Metal Gear Solid 4 – The Movie [HD] Full Story

Metal Gear Solid 4 – The Movie [HD] Full Story

In the not too distant future.
On a tired battlefield. War has become routine. War… …has changed. It’s no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It’s an endless series
of proxy battles fought by mercenaries
and machines. War, and its consumption of life, has become a well-oiled machine. War has changed. ID-tagged soldiers
carry ID-tagged weapons, use ID-tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies
enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Battlefield control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. War… …has changed. The age of deterrence
has become the age of control… All in the name of averting catastrophe
from weapons of mass destruction. And he who
controls the battlefield… Controls history. War… …has changed. When the battlefield
is under total control… …War… becomes routine. Head north. And… Try not to run into
any Gekko along the way. Three days earlier. Otacon. Even the dead have ears. Snake, we’ve got to go. You’ve got an old friend
waiting for you. Otacon… The test results… Proteome analysis was positive. But the mRNA analysis
turned up negative. The wrinkled skin,
the hardened arteries… Your early aging symptoms
look like classic Werner’s syndrome. But none of the tests were able
to pinpoint the cause. So? Well… Judging by how rapidly
the aging has progressed, I’d say… A year at best, right? Yeah… Snake… Let’s try another doctor. It won’t make any difference. I’m not an ordinary man
to begin with. Not to mention FOXDIE. You’re right. But we don’t know
where Naomi is… Naomi… Ah, Snake! Colonel! Good to see you. Well… I’m not a colonel anymore, Snake. I figured the only place
I’d ever see you dressed like that would be at your daughter’s wedding. What are you doing these days? I’m working for an organization
under the UN Security Council… …The analysis and assessment staff of the PMC Oversight
and Inspection Committee. I remember the resolution
being passed a few years ago. Snake… I came across some… …information in my work. We’ve found him… In the Middle East. What? Only two eggs today? Solidus must have taken the day off. 7-8 9-2 5-9-0-3-6-0… 3-3-0 5-3 0-5… 4-8 8-2 0-4-6-6-5-2… Act I :
Liquid Sun The Manhattan incident
triggered a serious public backlash. Now the US has
to think twice before intervening militarily
in other countries’ affairs. This has fueled a push
towards military privatization, with PMCs at the heart
of that movement. PMCs… Private Military Companies. That’s right. PMCs have no basis
in nations or ideologies. They are private enterprises,
driven by profit. In addition to dispatching
mercenaries to war zones, they secure weapons
and train local soldiers. They’re contractors for war itself, and business is good. Their clientele includes
developed nations like the US, rebel factions looking
to seize power by force… Smaller countries lacking
armies of their own… Even terrorist groups. They’re in the Americas,
Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, Africa,
the Middle East… The rise of the PMC has
spawned a war by proxy, and it’s spreading
across the globe. They, they’re re- Sunny, we’ll eat them later, OK? Every age has its mercenary. These PMCs are nothing new – we’ve been dealing with them since
before the turn of the century. No, Snake. They’re nothing like
the mercenaries of the past. They’re ready. Sorry, I’m a little
busy right now. The Pentagon’s new
battlefield control system has produced
a decisive difference… Between hired guns and the PMCs of today. The system was developed
by ArmsTech Security. ArmsTech? You mean AT Corp? Yeah. In recent years, AT Corp has shifted focus from weapons
development to security tools. And since the establishment of AT Security, business has been booming. The system makes it
possible to integrate not only micro-level information
on individual soldiers and units, but also macro-level information
about field conditions and order of battle. So, they’ve finally achieved
total real-time battlefield control? That’s right. And as a result, the global presence of
PMCs has grown explosively. Truth is, the rise of system-controlled PMCs has led to a dramatic decline
in civilian casualties and human rights
violations on the battlefield. A cleaner, safer battlefield. Makes for nice propaganda. S-Snake, you were s-smoking again,
weren’t you? This is a non-smoking f-f-flight! There’s more. State governments and rebel groups can’t match the maintenance price
of standing forces. PMCs, by comparison, are reliable, easy to use. It wasn’t long before everybody
had them on the payroll. And as a result, regular armies
began to decline worldwide. It’s hard to believe,
I know, but PMCs are beginning to overtake
conventional armies in terms of scale. Nowadays it’s the PMCs who
serve as standard battalions. They already make up sixty percent
of all combatant forces in zones of conflict. Sixty percent… The fact is… the world now depends largely
on PMCs for waging its wars. I thought it was the U.N. that
authorized the PMCs in the first place. The U.S. abstained from
voting on that resolution. In effect, Washington was endorsing PMCs
without ever revealing its true intentions. Until they got wind
of the uprising, that is. The U.S. has exported
too much military power. And now she’s paying the price. That’s exactly it. America has now turned war
into a form of economic activity. Analysts are calling it
the “war economy”, in that it’s picking up the slack
for the downward-sloping oil market. But I, for one, don’t intend to simply
stand by and watch it happen. For the PMCs, market expansion entails
fanning the flames of war… It means more refugees. War orphans. Child soldiers. Yes. Even as PMC soldiers
get more specialized, they’re also getting younger. Mercenaries spun off
from state armies, unmanned weapons, child soldiers… Proxy battles in a new Cold War. There are hundreds of PMCs
in business worldwide, and their numbers are growing. Currently, five of them are big enough
to be labeled global powers. Two in the U.S., and one each in the U.K.,
France, and Russia. Reconnaissance has revealed that those
five PMCs are run by a dummy corporation that acts as
a single mother company. This mother company embodies
the five largest PMCs. Her name… …is “Outer Heaven”. “Outer Heaven”? You mean…! That’s right… It’s Liquid. Liquid… He’s taken command
of this immense army and is now preparing
to unleash an insurrection. I watched him die. His will lives on… in the body of the man
once known as Ocelot. He aims to fan
the flames of war even higher, to create the perfect world
once envisioned by Big Boss. The one world in which soldiers
will always have a place… He must be stopped… Before it’s too late. The global community is concerned, but they’re all too afraid of the war economy
collapsing to do anything about it. The U.N., too. Sounds pretty self-serving to me. …Snake, this mission isn’t
an order from Washington… not like the old days. And it’s not something the U.N.
can officially sanction, either. But we can’t just
look the other way while Liquid plots this insurrection. If we fail to act, he’ll become the greatest threat
the world has ever faced. Snake, you’re the only man I can trust. Fine. Let’s hear it. Our intelligence on Liquid’s uprising originally
comes via reports from U.S. Special Forces, who were mobilized after
we at the U.N. reported our findings. They’re tracking
Liquid’s movements. About 18 hours ago, he was spotted in the Middle East. There’s a rebel army
there in the Middle East made up of ethnic minorities, waging civil war
against the regime in power. The core of that regime’s army is provided by one of the PMCs
under Liquid’s control. What about the rebels? The local militias have hired
small numbers of operators as trainers and field commanders. And of course… …they’ve got help from the local PMCs. Right. A proxy war between hired guns. PMC versus PMC. A quagmire of war. All-too-typical victims
of the new world economy. Snake, you’ll be sneaking into
the conflict zone via transport truck… …disguised as one of
the rebel army’s hired operators. Your first objective… …is to make contact with our informants,
Rat Patrol Team Zero One (RAT PT 01). They’ll be expecting you. Rat Patrol, huh. They sound sneaky. They’re a Special Forces team assigned
to the Army’s PMC investigation unit, CID. CID (Criminal Investigation Command)… The real rats of the Army. No, I can vouch for them personally. Friends of yours? …You could say that. Will you do this for me? Will you terminate Liquid? I’m not like the PMCs. I don’t need your money. …Thank you. But if you’re going
to spark something… Spark this. Fine. I’ll start my own fire. This is Snake. Do you read me? What’s the situation? I’m just inside the city limits. This place is crawling with lizards. Ah, AT Corp’s unmanned
bipedal weapons. Officially designated “Irving”
by the US military. They’ve spread like wildfire
among the PMCs. There are more of those things
now in service than tanks. They’ve got tough armor plating
and are highly agile to boot. Your best bet is
to stay out of their sights. Unmanned… Pretty soon they’ll have put
living, breathing soldiers out of work. Even so, that’s an awful lot
of Gekko for this scenario. Their numbers exceed
the war price for that region. It must have something to do
with Liquid’s arrival on the scene. You really think he’s here… You’ll have to find the Army’s
operatives and ask them yourself. Oh, and Snake? I went ahead and used the Mk.II
to scout out the area before your arrival. You’ll find it up ahead. Mk.II? It’s a remote mobile terminal. Sunny and I built it. The Mk.II will provide you with a map of
the area as well as any battle situation data. You should find it
before you do anything else. OK. Got it. The rendezvous point
is marked on your map. I’ll be waiting for you there. It’s me, Snake. Snake, it’s me! Otacon? Sorry to keep you waiting, Snake. Allow me to introduce
Metal Gear Mk.II. Metal Gear? But this Gear’s not a weapon. It’s a remote mobile terminal designed
to provide you with operational support. Where are you? I’m in the Nomad, where else? I had the Mk.II bring you some goodies. Starting with this. Put it on your left eye. Looks like an eye patch. I call it the Solid Eye. It’s an all-purpose goggle that displays
radar images and other data in 3D. You can also switch it over
to light-amplifying night vision. An Operator… I installed a suppressor. And here’s a tranquilizer gun. How thoughtful. It predates the
implementation of the System. By some miracle,
it was never recycled. It’s getting tough these days,
finding decent guns that aren’t controlled. You coming? Of course. I’ll follow you wherever you go. Like this. I’ll activate stealth so
it doesn’t attract any attention. If you need it, just bring up
the START button menu. Got it. Snake, the informants who said they saw Liquid here
should be a little further up. Head for the rendezvous point. Pretty sweet, huh? Whoa, hold it! Watch where you’re
pointing that thing. Who are you? Neither enemy, nor friend. Voila. You’re not with the militia,
and you’re not PMC… I’m a weapons wholesaler:
all shapes, all sizes. But there’s no need to worry,
’cause all my shit’s been laundered. Laundered? You see, I take ID guns like the PMCs use
and make some mods. Then you can use ’em
without having to match IDs. In other words,
I’m a gun launderer. You can call me Drebin. Drebin? Yeah, they use that for all of us. There are more of you? All over the world. Not that I ever met
any of ’em personally. Me, I’m Drebin number 893. You ain’t a registered PMC employee, are ya? You need a guy like me. Consider it a welcome gift. Take it. The M4. The official carbine model
used by the US army… Developed from the M16 service rifle. This one’s a top-of-the-line model. Real popular with the big PMCs. High precision, not like that government-issue shit. It’s… free-floating, of course. Relax, that barrel’s clean. Is the hider CQC compatible? The beauty of this sucker is that
it’s got a lot of customizable parts. Change it up the way you want
to meet your everyday needs. Flip-up sight, rail system… Not bad. Yeah, well, you know, I get a lot of newbs ’round here. And if you need ’em, I got a wide selection
of after-market parts as well. The frame’s pretty rigid. No rattle. Go ahead, give her a squeeze. I can’t pull the trigger. Really? That’s weird. What’s weird? Wait, I got it. I bet you’re using
an older generation of nanomachines. Older generation? Sometimes they don’t really
jibe with the new System. Seriously, who are you? Whoa… Slow down. My day job’s working
at AT (ArmsTech) Security. I’m in charge of
production control… So I get my hands on the ID chips
before they’re even registered. Have a sip. It’s a side of AT
the public don’t see. From the looks of it, you ain’t with
any state army. But you ain’t exactly green, either. You’ve got last-gen nanomachines. So I’m guessing… Former US Army? I don’t know what
you’re here for. But you’ll wanna be
well-equipped, am I right? So? Can we talk
business or what? You won’t regret it. What’s your take on him, Otacon? I don’t particularly like the guy, but it looks like we’ll need
his help with those ID guns. Sunny’s been doing
a little sleuthing for us. Drebin. A well-known gun launderer
in war economy circles. He’s a businessman who deals
mainly in selling black-market firearms to small PMCs and local militia. I share your concern, but
what if we keep him at arm’s length? Use him only to get intel
and the supplies we need? Keep it strictly business. All right. So… We ready to make
a deal, or what? OK, then.
Let’s talk business. To ensure you can
use non-ID guns, I’m gonna have to suppress
the old nanomachines you’ve got in ya. Otherwise, they’ll interfere with the System. Here. Stick yourself with this. It’s full of suppressor nanomachines. Relax, it won’t hurt. You scared of needles or something? What’s the shot for ? What’s wrong ?
You don’t like shots ? See? No sweat. Now you can use
non-ID guns, no problem. There, ya see? No problem. From now on, when you pick up
an ID gun that says “LOCKED”… You just let me know. You name it,
I can launder it. Of course, it’ll cost you. The going rate depends on
the war price at the time. Man, I gotta give
this shit a rest. Looks like you’re doing
pretty well for yourself. You might say that… What with the war economy and all… And the System clamping down on things. System codes are the law now… And control’s essentially absolute… Paving the way for fat profits, if…
You’re willing to bend the law. Demand keeps on growing
thanks to the war economy. I sell ID guns to
the PMCs and state armies… And naked guns to
terrorist groups and paramilitaries. And these ID guns can’t
be sold on the black market. System’s practically a license
for us arms dealers to print money. Privatizing the military’s
made the PMCs big and bloated. And the fatter the PMCs get, the line between civilian and
soldier is gonna get real blurry. Sooner or later, the whole damn
human race is gonna be green collars. More like, we’re all gonna be
fighting proxy wars. But hey… This war economy puts
the food on my table. You’re a green collar too,
aren’t ya? Yeah, it’s in your eyes. You’ve seen a lot of combat. What makes you think
you know me? Nothing to be ashamed of. I’m the same way. I grew up here, too. I got no interest
in the outside world. All right, then. If you need me, holler. We specialize
in speedy service. Catch my drift? Eye. Have. You. Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! All right… Here. Easy now. You haven’t even taken
the safety off, rookie. Careful, I’m no rookie!
I’m a 10-year vet! How the hell’d you
ever survive 10 years? Don’t move! CQC… A real Big Boss, huh? Lower your weapon! Slowly now. I wouldn’t try anything funny
if I were you. FOX…? Snake? Snake. Meryl? Is that you? What happened
to your face? Accelerated aging. They don’t
know the cause. Oh my God… Meryl, you’re my informant
in the US military? And… You must be the inspector
sent by the UN. This is Rat Patrol
Team Zero One. We’re with the CID…
(Criminal Investigation Command) One of the bodies
investigating PMC activity. First hounds,
now rats. Here, you can have this back. What is your problem? You OK? Stomach pains? Diarrhea… It’s been four days since
Liquid arrived in the area. And since then, this woman’s been with him. She doesn’t look
like a combatant. Probably some kind of advisor. Maybe a scientist. So, you’re the commander
of this 01 unit? Why?
Something wrong with that? Here, I’ll introduce
you to the team. That’s Ed,
our radio man and sniper. The sleeping giant
is Jonathan. Don’t stand behind him. He hates it when people
go around his back. And finally… Johnny. Everybody just
calls him Akiba. Commander… I’ve finished
installing the sensors. OK, Akiba. Anyway… You’re all grown up. Maybe it’s because
someone taught me well. A certain legendary hero… Who suddenly… Disappeared? You quit the unit. Me… I never gave up on you… Or on FOXHOUND. Back then, I just wanted
you to accept me. I wanted you to turn around… And see who I was. But… I’ve put the past behind. I’m done playing
little love games. So… What are you here for? Threat assessment…
the PMCs. Really. Because I heard a rumor there’s
an assassin out there targeting their leader. Well, that’s some rumor. I’m only here because
the UN wants me to assess the impact and effects of PMCs on their
refugee protection efforts. That’s all? More than enough
for a retired vet like me. I know he’s plotting
an insurrection. But as long as AT Security’s
System is in place, there’s no way he’ll succeed. How can you
be so sure? They’ve implemented a system
that monitors in real-time every single soldier
engaged in combat action… Whether he’s state army or PMC. Each individual soldier has been
fully ID-tagged with nanomachines injected into their bodies
for that purpose. The nanomachines keep track of the soldiers
and their real-time personal data 24 hours a day. They monitor
each man’s position, movement, speed,
reserve ammo, firing accuracy… Wounds, rations,
water intake and supply… Sweat secreted,
heart rate, blood pressure
and sugar levels, oxygen… All the data gathered
on body condition. You’ve got these System
nanomachines in you, too? Of course. Our unit plays by the rules,
same as everybody else. It was creepy at first, knowing you’re
being watched 24/7… But I’ve gotten used to it. It gives us a lot of
advantages in the field, too. We get a clearer picture
of what’s going on around us, so there’s less confusion
during missions. And our nanomachines communicate
with each other, making teamwork a lot smoother. And that’s not all
the System does for us. It’s also a security guarantee
against the PMCs. – Security guarantee?
– That’s right. The PMCs are combat groups
without states or ideologies. They’re not fighting out of
nationalism, or for a cause. They don’t care why
the war is being fought. They’re just bodies,
fighting on someone else’s behalf. They’re mercenaries.
A commodity. So it’s easy to imagine them
betraying their clients by joining the enemy, or refusing to fight… Or committing
humanitarian atrocities. To keep these
things in check… They ensured that no one
can use firearms or military vehicles without the proper System ID. It’s true for every piece
of equipment out there. So even if the PMCs tried to mount
a terrorist attack or coup d’etat… Their weapons and equipment
would automatically be locked out. They wouldn’t be able to move,
attack, or engage in combat of any kind. And there’s more. All the data on their position,
