26 thoughts on “Menace II Society Theatrical Trailer

  1. The stripped Guess shirts, them wierd colored shirts, the pager and the fade..memories and memories. The G rides.

  2. Trust me when I was a kid in 1988 (11) a black man was shot then a passers-by-by said a black man in America isn't easy

  3. I seen people get stab I seen people get shot at I seen drive by's in front of my house I am 12 and are ready getting shot at

  4. The Song is called what's going and my niggas would call me o dog before this movie came out I was born in 1980

  5. Makes me think of Pac, so tragic, especially when he told him to survive, this movie is so based on his life it is crazy, with Jada playing her role as Cains friend to her being one of Pacs real life friend, the similarities are insane

  6. There was a lot of cut stuff I wish showed up on the blu ray or online.

    I'm going to guess 1:03 is at the end of the movie. Which I do wonder how this scene plays out.

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