30 thoughts on “Mobile Affiliate Marketing Q&A Session with Charles Ngo and Benjamin Yong

  1. Charles NGO I really like your guide I read it I always wanted to be an affiliate marketer I'm a newbie just letting you know I shared it with people I think we'll use it thank you again

  2. Wow! This is simply awesome. I have a ton of questions but I'll probably first run through the comments to see whether any of them have been answered


  4. i am a newbie i never launch a campaign because i do not know where to start from.
    But i came across you blog and i been reading and reading. All i need is just a step by step how to get started please.
    you said mobile marketing is better for newbie right?

  5. The starting budget fact is a bit discouraging but i believe we can start with low budget and might end up being " lucky" with those first dive campaigns

  6. Not often I watch a highly informative interview about business which provokes consisten laughter! Great work!

  7. At 16:00-ish Benjamin said something very important. The applied example of 80/20 rule mentioned by Tim Ferris. Working and proving that it works everywhere, in business, life, training and campaigns. Great video guys!

  8. The difficulty i have when doing affiliate marketing is knowing what exactly works and doesn't. I find it frustrating to locate the exact problem with out changing everything. Is there a sure method to use in affiliate marketing?

  9. Thanks so much for this, Charles. I'm 25, just quit my job in May to pursue my skills in graphic design and photography. Just last month I started researching AM and you were one of the firsts I came across, and for that I'm thankful. Even though this particular one was a bit over my head right now, I'm really looking forward to more videos. 

  10. Great content Charles & Benjamin! Looking forward to Affcelerator in 2015, and new dates regarding that?

  11. Awesome Q&A, I had to rewind few times to take notes. It's great because you covered a lot of mobile which is exactly what I need. Thanks to both of you and of course we want more of this stuff 🙂

  12. Enjoyed the video very much, many interesting pieces of advice. It helps a lot so I hope you'll keep this coming. Thanks guys 😉

  13. Great advice Charles and Benjamin.  Question – do you all simply run international ads/LP's in English? Any issues with that you can speak to? 

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