personnel and combat strength is leaked to us
by the nanomachines. Even if they managed
to circumvent the System by getting the nanomachines
out of each soldier’s body… They’d be losing their IDs
in the process… so they couldn’t
use their weapons. And the Patriots
are behind this? La li lu le lo?
What are you talking about? Never mind. So this System
is foolproof, huh? Completely. They call it SOP. Sons of the Patriots… The AI that controls it
is a tightly guarded secret… Both at ArmsTech Security, where it
was developed – and at the Pentagon. There’s no way a third party
could get control of it. I just met a guy who said
he could launder ID guns. The System does have holes… There can’t be more than
a few hundred of those gun launderers. It’s just a
grass-roots movement. It’s not like they can affect
the entire PMC war machine. Anyway, Liquid would’ve had to register
as a PMC in the System to assemble an
army that massive. His PMCs might even exceed
the US military in terms of numbers… But as long as
they’re registered, their soldiers’ activities
are constantly being monitored. So long as the US responds immediately
when Liquid makes his move… We can take
them down by force. By force, huh? When ARSOC (Army Special Operations Command)
heard about Liquid’s plans… They sent us to
sniff around the PMCs. And after three months of searching
God knows how many battlefields… We’ve finally tracked him down. When we reported
that we’d found Liquid… Our superiors ordered us to provide
the UN investigators with intel. But I didn’t know
it’d be you. Didn’t the colonel tell you
he was sending me? Colonel? – Don’t tell me it’s Campbell.
– Yeah. He put you up to this? You didn’t know? You’ve got to be kidding! You expect me to
work with my uncle? Meryl! This is bullshit! He’s not my father! Meryl… So… You knew? Yeah. Little violation of
the need-to-know rule. Then… Why are you still
calling him “uncle”? You’re still
calling him “Colonel”. He’s your father. As far as I’m concerned,
we’re still uncle and niece. I will never forgive that
womanizing piece of shit. Meryl! He… Remarried. Really? His new wife’s about my age. I hear she’s even got a kid. It’s as if he’s given up on
making up with his own daughter. Men. Selfish, egotistical pigs. Commander! What is it? There’s 20 of them. And they’re not from that PMC,
Praying Mantis, either. It’s the FROGS. His private troops. Oh crap… This is not good. – Were you being followed?
– No. Akiba! They might have seen
the reflection off my scope lens. Oh. W-Wait!
Hang on… You guys think
it was my fault? It wasn’t my fault!
I swear! It wasn’t my fault! Oh man…
Oh… Look, I… Dumbass! We’re moving out! Meryl, where’s Liquid? I’ll fill you in later… …if we’re still alive. Follow me. Damn! Eye contact! These guys are with
Liquid’s private army. Shoot first, think later. We’ll use the stairs and get out
through the back door on the first floor. We’ll change route as necessary. I’m on point. – Stay close. Got it?
– Got it. Akiba. Breathe deep. Got it. We’ve got a real live
legendary hero with us. Try not to choke. Move! Sharp as ever! Clear! Commander!
I really gotta go… Shut up! Get down! Knock it off! The nanomachine network
inside each unit member’s body lets us share
each other’s senses. They can see what I see. And it helps control pain. Is that part
of the System, too? With SOP, my team can
literally operate as one. Well… Except for a certain someone
who’s not much of a team player… So, what do you think? Is your age
of heroes finally over? I’m no hero. Never was, never will be. You haven’t changed at all Snake. But… Your body… Are you going
to be all right? This get-up doubles
as a muscle suit. I can still get around. Liquid’s camp is up ahead. – I’ll mark it on your map.
– Thanks. It’s…it’s the Beast! Rage…
Rage! Laugh with me! It can’t be… Is that…? Show me your rage! Rage! Rage! Isn’t it funny? Liquid! Activate it. What? Jonathan! Commander! Commander… Brother! It’s been too long! Liquid! Rejoice! We’re not copies
of our father, after all! We are freed of
the shackles of fate! Snake! Brother… We are free! Watch… Snake… Watch… …as I surpass
my own origin! Naomi? Snake… If you won’t be
a prisoner to fate… Then go. Fulfill your destiny. Snake! Hey… Hey, are you all right? Grab on. 1-1… 2-3… 5-8-13-21… 34… 55… 89… 144… 233… 377… 6-1-0-9-87… 15… 97… 95… 84. 34… 55… 89… 144… Uncle Hal… The eggs… They’re done. Thank you, Sunny. Snake! So…
Back from the dead? I don’t remember
the sun being so flat. Sorry. I’ll dig in
right away, Sunny. And would you make
some for Snake, too? OK. Hey… None for me, Sunny. My body… just seized up
all of a sudden. This isn’t normal. It’s not my joints or muscles. You were lucky. Some of those guys’ hearts
simply stopped. She was there… Naomi was at Liquid’s side… Otacon, did you see her? No… But you’re right. Naomi was there. I found traces of her DNA
in that syringe you were holding. Right after it all happened, I got a video mail
from Naomi. It was sent to
my old address. Here you go. Thanks, Sunny.
They’re delicious. But… y-you haven’t
even eaten any. We grownups have to watch
our caloric intake, you know. But thank you… I was looking for this. Y-You’re not watching
your nicotine intake! Sunny! You really
hurt her feelings. Yeah? Why don’t you teach her
how to cook eggs, then? Oh, like I know how to cook! Snake… I’ll make this quick. I’m in South America. I’ve been captured
and forced to do research. It’s Liquid. Liquid’s goal is to
seize control of SOP… The Sons of the Patriots system
that controls the soldiers. To do that, he needs to analyze
the nanomachines’ structure and… Find out how they communicate
with one another. Liquid’s found a loophole he can use
to get in to the System. Preparations for his insurrection
are nearly complete. There’s no time to waste. Snake… Hurry! Naomi sent her location data
in a separate file. It’s Campbell. Snake… As you’ll recall, following
the Shadow Moses incident nine years ago… Naomi was detained
by the authorities. But someone arranged
for her escape. I suspect it
was actually Liquid. He must have taken her prisoner himself
and forced her to do research at his facility
in South America. Colonel… Where’s Meryl? I know she left the Middle East
in pursuit of Liquid. I’m sure ARSOC is
on to us by now. We can’t chase
that line too far. Which leaves Naomi
as our only lead. The location Naomi gave us,
the PMC’s base, is in a mountainous region
surrounded by forests. Use the 4×4 to get as close as possible
to the PMC’s security perimeter. From there on, Snake, it’ll be a solo
sneaking mission. Roy… Thanks. The rebels are still pitched
in battle against the PMCs. The commotion should help you
slip into the facility unnoticed. 20 hours until we land. Got it. I’ll have a look at the documents. Maybe I’ll even have
a smoke while I still can…. Act II :
Solid Sun Colonel, how deeply are they
involved in all of this? The Patriots, you mean? The data we got from
Arsenal Gear was a load of crap. Twelve founders who’ve all been dead for
a hundred years… Give me a break. We know they exist today. If the purpose of this battlefield
control system is to control IDs, it fits in with
their plans perfectly. Seizing control of
the world’s ID systems, and then using them to manipulate
the economy and information flow… For the Patriots,
that’s the ultimate prize. You might say the Patriots are
the embodiment of the war economy. Everything that Solidus
feared five years ago… It’s all come to pass. The Patriots are trying to protect
their power, their own interests… By controlling the digital
flow of information. Now with the media and global opinion
under complete control… Not even the UN
can stand up to them. Then Liquid’s insurrection is against them? Exactly. It would seem as though Liquid
has taken up Big Boss’s cause. An age of persistent,
universal warfare. A world where mercenaries
are free from domination. In a sense, the “Outer Heaven” Big Boss
envisioned is already a living reality. You mean the PMCs and their war business. Right now, Liquid is a slave
to the Patriots, forced to fight
their proxy wars for them. He must be dying to
break free of their spell. Beneath the surface, a new cold war is brewing
between Liquid and the Patriots over who will survive. And no matter who wins,
the world has no future. Until we stop Liquid and
destroy the System, we’ll never be free. Snake, what we call “peace” is an equilibrium
kept in check by the war economy. Destroying the System means
wiping out the information society… The end of modern civilization. Like it or not, we may have no choice
but to protract the System. Snake, here’s what we know
about the current battle. Rebel guerilla units
are advancing on the base of the government PMC troops. That base appears to
be Liquid’s safe house. According to Naomi’s data, she’s being held prisoner
inside the compound. That’s where she is? Assuming the data
is correct. And one more thing… What now? The government PMC troops
have been operating at high-altitudes. We have reports that
it’s starting to upset the balance of the
nanomachine control system. Meaning? Meaning the low blood oxygen content seems
to have an effect on their nanomachines, giving them a
slight edge in battle. Be careful. Steer clear of altitude sickness. Got it. Vamp! Snake… Isn’t here. Laugh… Laugh!
Go ahead and laugh! Beast! Leave one. Don’t forget this face. This is the face… …of the bastard… who killed your comrades. More guerillas will be coming
to storm the safe house. He must be
among their numbers. Sooner or later he will come. Don’t let down your guard. Laugh… Laugh! Otacon, what the hell? That was…Vamp! I’m sure of it. I’ll never
forget that face. Those were PMC soldiers with him. Is he involved
in Liquid’s plan? We watched him
die in Manhattan! Damn it, he won’t
leave us alone. Snake, could Vamp
be immortal? Not a chance. This is the real world,
not some fantasy game. I swear, the next
time he shows up… Not now, Otacon! Right. I know. Snake, according to satellite imagery
procured by Mei Ling, the facility where Naomi
is being held is to the north, along a mountain road. I’m sending the
location to your map. Mei Ling? What’s she up to
these days? Taking command of
the Missouri, apparently. The Missouri? That’s a
World War II battleship. The museum contract in Hawai’i
expired some time ago. I hear it’s now being used
as a virtual training vessel. By the looks of things, they know I’m coming, too. Yeah. It could be a trap. Stay sharp. Snake, there’s someone
I’d like you to meet, a member of the mission staff,
a psychological counselor. A lot of soldiers can’t handle
the stress of battle… End up panicking. She’ll be useful in helping you
understand the mindset of both the PMC
and rebel soldiers. She? Rosemary! Nice to meet you, Snake. This is Rosemary. She used to work as
a data analyst at the Pentagon, but moved to combat support
during the Big Shell Incident. Yeah. She was in charge of
Jack’s files, wasn’t she? After that,
she studied psychology, and now she’s
a counselor with CSP, the Combat Stress Platoon. Contact me anytime. I’ll be standing by here
at home with Roy, but I’m on a different circuit. The frequency is 147.79. By the way, Colonel,
isn’t that your house? Well, yes. Then the woman you married,
the one that Meryl was talking about. Is Rosemary, yes.
Didn’t I tell you before? News to me.
What about Jack? Jack? Jack. From FOXHOUND.
Codename Raiden. I seem to remember him
being engaged to Rose. Oh. We lost all trace of him. Jack’s gone? I used to work with the guy. He saved Sunny
from the Patriots. He disappeared soon after that. What about you? Jack disappeared, and
you just moved in on Rose? I was consoling
her over her loss, and one thing just
led to another… She’s young enough
to be your daughter. Yeah. Lucky me, huh? Now I see why Meryl
was so disgusted. Meryl said something about me? Yeah, I believe her words were, “I’ll never forgive that
womanizing piece of shit”. I see. Colonel, you knew she was our
informant in the Middle East, didn’t you? Was it you who
put her up to it? Yes. I used my connections
in the Army to get Meryl the job. You wanted your daughter someplace
where you could keep an eye on her. Look, everybody involved in the incident at
Shadow Moses either lost their job and status or, in the case of Meryl
and Mei Ling, got brushed aside. Meryl wanted to make a
comeback, a difference. We can’t all be as
strong as you, Snake. Some of us can’t bear
living like pariahs. Since Shadow Moses,
I’ve been branded a criminal. I think of it as my own small way
of making it up to my daughter, my own flesh and blood. In any case, call Rosemary
if you ever need advice. Yo! Over here. You… Come on, hop in. It’s getting
rough out there. I don’t think so. We meet again. You’ve been
following me? You seemed like
an interesting guy, so I decided to
check you out. Sit down. Lot of legends about you
out there in the intel community. Especially in the… Especially in the CIA. You know those nanomachines
I injected you with back in the Middle East? They let me
track your location. Figures…
The B&Bs are here. Things are about
to get hairy. B&Bs? You’ve never
heard of ’em? They’re Beauty and the Beast. Together they’re called the B&B Corps. They’re a squad of enhanced
female soldiers… Belong to the PMCs. Any time there’s a mess
that needs cleaning up, they’re on the scene
leading the elites. That’s a female? Probably freelancers
hired by the PMCs. They’re run out of a
separate parent organization. Guess it’s time for good ol’ Drebin
to let you in on a few things… Word on the street says
that beneath those ugly-ass suits, the B&Bs
are real babes… Drop-dead gorgeous. They also say each one of them’s
been traumatized by war. Badly. They weren’t even soldiers
to begin with, you know. More like… Victims of war. They suffered shell-shock
on the battlefield… Post-traumatic. It damaged their minds
pretty much beyond repair… So the only way they could
cope with the reality of battle was to become
war machines themselves. The remnants of their human side
are buried deep within. The beast… That’s what you see
on the outside. War transforms us,
Snake… Into beasts. War transforms us… But deep
within that shell, something human survives. A fragile, scarred heart. Without a shell
to protect it, it’s like the yolk
of an egg. Word going around is… Their natural, flesh-and-blood bodies can’t
survive in the open for more than a few minutes. And they’ve
been convinced… …that by killing Snake, their minds will
be cleansed. They think it’s gonna
free them from all the pain… And all the fury… And all the sorrow. Which makes these babes
pretty much obsessed… With killing you. Four B&Bs have
been identified so far. The one you just saw
was Raging Raven. There’s also
Laughing Octopus, a master of mimicry… And Crying Wolf… She runs on four legs. And finally, the mistress
of mind control… Screaming Mantis. Mantis…? Yeah, there used to be a guy
by that name in the US military. A Russian psychic, he could control
people’s minds. I guess she
inherited the title. She keeps the other B&Bs minds
in check with her powers. Octopus, Raven, Wolf, Mantis… You got it. They’re the SNAKEHOUND Unit, and they’ve got
you in their sights. Shit… I’d hate to
be in your shoes. Drebin… I thought no one was supposed
to be able to hack into the System. Are you with the Patriots? No sir. I ain’t no la li lu le… I mean… I’m no Patriot. You can say “Patriot”. I guess that means
you’re clean, right? The nanomachines I got in me
are different from the military kind. No speech
restrictions for me. What the hell
are these Patriots? Are they human? Not anymore they ain’t. They’re the law
of this world, created over
the course of history. They’re what holds
this world together… Keeps this whole
mess in check. We are formless. We are the very discipline and law
that Americans invoke so often. The Patriots are America, the world’s
greatest military power. They are the war economy. Which makes you and me just
cogs in a much grander schematic. I mean, someone obviously had to start
the whole thing at the beginning. But now their law has
taken on a life of its own. A life of its own? Yup. The country…
The war economy… It ain’t run by people. It’s run by the System. No need for high-level
decision-making authority. It’s all handled by a massive yet simple
information processing system. An AI. It works just
like natural law. The world’s a much simpler place
than most folks realize. Every aspect of the Patriots’ System
is closely monitored by three peripheral AIs and a core AI that ties
them all together. The SOP System
is one part of that. It’s all backed up by
a foolproof control system. So not even yours truly can
sneak inside the Patriots’ AIs. What if, hypothetically, someone found a way? If they could fool the IDS…
(Intrusion Detection System) I guess they could use it
as a haven to lay low. Haven? You know,
like a tax haven. In the internet society,
we have net havens, data havens… A haven… …is someplace where social conventions
and the rules of the net don’t apply. Back in the 20th century, the super-rich would open bank accounts
in countries without income tax laws… Not a bad way
to evade paying taxes. Now we’ve got us a society where
everybody’s DNA and personal info is totally controlled by
the nanomachines inside their bodies. Won’t be long before
people start using havens to escape from ID control. I guess you could say my gun laundering
kind of borrows from the haven concept, after a fashion. Even so, good luck finding a way to access
the Patriots’ AIs from the outside. It’s absolutely impossible.
No chance in hell. Like I said, there’s no breaking
into those AIs… From the outside. But Liquid’s got
something in mind. You sure there’s no way? I’m just a gun launderer. Only reason
I’m interested in you… …is ’cause you
start a lot of fires. All right then. You need me, just give me a ring. Go on. Get your ass back inside! Now! Eye. Have. You. When the government needed
control restored to this sector, they knew who to call. Snake, can you hear me? This is Jack, isn’t it? I am Raiden.
Jack is no more. Where are you now? I’m right beside you. Raiden, where have you
been all this time? What have you been doing? On a mission,
finding something… For someone. Finding what? The corpse of Big Boss. What? I was asked to do this
in exchange for Sunny’s location. Liquid? No. The leader of a
small resistance group. Her followers
call her Matka Pluku. Matka Pluku…
Big Mama. We’ll finish this later. I’ll follow your trail
and catch up with you. Wait! What about
Big Boss’s body? It’s with her now. Her? What’s going on, Snake? Rose, I just got
a call from Raiden. It sounds like
he’s close by. Jack? Yeah. Did… Did he seem OK? Yeah, as far as
I could tell from his voice. Really? That’s great. Snake, I have
a favor to ask. What? Don’t let him know
I’m involved in this operation, OK? I think it would be best
to just leave him alone for now. What happened
between you and Jack? After the Big Shell Incident,
he became unstable. Memories began to
resurface from his childhood, when he fought for Solidus
in the Liberian Civil War. And in the midst
of all that… The baby we had together… It hadn’t even been born yet. Jack slowly stopped
coming home. And when he did,
he’d be dead drunk, sometimes covered
in cuts and bruises. Roy was worried.
He was Jack’s commanding officer, but Jack just avoided him. I was all alone. And Roy was so kind to me. He’s the one who encouraged
me to become a counselor. I know it sounds like I’m making excuses,
but I needed to get over it, to move on with my life. I’m worried about him,
of course, but… I’m also afraid of him. All right. I’ll keep my mouth shut. Thank you, Snake. Naomi’s lab is somewhere
