Mongolian Monarchist Song – Chingges Khaanii Magtaal (In Praise of Genghis Khan)

Mongolian Monarchist Song – Chingges Khaanii Magtaal (In Praise of Genghis Khan)

Blessed by the eternal sky, Born of the steppe, Everywhere in blue-skied Mongolia, His name resounds in the world, (vocalizing) The courageous Mongol Genghis, The sublime lord Genghis. Even in burning wounds, A mind strong as steel, Like temporal swords, As powerful as a planetary bird, (vocalizing) The courageous Mongol Genghis, The sublime lord Genghis. Blessed by the sky above, Possessed half the world, Engrained is his spirit, In the majestic and mighty world. (vocalizing) The courageous Mongol Genghis, The sublime lord Genghis. The courageous Mongol Genghis, The sublime lord Genghis.

100 thoughts on “Mongolian Monarchist Song – Chingges Khaanii Magtaal (In Praise of Genghis Khan)

  1. Was wollen die Russen den immer? Ihr gehört nicht mal zu uns Mongolen!!!!
    Nur Türken gehören zu uns!!

  2. 🎷 بودا بت پرست ملای برجسته بت پرست ها ویتنامی که اسم خود را چنگیز گذاشته بود و خود را افغان و مسلمان هزاره شیعه معرفی کرده بود به متل مزاری و خلیلی مالستانی و محقیق و بشر دوست چینایی کافر بت پرست و ابلیس پرست به وهویت افغان و مسلمان بود
    به کشور ما افغانستان که آن زمان کوریای جنوبی بود آمدن با متحدان خود زردشت ها و ابلیس پرست ها و آتئیست ها به وهویت به ناامنیتی کشور ما افغانستان و سقوط حکومت اسلامي ما
    📢 که متجاوزین قاتلان رهزنان جلادان حکومت کوریای و ویتنامی و چین و مغولستان از چنیگز خان داستان های دوروغین و جعلی درست کردند
    🎷 🎷 🎷 🎷 در وقت چنگیز خان کشور بنام مغولستان و فلیپین جاپان و مالزیا تاوان تایلندی برما فلیپین لاوس رانغون و آنکانک ایران و تاجیکستان و قزاقستان ازبکستان و ایغورستان و حتا روسیه نبود
    Afeefa Saadat

  3. 🎷 کشور بنام مغولستان قبل از ظهور دین مقدس اسلام هم قبل از جنگ جهانی اول وجود نداشت که قبل از جنگ جهانی حکومت چین و حکومت تاوان و تایلند هموطنان تروریست ها و جلادان رهزنان تاراج گران داعشیان خود را به وهویت افغان و مسلمان هزاره به کشور ما افغانستان روان کردند 1000 ترویست های هموطنان خود را که در کشور ما افغانستان در قسمت تجزیه شده اش جاگزین شدن و بعد هموطنان تروریست های خود بار دوم روان کردند که این کافران متجاوزین با حکومت روسیه و قزاقستان تحرح ریزی تجزیه کردند کشور های اسلامی و غارتگری معدن های کشور ما افغانستان و کشور های عربی را کردن بعد از 39 سال کشتار های وحشیانه مسلمانان و غارتگری وحقوق تک تک عرب ها و افغان ها کشور ما افغانستان و کشور های عربی عراق را تجزیه کردند و قسمت خاک هندوستان را هم تجزیه کردن نام گذاری کردن مغولستان
    📢 و کشور های عربی را از سمت دیگر تجزیه کردند نام گذاری کردن برما
    Afeefa Saadat

  4. چوچه های تروریست شیاطین ابلیس دزدان و جلادان رهزنان تاراج گران داعشیان چوچه های جنده ها

  5. Ruthless killing and raping is not something to be proud of. He was basically the Hitler of ancient times. Cyrus the Great of Persia banned slavery, allowed freedom of religion, and is even mentioned in the bible 23 times.

  6. Би энэ дуу илүү сайн юу ч хэзээ ч сонсож байгаагүй!

  7. The last picture is wrong I think.Its Kublaj chan(his grandson)not Chinggis khan.But good song and video.

  8. Mongolia 's GDP is 1/26 of Inner Mongolia. Mongolian doesn't know how to run a country. Better just beg China to take it back.

  9. Трезвый: Хохочу, какой странный язык
    После первой чарки: Ну ниче так, станцевать могу
    После третьей чарки: Блин, уважаю Монголию
    После пятой чарки: Сайхан амраарай
    После шестой чарки: Эзэнбооооооооооооооооооооооогд чингэсээээээээээээээээээ

  10. incrível! Conhecia essa música por meio do Batzorig Vaanchig, que canta essas músicas tradicionais mongolianas.

  11. 35.000.000 peoples die in mongolian invasion
    15.000.000 peoples die in ww1

  12. Genghis Khan
    The TurkMongol Dynasty
    Army Of Cengiz Han 80% turks his general Sabutay Noyan turkic general

  13. Kill anyone bigger than the wheel of the cart. to all women are rape and sexual slavery. Burn their homes and burn them alive if you resist.

