Mexico's Lopez Obrador's Position on Venezuela Marks Return to Foreign Policy Tradition

Mexico's Lopez Obrador's Position on Venezuela Marks Return to Foreign Policy Tradition

24 thoughts on “Mexico's Lopez Obrador's Position on Venezuela Marks Return to Foreign Policy Tradition

  1. It's plain to see its all about the oil if Venezuela didn't have the biggest proven oil reserves in the world the US wouldn't care if people are dying in Venezuela just like it doesn't care in other places in the world.

  2. All support for the current Mexican President. Millions agree with him and the "no intervention" standpoint.

  3. This is not only the position of Lopez Obrador. It is the position of all thinking people in the United States and in the world.

  4. People are actually waking up I'm a U.S. citizen that's actually glad amlo is not playing follow the leader

  5. Lo de Venezuela va terminar en un fallido golpe de estado. Nicolás Maduro va continuar en la presidencia.

  6. THANK YOU, MEXICO! Believe me, there are TENS OF MILLION of Americans whom BELIEVE as you do! How dare our Government replace Venezuela ELECTED President, all while our Government is acting like BIG BABIES because Russia interfered in our elections, when we have interfered in over 80+ Countries election, on top of INSTALLING their PUPPETS! THE FREAKING NERVE of our American Government!

  7. You say "Estrada Doctrine", I hear: "For evil to succeed, all it needs is for good men to do nothing"
    Another case of left-wing blindness in regards to Venezuela. This narrative is actually hurting left-wing worldwide if lefties position themselves to defend what’s indefensible. Thank god that some people are more nuanced and offer a bit more of a perspective that maps to real life here: |
    just to elaborate a little on this (but each of these items may be entire topics of themselves):

    1. In order to consider this a coup on a DEMOCRATICALLY elected president, we first need to consider Venezuela a democracy, which it clearly is NOT, and hasn’t been for more than a decade now, since the destruction of all institutional independence and partisan indoctrination of people (like children in public schools, for instance:
    2. In order to consider it a coup altogether, we must first assume there’s a legitimate president, which is NOT the case. There’s an authoritarian with at least 70-80% of disapproval ratings, that just “happened” to get 60-70% of the votes. Who right before lost the parlament and substituted it with his own puppets ( and also stacked the Supreme Court with his own guys as well. He also arbitrarily invoked a Constitutional assembly without consulting people (which should be the case constitutionally) beforehand, and changed the rules of who can be presented and how they’re chosen. this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    3. Juan Guaido ARBITRARILY declared himself president illegally. Considering 1. And 2., it should be clear that if a government is deemed illegitimate, and there are legal mechanisms in place to deal with such situations, then those mechanisms should apply. Juan Guaidó is employing the Constitution articles 233, 333 and 350 that in the circumstance of an absence of a legitimate president by January of the new governing cycle allow the President of the Parliament (AN) to assume charge to call for elections within the 30 days of assuming charge. This is a key point. The guy is not just assuming power arbitrarily in the hopes of remaining in power, but to call for free and fair (or at least less unfair) elections, NOT to just stay there
    4. Other governments or nations should NEVER interfere with “internal matters” of another sovereign country. This should only ever be the case, if the sovereign nation is not attempting against basic principles, such as Human Rights, or is not acting a criminal way. Venezuela nowadays is a NARCO-STATE ( Involved in moving about 25% of the drug movement with top politicians, army officials and close-circle friends, this government is composed of corrupt criminals, and should therefore never be treated as a “normal” sovereign nation because of this (example: first lady’s nephews sentenced for trying to smuggle 800Kg of cocaine using diplomatic passports:
    5. The US’s sanctions created all/most of the economic problems: complete BS. the economic problems first started even before the price of oil dropped in 2014 (they were already super sharp throughout 2013 and WAAAAY BEFORE any sanctions were set. also the sanctions set by the US government were initially targeted to specific sets of people (anyone linked with drug, corruption or human right violations), and most recently they have blocked financial assets of the government in response to the illegitimacy they earned themselves in the sham “elections” from Maduro. removing assets from those who don’t have the legitimacy from using them is not unreasonable, particularly more so if they’re criminals part of a narco-state authoritarian regime. Also the sanctions have made exceptions for things like medicines and food imports, which makes them even more reasonable.
    6. it’s all about the oil. We’re not stupid, it’s clear the US (especially a government so self-centered as the one lead by Trump) clearly has alternative motives. BUT this does not mean it’s not the right thing to do, putting any motivations aside. Criminal governments need to feel the pressure that only a united international community is able to achieve, and Venezuelans have no means or power to exert over them. Hitting them personally, and disabling their financial means of corruption and crime is the only way to really hurt them and set a statement of: being a criminal, has consequences. Being this said, I believe it’s s combination of motivations behind the US: Oil & business access, reducing geopolitical influence of China and Russia (which basically OWN current government and are paid in resources).

    Like a said, I’m barely skimming the top of the iceberg, and each point is an entire topic that can be analysed for hours, but it all leads to one Giant conclusion. Venezuela is messed up by a dictatorial regime where people “happen to vote”, where the government and military is composed of a mafia-like criminal organisation, and even though this criminal organisation happens to have a seat at the UN, does not mean they’re not still a criminal organisation, and it should be treated as such, not as a normal, sound, legitimate, democratic, sovereign nation.

  8. Desde MEXICO. Mexico cannot either help or hurt Venezuela. Has never established trade nor formal relations. So, basically it ignores the country. Is this evil? AMLO is concentrating on fixing the abundance of Mexican warts. I too resent the hell out of a stranger minding my business. There is enough pressure on Maduro to fix the failures of botched government especially since the knothead has refused aid from SPAIN? Allow AMLO to concentrate on reform down here.

  9. Kudos, Mexico. Very posh and proper…and so forth. New Zealand did the same [Unlike Australia]. However, not very practical. Unfortunately this problem is already spilling beyond its own borders and is already a humanitarian catastrophe and a regional mess that God forbid spilled all the way into both Mexico and the USA already under siege with the central american caravans. Colombia appears to be bearing the brunt of it, Brazil to a somewhat lesser extent. Therefore something needs to be done. Maduro is an incompetent brute, his people are starving to death – it's obvious he couldn't give a damn. And no way he's leaving willingly. That thug must be removed before millions die and that's just how it is i don't support imperialist points of view but this is a real crisis and a real emergency in Venezuela.

  10. Countries like the US that have frozen assets and dangle aid are committing extortion and bribery. Just butt out you criminal imperialist thrives. Countries like Venezuela and Iraq that nationalised their fossil wealth for the good of as many citizens and neighbors as possible are laudable next next the greedy capitalist US. with its gross inequality, poverty and rotting infrastructure.

  11. I support AMLOs decision in this. He is being diplomatic and not caving to Imperial powers, ahem the EU and US

  12. The Real News Network……. I know we in the micro dot Nations mean very little to you big world Nations, but, the Caricom Nations of the West Indies/Caribbean, are also a part of that gathering with Mexico and Uruguay. Mr. Ackerman, the same goes for you, you speaking on it, so you must know that Caricom is involved.

  13. I'm a US citizen and ex-US Marine and I side with Moduro and Obrador on this one. Don't give into Trump.

  14. for real, you need to speak clear and concise and explain to the dumbest people out there in the world so they can learn how to help

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