38 thoughts on “Michael Scheuer – U.S. Foreign Policy in the Islamic World

  1. Prof Michael is a wise man. He is talking for the people of America whereas American politicians and Pentagon are talking for zionist Jews

  2. Mossad did 9 11 the 5 people he is referring to are Israeli citizens , and some were here to "document the event"

  3. America motivates Muslims to fight; which subsequently leads to US soldiers in body bags or mentally deranged madmen with PTSD!

  4. Scheuer is a son of filthy cunt. That tells you how filthy is the CIA by having this son of cunt as analyst.

  5. He says one prisoner found the straight and narrow in prison.  Of course no women or booze.   Religious fanaticism of any type is nonsense.

  6. Bin Laden was a Muslim brotherhood member he is considered a khwarige and the Americans made him so that they could invade the Muslim world

  7. Hmmm what American Billionaire would give up his billions ro fight alongside the American people? NOBODY.

  8. Under Cover.
    He's thaught to say it.
    Media Manöver of zionist.
    If he's really credible, why he's not talking about Bin Laden fabricated death (Hollywood Montage)?

  9. For every action there is a reaction!
    Installing alien's secular democracy (developed over centeries) in some years in Islamic societies, is an Illusion.
    Let those societies develop their own fitting version of democracy and over years come closer to Western's version.
    What they need right now is
    to leave their countries
    to stop to diabolize their culture and Lifestyle.
    And stoling their natural ressources on the name of democracy and war against terrorism.
    Stop supporting Zionism

  10. Crazy how that first caller thinks killing Osama would end any insurgents. No. Those groups have an ideology. You can't believe it that attacks will go on an on for years

  11. Dr. Michael Scheuer should be deported to an Arabs country. what an idiot .i did not know that an idiot like this work 4 the CIA.

  12. Too many experts have too many opinions on Terrorism. but If West really believe Terrorism or Threat comes only from Muslim world. I give you one solution. Stop patronizing Israel and let UN handle all the issues related to Muslim world. I am over sure good and healthy friendship will happen among west and Muslim world. but this will hamper US politicians corporate profit and weapon maker. that's it.

  13. Thank u Mr Michael scheuere… That caller " they hate us because wer infidels"… I can't believe something damn ass American's believe shit like that… Read the Bible… The word infidel is in the Bible.. Michael scheuere is absolutely right…. Muslims hate us because of our foreign policy which is fucked up. ..

  14. USA caused more damgae to muslim world with its policies than Japan nuclear explosion. USA is extremely biased towards muslim faith

  15. The greatest recruit for ISIS is Angelia Merkel–the backstabbing traitor to the White German People.   The Muslims have already asked her to cover up her face—-not because of religion,  but because she is so ugly!

  16. Just to remind you mr. Scheuer, the US send there slave in the 80's to "persuade" the Israelis not to build there Lavy war plane. The Israelis plane was better than F-16 and the Americans promise the Israelis cheep F-16 instead.
    They know that most of countries in the world look what the Israelis use and they new that if the Israelis were to buy F-16 most of the world will buy it also.
    So, this is why the US give the Israelis F-16.
    Next time the Arab ask you, you will know what to answer.

  17. 1. I don't believe we  killed Osama Bin Ladin.
    2. I disagree with the notion that we should have killed him instead of capturing him.  It reflects poorly on the US to not administer justice properly. Obviously, the US no longer has the moral high ground anymore.

  18. @Eric21ND- Please, for the love of God, if you're going to be a Michael Shceuer supporter, learn to wear your baseball cap correctly!  Funnily enough, in one of his last articles he was complaining that American youth can't even figure out which side of a baseball cap goes in the front.  You look like a wigger.

  19. why dont these yanks get the fuck out of other peoples countries.every super power falls eventuly and the usa is on the way out .

  20. Mr Scheuer makes some really reasonable and insightful comments, yet he then says they should have placed landmines along the Afghan and Pakistan border. Surely this would also injure civilians and increase hatred of America by Muslims?

  21. If the US government was entirely as intelligent as Michael Sheuyer is there would be no problems for the USA.   Here is a genius working for idiots.


  23. If we can learn to leave those people alone–they might leave us alone?
    Thank you, Michael Scheuer!

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