29 thoughts on “Mind Rocks: Subramanian Swamy, Asaduddin Owaisi Spar Over Nationalism

  1. This Owaisi will ruin whatever goodwill the Muslims have earned in India. He is seriously a threat to normalcy in religious harmony. He should be sent to Lakshadweep where he can preach his divisive politics intermixed with religious, racial and linguistic segregation.

  2. Debate to en dono ka hi dekhne ko maja ata hai..
    Ese proper debate keh sakte hai.. achha hota ki paapu k jagah owaisi hota.. akal ka vipaksha to hota

  3. When national anthem is playing no one is allowed to Shout or shake their hands…. this audience are really sick

  4. Musalman hindu se aaya hai ya hindu Musalman se aaya hai kya farak padta hai kisiko nicha dikhake kya faida hai aur 1200 saal purana baat karke kya faida hoga desh ko

  5. Dr. Swami predicted in 2016 that India will retaliate against Pakistan in next two years and his prediction came true with surgical strike and air strike 😅

    Swami you rock!

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