Michele Bachmann Says Liberals Are Letting Antichrist Come To Power – The Ring Of Fire

Michele Bachmann Says Liberals Are Letting Antichrist Come To Power – The Ring Of Fire

Everyone’s favorite unhinged former congresswoman
is back in the news. Last week, former Minnesota congresswoman
Michelle Bachman appeared on an End Times Radio program to talk about the fact that
liberals are ushering in a new era for the anti-Christ. Effectively, according to Bachman, liberals
are letting the anti-Christ come to power. Now, that’s what she said. Now here’s what’s interesting about that. If we’re going to talk about these biblical
end-timed things, I think the people who let the anti-Christ come to power are actually
the Republicans who voted for Donald Trump. But, here’s the thing Michelle. You’re telling people that it’s because liberals
are pursuing some kind of one-world agenda with no borders. Essentially, everybody living peacefully and
commingling. Oh, dear God, that’s terrible, because according
to Michelle Bachman, that’s what actually leads to the anti-Christ coming in. One everybody’s getting along and peaceful
and happy, then suddenly, bam, anti-Christ. I’m not exactly sure if that’s accurate biblically. I’m not exactly sure if that’s what the bible
says, but I do know that that is what Michelle Bachman has said. Now remember, this is a woman who is actually
currently under investigation for misusing over $1 million worth of campaign funds. She allegedly had been taking her campaign
money and just spending it on whatever the hell she wanted to, which is incredibly illegal. No, Michelle, don’t sit there and lecture
other people about their ethics when you don’t even have any ethics to speak of. Oh, and let’s not forget your husband, who
ran a “Pray Away the Gay” conversion-therapy center, that’s also currently under criminal
investigation. Do you see where I’m getting here? You see what I’m trying to say? Michelle Bachman is the typical Republican
Christian hypocrite. “I do no wrong. It’s all you people. Everything you do is wrong. You’re ushering in the anti-Christ. Things are gonna be horrible. Also, I have to go testify at my hearing because
I did a lot of illegal shit in my time.” That’s Michelle Bachman, that’s Michelle Bachman’s
husband, and that’s a hell of a lot of Republicans that we currently have serving in Washington,
D.C. Holier than thou in front of the camera, and then doing all sorts of crazy shady things
once those cameras stop rolling and nobody’s paying attention. That’s your modern Republican party.

100 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Says Liberals Are Letting Antichrist Come To Power – The Ring Of Fire

  1. This ultra slut Bachman surely wants to be ass fucked by Trump. She's so fucking stupid she should be taken out back and ridden hard by a stallion. Mind you by the size of her mouth she's already blown one.

  2. Has anyone besides me, walk past Bachmann and catch the scent of a open can of tuna after its been sitting out in the hot sun? Maybe it was my imagination, but I have my doubts about that. It was the flies perked my curiosity.

  3. WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM: WATCH –> Predictions 2017, The Economist, Trump, balkanisation, Romania, Iran, Schengen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpOZTVjXy6o&t=1071s
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    Iran Soraya TV documentary 'Born in California
    Mark Weber (IHR) on His Visit to Iran and on President Trump
    Alcyon Pleiades 54: Trump protests, confusion at the Oscars, prophecy of Fatima, White Helmets

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  5. that cunt, like most republicans, has a staggering lack of self awareness- and completely misses the irony in the bullshit that spews from her face hole.

  6. I tell the likes of Michele Bachmann that the Middle East could go nuclear. The entire world could go nuclear. But, I can guarantee them one thing with 100% certainty – their imaginary "sky daddy" ain't sending his "boy" down to save anyone! These people with delusional religious beliefs about the end of the world manage to get power, and that is very dangerous for all known life in the universe. Amen.

  7. I'm hoping for the rapture soon too, so all these idiots can get the hell off this planet that they don't care about anyway.

  8. The Antichrist already is in power. And liberals didn't put him there, though some of them were complicit. Eh, Bernie or busters?

