Mom Teaches Korean Americans How To Make Kimchi

Mom Teaches Korean Americans How To Make Kimchi

^- Hi, Mom. ^- Hi, Mom. (laughing) Brandon! (playful music) – Hi, I’m Michelle. – I’m Brandon. – Today, we’re going to be making kimchi for the very first time. – [Brandon] Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish, made from fermented vegetables and a bunch of spice. – It’s like the foundation of Korean food. – It’s a very pungent dish. – You can eat it with like any meal. – I never thought I really had the skills to make it. – Watching my mom do it, it just looked like a lot of physical labor. – So this time my mom is the one teaching us how to make kimchi. – I’ve actually met Brandon’s mom. She’s just the nicest person ever. – I’m super nervous. She’ll probably embarrass me. – Brandon! Brandon! It’s too big. ^(speaking foreign language) (laughing) – First time kimchi making, let’s do it. – My name is, I am Brandon’s mom. I’m very exciting today. ^(speaking foreign language) – Brandon and Michelle, are you today ready? – Yeah, sure. – As ready as I’ll ever be. – This morning we actually did the first step already. It was a lot of salt and water and soaking the cabbages in. ^- [Producer] It was the first time you did it, right? – I didn’t do it, my mom did it. ^I just watched, visual learner. ^(speaking foreign language) (laughing) ^- Thanks mom. ^(speaking foreign language) – Sweet rice flour. – [Michelle] I didn’t realize we had to use flour to make kimchi. ^(speaking foreign language) ^(laughing) – Fellas, I’m ready. ^(speaking foreign language) – Try, Brandon. ^(speaking foreign language) – Here your finger, here. – Okay, I got it. That’s a bad knife. – No, very good. – [Michelle] Oh my God. – Brandon, power. Ooh, too big. Okay, stop. Michelle. – It’s harder than you think. – Is this how skinny is should be? – Brandon. (laughing) – Good job, Brandon. – Weren’t you a food writer? – Shh. – Brandon, C. (laughing) – Michelle, B. – Oh, I feel when you’re a parent, you get better cooking skills. Like kimchi pad-awon. – Yeah. (speaking foreign language) – I think I’d be better at this. Oh no, nevermind. ^(laughing) – There’s nothing sweeter than the approval of a Korean mom. – I’ve been trying for the approval, 22 years. – This one is just option. – Michelle’s bad too. ^(speaking foreign language) – She like scrapes with her knife off her palm. – I know. – I like it. ^(speaking foreign language) – Grinding it? Grating not grinding. (speaking foreign language) – I could do this. (speaking foreign language) – [Michelle] I love ginger. ^- Can I do it? ^(speaking foreign language) – Brandon, you try. – Ooh, yeah, I’m good at this. Is it A? – Yeah, A plus. – Now that we grated up all the onions, ginger, and pear, ^we just put it into our original base. ^- Literally every Korean mom has one of these. (speaking foreign language) – How much? – Hmm, I don’t know. (laughing) – OG kimchi is when you just eye it, and you just know. – It’s like mini salted shrimp. – Yeah. – It smells like the fish part of the market. – [Michelle] This looks way thicker than I thought kimchi was. ^(speaking foreign language) – I would buy a squeeze bottle of this. – This is legit. You know because we have gloves on. – [Michelle] Yes. ^(speaking foreign language) – You have to rub it in while mixing it? – Yeah. – It’s like fun cause you get really hands on. ^(speaking foreign language) Thank you. – I feel like they’ve gotten closer. (laughing) And I feel really awkward being here. ^- I think we’re going to go shopping later without you. ^(speaking foreign language) – Mm. – Good? – Mm-hmm. ^(speaking foreign language) – My mind is blown. I didn’t know it was so deliberate. – I thought the cabbage gets thrown in, and you just mixed it around. ^- Yeah! ^Wow, honestly I did not know this is how it worked. ^(speaking foreign languague) – Inside, okay. ^- This is our kimchi container, just to first to one. ^- Start from the back, take one layer. ^(speaking foreign language) (laughing) – Alright, here we go. Throw it on there. – Brandon. ^(speaking foreign language) – It’ll be more tender now. Seeing how complicated this is, seeing how long it takes, makes you appreciate all the mom’s out there making kimchi. – Don’t push it. – Okay (laughs). – It’s your baby, your kimchi baby. – [Brandon] Gotta be gentle, just a baby. ^And there we go. ^(speaking foreign language) Last one. – [Michelle] Kimchi for days. Oh my God, I’m so excited, it’s so beautiful. I could eat this whole thing. – This is traditional OG kimchi. (laughing) – This is really good. ^- It’s the love, you taste the love. ^(speaking foreign language) – I actually feel like I leveled up as a Korean. I’m definitely going to KaKaoTalk my mom, tell her some cheesy thank you ^for doing this for so many years. ^(speaking foreign language) – To actually make it definitely really special. ^(speaking foreign language) ^(calming music) ^(laughing) – She forgot an ingredient. – [Off Camera Woman] What is that? – [Brandon] Just garlic.

100 thoughts on “Mom Teaches Korean Americans How To Make Kimchi

  1. Brandon: does something
    Mom: No no no Brandon! Like this!
    Michelle: does the exact same thing as Brandon
    Mom: Good job Michelle!
    Brandon: •.•

  2. I make ting baechu kimchi (I’m not korean) once a year. Usually during autumn and I make 10 heads worth. I get sick the day after. 😂

  3. Isnt kimchi put in the ground for weeks or monthes to help it ferment and gather all the flavour i watched a documentary somewhere tht showed a woman doing it that way

  4. As a Korean American myself I can say this is a true Asian mom. They criticize their own children and compliment others.

    Also this video just randomly zooms into every small detail. Kinda disorientating ngl.

  5. Korean girl: Every korean mom has this.
    Korean moms: uses the huge plastic bowl to make kimchi
    My mom: Washes clothes in it.

  6. Dude: Hi mom
    Mom: hi mom

    The funny thing is in my language if you say something like “Mooom!” your mom might respond the “what mom?” but that’s normal lmao (it’s the same with other relatives ie aunt, dad, uncle)

  7. Am I the only one who never tasted kimchi but wants to so bad but can’t because they live in a place unfamiliar with kimchi

  8. She is literally like my mum.Yesterday i tried to help her with kimchi and she fricking scolded me cause i cut the green onion too big.

  9. This is why Asian American kids never learn their native recipes lol because our Asian moms will only let us watch as they do it hahaha watching this was too close to home with how I try to get my mom to teach me to cook Indonesian recipes

  10. 양념이고 김치속이지 주스가 뭐야 … 미국인이면 그냥 미국인으로 살아라. 한국 컨텐츠 하면서 왜곡하지 말고, 미국화 하려고 하지 말고

  11. she reminds me so much of my own mum :,) like the way she speaks english (even though my mum’s chinese) and her mannerisms

  12. “I forgot the garlic”-Mum
    Her faint
    “Sorryyyyy” at the end 💀
    Made me smile so hard 😂😂😂, what a lovely lady ❤️❤️❤️

  13. You know it asian mom if they asking you to do something and then she doing it by her self and complained about she do everthing

  14. All Asian moms are so cute! They always try to be friendly with their kid's friends by complimenting them. That is the best thing about Asian moms – you can turn 26 years but your mom will still put her best effort to be a good mom and teach you!

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