inside those mansion grounds. Proceed immediately… Infiltrate the place
and find out where she is. Yes, the next test. Naomi? And things on your end? I see. We’re on schedule
here as well. I know. Me, too. Until then… Naomi. Snake. I knew you’d come… You and I… Neither of us can
escape our fate. I haven’t seen you
since Shadow Moses. How long? Ten years? Nine. And Dr. Emmerich?
Is he with you? Why? I thought he’d be the only one
able to open the mail I sent. Not many people could recognize
4D sound data in a Soliton Radar file. How is the good doctor? Otacon’s fine.
He’s the same as ever. Otacon? I see… Who were you
just talking to? Liquid. Although I suppose
he’s really Ocelot… From a medical standpoint. I thought he was here. He’s not…
At the moment… Where are all the guards? They know I won’t escape. I’m powerless to resist. I have no choice
but to cooperate. Naomi… What happened
in the Middle East? What you saw was
the soldiers’ emotions run amok. Another product
of the System? You don’t trust me? I’m not sure yet. And if I answer your question? Let’s hear it first. Liquid… We… thought the SOP
was an ID control system designed primarily to maintain
order and control in battle. And we were right. But only partially. SOP had another function… To control people’s senses. The goal was to release the
soldiers’ nanomachines from the System. But we didn’t know
about the mental control. And the nanomachines
went berserk? No. Our test was a success. At least, it confirmed our
hypothesis at the time. Just as we predicted,
the nanomachines stopped functioning, and the PMC soldiers were freed
from the grips of the System. But the moment
the System stopped… All the pain, and fury,
and sorrow… All the trauma and stress,
all the hatred, regret, guilt… All the sensations
that had been suppressed were unleashed
within their hearts. Their memories, unlike
their senses, weren’t erased. Each enemy soldier they’d killed,
each lost comrade… Each threat of violence
against the innocent… Every act of war they’d committed
was etched firmly in their hearts. In suppressing
the user’s mind, the nanomachines exact
a heavy burden on his heart. The user’s body
rejects the nanomachines; this reaction must then
be suppressed with drugs. Before the user knows it,
his mind is in complete shambles. Snake… Remember Frank? Frank Jaeger… Gray Fox. They twisted his body
for their experiments and nullified his broken
heart with nanomachines. SOP has taken it
even further and applied it to
living human beings. The sins of war these soldiers
carried inside them returned to assault
them in the form of… Unimaginable shell shock. The meaning and the system
may have changed… But the battlefield hasn’t. Until that point,
war was like a game to them. And then, suddenly, reality came
crashing down. Ordinarily, our hearts are
hardened through experience. Even the most grizzled veterans
live with an inescapable guilt they’ve had to overcome
bit by bit through the years. And even then,
it never truly goes away. For a mind lacking
that essential experience, it was simply
too much to bear. But what about me? I’ve never been
under the System’s control. That’s why I want
to examine your body. You need to know, too. All right, Snake… Undress. Snake, what’s gotten into you? Hurry up. Oh my God…. Snake… All right, let’s just
get this over with. Yes… Of course. I’m sorry. So does the aging have
something to do with FOXDIE, too? No. Your telomeres were
intentionally set up to be short, regardless of the age
of the original. One of the genes that inhibit
reproduction and aging, the Klotho gene,
was intentionally mutated as well. But more importantly,
your chromosomes, like Liquid’s, were provided with terminator
genes to prevent them from making copies. Why? You’re clones, created
for one purpose: war. And so, in order to prevent you from being
abused by clients or stolen by the enemy… They shortened your lifespan
and removed your ability to reproduce. It was a safety device
to ensure that the seed of Big Boss didn’t end up in
the hands of others. The reason you’re aging
so rapidly isn’t because of disease, or faulty research,
or FOXDIE. It’s how you were born. It’s your natural lifespan. The truth, Naomi. How long is my body
going to hold out? Your cells, blood, organs,
nerves, skeletal system, muscle tissue… Every part of your body
is aging rapidly. How long do I have? …Half a year. Don’t. Snake. There’s something
I have to tell you. Now what? You and I both know
your body is approaching its limit. When I said half a year, I wasn’t talking
about your lifespan. What do you mean? We can’t get rid of the FOXDIE
in your body completely. FOXDIE only kills its victims when
the infected person’s genetic code fully matches the genetic sequence
programmed into the virus’s receptors. In other words… It only attacks targets
with specific genes. The receptors on the FOXDIE
inside your body are breaking down. The rapid aging process is changing
the environment within your body. As a result, the virus
is starting to mutate. The viruses on the left are
FOXDIE in its original form. The ones on the right
I took from your body. They’re already mutated. The receptors,
they’re wearing down. Meaning? This mutated version
of FOXDIE could activate even if the infected
person’s genetic pattern doesn’t perfectly
match the receptors. Which means the virus is becoming
indiscriminate about what type of target it kills. However, if the receptors
continue to wear down… It’ll become a killer virus that
attacks untold numbers of victims. What if we kill them all,
remove them from the body? There are no antibodies, either. I don’t know what percentage
of the receptors have to break down, or how many people will be
targeted when that happens. What is certain is that people
will begin to catch FOXDIE through airborne transmission. It’ll start with
those closest to you… Then, one by one, they’ll lose their lives. The part of the virus that distinguishes between
individuals will start to break down in about… Half a year. No… Three months at the most. Three months! Ironic, isn’t it? You’ve spent your entire life
saving the world from Metal Gear, from nuclear annihilation. And now… You’re becoming a
doomsday device yourself. I can’t predict exactly how
devastating the epidemic will be. Whether just one percent of the human race
could unlock the broken receptors… Or whether we all can. In either case, three months from now
you’ll be a walking biological weapon. If it were up to me,
you’d be quarantined already. It’s not over yet. I know. You still have
a job to do. You have three months. Still enough time to think
once all of this is done with. And if I choose
death first…? Will that stop FOXDIE
from spreading? When the host dies… The virus dies with it. Snake… Tell me one more thing. Have you been
to a hospital lately? Yeah. While you were there,
did they give you an injection? Don’t they always? Take a look at this. These came out
of your body as well. It’s a new strain of FOXDIE…
One I’ve never seen. Someone must have
put them in you recently. Do you have
any idea who? Him! The new FOXDIE strain
is starting to multiply rapidly. What’s in it? I can’t say for sure. I’ll need to do
some more tests. Here, take this. It contains the same substance
the soldiers’ nanomachines secrete inside their bodies. It’s a drug that inhibits the nanomachines’
ability to regulate the senses. The nanomachines inside
the body malfunction when the System
interferes with them. It triggers a reaction in the body,
which is why you’re having the seizures. Give yourself a shot
whenever they get bad. It’s potent, so use it sparingly… Unless you want to
end up an invalid. I’ve been a fool. I let myself drown in my nanomachines,
and now I’m trapped by them. You said yourself we mustn’t
allow ourselves to be chained to fate. I can’t slip free. Then I’ll free us both. Where’s Liquid? I can’t tell you yet. Not until you free me. Do you even know? Liquid left here last night. Where was he headed? Those are my terms. I can’t leave this place
of my own will. What are you talking about? I’m being… Watched. Liquid has altered his plan. Removing the System will only cause
his army to collapse from within. So he’s chosen to
seize control instead. Liquid’s objective is
to hijack the SOP System. He’ll use it to create
the ultimate army of perfect soldiers and launch his insurrection
against the Patriots. There’s a name for his new plan. He calls it
“Guns of the Patriots”. Guns of the Patriots… This place isn’t safe.
Come with us. This way. OctoCamo…. Snake… My prey. Isn’t it funny? Come on! Laugh, while you can! There’s no
escape from here! Laugh yourself to death! Snake! What a riot… People suffering… People hurting… People dying… It’s all so
fucking hysterical! Laugh. Laugh with me! Snake! Just you try
and find me! Snake, look up above… Notice anything strange? I’m over here! I am an octopus… An eight-legged beast. These tentacles… Are beyond my control. Their will… Is the will
of the battlefield. Funny… So funny… It’s all so funny. No… It’s not funny. Nothing is funny. I shouldn’t be laughing. I can’t… The truth is… I’m not laughing. Not laughing at all. I shouldn’t be laughing. I’m scared. I’m really scared. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. So sorry I laughed. I’m sorry… I won’t laugh any more. I can’t. I don’t want to. Yo Snake!
Looking good today. A certain virus was
detected in my body. Are you saying it wasn’t in
the nanomachines you injected? Virus? Look, you do know there are other folks
who could’ve done this to you. And besides, what would I gain
from infecting you? Better for me that you’re
out there kicking ass on the battlefield. I was watching you, Snake. You’re a real piece of work. Never thought
I’d meet the man who could take down
Laughing Octopus single-handedly. She just kept on laughing. Now why do you suppose that is? Something in her past? You got it.
She’s from a village in Scandinavia, little seaside hamlet known
to all the locals as the Devil’s Village. Place wasn’t known
for devils, though. It was known
for octopus. See, this was one of
the few places in Europe where they ate
octopus customarily. Anyway, there’s this cult of crazies
who for some reason hate the village, with a passion. Then, when she was
just a teenager, things get bad. These nutcases get their hands on
some weapons and attack the village. Overnight, her sleepy little
fishing town becomes a war zone. They round up all the villagers
and execute them one by one. Except for that girl. They had something
else planned for her, something a whole lot
worse than dying. Calling her the Devil’s Child, they forced her to do the kind of thing
you’d expect from one of Lucifer’s own. After they made her
torture her family and friends, they made her kill ’em. The whole time they were forcing her
to laugh, howl like some sort of demon. Like she was enjoying it. What was she
gonna do, say no? They’d kill her, too. So she let fear
take control, and did exactly
as they told her. She butchered the bodies
of the ones she loved, and laughed
while she did it. And as she bathed
in their blood, it gradually turned
from deep red to jet black. To her, it looked like
the ink of an octopus. The experience
scarred her deep. Ever since then,
she hasn’t stopped laughing. Only, that ain’t
really laughter. Why are you
telling me this? You expect me
to feel sorry for her? Nah. I know you got no room
for that stuff in your world. And besides,
this is war… Right? In a way, though, I guess
it was the right thing to do. What was? Fighting you
cleansed her mind. All right,
enough chit-chat. There’s other beasts
out there in them woods. Watch your back. Snake, have you lost
sight of the target? Whenever something moves,
it leaves a trail behind. Track and find
Naomi’s trail. You think that
could be Naomi’s ? Do it now, before
we’re interrupted again. We don’t know what will happen.
Remember the last time… I’m willing to make
a few sacrifices. As you wish.
We’ll begin shortly. We’ve got the go-ahead. Begin. We’ll use his blood.
It could get intense… Brace yourselves. – Shots, all of you.
– Yes, sir. I’ll be taking a nap… Snake! The syringe! Snake! It’s not working… The emotional controls
aren’t stable enough yet. Need a lift? Drebin! Get in already! Snake, I’m bringing the chopper to the
other side of the market up ahead. That’s as close
as I can get. You’ve got to make it
to the market somehow ! Hang on!
It’s gonna get bumpy! Up front! Here they come! You OK? Yeah. Ah shit. Raiden. Go on, get outta here! – Can you move?
– Yes. Let’s go. Here they come! Snake… It’s my turn
to protect you. Snake, I’m setting the chopper
down at the market square. I’m sorry… I’m a little busy
right now. Thank you! Don’t forget the Mk. II! – Naomi, take care of this.
– All right. Otacon,
get us out of here! Where’s Raiden? Still fighting. Vamp! Raiden! Yet again,
our paths cross. You, too…
Immortal? No. I just don’t fear death. Yes… Could you be the one
to finally finish me? Raiden! You OK? Fine. Raiden! You’re… Boss, she got away. Are you sure about this? It’s all part of the plan. The test was a failure.
Even with his code. As I feared.
It’s not pure enough. We need all of him. The PMCs we deployed
have suffered brain damage. Nothing salvageable remains. Our only remaining option
is to secure the original. I know that. It’s only a
matter of time. We’re working as fast as we can
to find their hiding place. I need you here too, Vamp. Hang in there! Vamp… He’s got to be immortal. No. He’s not
immortal at all. It was my design that caused
his body to be like that. What do you mean? The nanomachines in his body
cause his wounds to close and heal at an
accelerated rate. Someone took the basic nanomachine
technology I once researched and perfected it. In a sense,
I’m responsible for Vamp. He’s one of my sins. Does your body have
the same nanomachines? I brought a monster
into this world… And… I, too, am…. – Raiden!
– Hold him down! He’s losing
too much blood. – Can you save him?
– I don’t know. He needs a blood transfusion… No, an infusion
of artificial blood… – Snake…
– Raiden! Europe… Go meet… Big Mama. Argon… Boron… Silicon and neon… Erbium… Fermium… Plutonium… Chlorine… Fluorine… Gallium and xenon… Thallium, strontium… The trick is to
keep the lid on. Now, let it cook
for one minute. You like cooking,
don’t you? Good for you. This is my Sunny-side-up
fortune telling. When it turns out good, it means
something good is gonna happen. So that’s why you don’t
cook them over easy. But the secret
to good cooking is to keep who’s
going to eat it in mind. Oh… Is this your mother? Yes. She’s really beautiful. That tune you
were humming… It’s from the
periodic table, isn’t it? Thorium, protactinium, uranium,
neptunium, plutonium, americium… Americium… – Curium!
– Curium! Curium. Curium. That’s it.
Curium! Oh, this? May I? There. See Sunny? Us girls have
to look our best. Her name… Was Olga. My mother. I see… It’s going to burn. Hold on. And… There. Done! Th-Thanks… Of course. We did a great job. Dr. Emmerich… Liquid is in Eastern Europe. He’s after the
corpse of Big Boss. Huh? What for? It’s the final key he needs
to gain access to SOP. The keys to the System are
Big Boss’s genetic code and biometric data. Without them, there’s
no way to gain access. Wait. What’s Liquid
been doing all this time? He’s been
performing tests. Two tests… The first, using the genetic code
from Liquid’s DNA chip. In his second attempt, he used the DNA code and biometric data
extracted from Snake’s blood. What’s the need for the original
if a substitute works just as well? Neither your genetic pattern
nor Liquid’s genetic pattern is a 100% match
for Big Boss’s. What do you mean
we don’t match? Both you and Liquid are as similar
to Big Boss as you could possibly be. But you’re still different. Different? Yes. So that’s what Liquid
was talking about? We’re not copies
of our father, after all! Which is why
they created Solidus. I can’t believe this. Snake and Big Boss don’t have
the same genetic code? Strictly speaking, Snake and Liquid
aren’t the same, either. Which is why FOXDIE only
affected Liquid at Shadow Moses… And spared you. Let’s put it this way… If Liquid uses
Big Boss’s genetic code… The original… He’ll have the System
completely under his control. Hold on. I thought having
his code wasn’t enough. You need his biometric data
at the same time, don’t you? That’s right! And Big Boss
is already dead. No. He’s alive. Big Boss is… Alive? His body is. Or rather… His cells. That’s impossible! Big Boss survives
as a biomort… A brain-dead shell
sustained in a lab. If Liquid obtains the body, he’ll be primed to
make his final move. Allowing him total
control of the System. Exactly. It’s there… In Europe… What do you mean? Eastern Europe. They have equipment
that can heal me there. Where? The same place Liquid went? Dr. Madnar. He saved my life. Dr. Madnar. I’ve heard of him. A world-renowned
cybernetics expert. Strictly underground, though. We’re in luck, then. It’s settled. We must head for Europe. Oh… Snake?
Where’re you going? I’m gonna be spewing out
poison soon enough anyway. What’s one more
smoke gonna hurt? This is a no-smoking flight! Who is this? Oh, her? That’s my sister. Really? I never knew
you had a sister. For a moment I thought
she might have been your girlfriend. No! I-I don’t have a… Emma was a
brilliant programmer. She wrote the worm that
destroyed the Arsenal Gear AI. Then… Vamp killed her. – I’m so sorry.
– No! There’s nothing
for you to be sorry for. Or me. I never even
imagined that science… That my own research…
Could cause so much misery. I mean… It’s not like us science-holics
are Satanists or anything. But… Even when we’ve got
the best of intentions… We end up being
used by others for evil. Dr. Emmerich… I… You see this? Sunny helped me build it. To tell you the truth,
I think she’s better at it than I am. But she’s just a child. She cracked the
protection on your mail. Wow. I… …assumed it was you. Sunny was taken by the Patriots
right after she was born. She never even
met her parents. She’s spent her entire
childhood inside the net. That’s why she has
trouble speaking… Her home is
in the computer. She can only see
the outside from the inside. She’s always in there… Searching for herself… Searching for her family. She’s trying to
find out who she is… And where she’s going. Searching for herself… And her family… She believes she can find
the answers inside a machine hooked up to the world. She spends every day
inside the net, exploring. For Sunny, this is home. No. It shouldn’t
be like that. What? It’s time you
let her go outside. What are you
talking about? She hasn’t even
been born yet. She’s still in the womb. She needs to
live a real life. But… Sunny’s never shown any
interest in leaving the Nomad. Frankly, I’m worried about
letting her go out there. I have a feeling
she’ll do just fine. You… really think
she’ll be OK going outside? That’s not what I meant… I think she’s got a good
handle on her science. Sorry. Go on. You were about
to say something. Oh… Right… Would you mind if
I help Sunny with her cooking? Of course not.
Go ahead… But… About all we’ve got on board
besides military rations are eggs. No. Leave them off. It makes you look handsome. You think so? Dr. Emmerich? Is it OK to
sleep in there? Excuse me? Well, Dr. Emmerich… I… I know it’s easy to forget sometimes,
but I am a woman… You understand. Sorry. I… I know it’s selfish
of me, but… I’d like to be
alone for a while. Right. I understand. I’ll show you in. Thank you. Good night, Dr. Emmerich. Yeah… If you get uncomfortable
