100 thoughts on “MISSING 411: Strange Ranger Encounter While Searching For A Missing Person | National Forest Case

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  2. Your are finding them under trees because owls regurgitate the fur and bones, they are called pellets. The bones you keep finding are animal bone from animals that have been eaten. Predators will often regurgitate the bones.

  3. When I looked up "Bieder", a lot of stuff that was German-related came up… That is one of the sub-categories of Missing 411 people, they are of German descent. Was this gentleman of German descent, does anybody know?

  4. You guys are terrible. SLOW DOWN. Everything is moving too, too fast. Get some facts into your story early on and hook people in. Then, you can carry on about the dog poop a little bit. It really has no place in this story.

  5. If you guys pick stuff up you should bring rubber gloves and zip locks lable the bags so you dont forget , bring spray paint / diff color for each person looking and spray your color where you found stuff that way when you call the authorities you can spot the place quickly. Watch eachothers back ! That guy has his eyes on you . Dont go alone. Oh btw the pooo in the tree might be from a bear 🐻🐻🐻 any how it was just a thought. Thank you for trying to help these famalies. ❤👣👣👣

  6. whats wrong with these people why dont they just leave the poop to decay retarded why put it in a bag retarded

  7. I think the missing people have a lot to do with human traffic and organ harvesting. They disappear without a trace! Nothing of theirs to be found or the bodies I think they get abducted.. For what I’m not sure but I think it’s definitely bad

  8. Use guys need to take a metal detector out there and scan the grounds you'll find something..Someone's crushing bones and dumping it there suss as!!

  9. Please contact me. I believe that the triangle thing with screws , that y’all found among those bone piles near Mt Rose, is bone hardware, and bone screws. I’m familiar with em because I have metal and hard ware as did my father as well. Did y’all show that to police??!!

  10. Maybe he doesn't want to be found. He might be a victim of gangstalking and wants to be ghost. They never leave their victim alone as long as they can find him/her.

  11. the US is full of waste,garbage, in the woods you find old abandoned cars,full of plastic everywhere, i mean you have realy no respect at all for the nature in the US!!

  12. Squirrles and mice love eating bones an antler thats maybe why you are finding so many small piles under the trees.a big deer antler will not last very long once a Buck sheds his antlers,the ground Squirrels and mice will eat it all up in short order.they love the minerals they get from it.

  13. They could have been murdered anywhere and their cars dumped there by the killer? More especially if drugs or gambling and etc was involved makes sense they were killed elsewhere and their cars dumped there making law enforcement think they disappeared in the woods. Dogs didn’t pick up any scent because the person was never there? Also according to law enforcement there are many serial killers in America at any given time and most won’t ever be caught. Scary knowledge. Just some things to think about. Maybe go search for serial killers? Lol. Not.

  14. Carry your guns and kill Unconstitutional law enforcement. They know what is happening to humans being taken.

  15. That piece of metal with screws, that you picked up at 8:01 immediately put me in mind of a bone repair piece of metal and screws, say if your leg was really messed up from an injury, so they have to put a plate and screws in.

  16. Great job guys. David Paulides would be proud of you!!!
    Dogs are NEVER able to scent track in these cases. When bones of the missing are found, they are pretty much crushed.
    The National Parks will tell you that they don't keep a record of any missing person cases…. but, when David Paulides did a FOIA, The National Park Service told him it would cost $34,000 for the records. These records…. that don't exist should be free to published authors but a lawyer for the NPS stated that Paulides books weren't in enough libraries….. WTF
    I have met Paulides many times because I was a MUFON field investigator in Arizona and he was the speaker at many meetings.. I have all of his books. The strangest cases are in his Missing 411 Hunters. How does this happen… all of these people were armed..

  17. Why do people bag dog shit and leave it?? Just leave the poop! Squirrels will eat it and the rain will wash it away! Frigging Morons

  18. Freaking city people. Why would you bag dog shit in the forest? Then they leave the bag. Just take the dog 50 feet off the trail and skip the bag.

    All of the bones by the trees, are squirrels. Bears dump beside trees, bears need to wipe, so they grab a squirrel, wipe and then crush the squirrel.

  19. “Not for photography” yea wtf I don’t get it so what if it is??.. Why would there be restrictions. I’ve never experienced that in a national park, before. do you know how many people go out just to take pictures in places like that. Wtf lol. There should be no reason why people shouldn’t be able to take pictures..

  20. The reason rangers don't say much is 1. They don't know much about the case. 2. If the say something, and it's wrong, they can't be held accountable for his or hers statements. Or 3. Your making of the wall allegations about a guy going about his daily work. Mmmmmmmm who knows. 🤔

  21. Gosh, all that security to make sure nobody would make a commercial video……..and they have NO CLUE that a person had gone missing some time back? Or maybe the rangers are told to be on the lookout for kidnappers posing as suspicious videographers? LOL! 😉

  22. The bones can be evidence of satanic rituals…sorry to say. The Rangers aren't permitted to say anything about missing persons, especially those found deceased later.

