Michael Cohen Documents Raise Questions About Donald Trump Financial Fraud | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Michael Cohen Documents Raise Questions About Donald Trump Financial Fraud | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

26 thoughts on “Michael Cohen Documents Raise Questions About Donald Trump Financial Fraud | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Here comes the next delusional rant. Don't get your hopes up! This constant barrage of foolishness will only guarantee Trump a victory in 2020

  2. I notice, there are no comments since The Mueller Report came out. Talk about a HUGE waste of taxpayer dollars. You guys know who is winning again in 2020, right? Just wanted to remind you. There isn’t one democratic presidential hopeful that can touch Trump. Let the meltdowns begin. Have a swell day.

  3. I predict that Trump will claim that the first comma in that number is a typo and should be a period. Not that HE will come up with it. I'm sure one of his 'close advisers' will mention it as a plausible excuse, and he will jump on it.

  4. Freaking funny, lock em up & have him share a jail cell with El Chapo & Bill Cosby for the next 20 years. "Now that prison reform"

  5. 10:00…" I believe these numbers are inflated…"
    Absolutely! just like I totally believe in the tooth fairy!

  6. Hey Rachel… it's funny that at 3:00 you cite the " MAYBE CRIME"……This whole story is one big Maybe… Just like the entire Trump Witch Hunt investigation. Just another fake lame CNN story. Nice try Rachel

  7. Fun Fact many Billionaires do not have insurance as they dont need it they have the money to cover most losses upfront unlike us!

  8. LMAO well I guess the Russian collusion plan did'nt work out for you…. at least you got something you could use

  9. I’ve been saying this for years. This isn’t the first person to reports on Trump running these schemes. But it is the first time they could have the evidence they need to prove it.

  10. you realize you all obstructed justice in a first degree homicide of the largest donator to charity in human history. I was literally murdered. I felt each of my organs turn back on one by one after I came back from full paralization and cardiac arrest, kidney arrest, liver arrest, lung arrest, you know ive wished you could prove I wasn't dead. but you've refused. you know why. because I was dead. unfortunately.

  11. you know how disappointed ive been over this entire three years ive been dealing with the media directly. its making me imagine many bad things happening as a result of the worst theft in history. I told them the answer because it was the answer. if they don't pay me. ???? then chaos and devastation across the board is acceptable and not one bit of credibility remains. the truth isn't in the media and d.c.'s favor . its they that threaten themselves when they steal so much from their biggest donator ever.

  12. Yeah, we're here from the City of Bedford to inspect your Quddaffi tent poles. Hmmm, not liken what I'm seeing here…Shut it down!

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