or anything, just let me know. I’ll be out there working. Thank you. And… Yes? Call me Hal. Good night. Good night, Hal. Act III : Third Sun Snake, a national state of
emergency has been declared in an effort to root out
the local resistance. The hunt is being carried out
by US-based PMC Raven Sword… One of the companies
under Outer Heaven’s control. Which means that Liquid’s lurking
somewhere behind the scenes. Right. And at the top of the target list
is the Paradise Lost Army, the resistance group
led by Big Mama. Snake, you’ll be infiltrating
the region where they are believed to
house their base of operations. It looks as if the
PMCs moved swiftly, cutting off Big Mama and
company’s escape routes. They should still be hiding
somewhere in that area. Big Boss’s corpse is
bound to be with them. You’ve been added
to the PMCs’ blacklist, so you’re going to have
to lie about your identity to get in. I’ve provided you with
a way to evade the checkpoints. Make contact
with the resistance and find Big Mama. This is our last chance. We must reach Big Boss’s body
before they do. Next. Next. Next. I said next! You. Get your ass
in the machine! Hey, are you deaf? Take him away. You’re coming with me. I said over here! That’s enough. I’ll take him from here. But! We’ve been
looking for this man. Yes, ma’am. Come with me. Next. You’re looking younger. What’s your secret? FaceCamo. A little present
from Tentacles. The PMC’s sure seem
to know you well enough. You may not believe it, but I’m in charge
of overseeing all PMC activity. Listen to me, Snake. After reporting what happened in the
Middle East to my superiors, I wrote up
a threat assessment. The President’s finally realized the danger
Liquid’s little rebellion poses, and has called for
immediate action. Now I’ve got more bodies
than I know what to do with. You’re planning to
take him by force? That’s crazy. Look… Things aren’t that simple. Listen, old man. I don’t take orders from you,
or from your Colonel Campbell. It’s gonna be the Middle East
all over again. No, it won’t. If things get out of hand, we can put
a total lock-down on the PMCs’ weapons… They won’t be
able to fight back. Don’t forget:
we control the System. I wouldn’t rely too much
on the System if I were you. We’ve got them beat
in sheer numbers. – Meryl…
– Look, Snake… Just leave this to me. There’s no need for you
to put yourself in harm’s way. Don’t risk your life
for no reason. Snake… What you’re trying to do… It’s not a mission. I know. It’s not justice. It’s a hired hit. If you know, then… Look, our ways of thinking
might be different, but to me, you’re still
a legend… A hero. I know all about the things
you did when you were young. It was what
kept me going. I can’t bear to watch you die
over something so pointless. Don’t worry about me. Old soldiers never die. Your cause is our cause now. You don’t have to do this. I’m no hero… Never was. I’m just an old killer… Hired to do some wet work. Fine. Then we’ll just
have to catch him… Before you do. I may have
loved you once… But now you’re just too
damn senile to face the truth. Wake up and face reality… Old Snake. And stay out of our way. The resistance members are scheduled
to convene at Big Mama’s hideout. So our best course of action
is to follow their lead. When you find
the resistance, tail them. Let them lead
you to Big Mama. Oh, and Snake, I think we’ve found
a way to treat Raiden. Really? Yeah. We got in touch
with Dr. Madnar. Naomi and Sunny are
on their way now. They’ll be all right
on their own? It’s a non-combat zone,
so there won’t be any checkpoints. It’ll take some time, but I think he’ll be OK. Good. Who’s there? I’m here to see Big Mama. Is this the guy? What do you think? I didn’t hear him coming at all.
He’s gotta be the one. Yeah, but look at him, he’s ancient. Very impressive CQC, Snake. No doubt about it.
He is the legendary soldier. Call me Mama… Big Mama. I need to talk to you. Raiden sent me. My, how you’ve grown… David. It was you, not I, who was
created from the rib of man. But I gave you life. I am your mother. What? Les Enfants Terribles. You can’t grow
a human being in a test tube… Not even a clone. You need a woman’s body
to give it life. You mean… A surrogate mother? That’s an awfully
cold way to put it. I am your mother. I gave birth… For the Patriots. Gave… Birth? The forbidden fruit. Appropriate… No? Follow me. I’ll explain everything. The man who wants
me dead… Is Liquid. Your twin. You think you know him,
but I know him better. He was once Ocelot… But Liquid has taken
control of his soul. And now he’s locked in
a bitter struggle with Zero. “Zero”? The founder of the Patriots. Founder? When did this happen? 40 years ago. During the Cold War, when the United States
and the Soviet Union were still at odds. It was in that chaotic era
that the Patriots were born. And I played my part. I was one of the… Founding members. You? Zero created the Patriots to manage
and control the American state. That control endured
long after the Cold War ended. The organization became
an empty shell, continuing to function
through AIs. Those AIs are responsible for
the creation of the war economy… And they gave rise to the
Sons of the Patriots system. But I am partly to blame. I bear some of the guilt
for creating the organization. It was right after
I first met your father… Big Boss. Back in 1964, I was ordered to take part in
a CIA op called Operation Snake Eater which concerned a new weapon
the Soviets were developing at the time. My mission was to
support a certain agent. That agent later
became Big Boss… But I knew him
as Snake. – Snake?
– Yes. Naked Snake. That was his code name
at the time. A name he would
give to you… His son. The commander of this
mission was a man called Zero, the head of
Special Forces unit FOX. Back then, I was working as a
double agent for the Chinese. My objective was to secure
the location of the Philosophers’ Legacy, a massive cache
of hidden wealth, and report it to Beijing. I was to acquire a microfilm
showing the location of secret funds, funds amassed by the Allied powers
during World War II. But I failed
in my mission, and was expelled from China. I took the apple
from the Snake… And was
cast out of Eden. After years on the run
I ended up in Hanoi, that’s where
I met him again. It was around then that
Zero used the massive funds, contained in the Philosophers’ Legacy,
to start a new organization, the Patriots, which would carry out the final wishes
of a certain legendary hero. The initial membership
consisted of Big Boss, Sigint, Para-Medic, and their
commander, Zero. Oh, and there was one more
who we mustn’t forget. He stayed behind in the Soviet Union
to support the group as an informant. Ocelot… Who is now Liquid. After your father
rescued me in Hanoi, I went to America and
joined their organization. Zero’s goal was to achieve
a unity of thought and awareness. He believed that was
what The Boss wanted… And the rest of the
Patriots followed his lead. The Boss? The Boss was a legendary hero
from the Second World War known as the Mother
of Special Forces. She had an almost
overwhelming charisma about her. The CIA feared this, so they had
her eliminated. If she had survived, the world of the 21st century might
have been a very different place. We were all influenced
by The Boss’s will. It was what drove us
to create this organization, to be closer to that spirit. Zero decided that
in order to lead the people, we needed a
special kind of icon. So we turned
to Big Boss, the last son of The Boss. He shared more of
her life than anyone else. It was Big Boss,
the true heir to her legacy, who was best suited
to play this role. As the times and
currents of politics changed, so too did Zero. Eventually, he became a prisoner
of his own lust for power, sparking friction between
him and Big Boss, who resented
playing the puppet. With Big Boss drifting away, Zero realized he
would need insurance. Something that would
perpetuate the existence of Big Boss, their organization’s icon. And so, Zero secretly
embarked on a new project: Les Enfants Terribles. Its goal was to create
a clone of Big Boss, the ultimate soldier. The project was
led by Dr. Clark, known at the time
as Para-Medic. After dozens of failures, they finally,
miraculously, succeeded in producing
a fertilized egg. The egg used in the
successful in vitro fertilization came from Dr. Clark’s assistant…
A heathly Japanese woman. Blood from the East
flows within your veins… “Give birth to Big Boss.” To realize this, I asked to serve
as the surrogate mother… And was more than happy
to carry you in my womb. I loved him. Nine months later, I gave birth to
two Big Bosses, you, and Liquid. It didn’t matter
that you were clones, or that they had
manipulated your DNA. You were born the same way
as any other normal child, From your mother’s womb. But Les Enfants Terribles proved to be
the final straw for Zero and Big Boss. Determined to oppose
Zero and his plans, Big Boss broke away
from the Patriots. He left the States, created
his own mercenary company, and drifted
around the world. I’m sorry… Your father
never wanted you. Human life isn’t meant
to be manipulated like that. I knew that. But I wanted you. After Big Boss left,
Zero really lost control. What Zero wanted
was an orderly world, one governed by rules. His fortune grew
through countless wars, and his words influenced decision-making
all the way up to the Oval Office. As the world saw the rise
of digital technology, IT, the internet,
and genetics, the Patriots’ power
grew immense. Their roots spread and
took hold throughout the globe. In time, they began to dictate the fate
of entire nations from the shadows. And before
we knew it… the Patriots, the proud
police of the world, started bringing an entire
planet under their control. Their intentions were fair. But their execution
was flawed. Zero developed weapons,
amassed armies… Used information
for extortion, all in order to gain more wealth. He was obsessed with
controlling awareness on the inside from the outside. But… I cannot imagine that’s what The Boss
would have wanted. They both
misinterpreted her will. And their absolute reverence
for her drove them apart. So began the war
between Zero and Big Boss. Opposing interpretations… Each striving to
realize The Boss’s will. Everything you see today
stems from their cold war. Differences in race… In religion… In ideology. This war they’ve caused is no different from any other
human error in history. It all started with
a tiny fork in the path… And grew into
a great rift. There was nothing left of
The Boss’s noble will in their struggle. All that remained
was hatred, a passion to
destroy one another. Big Boss returned to the US
with a plan in mind, and once again assumed
command of FOXHOUND. In Outer Heaven,
and then Zanzibarland, Big Boss plotted
coups d’etat against Zero. But you, Solid Snake,
his own clone, foiled his efforts
both times. Big Boss and Gray Fox,
Frank Jaeger, were left near death. Zero recovered
their bodies. Frank Jaeger’s entire body was reconstructed
through surgery, and he was reborn
as the Cyborg Ninja. Big Boss,
now a vegetable, became a prisoner
of Zero even in death. For Zero,
more than anyone else, your father was an
irreplaceable icon. No, the truth is,
for Zero, he was an
irreplaceable friend. After Big Boss’s betrayal, Zero could no longer believe
in something so uncertain as life. He lost his belief
in everything: nations,
organizations, individuals. Zero was no longer willing
to place his organization in the hands of
the next generation. Instead, he set up a
network of AIs, a decision-making system
formed from all the information he had accumulated. He built four AIs… GW, TJ, AL, and TR, as sort of a digital
Mount Rushmore. And one core artificial intelligence
to unite them: John Doe. GW? The same GW we
destroyed five years ago? The same. Ever since GW
was cut off, JD and the other three AIs have controlled all information
on every aspect of global society… Economics, politics, law,
morals and culture. The war economy
is no exception. In the shadow of the System and
its complete control over the world, Big Boss isn’t
allowed to live or die. He’s trapped for eternity
in a brain dead prison. To bind himself
to his friend, to ensure his rule
over the world, Zero transformed
Big Boss into an icon, neither living nor dead. Sounds almost
like a religion. Naturally, Ocelot and I planned to
free him from Zero’s prison. We enlisted Naomi Hunter, an authority in the field
of nanomachine research, into our organization. And we used
Frank Jaeger to kill Dr. Clark. Ocelot tortured the DARPA Chief,
Donald Anderson, also known as Sigint,
to death, and made it look
like an accident. The Shadow Moses Incident… With Para-Medic
and Sigint dead, Zero was the
only one left. But we, too,
paid a price. I lost Ocelot. Ocelot wasn’t fighting for
the Pentagon, or the Russians, and certainly
not for Zero. He was fighting
for Big Boss. He idolized him. When Ocelot grafted
Liquid’s right arm to his own, his body was taken over by
Liquid’s thoughts and spirit. He may be Ocelot in physical form,
but his mind is Liquid’s. I was the last one. And then, someone
appeared to help me. Raiden… It was when I met him that I finally discovered
the location of Big Boss. It was in the data
he obtained from GW. Together, he and
I retrieved Big Boss. But Big Boss
was still asleep, as Zero had left him. This is his pyx. His Holy Ark. His body is alive, but his consciousness is
locked away by nanomachines. So technically speaking, he’s not really
brain dead. We can’t allow Liquid to inherit
the same sins that corrupted Zero… Manipulating people’s minds
for the sake of his own ego. Otacon… – Snake, it’s Naomi…!
– What happpened? She’s gone. She’s not
in the Nomad anymore. When? Less than an hour ago. She disappeared right after she and
Sunny got back from Dr. Madnar’s place. Why weren’t you
watching her? I… Uhm… I didn’t have
my glasses on. Naomi said it herself: the experiment
can’t succeed without her. You think she
went back to Liquid. What about Raiden? Good news on that front. We managed to get our hands on a
dialysis machine and set up an ICU. We just started him on dialysis
and treatment for his wounds. – Will he live?
– Yeah, no worries there. Sunny’s taken over
for Naomi. But his treatment’s probably
going to take 48 hours. Until then,
Raiden can’t move. Hey you! Come here! What the hell is that? Move! Scarabs… Unmanned scouts. They’ve found us. We’re moving out. Snake, the PMCs are
converging on your location. Damn it!
They’re sending in Gekko! They’ll be on you in
less than five minutes! Are they ready? Yes, ma’am. We’ll escape through the canal
route using the real van. – Get it ready. Hurry!
– Yes, ma’am. Snake, over here. We’ve got decoy vans set to
draw some of our pursuers away. All of these children
were orphans. They work in arms factories, and when they grow up,
they want to join a PMC. They seek revenge
on other companies, PMCs that killed
their parents and use their earnings
to support their younger siblings. There are countless child soldiers
like these in the PMCs. Nowadays, anyone with a computer
can get combat training. The FPS games
these children love are distributed for free
by these companies. Of course, it’s all
just virtual training. It’s so easy for them to get
absorbed by these war games. And before they know it, they’re in the PMCs
holding real guns. These kids end up fighting
in proxy wars that have nothing to do with their own lives. They think it’s cool
to fight like this. They think that
combat is life. They don’t need
a reason to fight. After all, for them, it’s only a game. Zero is the cause of all this. Defeating Liquid
won’t change things. Unless we stop
the Patriots’ System, the cycle will
go unbroken. Hop on. Hold on to me. With so many
wars being waged, oil and biofuel have become
as precious as diamonds. It’s been a while
since I went out for a ride. Are you sure about this? I only get off my bike
when I fall in love… Or fall dead. Big Mama… Call me EVA. Here we go! We have to keep Big Boss’s body
out of enemy hands, no matter what. Get the body safely to
the canal escape point! Gekko! There you are, Snake! Where’s your anger?! Show me your rage! More incoming! I’ve got bad news… The decoy vans have
all bitten the dust. Which means the enemy
will be focusing on you now. I just need you to hold
them off a little longer. Rage ! There it is! Are you OK? Big Mama,
come on… Stay with me. EVA… I need you. Is that you? Snake… A mother’s work
is never done… Big Mama! Where’s the van? Over there. The children…? No… I’m so sorry… She’ll be coming
to search the van. I’ll take care of it. You stay here,
keep watch. I’ll contact the children. Here. Take this. Snake… Come back in one piece. I will. Promise me. Give me your anger, Snake! Let it boil to the surface! Let your fury
flow freely! Anger begets anger! Come on,
show me your rage! Rage! Rage! Ready yourself! Here I come! You bastards… I’ll never forgive you… Never! I can feel the anger
building up inside… Eating away at me. No… No… I’ll never forgive myself. I don’t want
to be angry. I don’t need anger. I’m not angry. I’m scared! Help me! The birds are
pecking at my flesh! And my soul! Please, please
make them stop! I don’t need more hate! I’ve had enough! Help! Let me out
of this cage. I don’t need these wings. I don’t need this rage. Come. Let your anger flow. Way to bring
that bird down, Snake. Drebin… And you got yourself
a souvenir, too. A grenade launcher. Nice! That’s a real
user-friendly weapon. Not much use to me
without an ID, though. I’ll launder his one
free of charge. What’s the catch? Only that you give it to me
when you’re done with it. A weapon with that many
decades of rage stored up inside it… Now that’s a
collector’s item. How old was she? I’d say about 20. But she had years of soldiers’ rage
hidden away in that youthful body of hers. Soldiers? Yeah.
The soldiers of Aceh, a place that hasn’t seen
peace in a long, long time. She was captured
by one side or another, and kept caged up
like an animal along with God knows
how many other kids. Anonymous violence. Exactly. It’s unknown whether her captors
were with the government or the rebels. In any case, they got their kicks by abusing these
helpless little kids day after day after day. That constant barrage, that battlefield rage,
slowly built up inside their bodies… Their minds. The kids tried to keep
each others’ spirits up, always clinging to the hope that
someone would come to their rescue, barely surviving
off scraps of food. But those soldiers didn’t stop. They called the kids
parasites and shit-eating ravens. Beat ’em
even harder. Then one morning,
the soldiers just up and left, leaving the surviving kids
to be eaten alive by the birds. Almost like one of
those sky burials. One by one, their bodies
were picked apart by ravens’ beaks, until finally the flock
came for her. But by some miracle,
their beaks cut her bonds instead. And like that,
she was liberated. In that instant, she was filled with an uncontrollable rage,
and it smothered her soul. She ripped the ravens
pecking at her to pieces and then went
after the soldiers. And when she finally
caught up with them, she waited until nightfall
like a hunter awaiting its prey. They say that when
a raven cries, a man dies. And that’s exactly
what happened that night. Screeching and cawing, she killed
every last living being in the camp, both the soldiers and
the civilians they’d enslaved. In her eyes, there was
no longer a difference. The cruelty her
friends had suffered, the pain and humiliation
she’d endured… Hers was the distillation of the rage that
decades of war had imparted on those soldiers. It was her strength,