    ᠳᠠᠢ ᠦᠨ ᠶᠡᠬᠡ ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ ᠦᠯᠦᠰ
    Dai Ön Yeqe Mongɣul Ulus

  14. J Xiongnu
    To my brothers and sisters the Turkic, Turkish, Mongols, Hmong, Altaic, Norse, Finnish, Huns, Celtics, etc to those who claims they are one of us, May the father of the eternal blue sky and universe give us protection and well being, and may Mother of earth and of the universal stars grant us everlasting wishes, Long life, and prosperous wealth, from your brother Hmong to my brothers Turkic, Turk, Mongols, Norse, Finnish, Huns Celtics etc, May we as brothers in one world, one galaxy, and one universe as one people have bones of steel and meat of copper, Long Live The Mongol Empires, Long Live The Turkic Empires, Long Live the Turkish Empires, Long Live The Norse and Celtic Empires, Long Live Altaic Empires, Long Live Xiongnu and Hunnic Empires, Long Live The people of Mong and all my brothers and peoples, we shall protect the weak and conquer the oppressors of the weak, May we as brothers be as strong as 13 quivers of arrows and may the heaven be our will and the earth our world may we be as one. Long live the race of men the eternal heaven and universe and our Mother Earth and the stars of the universe.

  15. I feel so proud that my state was once part of the Mongol Empire and then the Yuan Dynasty and not part of that Barbaric Delhi Sultanate (I am from Assam, India).

  16. Turks on the internet are the most toxic thing ever they keep trying to claim Genghis Khan as Turk even though he’s not he’s mongol. This is because Turks have no history so they steal.

  17. i have a feeling that the whole world considers itself descendants genghis khan! what is his greatness?

  18. Что-то все по английски пишут, а по русски никто не пишет.

  19. 🇦🇿🇫🇮🇰🇬🇲🇳🇹🇲🇹🇷🇺🇿🇰🇷🇰🇵🇯🇵🇭🇺🇰🇿 same altaic blood god blees all shaman s

  20. Khökh tengerees zayasan

    Khödöö arald mendelsen

    Khökh mongoloo negtee

    Khövchin delkhiid duurisgaad

    Erelkheg mongol Chinges

    Ezenbogd Chingesee

    Gal mesnii dundaas

    Gan bold shig khattai

    Gazar dyelkhii deeree

    Garid shuvuu shig khüchtyei

    Erelkheg mongol Chinges

    Ezenbogd Chingesee

    Deed tengerees zayasan

    Delkhiin khagasiig daguulsan

    Sür khichee negtgee

    Süld khiimori iadraasan

    Erelkheg mongol Chinges

    Ezenbogd Chingesee

  21. Türkiye Türklerinden Moğol kandaşlarimiza bin selam olsun! 🇹🇷🇦🇿🇲🇳🇰🇬🇹🇲🇺🇿🇧🇬🇰🇿

  22. I have no idea how I ended up here but this led me to other Mongolian songs and uhm.. I’ve been listening to Mongolian ballads for the last 3 days and… I’m obsessed

  23. Instead of disseminating "hate speeches" could we just sit down be calm and enjoy the pure music?? I feel extremely sad and embarrassing as a Mongol ethnic in China, I know there will be haters come and say that I am fake or sth but whatever, I see Mongolians as my brothers and we are actually brothers in blood. I don't like Chinese say negative things towards Mongolian and I do not want Mongolian to hate Chinese either. PEACE

  24. Once I saw on the internet that Mongolians learn at school that Hungarians defeated them in 1241-42. So is that true, Mongolian gang or just a stupid hoax?

  25. As people said that time Mongols..
    The savage tribesmen will destroy Islam..they were wrong ..sons of these tribesmen embraced Islam..
    80% became embraced Buddhism…
    Allah showed us..that as he created Abraham as a son of a tyrant Babylonian..and Abraham became the symbol of peace for all Muslims, Christians and Jews.. likewise..sons, grandsons of sultan chengis..became followers of Allah..followers of Islam..
    Barkeh khan is still a renowned Muslim sultan..the first Mongol embracing Islam..
    It's all about Allah's mercy..
    Only he will protect Islam as the true, perfect safest ideology till the last day of earth..😌😌😌🙂🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦⚔️🇸🇦⚔️

  26. The funny part is that the Mongols were thugs, they didn't just rape, pillage and kill everyone, they acted like gangbangers as soon as they took over lands, fighting with one another over the smallest of spoils. We Manchus conquered them (after the Chinese Ming dynasty razed their capital Karakorum to the ground), and they needed Soviet help to keep the Imperial Japanese Army from stomping all over their asses. They murdered off just about all of Chinggis descendants during their communist days too, and now they're this corrupt polluted sorry excuse of a country exporting only sumo wrestlers to Japan and hookers to China. Everyone thinks what they did was cool, but they were worse than the Nazis, they exterminated whole peoples and engaged in human trafficking and widespread atrocities, another reason why Russia and China will never let them have a future, landlocked and isolated as they are now

  27. Guys guys Altai Is just language fammily … If you compare DNA of each altaic country you will see 2 groups of DNA :
    – Persian Descent people :Kurds, Azerbaijan, Turkmen, uzbek, tadjik, Anatolian.
    – People of Siberia : Kazakh, kyrgyz, Mongols, Japanese, Native American, Siberian and Tungus
    -> who migrated from South Siberia to
    -> West (Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan)
    -> East Tungus and Native American
    -> South : Mongols.

  28. I see why YouTube is censored in China…. they dont want their people to reminded that they were once ruled over by epic cowboys with pointy blades

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