100 thoughts on “Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation – Launch trailer

  1. MC3 was the best of them !! Now it's impossible to play ! Players run so slow and they seems to be drunk when they move !
    +Gameloft you should really mix the graphics of MC4 and the gameplay of MC3 for MC6 !!!

  2. awesome game but gameloft can you add report button if theres any hackers because when i play multiplayer there are many speed hackers thats why i never level up because many speed hackers can you ban speed hackers thank you

  3. They should make a remastered version of this………………… with supply drops. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE

  4. why can't they make a remastered version of this game and get rid of mc4 and mc5 @gameloft and make it cross compatible because I when I login into my apple version I'm lvl 70 but on the android I'm lvl 1

  5. I showed my friend MC3 today and they were deeply impressed xD that means it still the best mobile game ever created

  6. this game needs an update and a multiplayer server fix. HOW CAN YOU PAY FOR A GAME THATS GREAT BUT MULTIPLAYER SERVERS ARE BROKEN? suggestions: add ai bots for multiplayer death match, fix multiplayer servers, add more guns LIKE WAYYY MORE then advertise your game and revive it.

  7. 2018 still watching this. Damn I miss this series. Mc3 was the best and last MC ever made, mc4 was ehh after that all garbage. Played MC1 and no life MC2. Good times!!

  8. Modern combat is the best campaign fps game for Android [still now 🙂 ].it can give you a experience of COD in mobile.hope MC7 will release soon.Keep going gameloft 👌👌👌

  9. Why can’t developers update this game ?It is probably the best mobile shooter .I am not good at this sphere , but is too difficult to update 1 game?

  10. The Best game of gameloft. The multiplayer is excelent but the hackers ended the game. I miss mc3. Today the mc5 and mc6 are trash.

  11. Se a gameloft fizesse um remake do mc3 com um sistema de segurança melhor, muitos BR's voltariam a jogar

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