and her greatest weakness. You’re something else, Snake. You managed to cleanse
Raven of her rage. No, seriously. You’re the seed of war. In fact, I’d say you
might even be war itself. Drebin… Maybe it’s still
too early to tell. You’ve still got half
the BB Corps ahead of you. Keep your eye
on the ball, pal. Snake… I have to apologize. The three vans that
came out with us were decoys. The real one is floating
down the river, headed downstream. I managed to get
in touch with the children… The pyx is safe. We’re going to rendezvous
on the riverbank downstream. Land and air routes
are cut off… But there’s a cruiser
waiting for us. The Volta River is
our only chance of escape. Let’s get out of here… Hurry… Good thinking. This way… Follow me. I don’t need to
feel the wind anymore. There’s no need to
keep lying to myself. I only get off my bike… When I fall in love… Or… Snake… Give me a hand. Yeah. The underground aqueduct… leads to the river. There should be
fewer of them down there. Liquid! Not bad. Where’s the pyx? That no longer matters. Where is it? Is that it…? Naomi. Naomi told me everything. And now, thanks to her, I finally have it. The thing I’ve sought
for so long… Big Boss. Nice try… But when it comes to CQC, I’ve got the upper hand. Even if you do get
a hold of the System, you’ll only have one part
of the Patriots’ AI… The military part. What of it, brother? It’s only a matter of time
before I have everything. Remember GW? The AI they think they lost? It’s mine, and a part of my army. Impossible! We destroyed it! Your worm only managed
to cut GW into little pieces… Pieces we were able
to reconstruct. And then we stowed it
away inside JD’s network. This man’s body
has served me well, allowing me to pass every security
barrier between me and GW. After all, the Patriots’ System is
nothing more than a machine. Now that GW is a
spook inside the network, there’s no way JD would
recognize it as an external threat. Once I destroy JD
with a nuclear strike, the Patriots’
network will be mine. And then, I’ll build my Haven, free from all
forms of control. I’ll cast aside
my old identity, and take my own
name for the first time. Liquid, you’re planning
to recreate the Patriots? Snake, we were
created by the Patriots. We’re not men. We’re shadows
in the shape of men. We’re freaks who
never should have existed! We’re a system, insurance that future
generations never prosper. The Patriots saw fit
to create us, and in doing so became
our only raison d’etre. I won’t fight
my fate any longer. I’ll kill Zero and Big Boss, and become a Patriot myself. It all began with
Zero and Big Boss. Our purpose in life is
to fulfill our destinies. And once all is
returned to zero, the world can be reborn. ADAM… So long as we both live, the world will not
know an age of light. If we’re to pass the baton
to the next generation, the only choice left
to us is death. Boss… Good. The players have
all assembled, Snake. The time has come
for you to witness… Witness our
moment of triumph! Go! Hold it right there,
Liquid! Drop your weapons
and stand down. Now! All of you, drop your weapons
and put your hands up! Meryl! Aim! Liquid! Stop! Fire! The System is mine! Your guns and your weapons
are no longer your own! Behold… Guns of the Patriots. Bang! Bang! Shit! Bang! Jonathan! Ed! Commander! Commander… Akiba… You’re… You’re OK? Yeah… I’m fine. But why…? Look out! Do you see this, Zero? We are victorious! Behold! Guns of the Patriots! Out of my way! Let them have it. We don’t need it anymore. So long, Snake! Otacon! Jonathan… Ed… You and me… We were great partners. No… Great friends. Meryl… Meryl! Meryl! Meryl… Don’t give up on me. Meryl… Don’t go… Meryl! Meryl! Meryl! Akiba… I… I… It’s… It’s not, I mean…. Thank you, Akiba. You OK, Meryl? Hey… If it’s all right… Call me Johnny. You and the beasts
are no different… Scorched shadows
born to the world. When a beast
steps into the light… Unless the light
is put out… The shadows cannot be erased. So long as
there is light… There is shadow. To return everything
to normal… The light must
be extinguished. And when that happens… You… Will be… Too. Kawanishi-Noseguchi… Kinunobebashi,
Takiyama… Uguisunomori,
Tsuzumigataki, Tada, Hirano. Ichinotorii,
Uneno… Yamashita, Sasabe… Kofudai, Tokiwadai,
Myokenguchi… We’ll launch a stealth
nuclear warhead at JD. I thought you couldn’t
control a nuke with GW. We can’t. That’s where
REX comes in. I know where to find
nukes they don’t control. Now go. Prepare our Haven. Yes, Boss. What the devil
is this…?! The video feed from
the Mk.II cuts off here. In the beginning, the Patriots’ System
was controlled by four AIs, with JD at the top. One of those AIs was GW. The Patriots thought
it had been destroyed, but Liquid was able
to use it as cover to slip inside the System. GW… I knew I’d heard
that name before. Yeah, GW was one
of the Patriots’ cell AIs. It was installed
on Arsenal Gear. Emma’s worm should have
put it permanently out of commission, but Liquid somehow
recovered and repaired it. I’m guessing JD must be
unable to recognize GW even though it’s
inside the Patriots’ System. It’s a blind spot. GW was written off as lost
while it was still tied in. Using it let Liquid interfere
with the AI from the inside. Where is this haven? Where is their base? Don’t worry. Mei Ling is using the position
of the Mk.II’s last transmission to predict the course
of Liquid’s ship. The US military’s systems are all in Liquid’s
hands now. The regional systems
have all been shut down. Guns are falling
silent across the earth. It’s the first total
cease-fire in human history. Supreme authority
still resides with JD which the Patriots still command. Which is why Liquid plans to launch a nuclear strike
on JD in its orbit. But Liquid only controls SOP, and SOP only controls
guns and small firearms. If Liquid can’t
use the nukes… Then… Then what’s his plan? That’s it! He’s going to use REX! What? REX was scrapped before
the Sons of the Patriots System was implemented. Of course… The rail gun. Campbell, where’s REX now? I think you know. A long-forgotten base, in US territory,
outside the Patriots’ control… The place where Liquid
made his debut… His monument. Off the Alaskan coast, in the Fox Archipelago… Shadow Moses Island. If Liquid destroys JD, and his GW assumes total
control over the System… He’ll have the world
at his fingertips. And no one will be
able to stop him. Not even the Patriots. Enough is enough, Snake. You can’t take
any more of this. I’m not dead yet. That’s not what I mean. You can’t beat Liquid. He’s got the Patriots’
own control system on his side. Not only are
weapons useless, but the US military
is in shambles. And even if it weren’t, Liquid’s got enough men
and machines to match it. Things can’t get any worse. Face it, Snake… We’ve lost. Otacon…! We never stood a chance. It’s not about
winning or losing. I… No, we started this. And it’s our duty
to finish it. – Sunny…
– No ! Jack can’t go. He’s not ready yet. He needs to rest! Let me go, Sunny. No… Your dialysis isn’t done yet. Snake… He’s not ready yet. Snake… I’ll be fine. From now on… I’m living my life by my own will. Raiden… I won’t live
a proxy life… A slave to someone else’s will. I’m a shadow. One that no light
will shine on. As long as you follow me, you’ll never see the day. You and I… … are both just pawns
in this proxy war. But once this is over, we will have our freedom. Raiden… I’ll release you. It’s the only way
I’ll ever be free. Raiden… Five years ago… That’s not what I meant. I’ve got nothing to lose. Don’t be an idiot. You know you’ve got
someone to protect. It was never going
to work out for me. It even rained
the day I was born. You’ve got it all wrong. You were the lightning
in that rain. You can still shine
through the darkness. The lightning… Raiden… Look at me. Do you see this? I have no future. In a few months, I’m going to be a weapon
of mass destruction. You… You have a family. I have no family! I have nothing! I have always been alone. Always. Raiden… Don’t leave me here… Alone. This is my fight. My destiny. Dr. Emmerich? Mei Ling. I got the results back. It’s official.
He’s on Shadow Moses Island. We lost Metal Gear Mk.II’s
signal along the way, but the ship was headed in
the direction of Shadow Moses. This is a picture of the island
taken by a civilian imagery satellite. The sea line is rising
due to global warming. Have you heard that
the entire Fox Archipelago is about to slip
into the ocean? The surrounding islands
have already been evacuated. Then what about REX? What did Washington
do with it? The nuclear disposal
facility on Shadow Moses hasn’t been touched
since the incident. That was nine years ago. The president of ArmsTech
and the DARPA chief were killed, and the Secretary of
Defense was arrested… By the time the Shadow
Moses Incident was over, there wasn’t a single person left
there who knew what took place. It was as if nothing
had ever happened. The data was either
falsified or erased so no traces
would be left behind. We were exiled to desk jobs
for the same reason. REX and the nukes should still be
where they were nine years ago, untouched. I thought
I’d never go back. It’ll take me a while
to get there, but I’ll be backing you up
from aboard the Missouri. She’s the only ship
in the fleet still able to move, since it was decomissioned
before the System was put in place. And Hawai’i is not
that far away. Otacon, you’re not wearing
your glasses anymore? Oh, I… Yeah. I switched to contacts. We rendezvous
at Shadow Moses. He who submits
to heaven shall live… He who defies heaven
shall perish. I have to atone
for my past, too. REX is a beast born from my research. Let’s go. Shadow Moses awaits. Everything all right, Snake? I was… having that dream again. We’re here. Shadow Moses. Act 4:
Twin Suns Snake! Are you all right? Yeah.
I just slipped a little. Have to hurry… Not much time left. Meet the Mk.III. It’s our last replacement,
so try not to break it. Who, me? Never. One more thing… I don’t see anybody around, but there are unmanned
sentries patrolling the area. Be careful out there. It’s Snake. I’m in front of
the disposal facility. Excellent, Snake. How’s that sneaking
suit working out? I’m nice and dry,
but it’s a little hard to move. Bare with it. It’s designed
to prevent hypothermia. This is Alaska you know. A Hind-D? What’s a russian
gunship doing here? You must be crazy to fly
a Hind in this kind of weather. Who’s that? Nice to meet you Snake. It’s an honor to speak
to a living legend like yourself. What’s wrong? A surveillance camera? Snake… This is McDonell Miller. Campbell told me
about the situation here. I thought I might
be of some use. There’s no one I’d rather
have in a foxhole than you. Well, I know
lots about survival… Snake, that door is locked. How do I open it? Security is
shut down altogether. You can’t release the lock
without activating it. You’ll have to go
log in somewhere. I’ve got it, Snake.
My old office is close by. With the power on, you should
be able to unlock the door from there. And if you check
the facility records, we can find out REX’s status
and who’s been in and out. You remember
where it is, Snake? I’m not senile yet. Just to be safe,
I’m marking it on your map. You old geezer. This version is totally obsolete. It’s going to
take a little work. This is the room
where we first met, huh? Yep. It’s not conjuring up any
unpleasant memories, is it? I was being attacked
by Frank Jaeger. Yeah… I remember. If you hadn’t shown up
when you did… It gives me the shivers
just thinking about it. Snake, you saved my life. Naomi hated them for
what they did to Frank’s body… But it was me that
crippled him in the first place. She must have
hated me, too. We shouldn’t have
been so trusting. I blame myself, too. I helped develop REX. That’s why it was so easy for me
to believe her feelings were genuine. But she was only using us
to atone for her sins. So what? What did she do to us? You forgot already? She betrayed you!
She stole your blood! If that was all, it should have been over
and done with in South America. Why’d she join us
afterward? Well, I… She has us come rescue her and then she turns around
and goes straight back to Liquid. Why would she do that? I don’t know, Snake. But… it looks like
she’s still with him. What? I just had a look at
the security access logs… As I thought, there’s people
coming and going at frequent intervals. In fact, the records show
some recent activity. Look at this. It’s an image taken a few hours ago
by a surveillance camera up ahead. Naomi. And Vamp. The beauty and the beast. They’ve been
through here. And from what we’ve gleaned
from the security records, it can only
mean one thing… They’re headed for REX’s
old underground hangar. I finished rebooting security
and released the locks. The door on the first floor
ought to open for you now. Amazing. Almost makes me nostalgic for the days
when you needed a keycard for every door. Yep. It’s been nine years. All you really have to do is reinterpret
the old technology in terms of the new. Getting old isn’t all
that bad, you know. Let’s get going, Snake. Snake… Found you. Cry… Cry for me. Go on… Let me hear you cry! Come… Show me your tears. Let them flow! Cry… Until your eyes run red! Sad… So sad… So very, very sad… So sad I could die! Let me hear you cry! I hear them… I hear the cries… The cries of babies. Stop it! Stop crying! Please! Please, stop crying! No, wolf… Go away. Don’t come any closer. I’m sorry. I was so scared. Forgive me. I’m sorry. You can cry
if you want to. Cry if you need to. No… I don’t need
tears anymore. I’ve cried myself dry. So cry… As much as you like. I… Will be there to listen. Yo, Snake. I finished laundering that
rail gun you picked up just now. Knock yourself out.
It’s on the house. Thanks. Time for another
bedtime story, Snake. This one’s about Crying Wolf. You don’t need me to tell you
there’s whole nations in Africa tearing themselves apart
in the name of ethnic cleansing. Well, she was born
into that environment. When she was a little girl, her village was attacked
by rival armed factions. Her parents and siblings
were slaughtered, and she was
left a refugee. She took her
last surviving relative, her baby brother, and ran as far as she could
away from the war zone. One day, they came
across an enemy unit, so she took her brother
and hid in an abandoned shack. And then her brother
started to cry… She knew that if
the soldiers heard the noise, they would find them
and kill them both. So she wrapped her hands
as tight as she could around his mouth. As the footsteps
gradually went away, she came back to her senses. Her brother wasn’t
crying anymore. Horrified, she pulled
her hand away, covered in sweat and spit. He wasn’t breathing. They say wolves eat
their own pups when they die. She was spotted wandering
through the thick of battle carrying her dead brother
in her arms. She had visions, too: a wolf walking alongside her. Every night, the wolf
would howl and cry, just like her
brother did that day. Eventually, she made it to a
government-run refugee camp. But by then, her brother’s body
had rotted away. The camp was crowded
with refugees like herself, and little children
like her brother. Day and night she was
tormented by the cries of babies. The wolf that followed her heard her sorrowful
screams and answered. He made his way
around the camp. And one by one… He silenced the children. She tried to stop it, but she was powerless
to stop the wolf. A few days passed, and on the eve
of the enemy’s raid, there wasn’t a child left. The adults who survived
were torn up pretty bad. Of course, there never
was any wolf in that camp. She was the one
who killed those babies. But she couldn’t
bring herself to admit it. She couldn’t bear the thought of
herself going from one baby to the next, howling like a wolf,
snuffing out their little lives. And she never did,
even as Crying Wolf, a lonely beast forever
stalking the battlefield. Snake, fighting with you made Wolf
finally accept what she’d done. She was cleansed by you. If the cries she heard of children
on the battlefield have been silenced, it’s because of you. You ought to be proud. Three down, one to go. All that’s left is Mantis. But you should know, Snake, she’s been controlling
all the other Beasts. She’s the Beast of Beasts. Don’t let her
get her hooks in you. I won’t. See you around, Snake. Welcome home… Wolf. Snake. I’ve got something to tell you
about Naomi Hunter. What about her? She might be a spy! To kill me? Is that all you
cared about? Frank Jaeger, the man who you destroyed,
was my brother and my only family. Gray Fox? You killed my benefactor and sent my brother
home a cripple. I vowed revenge. But I can’t go yet. I still have a job to do. I vowed revenge… REX is on the floor above you. Use the lift. Hop on, Snake. I’ll send ‘er up. REX! Look!
The rail gun’s been removed! Liquid doesn’t need the
whole REX to launch his nuke, he only needs
the rail gun. Damn it!
Has it already been shipped? Hang on, I’ll check. I’m afraid so. Unfortunately for you, the rail gun is
no longer here. Naomi! This place will be
your grave, as my Queen wishes. The Suicide Gekko
are on their way. Soon, there’ll be nothing
left of this place. We’ve been had… Otacon! Snake, I think I might
be able to get it working. I just need some time! Hurry! I’ll leave the rest to you. Naomi! Excellent… You’ll amuse me
until they arrive. Make him pay, Snake! Do it for me!
For Emma! What does it take
to kill this guy? I’ve done enough damage to finish
him but he’s just bouncing back. That’s it! Remember what Naomi said after
Raiden fought him in South America? The nanomachines inside his body are
helping him heal at an accelerated rate. Damn! So conventional attacks
won’t do any good! I don’t know… But for now just give him
everything you’ve got! Yes! You did it, Snake! That’s it… What have you done? There… Now you’re a mere mortal,
like the rest of us. Clever… But can you kill
this mere mortal? Gekko! Snake! Look out! They’re rigged
to self-destruct! Snake… Sorry to have
kept you all waiting. You ready for this? Sunny gave me
the go-ahead. How about it,
undying man? Care to die, too? Sorry… But I can’t die just yet. Then kill me. Snake… This one is mine. You keep those
Gekko at bay. Otacon, we’re gonna buy
you some time. I’ll do my best! Wait… You’re a scout, too,
are you not? Then let us
duel with blades. Damn, here
they come again! Hang in there Snake!
Don’t give up! Above you! They’re coming
from above! Watch out Snake! Good, Snake! In front! Just like that, Snake! Snake, get out of the way! REX! This thing might
come in handy after all. He was never immortal. His natural healing abilities
were enhanced by the nanomachines
inside his body. But… After so many battles… He’s finally reached his limit. Doctor… Ease my pain. Naomi… Sunny asked me
to tell you something. What is it? “I cooked them right.” I see. Good for you, Sunny. You finally did it. No. I can’t save you. You have to trust me,
Dr. Emmerich. Give this to him. Not for revenge, but to end his suffering. Now you can return
to your true self. You can be at peace. I can… Die? Yes. Forgive me. This doesn’t
change anything. Why? We can’t… Erase the past. Nor… Can we forgive it. And so the only thing
we can do… Is end it. Snake… Liquid’s down below us. He’s stolen
the Patriots’ System, slipped out of their sight, and taken their ark. Ark? A warship… Unfettered by land… Law… Country… Or network. The only place where they are truly
released from the shackles of the Patriots… The place where
they can be free. Outer Haven. Outer Haven…? Liquid plans to launch
the nuke from that ship. Snake… You have been given life so that
