Miley Cyrus: VIRGINITY is a Social Construct!

Miley Cyrus: VIRGINITY is a Social Construct!

hey guys welcome back to the show today we're gonna be talking about Miley Cyrus because out of all the super progressive kind of annoying Hollywood starlets people like Amy Schumer Michelle wolf Samantha beat Miley Cyrus is actually someone who as far as I can remember I have not made a video about yet so today we're gonna change that because she's she's saying a lot of things and before we get into it I just want to remind you all that if you liked the show and you want to support it then please be sure to like share and subscribe it really helps us out a lot since YouTube D ranks all of our content sharing our videos places like Twitter reddit or Facebook is really appreciated and if you really want to go the extra mile to help us out then you can also head over to blase slash Lauren and use the code Lauren to save money on your annual subscription not only is it a huge help to us but you also get a ton of other great shows to watch if you're not familiar with who Miley Cyrus is oh how I envy you but she started off as a child actress in the shockingly popular Disney family show Hannah Montana for a while there Miley Cyrus truly was America's g-rated sweetheart but as is so often and I would say almost always the case with these young Disney stars as Cyrus started to get a little bit older things started to get a little bit sketchier Cyrus started branching off into music more and there were complaints that the music video she was releasing were just too sexualized for someone who was still under 18 and if people thought Miley Cyrus was sexualized then boy were they in for a surprise when she actually turned legal and her contract with Disney ended things got pretty weird they really did but in addition to her over-the-top stage antics and hyper sexualized persona Miley Cyrus has also gotten a lot of attention lately for being outspoken about her political beliefs – absolutely nobody's surprised it turns out that Miley Cyrus is quite the progressive during 2016 she very vocal about her support for Hillary Clinton and when Donald Trump ended up winning the election instead she famously released this video of herself I still think that in her lifetime she deserves to be the first female president that's what I said I just wish that she had that opportunity because she's fought for so long and because I believe her when she says that she loves this country this is all she's ever done she's given it life to make it better mmm Hollywood liberal tears I had forgotten how tasty you were and most recently who could forget this extremely me mobile photo she shared of herself meant to promote women's access to abortions and oh yeah in case anyone is interested she is apparently one of those people who doesn't want to have kids because of climate change I have made entire videos pushing back on this belief in the past but in this case I have to say I am completely not bothered by the idea of Miley Cyrus not becoming a mother maybe it's because I've never been a huge fan of her music party in the USA aside but to me since leaving Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus has always kind of seemed like the celebrity who gets way more attention for the crazy stuff that they do rather than the actual work that they do kind of like the polar opposite of people like Meryl Streep and Adele if you will and with that being said Cyrus's latest PR stunt which is indeed gaining a lot of attention including this video was an image she posted to her Instagram account meant to promote her upcoming album to everyone who is listening to this episode as an audio only podcast the image that is appearing on people's screens right now is a jarring one there are red latex hands clasping what looks like a red tooth to a text vagina with the caption virginity is a social construction people who follow Miley Cyrus on Instagram are probably used to her shenanigans by now but even so this particular post did stir up somewhat of a controversy as cosmopolitan wrote about the fan reaction to Miley's post quote some claimed that she was being a bad role model one wrote Miley you are too smart for putting out something as dumb you have a responsibility toward the youth of today for God's sake one woman even argued that Miley was basically shaming people for being virgins she wrote honestly you shouldn't be posting stuff like that you should respect people's choices and respect the fact that you have a young audience too it's not okay to shame people that choose to stay a virgin or anything like that many others added that virginity is actually a thing but that people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies and not be judged I know when some of you saw this episode pop up in your subscription feed you may have wondered to yourself why is she bothering to make an entire video about Miley Cyrus what makes Miley Cyrus so relevant so important to our culture well I may not understand why exactly Miley Cyrus is so relevant to our culture but I do know that she undoubtedly is like that one woman alluded to in her comments section Miley Cyrus has a huge and young audience over 90 million people follow her on Instagram and that's just one single social media platform 90 million followers that's a huge number and don't forget that number represents real people out there Miley Cyrus may not be a politician or some great scholar but as luck would have it when it comes to influencing today's youth she has a lot more sway than any politician or scholar out there so his virginity a social construct well no not really I mean virginity is a thing someone who is a virgin is different than someone who is not a virgin because one of them has had sex and the other hasn't so in terms of differentiating the idea of having had sex and having not had sex no virginity is not a social construct however I will acknowledge and I think this is maybe what