Mister America: The Ikea Furniture Challenge

Mister America: The Ikea Furniture Challenge

-It’s time for the next segment
of the competition. So, listen up. Everyone knows that
putting IKEA furniture together is like trying to drive anywhere
without GPS in 2020, which is why
I always ask for help. Our semifinalists
have three minutes to assemble this IKEA stool. Be sure to use all of
the resources at your disposal and to think outside of the box. Are you ready? Let’s get this started! [ Cheers and applause ] -Ready.
-Whoo. -I don’t think I’ve ever put
any IKEA furniture together. -I’ve never been to an IKEA.
-No. -Reminder, it is a stool,
not a nightstand. [ Laughter ] -They all look like they are
not qualified to do this. [ Laughter ] -It’s true. That’s a good point. -Come on. Come on. -Does it come with, like,
a tool, like an Allen wrench? Don’t they all come
with, like, a little — -Got some Allen wrenches. -Use your Allen wrench. -Got it. Will do. -I’ve never put
a stool together. -Are there any screwdrivers? -There are not any screwdrivers.
-No! It’s IKEA furniture.
-Don’t try to cheat! [ Laughter ] -This is honestly
kind of hypnotizing. [ Cheers and applause ] -I mean, talk about
riveting television. -Yeah.
-This is like watching one of these DIY craft
YouTube videos. But it’s a lot longer, and
the stakes could not be lower. [ Laughter ] -Come on. -Oh, no, Colorado. Oh, I wish
you were good at this. -Like, “Oh, I vaped
so hard before.” [ Cheers and applause ] -So, if I sat on that stool
right now, do you think it would last? -Uh, uh, there’s time.
There’s still time. -There’s still time.
-There’s still time. -There is still time. Alright, here we go. Is it difficult?
-It is very difficult. But I will get it done.
Don’t worry. -Okay. Alright, New York.
That’s the New York attitude right there.
-That’s right, baby. -Colorado, what’s your tactic
right now? -Uh, there is no tactic. That’s why it’s going so poorly. -Amazing, amazing. Okay, looks like we have
a fully formed stool, almost. -Getting there. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Ding ]
-Time’s up. [ Cheers and applause ] Alright. Let’s see your work. -Voilà! -Alright.
While we’re doing this, judges, please start
writing down your scores. Colorado, Colorado.
-Who could pick? -Right. -Talk to me about
this stool we have here. -It’s an abstract take.
-It’s an abstract take. -The triangle’s
the strongest shape, and there’s two of them here. So, this is actually way more of
a solid foundation than these. -Wow.
-Just saying. -Okay. Incredible. California, talk to me. [ Cheers and applause ] Wow. Seems pretty solid. -Would you like to sit on it? -Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Alright, judges,
what do you think? -It was nice
that he asked before. Two stools are formed.
One stool is not. So, it’s gonna be
a tough call, Lilly. -Mm-hmm. Adam, Adam,
what are your thoughts? -You know, New York really
assembled it sort of like — you know, it’s a mess. Colorado, wow. And, California, yours makes me
the least nervous. -Okay.
[ Cheers and applause ] Judges, please write down
your scores. -Oh, okay. Okay, sorry. -Ernst, come collect
the judges’ scores, please! -I’m taking this
way too seriously. Get away! I am judging.
[ Laughter ] Who’s the other guy?
Oh, this one. -She’s taking a while.
-She’s taking a while. -Ernst, Ernst. Come on. -I care! I care.

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  1. "This is like watching one of these DIY craft YouTube videos. But it's a lot longer and the stakes could not be lower."

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