  23. It's not 411 it's grocery shopping I haven't been to a supermarket in 30 years the Wilderness provides all my meat for me humans taste the best

  24. People who are in 411 is they have mental issues or some sort of mental illness….too. I love hiking but I don't go ever by myself lol…..411 it is good to know but haven those thoughts freaks me out now days.

  25. The rim trail is heavily trafficked, year round. I hiked the spooner to tahoe meadows mount rose section in july. I turned it into an overnight hike. I counted 58 people from spooner summit to rose. It is not a cluster section. If he chose that area for a suicide, he picked a good area

  26. 🚨 People dumping their parents Ashes? Or The County dumped all the John Doe ashes that haven’t been claimed from County.

  27. Eaten By Bears …. Taken By Military ….Abducted By Aliens…. Went Through a Stargate ….. Went Home …. there’s an IllogicalExplanation To Everything ….Fell In The River and Went Down Stream

  28. The park attendant may not have anything to do with the disappearance, but may have been questioned already as to why he waited 4 days or why he even locked the gate without checking the vehicle first. He also may have have been advised by a lawyer to make no comments about the situation in any way whatsoever.

  29. I'm just guessing if that guy was within 30 inches of the trail they would have found him. Also bears bury cats don't and the body would still smell a lot.

  30. Humm don’t know how I missed this video lol, you ask what’s wrong with these people ? Some people are plain dirty and lazy, the one bone looks human

  31. I don't know where this guy got his information, but missing people are not usually found near their vehicles. The ones that are found are usually many miles away from where they were last seen, often in areas that are very difficult to reach.

  32. I live in Michigan and same here people leave poop bags all over. The reason you bag poop in the woods is to prevent it from seeping into ground and other water. Dogs do not have a natural diet like forest animals. Keep a bag tied to your waist to put bags of poop and hike that shit out. Or dont own a dog so stupid!

  33. Interesting explore. Suspicious facts on the disappearance. Ranger seemed a little odd about you investigating this case. Like he knew something. 4 days unreported abandoned truck is very suspicious!

  34. This is so odd behavior park rangers or cops told me I could not camp where I was as it was not a current site. I was told go or get booted or jail. lol Strange so stringent

  35. They say smash the bell and like button like 100 smashimg times. Skip fowards to 16:29 when the actual content begins. You're welcome!

  36. It's the Rich people with little dogs that are doing g that in the woods I don't bag my dogs poop only in the city I bag my dogs poop .that's y I don't like city slickers and ankle biter's. I do like little dogs that are nice but I all ways owned pit bulls and never had a problem with my dogs except for Haters jealous of me and my dogs .PS don't bag your dogs shit in the woods forest mountains exedra.

  37. Might as well not bother to bag your dogs shit at all if your just going to leave the shit filled bag behind, eh? The mentality of some people…

  38. Missing persons here there anywhere. On and of internet.questions about this and that where can this person be how can be missing. Why why is anything in all questions about missing persons any different be from the other. Ask for Patrick Kronz ones Schwabach germany US Military 1984-86 anything truth answers waiting for so long it is the truth. Other questions classmates schwabach Germany 1975-86 lest two years 1983-85 Heinz Krautwurst Teaching why why is this should are problem with that questions. Get straightened up answers too that no matter what truth death or living married or not too any of this people. Delivered 322E 26street Tucson Arizona enough is enough with twister storytelling ass shit and getting problem with it

  39. "Omg could this be human bones lets take it home and compare it to our model skeleton" i call complete bullshit on these people,you find bones and dont call the cops? Its animal bones regardless but if you really thought they were human and your first instinct is to take the bones home,BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

  40. I don’t do pattern, but I still love your videos💜 I’d love to be on the trail with y’all! God bless on your findings, especially the dog poops😂

  41. Why bother putting dog crap in the bag if you're going to just leave it there? It's the woods. Animals poop there. It's natural and will become part of the soil. The plastic bags are just littering 😕

  42. That ranger’s reaction was extremely bizarre. He obviously knew a lot more than he lead you to believe. I feel like either he was directly involved or knew too much or was at the very least told not to talk about it. I would guess those are probably rodent bones or birds. Probably nothing too suspicious about them however they did seem to be crushed and oiled purposefully as if in a ritual. Creepy. I’m guessing they aren’t chupacabra bones though 😂😂😂

  43. If your kids don t like to go on hikes ,make it a Mysteries hunt and they will be all over it ,Good work dad i bet they loves hikes now and will take their own kids into the wilds.lol

  44. Could it be possible that ranger thought someone was uhhh I don’t know…camping??? I know, sounds far fetched!!🤦‍♂️

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