you may fulfill your purpose. When all of this is over, you’ll have no choice
but to accept death. We are given life only so that
we can atone for our sins. Your life was created
for that very purpose. We all must atone
for our own sins. We must not pass them
on to the next generation. We must not leave
them for the future. That is your true fate… One that even you
cannot defy. Naomi! What have you done? Vamp and I… We are the same. We’re living corpses… Our bodies… kept barely alive
by nanomachines. Then you… Cancer. I shouldn’t even
be alive right now. The nanomachines have
kept it from progressing… But there’s nothing
more they can do. With the nanomachines gone… Time will unfreeze
and begin to flow again. What are you saying? Goodbye… Hal. Don’t! Give… My best… To Sunny. Naomi, don’t do it… Are you crying…? For me? Naomi… Naomi… Why? You have… Such beautiful eyes. I’m sorry for everything. Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… Now go! Otacon! Let’s get moving.
– Why does it always end this way? Otacon! – Come on! Pull yourself together!
– Why does it always end this way? Naomi… They’re coming! Why? Snake… You’re right. I haven’t lost
everything yet. I’ve still got a job to do. That’s right.
We need you. I’m done crying. I don’t have
any more tears to shed. We have to
get out of here. Any ideas? Time’s running short,
so I’ll explain as we go. Pay close attention. I’m listening! Promise… Promise me… You’ll carry on… Our will. I’ve got your back. They self-destructed! Raiden! What’s that…? RAY! Brother! It’s not over! Not yet. Liquid! Moses, where
our fates were born. And where
yours ends, Snake! Let’s finish this, Snake! RAY may have been
designed as a REX killer, but you’ve got me
on your side. You can’t lose! Crush RAY,
and Liquid with it! Snake, behind you! Where’s Liquid? Snake! FOX… DIE! Think again! Sorry, but that
won’t work this time. Behold! Liquid! This is the liberty
we’ve won for ourselves! Outer Haven! And with this weapon, I will destroy JD! Then, everything ends,
and everything begins! But as for you,
brother, you’ll stay here to mark
this island’s watery grave! Die, Snake! Sunny… Forgive me. Snake! Hurry! Raiden! No! – Rose!
– No! Jack, do you remember
the day we met? Yeah, it was in front
of Federal Hall… There were all
these tourists around you. They were asking me which building it was
that King Kong was climbing in the movie. I said it was probably
the Chrysler Building. And then you showed up
and started mouthing off. You were like,
“No, it’s the Empire State.” I said the Chrysler Building
was in Godzilla. We started arguing, and I forgot all
about the tourists. The next thing we knew,
the tourists had gone away. And a week later, I found you again by
coincidence out in the base corridor. An amazing coincidence… That night, we went up to the top
of the Empire State Building. It was so beautiful. I didn’t care anymore
who was right. And that was
our first date. We watched King Kong in your apartment
a bunch of times that night… Didn’t sleep till morning. Fire! Fire! Worthless fossil! Raiden… Raiden… Haven is headed southward
through the Pacific at a speed
of 33 knots. The Missouri is
falling behind at a rate of about two
nautical miles every hour. Can’t this thing
go any faster? I’m afraid not. This is as fast
as she’ll go. The nukes fired
by REX’s rail gun have a damage radius of
approximately 300 meters. The target is
a moving satellite that’s travelling at
10 kilometers per second. To get the
precision they need, they have to get
as close as they possibly can. Liquid won’t launch his nuke
until JD is at perigee. The Missouri can use
that time to catch up. From the looks of it, Haven is going
to use a rail gun mounted on the bridge
to destroy JD. They’ll need to open
the cover to launch the nuke. That’s our one and
only chance to get inside. Inside? Why can’t we
attack it from here? It wouldn’t do any good. As long as Liquid
has control of the System, physically destroying GW would still
leave supreme authority in his hands… Sons of the Patriots. Yes. Dr. Emmerich is right. That’s why we need
to destroy GW from the inside before attacking Haven itself. Liquid’s very own Death Star… All right everybody,
here’s the plan… We know Haven will have
to surface in order to fire the rail gun. When it does,
the Missouri will see it. We’ll make a quick approach
and deliver a strike team. Our goal is twofold… Prevent that nuke
from launching, and wipe out
GW’s programming. We’ll launch the strike
team from catapults at the exact moment
Haven’s armored cover opens. They’ll then penetrate
GW’s physical server room and infect it with a worm cluster. But what if they shut down GW
before we get in there? Liquid is already entrenched
within the Patriots’ network. He needs to stay there, or destroying JD
won’t serve him any purpose. They can’t afford
to have GW shut down. And let’s not forget, Liquid will throw everything
he’s got at stopping the strike team. Exactly. The corridor leading to GW is defended
by directed-energy weapons that emit certain
types of microwaves. Did you say…
microwaves? That’s right. And at that frequency, the waves will start to evaporate
any living person within range. A giant microwave oven. You’d have to have
a death wish to go in there. Sounds like the
perfect job for me. Snake, this isn’t the time
for your stupid jokes. Outside the corridor, Liquid’s soldiers will
be out in full force. Inside, there’ll be unmanned
weapons waiting for us. Where are you getting
all this information? You really think there’s
a way to destroy GW? Yes, I do. She… left us something that’ll
point us in the right direction. Naomi helped with the preparations
to stop Haven’s launch. Naomi? All of our internal data
on Haven came from her. The reason she got on the Nomad
with us in the first place… Was to get close to me. But… She ended up
turning to Sunny instead. What do you mean? She left her plan
in Sunny’s hands. This entire operation is
based on the data she left us. Whose side was
she on, anyway? We’ll never know exactly
what her true intentions were… But one thing’s for sure: She was determined
to stop Liquid. Promise… Promise me… You’ll carry on… Our will… Come on guys.
Somebody say something positive. Anything. Attention! Listen up! A wise man once wrote… “The tongues of dying men
enforce attention, like deep harmony.” “Where words are spent,” “They are seldom
spent in vain.” Any other questions? Yes? Snake? Anybody got a smoke? Snake… So this program… You’re saying
Sunny wrote it? Actually, only about
a third of it is her work. Naomi was working on
a program to destroy GW, but she couldn’t
quite finish it. So she handed it
over to Sunny. Sunny went fishing
in my library to see if there was any source
code she could use to complete it. Eventually, she found some… It was Emma’s worm cluster. She took my sister’s code and
worked it into Naomi’s program. I didn’t have time to look
over every single line of code… But what I did see… Reminded me of Emma. It was like she left traces
of herself behind in the structure. But this worm cluster
that Sunny created… It’s even better
than Emma’s. Sunny’s worm destroys
the AI’s intellect by triggering
apoptosis in the cells. Once uploaded into GW, it should do
some real damage. Snake… You ever think
about quiting? Why? It’s not like I’ve got
my health to worry about. Are you trying
to kill yourself? So, you’re dead set on
going to Haven yourself… Why don’t we get
somebody else to go? There’s no need
for you to do it. I still have
things left to do… Besides smoke. Otacon. Why don’t you jump
off the ship with me? I don’t think so. I’ve still got
things to do myself. And I don’t even smoke. Act 5:
Old Sun Raiden… How is he? He’ll live, but he’s in
no shape to fight. Best to let him rest. Right. Without the System to protect them,
everybody’s losing their nerve. They say SOP’s aftereffects are so bad
that a lot of soldiers are deserting. The only people I have left
to rely on are Meryl and… Him. Kind of an unknown
quantity, isn’t he? I hooked him up
with a non-ID M82. Fancy meetin’ you here. Business has been slow ever since
Liquid got his hands on the System… His extra orders
stopped coming in. Now that all the weapons
all over the world are locked, the only ones still lookin’
to fight would be you n’ yours. Drebin, do you have even the
slightest idea what’s going on here? ‘Course I do. Enjoy it… Could be your last. It is. I’m all out. All right. Looks like that last smoke
will have to wait after all. Later. Hey… Here. Oh, thanks. You’re over there. There! Snake, can you hear me? Liquid’s warship,
Outer Haven, is a modified version of an
Arsenal Gear model stolen from the Patriots. Inside, it’s crawling with IRVING
and other unmanned weapons. According to Naomi’s data, Haven is crewed by a
battalion of enhanced soldiers, each culled from the
best the PMCs have to offer. If Liquid succeeds
in destroying JD and gaining control
of the Patriots’ System… He’ll make Haven
his flagship, and his PMCs will spread
like wildfire across the globe. And then, mankind’s armed
subjugation will begin. Captain, Haven sighted. Prepare to fire main gun! Listen closely… This is our last chance to stop
Liquid from enslaving the planet. Meryl, can you hear me? It’s time… Time to do your duty. Remember… No matter what happens… I’ll be with you
till the very end. You… Are my pride and joy. Rail gun is exposed. There it is: a naked nuke. Let’s finish it, Snake. Let this be our last battle. If we’re responsible
for Liquid’s sins… Then the onus
is ours to bear. Right. Enemy moving to intercept! Maintain full speed! Failure will spell doom
for the human race. You’ve got to stop them
from using that rail gun… Then annihilate GW. Fire! Target hit! Light damage! The enemy is returning fire. All hands,
prepare for impact. Brace yourselves! Now! Meryl! Snake… Where are you? Sorry…
It’s my ankle. Can you walk? I think so. Are you OK? Hurts a hell of a lot
more without SOP. Makes you feel alive, doesn’t it?
What about Akiba? He fell into the ocean. Snake, I’ll catch up soon. You go ahead! Meryl! Otacon. Sorry to keep you waiting. The corridor leading to GW
is defended by directed-energy weapons that emit certain
types of microwaves. Did you say… Microwaves? And at that frequency, the waves will start to evaporate
any living person within range. Sounds like the
perfect job for me. Meryl! Meryl…? Snake… Snake… Run! I know your wavelength… It brings back memories… It can’t be… Snake… Meryl, don’t…! Johnny…! Meryl! Wait! Akiba! It has been
a long time, Snake. You… Psycho Mantis…? No, that was another me. Can you hear the screams? They cry for battle! Let me hear you scream! Howl! Roar! From the very depths
of your soul! What’s this…? Meryl! I see. Blackout! Well done! Excellent! Snake! My doll! Mantis! Sorrow! My doll! Take that! Take that! Take that! My doll! Mantis! Mantis is dropping her puppet. Without it, she can’t
control her victims. Snake, go grab
that puppet! I hear them in my head… The screams! Make them stop! I don’t want to hear
them anymore! I’m scared… I’m so scared. My head hurts…
It hurts! I’m sorry! Have mercy! Let me out of here! I can’t breathe! Now… Get out of my body. Forgive me. Set me free! Excellent, Snake! Psycho Mantis? You don’t seem to
believe your own eyes. Very well… I’ll show you the power of the world’s
greatest mind reader and psychokineticist! I’ll start by reading
your personality. Or rather,
your past. That’s right… This is no trick. It’s true power. …What?! Where is your data… Where is it saved?! There’s no Memory Card! Damn! Your skills
have improved. Or rather,
your hardware… How about this, then?! Witness my
psychokinesis… Put your controller
on the floor. Put it down
as flat as you can… That’s good. Now I will move your controller
by the power of my will alone! Vibration is back. The spirit of the warrior
will always be with you. So, you bested
the last Beast. That doll you just picked up lets you manipulate
anybody who’s got nanomachines in ’em. Sounds like something
the devil’s cooked up, if you ask me. Mantis came
from South America. She was born and raised in a country
wracked by never-ending civil wars. Her village was attacked by
enemy forces and burned to the ground. This was when
she was still a little girl. Hunted by enemy
death squads, she was separated
from her family. She barely managed
to escape with her life… Ended up in the basement
of this one building. It was full of corpses
that had been dumped there. Almost all of them had
been tortured to death. She was petrified with fear. And then she heard the sound of
heavy boots on the floor above her, followed by shrieking screams, the kind that would make every hair
on your body stand straight up. She had stumbled across
a makeshift torture chamber. Somebody had locked the door,
and she was trapped. It was dark.
It was dank. And it was full of a
wretched stench. She couldn’t sleep with the screams of
torture victims all around her. All she could do was sit curled up
in one corner of the room, trembling. A week passed,
then ten days. She managed to keep hydrated by drinking
the filthy water pooled up on the floor, but there was no food. Being trapped in that kind of place,
half-crazy from hunger, did a serious number
on her mind. Did you know female
mantises eat their mates? The screams went on
day and night. She covered her ears
but it didn’t help. And then,
she was saved… By a little black mantis, that taught her
how to block out the screams, how to plug up
her inner ears. What the hell are
you talking about? I’m saying, Snake, that when she couldn’t
stand the hunger any longer, she started feeding
on the corpses… But only the male ones. She didn’t realize
who was doing it. In her mind,
it was a female mantis, devouring her mates. It was like one big,
twisted waking dream. There was no mantis,
of course. It was all
a hallucination. Nothing more than some story spun
by another person she’d created inside. Her unstable mind was
what made her so vulnerable. Later they ripped out what was left
of her psyche with drugs and hypnosis, and implanted
the persona of Psycho Mantis. It wasn’t her will
that controlled the BBs. It was Psycho Mantis,
half-assimilated into her soul, pulling the strings. Screaming Mantis was
just another puppet. Anyway, she survived several
weeks down in that hellhole and finally got back
to the surface. But the screams
in her head didn’t subside. They would
always be with her… Only this time,
they weren’t real. The inner earplugs
didn’t work anymore. The black mantis
had disappeared. There was no place
left to escape. Which is why she was
always screaming: to drown out the ones
in her own head. But it’s over now. You freed Mantis from
that dark nightmare. The last of the Beasts. You got it, pal. Well, I’m done playing
storyteller for a while. Now get going.
GW is waiting. And this time, you get
to make up the ending. Meryl! Snake… Where’s Johnny? They’re here. Go on without me! This time,
I’ll protect you. Go. Destroy GW
while there’s still time. While I’m still alive. Meryl… Snake, the corridor ahead
is full of microwaves. Yeah… No way I’m getting
through there uncooked. I… I’m sorry you got
dragged into this. This time… I’ve got your back. We’ll meet again… On the other side… Go. Hurry! Go! Enough is enough, Snake. You can’t take
any more of this. It’s not about
winning or losing. I’ve got nothing to lose. You were the lightning in that rain. You can still shine
through the darkness. Go! Hurry! I’m… Sorry you got
dragged into this… We’ll meet again… On the other side… It’s time.
Time to do your duty. Failure will spell doom
for the human race. Go! Last mag. Come on, Snake.
I can’t hold out much longer. Damn it! I can’t protect anyone! I can’t… Meryl! Johnny! Johnny,
you’re all right! Here. Trying to make up
for being late? Meryl… I’ll never leave
you alone again. Cover! Clear! Ready! Who needs nanomachines,
anyway… Right, Johnny? Tell me something. How come Mantis
couldn’t control you? I figured… She probably used people’s nanomachines
to manipulate their behavior. No nanomachines,
no control. But, don’t you…? No. I don’t have any
nanomachines in me. What? Every time we had
mandatory shots, I ducked out. Don’t tell me you knew
this was going to happen? Nah… I just hate needles! So that’s why you were
always out of sync with the team? I tried to keep track of
everybody’s data on my wearable, but I could never keep up. And why you weren’t
affected in Europe… On the Volta! – Yep.
– Asshole! Johnny, I’m running low. Don’t worry.
I got these from Drebin. Meryl! Johnny,
I never knew… All those horrible
things I said. Forget it. All those stomachaches, was that because the nanomachines
weren’t there to suppress them? Yeah… But if you’re afraid of shots,
why’d you join my team? I wanted to
be near you… To protect you. – Johnny…?
– Meryl… I’ve always loved you. Ever since Shadow Moses, when I first
laid eyes on you. Meryl, marry me! You’ve got a hell
of a sense of timing. What do you say? I’d have to say… No. You’d rather stay single? OK. We don’t have
to make it official. No. Well, how about we just
move in together, then? Nope. Why? Is there something
wrong with me? No. I’d just rather
do things my way. Johnny… Marry me. I’ll say it again… Marry me. Sure.
It’d be my pleasure. Hey… And don’t even think
about cheating on me. I wouldn’t dare. And I want
a real wedding… With flowers and a cake. It’s been my dream
since I was a little girl. I want to be a bride. Take me home, Johnny. Snake? Snake! Otacon… The shots… They’re not working. Come on! Get up! On your feet, Snake! Raiden… I am lightning… The rain transformed. Snake… Leave this to me. I’ll go to the server room. The corridor’s
full of microwaves. One of us is enough. My body is a machine.
I can take it. Your body may
be a machine… But your heart… …Is human. You’ve got a life
to go back to. She means
nothing to me now. Raiden, look at me. You still have your youth. Don’t waste it. You can start over. From here on, this is my fight. I… We tore the world apart… Made your life
a living hell. It’s my duty… To put an end
to all of this. All right. I’ll make sure
they don’t get through. Stay with me, Snake. Hold on until
we insert the virus. Otacon… Lock it
from the inside. Done. Thank you… Snake. Snake, that place is
saturated with microwaves. The longer you stay in there,
the greater the damage you’ll take. Get through there
as quickly as possible! Are you alright? Don’t give up on me Snake! Move. Move! We’re running out of time. You’ve got
to keep moving! Please! Get up Snake! So this is GW… It’s like a graveyard in here. Otacon… Can you do it? Leave it to me. Otacon! We did it! It’s over. They did it. Johnny! Snake… Wait a minute… The worm is still spreading. And it’s not stopping at GW. Is it removing
the other clones…? No. Wait. I don’t believe this! Naomi… Otacon, what is it? JD is being erased! Snake… Hal. It’s you, isn’t it? I hope you’re listening. The virus you uploaded
is using GW as a conduit to annihilate
the entire AI network. It’s set to destroy
all four AIs along with JD, the core
that tied them all together. I’ve set this video to
play back once they’re all gone. Sons of the Patriots was
only the beginning. The Patriots were planning to use
nanomachines to implement the System over the entire population. I had an obligation
to stop it. With a little
help from Sunny. She helped me… She believed her talents
could help you all put GW to rest. What she created
was an anti-AI FOXDIE. But this virus’s name… …is FOXALIVE. It’s… The conceptual opposite… …of the nanomachines that
I created all those years ago. We wished to free
the captured foxes… To let them run