Miley Cyrus was trying to get at in a very confusing and unclear way in our culture there are certain ideas surrounding the issue of virginity that are absolutely social constructs and before anyone starts calling me a hippie or an sjw let me explain let's start with how virginity is viewed very differently for men than it is for women in our culture unfortunately nowadays it's not a very popular thing to be male and Virgen earlier this year it was revealed that Colton Underwood one of the bachelors on The Bachelor was a virgin on social media a lot of people had a field day with this news and frankly they were making fun of Colton for his virginity I mean I don't even watch the bachelor or the Bachelorette at all but I still heard about this because everyone was talking about it sadly a lot of people do believe that if a man is a virgin it must be because he's some loser who's bad with women instead of someone who has made the conscious decision to not have sex for whatever reason and conversely if a woman is discovered to be a virgin then there's a good chance she's gonna be considered a prude by at least some people but then on the other hand if a woman is not a virgin she may end up being called a whore so you see virginity as a concept may not be a social construct but a lot of the feelings that we have toward it are and I think this is also true if not especially true from a Christian perspective Christianity emphasizes chastity outside of marriage and because of that a lot of Christians get really wrapped up talking about virginity and purity because if you are supposed to be chaste right up until you get married it should stand to reason that you will be a virgin when you get married but the obsession with virginity and purity can be harmful because what if there's someone out there who isn't a virgin but now wants to lead a Christian lifestyle and they're not married even if they're completely embracing chastity now are they less pure because they're not a virgin does the fact that someone has had sex before I mean they are completely unworthy going forward some people would actually say yes which is too bad because virgin or not a virgin the gospel tells us that we are all equally undeserving of Christ's love but that we are all equally blessed with receiving His grace so I'd agree that worshiping or idolizing virginity is pretty weird but at the same time I don't think it's a good idea to dismiss the concept entirely getting back to Miley Cyrus again she does have a young audience there are a lot of 14 or 15 year-olds who do follow her and I think it would be safe to assume that a good number of them our virgins virginity may not define us as people but that doesn't mean that for a lot of people I would say most people their first times don't carry any emotional significance telling a bunch of young adults that hate virginity is a social construct with no further follow up dialogue or conversation anything like that I personally would be concerned that maybe someone out there ends up doing something that they aren't emotionally prepared to cope with that's all I'm saying I'm totally fine to discuss the social constructs surrounding virginity but considering the source of this post I can't help but wonder whether the phrase virginity is a social construct is meant to devalue not necessarily virginity but sex itself to the point where it's completely meaningless regardless of how Miley Cyrus might feel about sex the truth is that sex for most people and just biologically chemically it is an emotional experience and treating it like it's meaningless is going to get people hurt and by the way if you thought a post about virginity was a weird way to try to promote a music album then I'm guessing you haven't seen the videos yet oh boy aren't you just super excited for the new Miley Cyrus music seriously though from what I've seen there hasn't been a single part of this albums promotion that hasn't been either political or super sexual as Cyrus explained about the album in an interview with Elle magazine my record is called she is Miley Cyrus she does not represent a gender she is not just a woman she doesn't refer to a vagina she is a force of nature she is power she can be anything you want to be therefore she is everything she is the super she she is the shear oh she is the CEO she really did an ironic lease a CEO you know going through all of the crazy things Miley Cyrus has said and done over the years I am starting to wonder how much of it is her actual personality versus just a show she's putting on for media attention I'm not saying I think she's a closet conservative or anything like that but I mean she said some kooky stuff regarding her marriage to Liam Hemsworth who is very much just a cisgendered white male she said we're redefining to be frank what it looks like for someone that's a queer person like myself to be in a hetero relationship a big part of my pride and my identity is being a queer person and during the same interview she also stated what I'm in love with exists on almost a spiritual level it has nothing to do with sexuality relationships and partnerships in a new generation I don't think they have so much to do with sexuality or gender sex is actually a small part and gender is a very small part almost a relevant part of a relationship look you're a girl who's married to a guy that's fine it's a straight marriage that's okay you don't need to conjure up all this extra weirdness and talk of gender and sexuality to try to convince people that you're still cool and special it's it's fine just be happy with your husband but that's all I have to say about this issue and as always I would love to know what you guys think do you think that virginity is a social construct why or why not and do you think that Miley Cyrus might be trying to cause some new controversy on purpose to promote her new album but that's it for now thank you guys so much for tuning in and I'll see you next time