  9. Anti-Christ Smanti-Christ. This kind of stuff is ridiculous. Ho Ho Ho Ho Maybe Michele should read some decent books —-new age philosophy. etc. Ho Ho Ho Instead of potentially spending campaign money illegally

  10. I got some gospel truth for bachman…she (all reps) walks around all high and mighty and thinks she's better than everyone else. But who are the evil ones? The reps, that's who. Dems don't walk around and judge all who aren't like them. Some/many know that is wrong. And it is God Almighty, not the reps almighty, that will do the judging on judgement day. Reps don't want Everyone to have healthcare…why? Because it's all about money to them! The reps are not good stewards of God's beautiful earth. They want to pollute it for the almighty dollar. The reps are racist, and yet they claim they are Christians. God created all man! Not just you, reps! So instead of worrying about the speck in your brother's eye, you better worry about the beam in your own eye first. Reps are hypocrites, all day long! And That is the Gospel Truth. Evil, evil, evil lying, racist hypocrites! btw Liars will not get into heaven. It is written. The Book Of Rev. Ch 22 last page. Read it reps, instead of thumping it. And you do have your messianic leader in power now, dontcha?

  11. Just google the Bachmann's and learn who is evil they are liars thieves and hypocrites. The most evil people don't know they are evil.

  12. If evil incarnate were to manifest it would probably emerge from the right wing corporatist ultra religious bloc, namely the Christian Dominionist cult that desires to takeover the US government.

  13. The evangelicals that put the TRUMPster in office are the worst kind of hypocrites. Trump's lying and deception is beyond belief.

  14. Bachmann is such a crazy broad that she has not read her Bible.
    When "God" was supposed to have made this planet, He created it as a whole, without borders.
    It was Man that started putting up borders and walls which to my way of thing is against "Gods" thinking or wishes.
    So, perhaps it is Trump who is the new Antichrist.
    Any politician who puts religion before duty should be barred from office.
    Remember the Constitution anyone?
    Show me a devoutly religious person and you show me a crazy or con artist.

  15. If anyone fits the bill of Anti-christ at the moment, it might just actually be Jared Kushner.

    If you know your silly ass bible lore, you know the anti-christ is supposed to be a good speaker, and someone most people like. That isn't trump. But it might be Kushner, sadly.

    Also, there's this: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/07/us/politics/jared-kushner-trump-business.html

    "Mr. Wu and Mr. Kushner — who is married to Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and is one of his closest advisers — were nearing agreement on a joint venture in Manhattan: the redevelopment of 666 Fifth Avenue, the fading crown jewel of the Kushner family real-estate empire."

    If anyone's the anti-christ, it's got JACK SHIT to do with liberals.

    Also religion is bullshit so there is no anti-christ. Just wanted to post that link more than anything.

  16. Wouldn't fundamentalist christians be happy about the arrival of the Antichrist? Seeing it is part of the prophecies in Revelations and all?

  17. To wit, for half-wits: The Book Of Revelation was a disguised history of the persecutions during Roman times. Christian scholars, devoted believers who spend their lives studying this, have said so. The three sixes? A coded respelling of Nero's name. The Beast that keeps rising, even after being killed? The Roman Emperors. The triumph of the faithful? The accession of Constantine. In Roman times, writing anything even mildly critical of the authorities was a good way to vanish, maybe for your whole family if not your whole town. But another prophecy? That they would laugh off and did.

    Also, it all could be a warning, not about one person, but a type of person to be wary of. But if there were an Anti-Christ, it wouldn't be Trump. Give the devil his due–he would want someone smoother and who fooled more people than just a critical few.

  18. Don't forget that she has been forgiven for all her transgressions (stealing, lying) because she has been born again. "I am good now but you guys are sinning!!!!"

  19. Well in that case, Conservatives are ushering in the power of unicorns, leprechauns, the Boogie man, Rodan, Godzilla, G Force and Spider-man. Oh wait, none of those characters exist…just like the fucking "Anti-Christ."

  20. Someone should explain to her the people who essentially created the "one world" no boarders were white people by killing everyone else and stealing their land. They stole 5 continents and she has the nerve to talk about other races of people.

  21. When Trump was running for President, we all saw with our own eyes how on national TV that Trump bragged about bribing politicians just to show how crooked some of them are. So what’s to stop him now from paying off certain former Obama support people to lie about wiretapping?

    Trump: “My whole life has been winning” he said on CBS!! I don't mind having a businessman as president of the United States, but couldn't we have one that shows a little bit of class and doesn't act like a juvenile delinquent, and hasn't had six failed businesses bankruptcies?? Impeach Trump and bring in a decent man like Mike Pence!