free in the wild. By the time you hear this, I’m afraid I’ll be gone. This is a strange feeling… Leaving a message to be
delivered after you’ve died. Hal… If you’re listening… Naomi… I’m sorry… Sorry I deceived you. It hurt me more
than anything else, lying to you like that. I wanted to apologize
to you before… But I never got the chance. Naomi… And yet, in the end… You helped me
feel the joy… …Of living. Thank you, Hal. Thank you… Hal. Naomi… Snake… Hear me. Our country… …is an innocent child
once more. A new dawn is rising. Now… She can build a new
destiny for herself. Snake… The time has come. You’ve earned your rest. The rose petal
is about to fall… Snake… Snake?! Snake! Snake… Wait here. I’ll get a medic. Enough! Stop this pointless fighting! This is no war! Rise and shine, Snake. Look. The war is over. Why? You… You could
have stopped us. Stopped you? Why would I
want to do that? This is just as I’d hoped
things would end. Back before father’s time… Before Zero gave
birth to the Patriots… The US, China, and the Soviet Union,
formed a secret pact. The organization they created
was called the Philosophers. Through two world wars, it spread
its roots and extended its reach. After that,
the Philosophers splintered, and factions began to squabble
over the fortune they’d amassed. They called it
the “Philosophers’ Legacy”, a massive cache of funds that would later provide
the foundation for Zero’s Patriots. Zero sought to use his riches
to achieve world domination. Our father, Big Boss, sought to free himself
from that chokehold. His dream was to create
an army of free citizens, one that answered
to no government… Outer Heaven. But he failed,
because of you. Nine years ago, I tried to free us
from the control of our genes. Four years later,
our dear brother, Solidus, sought to free us from
the control of the Patriots’ memes. All of that, all of it, was nothing more than
a process of trial and error… The end result of which
is Outer Haven, To be free from
Sons of the Patriots, the ultimate form of external control
imposed on the Patriots’ soldiers. Free from FOXDIE… Free from the System… Free from ID control. Our minds free
from their prisons. That is the haven
I’ve yearned for. This is it, brother. Our final moment. The battle has ended… But we are not yet free. The war is over… But… We still have
a score to settle. Show me what
you’ve got, Snake! Liquid! Snake! No! Take this! Take this! Time to die! Time to die! What the–?! Splendid, brother! No! Take this! Take this! Take this! It’s not over yet! This is only
the beginning, Snake. America will descend
into chaos… It’ll be the Wild West
all over again. No law, no order. Fire will spread
across the world. The people will fight… And through… battle… They will know
the fullness of life. At last… Our father’s will… His Outer Heaven… Is complete. Somewhere out there… I know he’s laughing. We are beasts created by man. Unless the light
is put out… The shadows
cannot be erased. So long as
there is light… Erasing shadows
will do no good. I am Liquid’s
doppelganger. And you are his. Just like your father. You’re pretty good. Snake! Sunny’s program
destroyed JD’s brain, but left the brain
stem intact. She analyzed
Naomi’s black box and separated the Patriots’ control system
from the vital lifelines of society. Water… Air… Electricity… Food… Medicine, communication,
transportation… She cut off
the Patriots’ control while preserving
modern civilization. Maybe… It was her way of
avenging Olga… Her mother. Or maybe she wanted to shape
the future into her own ideal image. Or… Maybe… It was just one
big defragmentation. FOXALIVE… The AI is truly
a living thing. The Patriots’ reign
has crumbled away. And still, our civilization… A civilization that has thrived
on war since the dawn of time… Lives on. I wonder if we
did the right thing. Naomi… What did we lose? What did we save? Epilogue:
Naked Sin You… Look amazing! Congratulations. Colonel. You’re… Going to walk me
down the aisle. You’re not
angry anymore? Oh, I’m still mad. But now… You’ve got a chance
to win me over. You’re right. We have plenty
of time now. Meryl… You look beautiful. Way to go! – You’re gonna make her real happy.
– I hope so… Dearly beloved… We are gathered here today
to join these two in holy matrimony. Let us give thanks for the life
they will soon share… And pray… They have love everlasting. Now, let’s all send this new team
on their first mission. Hey. Go on! Do it! Just in time. Drebin. And I brought gifts. A shower of flowers,
compliments of DREBINS. And… A little something
extra from me. The bouquet! Hey! Where’s Snake? Who knows? That guy always
keeps you waiting. Sunny, come on. Snake… Thank you. Jack, how are you feeling? Do you mind if I sit down? Jack… Don’t shut me out.
I need you to listen to me. What do you want? Come to laugh at me? No! Look. Look at the boy. Cute. – Campbell’s kid?
– No! He’s yours. I don’t have any kids. He’s your son! You said… Miscarriage… I lied. I had a healthy baby boy. Roy pretended
to be my husband… To protect me… And our son. Only until you’d
completed your mission. To shield us
from Patriot eyes. What? He didn’t even tell Meryl. He sacrificed everything… Even his family… To protect us. I don’t believe it. I’m sorry, Jack.
I wanted to tell you. So he’s really…? John… Aren’t you
going to say hello? My son… Little John. Scared of me, huh? I don’t blame you. It’s OK. I’m not scared. I think you’re cool,
kinda like a comic book superhero. John… Rose… I’m done running. And I’m… No longer afraid. I’ll never leave
you alone again. Like a scene from
Beauty and the Beast. Don’t say that. You’re no beast. You’re my husband. And his father. And me… I’m going to do
my very best… To be the wife and mother
this family deserves. War… Has changed. Our time has ended. Our war is over. But there’s one more
thing I must do… One last punishment
I must endure. Erase my genes… Wipe this meme
from the face of the earth. This… Is my final mission. Nothing beats
a stiff drink, huh? I didn’t know you drank. I thought it was
strictly soda for you. Not like I never
touch the stuff. Soda just agreed
with the nanos better. The nanomachines
break down alcohol before it has a chance
to get you drunk. So that explains it. No need to hold
back anymore, huh? Yeah, well, it ain’t all
sunshine and rainbows. Lotta folks lost their entire sense
of being the moment SOP went offline. You mean SOPS? I heard some people are
going through withdrawals… SOP Syndrome. Yup. SOP kept more than
just alcohol under control. Those poor slobs are
virtually naked now. From what I hear, over 10 percent
are showing symptoms. I guess getting rid of the Patriots won’t
solve all our problems overnight. You probably already
suspected this, but… I’m not actually
an employee of AT Security. The Patriots raised me… To be a gun launderer. The Patriots? My earliest memories are of
the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army)… They kidnapped me… Forced me to fight. Yup. You’re staring at
a former child soldier. My parents,
brothers and sisters… All killed in the war. Guess that makes me
what you’d call a war orphan. After that, the Patriots picked me up
and brought me into the family business. I was Drebin…
Number 893. There’s a whole lotta pawns
like me all over the world. How you suppose I
laundered guns like I did? ‘Cause they let me. In fact… I was under strict orders to
back you guys from the start. You what? Hey man, don’t take it personal. I wasn’t the only one
under their orders. Meryl and…? They probably never
realized it themselves, but… Rat Patrol Team 01… Voila! Patriot! Played like a violin. But… Why? Obviously, Liquid’s plot
was a threat to the Patriots. So they planned to have
you guys take care of it. Didn’t turn out quite how
they planned, though, did it? Yeah, well… I don’t think they expected you
to crash their System and wipe them out. So does that mean
you’re out of a job now? Are you kiddin’? I got the DREBINS. All the Drebins in the
world are in on it. From now on, we’re in business
for ourselves. We are pawns no more. Easy there. The White House might’ve
lost its taste for unilateralism, started to rebuild, but there’s a lot of
failed states out there that went bankrupt
from their PMC habits… And they owe a
shit load of money. Now… Only question is… Who’s gonna
pick up the tab? I’m sure these new governments
will try and keep it under control with PMC corporate reform laws… But it ain’t gonna
be good enough. They’re all sunk up to their
eyeballs in the war economy. Might not be a
New World Order… But the old order under
the war economy’s gone for good. I’m guessin’ the UN is gonna be
more important than ever, what with
multilateralism and all. A certain President said it best
back during the Cold War… “For in the development of this organization
rests the only true alternative to war.” Then again, the UN itself’s just
an old 20th-century relic. And if you think about it… When you look
at its history… It ain’t that different
from the Patriots. That’s right… The nanomachines
used to keep you sober. Crush. Mix. Burn. Repeat. Hey, Uncle Hal, can I give him the Mk.III? He’s kinda… A new friend! He lives near here. We can’t understand each other’s
language, but we’re having fun. He’s my very
first outside friend. Really? That’s great. Sunny… It’s OK if you want
to live outside now. It’s your life. There are other
havens out there. The sun… Looks so pretty. Sunny… I like it outside. Uncle Hal… When is Snake coming back? Snake… Is sick. So he went on a trip
to help him get better. We’re not going with him? No. He needs to be alone. I wonder if I’ll
ever see him again. Snake… Had a hard life. He needs some time to rest. Are you…
Crying, Uncle Hal? No… I’m not crying. That’s right. Good. No need for you
to go just yet. It’s been a long time… Snake. Big Boss? Debriefing:
Naked Son Let it go… My son. I’m not here to fight. Or should I call you… Brother? What? It’s over. Time for you to
put aside the gun… And live. It all began with
a bunch of old fools. Now… They’ve all passed away. Their era of folly is over. I’m the only one left, and soon… I’ll be gone, too. How can you still be alive? That body… Liquid burned on the Volta… Wasn’t mine. That was the body… Of a clone. Solidus. He was a perfect clone. Zero, and the proxy AIs
that came after him, were convinced
that Solidus was me. I was implanted
with nanomachines… Kept in a state
of eternal sleep… By JD the proxy AI. They had me
sealed away completely… Not only physical body,
but my will, too. The technology was
similar to what they used to restrain the B&B
members you encountered. For me to wake again… The System
had to be destroyed… One way or another. Ocelot and EVA
wanted two things… To bring me back to life, and to end the Patriots. That meant destroying the AI
and killing the man… JD and Zero. Right before you uploaded
the virus into GW… The way to JD was opened, but only through the
physical manifestation of GW. That’s when we finally learned
the location of this man… Zero. For me, and for them… For Naomi… Nothing was more important. And it was for that they put
their grand scheme into motion. EVA stole my
body from them and reconstructed it by replacing
the missing parts with pieces from Liquid and Solidus. And Ocelot… In order to
fool the System… Used nanomachines and psychotherapy to transplant
Liquid’s personality onto his own. He used hypnotic suggestion to turn himself
into Liquid’s mental doppelganger. For all our advances
in nanotechnology, information and
genetic control, they’ve never managed
to control people at will… Let alone turn
one person totally into another. Under certain conditions, someone can be made
to play a specific role… Act like someone else. Cats… Do love to
play as snakes. It all started with him… Zero. Zero grew old, and by the end, his Patriots were being
run by a network without shape or form. What do you mean
without shape or form? The proxies were only one small part
of the vast cycle that Zero created. The corporations,
for-profits, and research institutions that
comprise the military-industrial complex were part of it, too. They operated on budgets automatically
allotted to them by the proxies… Accounts maintained
by the Patriots. The network covered everything
from weapons R&D and investment to production and marketing. It encompassed the people, the companies…
Even the laws that protect them. Politics and economics became
nothing more than iterations of the same oppressively
uniform system. I don’t think anyone realized that it was all a setup… A mere set of norms. The Patriots
were those norms. A neural network reduced
to its simplest form. That’s what they
really represented… Uniformity without
individual will, without change. But then one day, those norms suddenly
deviated from that pattern, and underwent a mutation. It was like the birth
of a new life form… The System found
a new way to propagate itself… War. The norms the Patriots had
crafted for their unified state quickly became dependent
on a single business… The war economy. Meanwhile, the political cause of creating
a “cleaner, safer battlefield” provided a
convenient catalyst. By then, the System was no longer
being steered by Zero’s will… Or anyone else’s. It was then
that the norms, manifested as AIs,
the inheritors of Zero’s will, began to reproduce and
take on a life of their own. Zero’s original intent
was to carry on The Boss’s will and establish a
unified world state… An inside world. But his successors failed to carry on his will. Eventually,
JD became the very age itself, propagating its will
as it pleased. And this age chose to act through
economics instead of nation-states. Powered by the industrial and digital
revolutions that came before it, this age gave birth to a
twisted economic revolution: a battlefield revolution. It created a new world
without substance. In this new world, there were
no ideologies, no principles, no ideals… Not even the thing
she treasured most, loyalty. There was only
the war economy. It was a colossal error in judgment,
one Zero couldn’t possibly have forseen. With the American system
in a state of collapse… The Patriots’ society
has reverted to a blank slate. This man… …was the source of it all. And he doesn’t even realize it. He’s completely unaware of the fact
that he led the world… to the brink of ruin. Even with so much
bad blood between us… It’s funny… Now that I’m actually
face to face with him again… The hatred is gone. All I feel is a
deep sense of longing. And pity. Did Zero really hate me? Or… Did he fear me? It’s too late
to ask him now. The original members… Para-Medic… Sigint… EVA… Ocelot. They’ve all passed on. Only Zero is left. Everything has
its beginning… But it doesn’t
start at “one.” It starts long
before that… In chaos. The world is born… From zero. The moment zero
becomes one is the moment the world
springs to life. One becomes two… Two becomes 10… 10 becomes 100. Taking it all back to one… …solves nothing. So long as zero remains… One… Will eventually
grow to 100 again. And so… Our goal… Was to erase Zero. Even the mighty Patriots… …began with a single man. That one man’s
desires grew huge… Bloated. Absorbed technology… …began to manipulate
the economy. We realized too late… That we had
created a beast. We had helped turn Zero… Into 100. His sin… Was ours. And for that reason… I’m taking it upon myself… …to send Zero… Back to nothing. You going back
to zero, as well? You erased me
two times before. Today… Will mark the third. The FOXDIE… Zero planted in you… It’s already begun eating away at my body. Truth is… The FOXDIE in you… Is what killed EVA… And Ocelot. What are you talking about? Naomi… She told me… Everything. What’s wrong? They did it again. They used you… …to kill me. The Patriots. No… Their proxies… In order to bury us… They did it again. In the end, they’re
no more than a program. All they can do… is repeat the same pattern
over and over again. Do me a favor, will you? Take me over to her. There’s one more thing… …Naomi wanted me
to tell you. About the… Old FOXDIE in your body… The only that mutated. The new FOXDIE inside you… …continues to multiply. At the same time… It is preventing the old… Mutated FOXDIE… …from reproducing. The new FOXDIE… …is uprooting the old. Naomi confirmed it in her follow-up. The mutants are receding. Before long, they’ll be gone entirely. Does that mean… the mutant strain
won’t cause an epidemic? It will only live… …as long as you do. But even then… The process will just
repeat itself. One day, the new FOXDIE, too, will start to mutate… And… …become a new threat. But that is, if you manage
to live that long. Am I going to die? Everyone dies. You can’t stop it. You can’t run away from it. Let me tell you something… Don’t… Don’t waste the life… …you have left… …fighting. I’ve never thought of you… As a son. But… I’ve always respected you… …as a soldier. And… …as a man. If you’d been
in my place back then… Maybe you wouldn’t have made
the same mistakes that I did. Ever since the day… …I killed The Boss… With my own hands… I… …was already dead. Boss… You were right. It’s not about
changing the world. It’s about doing
our best to leave… …the world… The way it is. It’s about… …respecting… …the will of others… And believing
in your own. Isn’t that… What you fought for? At last… I understand the
meaning behind… …What you did. At last… I understand… The truth
behind your courage. It’s almost time
for me to go. And with me… The last ember of
this fruitless war dies out. And at last… …those old evils
will be gone. Once the source of evil
returns to zero… A new one… A new future… Will be born. That new world… Is yours to live in. Not as a snake… But… As a man. Know this… Zero and I… Liquid and Solidus… We all fought a long,
bloody war for our liberty. We fought to free
ourselves from nations… And systems…
And norms, and ages. No matter how hard we tried,
the only liberty we found… Was on the inside… Trapped within those limits. The Boss and I may have
chosen different paths… But in the end, we were both trapped
inside the same cage… Liberty. But you… You have been given freedom. Freedom to be… Outside. You are nobody’s tool now… No one’s toy. You are no longer
a prisoner of fate. You are no longer… …a seed of war. It’s time for you to see… …the outside world… …with your own eyes. Your body… And your soul… Are your own. Forget about us. Live… For yourself. And find… A new lease on life. Boss… You only need one snake. No… The world would
be better off… …without snakes. This is good… Isn’t it? Snake, wait up! You forgot these… No thanks. I’m quitting. Snake? These things will kill ya. Where will you go…? Our fight is finished. There’s nothing
left for us to do. No. There’s one thing
I still have to do. I have to see
this age off… See what the future brings. Sounds good to me. I’ll go with you. Otacon, I’m gonna be dead soon. You don’t have to come. You said it yourself, Snake. There’s nothing inside you can
pass on to the next generation. No genes, no memes… You’re man-made… You’re a beast. I know… A blue rose. There won’t be any happy
“Beauty and the Beast” ending for me. What little time I have left
will be spent living… As a beast. A shadow of the inside… Of the old age. Exactly. That’s why you need me. As a witness. A witness? Yeah. Someone on the outside
to bear witness to your final days. Someone to
pass on your story… Not that I’m
the only witness. But I’ll remember
everything you were… And stick with you
to the end. Otacon… Besides, you wouldn’t let me suffer
Sunny’s eggs alone, would you? Come quick!
They’re ready! They look… yummy. Sorta like the sun… It’s rising again. Subtitles by Julien Strong