24 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus: VIRGINITY is a Social Construct!

  1. Why do I feel like I'm one of few people in society today that doesn't want to take the risk of having a baby with just anyone or take the risk of catching a disease? You have to screen these dirty, fake-ass people. This is the main reason why so many peoples lives are so messed up.

  2. Well virginity is a construct
    I mean, wtf does it even mean? Other than a method to make people think that those who haven’t sex are somehow more valuable. I don’t like Hillary or Miley but ultimately your fake ass religion is irrelevant to whether virginity is meaningful. What does it mean to you anyways?

  3. Virginity to a certain extent is a social construct. Although the absence of having had sex is real, people have different ideas on what qualifies as losing your virginity differently. Many people and surveys unfortunately, exclude gays and lesbians from the picture by only asking people if they have participated in vaginal sex.

    Oral sex, and anal sex are other types of sex that should qualify as worthy of losing your virginity as well as vaginal sex.

    Additionally, people who did not consent to a sexual activity (AKA people who have been raped) are not considered non virgins.

    I find that Chen oversimplified the concept of virginity by categorizing people into virgins and non virgins while failing to define what qualities as sex.

    So yes, virginity is a social construct because people have different definitions of sex.

  4. The social tradition of the "Virgin Bride" derives from the fact that whenever a baby is born, you always have a pretty good idea of who the mother is. In past times, when securing a good marriage ALWAYS required that the bride come with a dowry, it would allow the bride's family to turn over a whole lot fewer sheep, or oxen, or camels if the bride also came with a "paternity guarantee."

  5. Actually I say it all the time: Virginity is a social construct. Think of it this way. You go to donate blood at Red Cross. They ask: have you had sexual contact? They don’t ask whether you had sex. Because for some sex could only mean vaginal, for some they have only done oral and anal to maintain their purity, and for some lesbians… I think it could just mean rubbing or fingering. It means different things to different people. You’re talking about the heterosexual version of vaginal. So yes in a way it’s social construct. For some even sending nudes to strangers would be considered loss of virginity. So it all depends on perspective.

  6. It's a biological construct for women. A social construct for men, because there are no biological factors that indicate a male's virginity. In this case, a woman can deflorate herself by breaking her own hymen, so a woman can lose her virginity by having sex with either men or women as long as there is penetration. A male needs to have sex to lose his 'virginity', which can't be proved by pointing out biological evidence.

    But who cares about virginity anyway, experienced lovers are better in every sexual way :p Virgins you need to teach them everything and you gotta go slow or risk hurting their tender parts, no thanks.

  7. Lauren, she's another MKULTRA mind controlled puppet, specifically a beta sex kitten. I expect little from her. But I dare you to look into this; the proof is there, just in a lot of her own music videos of late. Even her own father has said something inferring she's under some sort of ritual abuse with cultish music execs and other music biz professionals.

  8. Miley Cyrus is the reason I did not watch the new season of Black Mirror. Absolute cringe yet for some reason she is now the face of Black Mirror? What were they thinking?

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