Michael Burry Predicted the Financial Crisis. This is His Stock Portfolio Now

Michael Burry Predicted the Financial Crisis. This is His Stock Portfolio Now

30 thoughts on “Michael Burry Predicted the Financial Crisis. This is His Stock Portfolio Now

  1. What did you find most interesting about Michael Burry’s stock portfolio?

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    EDIT: A few common questions/clarifications:

    1) The "Imputed Cost" column is based on the ending stock prices from Dec 31. 2018 (but don't necessarily represent Dr. Burry's actual cost basis). The returns shown are thus 2019 YTD returns at the time of recording.

    2) As many of some of you have pointed out, 13F filings only require disclosure of long stock positions and option positions (calls/puts). As such, it is possible Dr. Burry also has other positions (including possibility direct short positions) not disclosed on this 13F filing.

  2. Is he short or long GameStop? If he's long GameStop I don't trust any of his opinions. I love them but they'll be bankrupt in five years

  3. you should get an interview i would love to hear from him and how he thinks if i could even handle it. last time i went it to game stop it was full of plastic toys related to video games seems like an odd market its not the same game stop i went to when i was younger.

  4. what I found interesting was that 28 percent of his money is in real estate at a time when property values have been high and when malls have been losing stores to online buying

  5. People going nuts about gamestop, who's to say it's not a hedge on a short position? Dont have to report shorts

  6. didn't this used to be illegal blue horseshoe loves these stocks. I find it interesting that he thinks that these are the safe bets at the height of an asset bubble, and I think he knows that there will not be any quantitative easing this time, the whole Market is going to have to take it on the chin and they know it

  7. The reason he took this position in retail is he believes government will step in, maybe brake apart Amazon and try to limit online sellers from destroying retaile jobs, if that happens retail stocks will go through the roof.

  8. Burry is not just a value investor, he's a finance professional that manages a hedge fund, which you won't find in the 13F analysis.

  9. Is this guy trolling? You don't buy shares of companies when the share price dropping month after month… but when they've began recovering…

  10. Nothing really ground breaking to learn here. I think he is brilliant, but I think he never wants to go on that wild ride again, and I don’t blame him. Better to look for new ideas and trends. Debt is still s major problem that has not been fixed and is locking up and strangling real investment. I still think there is an economic landmine waiting here to cause major pain.

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