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  11. I liked how this game was part well mostly all movie/cutscene. Which is something that can get very annoying if its not done right. I remember i liked the cutscenes so much it made it difficult for me to get the big boss emblem, cause i would always get caught up watching a cutscene. This game was full of nastalgia for me cause i first played metal gear solid on the original playstaion and really liked that game and i enjoyed all the flashbacks.

  12. One like for each person who made it thru the entire 7 hours….rip to productivity 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  13. 2:50:17 i really like this part here when the music just drops and the resistance fellow looks around before going in 🙂

  14. at 1:44:00 did Snake actually threw a cig on the floor just to look up her skirt or am i just imagining things?

  15. Just realized the clip of Akiba trying to take a shit inside a shot up metallic bin wasn't shown lol

  16. All that happened in all 5 games… all the weapons, wars, lives saved, lives lost…. all of that comes down to a street fight on top of a submarine…. Crazy. What an amazing game.

  17. Man this game right here is proof that Mgs5 would of been 1000 times better with David hayter voicing snake. But even then, Mgs5 was lacking in many others ways, such as the uninteresting Bosses and story. Mgs5 sucked ass in my opinion.

  18. The first time i played the game i loved it. The more i thought about it afterwards the more disappointed i was about the way they basically destroyed everything they built with mgs2.

  19. Hello.. I played this game before and liked it a lot.. years after that I missed it, so I did rewatched the events as movie (here) and found something weired..

  20. The weired thing is in the third hour minute 59..(3:59:00) replay the video to see what I mean.. it is the time Otacon briefing Snake about the patriot system AIs.. weiredly the AIs forming a pentagram symbol caged in a circle. I know it is used in black magic to control devils.. or that is what the Holywood movies and internet pages say..
    So.. why Hideo Kojima using this symbol here?

  21. Anyone else wondering why Snake had to go through the microwave of death if Otacon could just as easily go through that with the Mk. 2?

  22. Hey, just wanted to say
    You did a f**** amazing job making a movie out
    Of this. The dudes that make these on a weekly basis can't do it this good.
    Lol, they aren't horrible but
    Could surly learn a few things from you…
    You could prolly get game haters to sit through this as a movie..

  23. I’m surprised snake didn’t use Camo that was beige at the bottom and black for the top because he would blend in with the background of the camps looking like a pmc soldier.

  24. Sigh… that ending with Snake and Big Boss… father and son, was so… beautiful and upsetting. What magnificent story telling and characters… what a legendary game.

  25. I liked this game but for crying out loud there was way too many cut scenes. The game play was good but as soon as think your about to start playing the game a cut scene would kick in. I will save this after watching the whole thing again it is a kick ass movie!

  26. its hard to believe hal and huey are related hal a really nice guy huey the man who trapped his wife in an ai pod and forced his son to pilot salenthrapus and mutated a parisite on DD home base seriously how are they related

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