  22. Michelle Bachman is not a Christian. She is a hoe that has gotten her pussy eaten too much by other conservative perverted men since her husband might be a homosexual. She is a disgrace. She is worse than Sarah Palin. At least Palin, I can tolerate with her garbage. Why Sarah Palin could not have been a congresswoman in Minnesota as opposed to washed up hoe Michelle Bachman who has no heart nor no care about others but herself.

  23. These people are so afraid. Afraid of standing in their own two feet on an even playing field. Trump supporters think that the people they vote for will take care of them. Haven't they seen the country pay a larger and larger price with each republican they elect?

  24. That crazy woman would fit in perfectly with a certain family at a certain "church" in Topeka, Kansas. Do you know where I mean? lol

  25. It's a little scary how Christians in the US have become so morally backwards. They sure don't seem to understand the difference between right and wrong anymore. It almost makes you wonder if the prophecies are really true…that the believers will all fall to corruption and start worshiping the anti-Christ as if he were the 2nd coming. Poor stupid sheep.

  26. Well, i hope that she is happy with her president that have no ties to any global agenda and no business in other countries – unless you count : Israel, Indonesia, Scotland ,Canada, Turkey, Korea, Dubai, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and naturally Russia. ( and this is what we know of, his tax records might reveal some more… )

  27. Well if Christians already believe the anti-Christ is coming, to usher in the end times, and it's written in the bible, then there's really NOTHING anyone can do to stop it as it's already set in stone according to their view as it is gawd's will. Why are they resisting gawd's will if they want so much for the second coming to happen? It was already gonna happen, and it's no one fault except gawd's.

  28. What's so horrible about religion is that a so-called believer can get away with anything in the name of God that a non-believer usually can't. And believers tend to cover each other's ass no matter what. "Pray and get forgiven" is their one solution to any problem.

  29. Nothing necessarily wrong with believing in Christianity, or any other religion – It's has simply no place in Politics. The problem with the electorate is that they enthusiastically connect (or not) with these "unconstitutionally" inclined politicians.

  30. Zionists (Illuminati) are fulfilling their goals (NWO) and destroying the Christianity !!!
    The 1st BEAST (USA) has been revealed !!!
    Very very soon the 2nd BEAST will be revealed !!!
    Then Kushner 666 (The Antichrist) will be in power !!!
    As soon as Kushner 666 (The Antichrist) will be in power, JESUS will return on earth !!!
    Who will survive we'll remember my words !!!

  31. Trumpy is the biggest freaking globalist in the world! He could build service centres on the freeways in the US where they need them. That would create tons of jobs. Sometimes there are hours between stops.

  32. Well…I mean, technically they did nothing while Republicans took over the government. That's pretty much letting the AntiChrist take over.

  33. Pray away the Gay?
    Ya cause some gay guy is randomly because of a prayer gona stop loving the cock.
    Or a rug muncher gona stop eating the vag dumbest thing ever

  34. Anybody they don't like is the antichrist. They've been predicting antichrists as many times as they have the end of the world.
    Ironically Jesus (if you believe he existed, or just go by the bible story) was a progressive. If not he would have went by Jewish law and not made problems.

  35. Laugh all you want, but you'll see the mess you Radicals on the left will cause. You guys will regret being so stupid! Your minds are blinded and you are out of touch with reality. Reality is your worst enemy.

  36. The 16th century seer Nostradamus, predicted the emergence of another Anti-Christ, or evil man during this time in history. He referred to him as The Great Trumpet, and The Red One. Enter…Donald J. Trump.

  37. i told people that trump was the antichrist. God is love. you better put your trust in Jesus Christ the son living God. let holy spirit of God to guides to the truth. if yo are true christain of God dont let thr devil decive you if your child of THE MOST HIGH IS JESUS CHRIST THE HOLY ONE

  38. We don't want one world bullshit in our country the whole world knows America is a gay country we don't need tht bullshit in our country Americans are blind guides of the blind .disguisting homosexual , lesbian ,transgender s this is what your sick country represents today

  39. Donald Trump doesn't hate Christians as the anti-Christ, seculars, and millenial socialist wackos, and perhaps @The Ring Fire does? Democrat I am guessing? Yes you progressives have been everything wrong with this country. Thank you progressives for income tax (thieves), the FED, attacking our right to defend ourselves from you nutjobs, restricting expression, voice, singularity, and attacking our unborn, while having the nerve to seek control of those who birth, and you cannot abort. Glad you all lost the WH.

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