33 thoughts on “Mersh Explains 2004 US Foreign Policy Like A Child

  1. What was the excuse thousands of years before America existed? Could it be a religiously mandated thing? Nah

  2. With China and Iran getting the lion's share of oil contracts, I'd say the oil narrative is played out.

  3. I am all for killing Muslim civilians. The thing is, you have to wipe out generations to stop them from retaliating. Unlike the Japanese, they have no cultural humility across their endlessly fractured and layered tribal/social/national bases. Endless splinters. We ought have nuked saudi arabia and pakistan off the face of the Earth and then removed all Islamist influence from the United States in the years after. Instead we broke the glass and will be stepping on shards for the next hundred years.

  4. One of the most noticeable differences between males and females: Boys typically express themselves in terms of sound effects, particularly, explosions. I observed that when I watched my art students draw. The boys often made all kinds of noises that accompanied the motions of their lines.

  5. I have a great idea let's destroy a country and then invite the people and give them all kinds of freebies to come over. Oh oh also will rebuild the country and pretend like we liberated the people while we put are very own hand picked leadership inn.

  6. Like it was only yesterday lol
    Remember the all nite Cspan footage of the first gulf war in night vision with tracers flying from every direction? This was a great history recap!😂

  7. This video is a classic example of the autistic Millenial Left on Youtube. Sharing this baby everywhere. Thanks. Now get back to your video games dork.

  8. I remember that Fox News intro song! My dad was glued 2 the t.v. during that time cuz my brother was deployed to Iraq in 03'-04'. I also remember the "TERROR ALERT LEVEL: ORANGE" thing too!

  9. What’s your shirt say about Fresno? I love Fresno jokes so I’m wondering what the joke about Fresno is on that shirt.

  10. We need a series of Mersh doing these with politics.. Doesn't matter the side, but breaking it down like a child with his own sound effects is just wonderful. LMAO

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