Mortal Kombat 11 – Buried By Politics and Tedious Grinding – The Review

Mortal Kombat 11 – Buried By Politics and Tedious Grinding – The Review

21 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 11 – Buried By Politics and Tedious Grinding – The Review

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  2. "Booo-hoooo they said mean things about Donald Trump. Meh!"

    You Trump supporters truly are some sensitive fucking bitches.

  3. Boiiiiii stfu. They wanna change outfits…who gives af. That Jax ending was stupid as shit…again, who gives a fuck. You're literally complaining because Trump is getting villainized. THATS EVERY US PRESIDENT SINCE CARTER. This is the first time I've seen you be offended and it impact your ability work. That grind is some fuck shit though.

  4. Soooooo if anyone wants to watch a real mortal kombat go to the search bar and type in proudboys own antifa

  5. What bothers me most is the fact that mortal kombat caused the creation of the rating system so that kids don’t play mature games. Mortal kombat is meant to not give a fuck about it’s girls and sex appeal. Yet now they give a damn and that’s the most insulting thing. You’re mortal kombat act like it

  6. Fuck all that toxicity and shit in the comment section, for real, people getting angry about a literal design in a fighting game and saying it is a shitty game just because of that aspect is stupid, "uUuUuH! But I need those tits, yes, ooooh yes tits are so good that even a virgin like me can be at my basement all day enjoying virtual ones at a video game entirely based on gore! I'm not sick at all"… People being angry at people who are angry with the design (like I'm doing) is also stupid, "ÒWÓ HAV U TALKEDI DATI WAMAN ARI A SIXUA IN MA GAEM? UWU AI WILL smith CAL DA POLAICE ON U, U SEXISTE NAUGY BOI!"

    so let's change this fucking topic and talk about how awesome Turok was. I remember playing it for hours on my nintendo 64 and it is till this day my favorite fps, what are yours?

  7. Happy I trusted my gut and didn't buy it after reading alot of other early reviews that stated similar opinions to this video who knows maybe someday I'll pick it up from the bargain bin but until then I don't think so. Unless it really makes sense to do so they need to keep the politics out of our entertainment and stop the virtue signaling period as it isn't entertaining and definitely not why gamers play and buy video games that's for sure.

  8. Anyone remember a time when Mortal Kombat was a fighting game and not something that people get mad by made up political agendas?

  9. “Get woke go broke” mk 11 becomes the best selling game of April and second best seller of 2019. I loved this game. The trump jabs were funny. Jax’s ending didn’t bother me cuz it’s not canon so why anybody’s mad is wild. The under sexualization really isn’t that bad. Idc what the female fighters wear. Cuz the gameplay is really all that matters.

  10. In my honest to god opinion, I don't truly believe Ed Boon or his team care for what their kharacters wear, I believe they join this trend of "Wokeness" in an effort to push their already SUPER controversial games to the best they honestly could. Parents are less likely to shy away from a game when they see the kharacters fully clothes, thus adding better revenue. If the Boonmeister had the absolute right of creative freedom, he would no doubt have more 'outgoing' outfits for the female fighters.

  11. The only valid complaint is the grind tactics. Which they fixed up a bit. But honestly? Oh no the females dont wear bikinis anymore, what ever shall we do? Go play dead or alive for that stupid shit.

  12. This video is nothing but hyperbolic nonsense.

    1. Jax fucked with time to get rid of slavery. Who gives a fuck? The character is obviously are hardcore black mother fucker so why wouldn't he if he got the chance? It's totally consistent with his character. And why should I be upset about this? So a character in the game got rid of slavery from American history. How is this suppose to be a bad thing? I just don't see the sense in pissing and moaning over it. Get over it and stop being such a fucking cry baby.

    2. So the female characters are wearing more cloths. Well trigger me timbers! I don't play Mortal Kombat to get my dick hard so this really doesn't effect me. Now I can understand if someone really preferred some of the old school costumes for some of the female characters. In that sense I can understand being a little annoyed seeing as how that's actually changed. However most of these female characters outfits changed long before MK11. Take Sonya Blade for example. She went to a more traditional military outfit a while ago. Which if you ask me makes more sense and actually looks way cooler than what she had before.

    3. "Make Outworld Great Again!". This is probably the only point wherein I think some people might have a point about the game going too far politically. They're obviously mocking Donald Trump with this line. However on the other hand I can't help but think that they did this intentionally just to get attention and to maybe make a bigger point. The point being it doesn't take very much to trigger Donald Trump supporters. All it takes is for them to get one of the villains of the game to utter a Trumpian phrase to get them to throw a temper tantrum. On the other hand when SK says this it really does make sense within the context of the game. After all he's lost power over Outworld and wants to regain it.

    4. It should come as no surprise to anyone with half a brain that games with huge stories are going to start reflecting reality. Games like Mortal Kombat are nothing like they use to be in regards to how they tell the story. It's not like we just get a few still images with some text to explain the story. Now we're getting a movie and a video game. The story of the game is literally hours and hours long. The game developers are obviously throwing everything at the audience including the kitchen sink. Pop culture references, jokes and even politics are getting thrown into the mix and I think the developers are taking full advantage of it. Just look at how many people are talking about the story of the game. In fact there's even YouTubers that are making a killing over crying about how "woke" it has gotten. Personally I don't give a fuck. I play MK for the fighting. Sure the story is important and can be entertaining but for the most part I'm not going to get bent out of shape over the shit that this video and pretty much everyone in the comment section is crying about.

  13. Just look up the Twitter accounts for both of MK11's writers Dominic Cianciolo and Shawn Kittelsen! Both vocal leftist idiots!!

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