Might Is Right: The Example Being Set By US Foreign Policy Is Leading To An Age Of Lawlessness

Might Is Right: The Example Being Set By US Foreign Policy Is Leading To An Age Of Lawlessness

I want to make a quick point on something I've been circling for a while now and that's the example being set just like the last story which is the kind of point that I'm gonna end with today the example being set by specifically US foreign policy as well as Israeli foreign policy and how that is clearly affecting even average people the decay of our morals apparently today might is right and that is what is being picked up by everybody including average people and I'm gonna fly through just a couple quick topics here to make that point before I get into the main stories today here's one that you might have seen which I'm sure will develop from CR edge 16 California Marines arrested on charges of human trafficking of course CNN tries to call it human smuggling which faithless I guess they don't like the trafficking term today cuz that too closely aligns with everything they're trying to cover up with Epstein and all the other cases of pedophilia and you know Pizza gained all the different thing from before oh no we can't say trafficking let's call it human smuggling as if that's something different which is what they did but human trafficking Marines and drugs and other crimes it's a big deal 16 US Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton in California were actually arrested on sere a series of charges ranging from human trafficking to drug related offenses and this is according to Fox News citing US officials now additionally eight more Marines were what they say taken aside by investigators who want to know their level of involvement in the alleged drug offenses unrelated to Thursday's arrests so even they arrest these men and then take a few more aside and want to know what's going on with a totally unrelated drug offense in regard to the Marines bad there's bad people everywhere right I'm trying to make a running point here that could have happened at any point in time but this is happening a lot right now and there's a reason for it I'm trying to say here's another story same today Navy SEALs kicked out of Iraq over deterioration of good order and discipline interesting apparently to naval a Naval Special Warfare platoon that's been recalled from Iraq after their leader lost trust in their ability to carry out the omission he said the commander and the Special Operations Joint Task Force operation in parent resolved in Iraq that you know yeah we're still there illegally occupying that country ordered a SEAL team platoon to return to San Diego quote due to a perceived deterioration of good order and discipline within the team during non operational periods basically doing bad things while they weren't actually do supposed to be doing official jobs and says all departments of Defense personnel are expected to uphold a proven standard and to comply with laws and regulations alleged violations are thoroughly investigated so again here we have another example of you know literally having to pull and I promise you what's actually happening here is way worse than they're making it sound how almost to make a big show of literally pulling them off he's kind of unprecedented I haven't seen something like that so clearly these people did bad things and they're just removing them from their job probably won't ever be held accountable maybe you trouble pardon them too we'll see but showing you it's continuing on and here's a tweet that I shared yesterday just to kind of finish off this point now understand I could have probably shows you another 15 articles from the last week of the same kind of thing but the article I link to here says a spirit of lawlessness has descended upon America to which I posted gee I wonder why maybe because of the example being set by its own government it's almost as if killing people and breaking the law all around the world sets a bad example now really reflect on what I'm trying to say here yes these things happen all the time there are bad people all the time but what I'm trying to point out is that this has been happening more more aggressively and I should point out the article I linked to there is about that chaos that happened I think it was in Chicago I'm not sure but just people throwing water cops and hitting them with buckets in the head and you know just basically just like it says lawlessness now is that because these people are bad people or is it because somehow subconsciously people in this country are beginning to take from what the country's doing well if I just am I'm tough enough I can do what I want if we're strong enough we can do what we want the law only applies to the weak this is the message that is being spread and yes it is affecting people in this country we have to begin to recognize more than anything the deterioration of our moral fabric in this country because of the clear moral ambiguity of many of the leading powers today

21 thoughts on “Might Is Right: The Example Being Set By US Foreign Policy Is Leading To An Age Of Lawlessness

  1. If I were a Canadian I would be very wary. I wonder when the Yanks are going to give Canada some freedom and democracy…….

  2. Where are all these illegal lawbreakers getting their money to pay these coyotes to be brought here ? Most don’t have a pot to piss in

  3. The root cause of all most all the problems in the United States is the inability of it's citizens to see through the false paradigm of a conservative Republican right vs a liberal Democratic left. Its just a manufactured political construct that unseen satanic forces have devised . They give you the illusion of a two party system when in fact its just one and they control it. It's purpose is to sow division, not only political but racial, social, ethnic and economic as well. Don't you ever wonder why the dysfunction in Washington goes on decade after decade when all the left and right do is constantly attack and obstruct one another at every turn, never finding common ground on any issue and any token attempt at bi- partisanship is at most 3 or 4 feigning opposition to their assigned party They have programmed the the masses into believing they have a choice between a red candidate and a blue candidate when they step into the voting booth, when the truth is it makes no difference. The powers that selected and control Trump are the same ones that selected and controlled Obama and Bush before him. If you somehow believes Trump is different then you have bought into the paradigm and are deceived.

  4. The Soviet Union used the KGB and gulags to suppress their people. The USA uses the court system and privatized prisons to do the very same thing. Laws and regulations for the masses, a free ride for the elite. A 3rd class country with a 1st rate Military is a dangerous thing.

  5. They're trying to start another major war. It's all by design, until everyone accepts a world government run by the banksters and other assorted scum. This is how they operate. They want a world war between East and West. "They" is the Vatican, City of London, Washington D.C., and their supporters like Switzerland.

  6. Trump is defending Western Liberal Democratic Capitalist Civilization under the Rule of Law. May he prevail against all infidels!!

  7. Babilon lady diana god simbol for a nobile country so sad . A country that belongs to the Indigenos brave people that honer the nature .Today N American Indegenos are alcoholics. Drugs users .no opportunities for job . Why they are kept in this situation ? I think it is just to weaking them so they can not demand for their right . Now USA have also South American Indigenas in consentration camps . Babilonia the great turn back the lands before you destroy America and the rest of the world .

  8. Us military is hacked and backed by satanic trillionairs extremists Muslim and Jewish and catholic mobsters all joined together all working together to erase Christians citizens from America and America all together..

  9. once again nice analysis….people are so loose in the regard to the "slaughter bench of history" (Hegel) as if it will never touch their lives. Its coming and 'they' are sleepwalking into it.

  10. Da Statchoo in da harbor sez — Send me your poor (etc, etc) and I’ll grind them in the dirt. I’ll repossess their homes. I’ll challenge their application for asylum. I’ll kidnap and lock up all the babies and children! I AM AMERICA! YOU MUST OBEY, OR ELSE!

  11. Venezuela has the most oil then Saudi Arabia. . or the Jewish and catholic and Muslim must have as the most oil in the entire world

  12. Finally, we have a President who refuses to shoot from the hip. Did you denounce Obama for murdering thousands with his drones?

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