    When is America going to say enough ,…is it to late now

  44. How can such a big country put so much power in the hands of just ONE MAN??? And when that ONE MAN proves to be a total nitwit, incompetent for the office he was put into by another part of the people of that big country, how come such a big country does not have the adequate means to immediately remove this ONE MAN from this prestigious office???

  45. I see this a false statement. I see many folks that can't accept a duly elected President in office. Impeach on what grounds? If you don't like the President, vote him out of office by voting for someone else next election. You, CNN, ABC, and CBS have the guy damned you do, damned you don't. Let the man do his job, and quit fighting him all the way. Work together for the good of the country. You newscasters these days sound like a bunch of five year old kids that don't get their own way. Fox is just as bad but for the opposite party. Can't you just tell us the news like Walter Cronkite did, and stop trying to tell me how I should vote? No, I guess not. That wouldn't get ratings you're looking for.

  46. Why did the third person in line to become president didn't know about the drone strike that's what Americans want to know??? Trump is NOT king and we have a portocol that was NOT
    implemented!!!!!! Why isn't the Senate calling him out for this?

  47. So many of OUR family members serving in the military are now placed unnecessarily in harms why because of a narcissistic POTUS? This can't continue!!!! VOTE BLUE in November 2020!!

  48. You fake news people are going to need a new job . Your lies will catch up to you all. SHAM EMPEACHMENT . TRUMP 2020! BABY!!

  49. Impeachable offenses, early, often and repeatably. The Senate has been and will be complicit in all future misdeeds (war anyone? now he gets to add 'assassin" to his resume) should they fail to remove him from office.

  50. Every president that has been impeached nothing happened. Nixon resigned. The Senate did not remove Clinton. There has be a better way. If found guilty, there should not be an impeachment, there should be a firing squad.

  51. Anyone reading these poll numbers surprised that the great leader of 38% of Americans wants to start a war with Iran?

  52. I'm so tired of seeing this reported on as if there is a genuine question as to whether or not he should be removed from office.

  53. Send him to Mexican prison and throw him in general population 😉 and don’t forget to send him legos so he can build that wall 🤣

  54. There was always a good chance of Trump pulling a big distraction stunt such as starting a war to avoid the impeachment trial going ahead! Looks like he’s gone and done it …Just wait till nasty things happen, then anyone wanting to go ahead with impeachment etc will be labelled traitors and ‘anti-US’….

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