39 thoughts on “Menace II Society – Payback For Harold

  1. I watch this movie once a week and I always get something different from it, and I noticed O Dog was olding the joint hostage lmaooooo that’s why A Wax was like gimmie my joint back niggga

  2. Everytime I watch this scene I think of the lyric – you left out the G because the G ain't in you. Referring to mc eiht the real tough guy at the end of the scene haha.

  3. Sometimes I wonder how many fools are sitting in prison because they thought they were acting it out in real life.

  4. Then stupid niggas who killed Harrell was at the wrong the wrong place at the wrong time when cain and o dog came 2 kill them. And was out eating

  5. Cain poped him up good before wax run up and said u need help and finished him off. Cain hit him up with a vereadda 9 those are the type of guns they used back then for gangsta hood movies in the 90s

  6. Then when Cain and o dog got back them 2 niggas that killed harrel. when they pop out and start bussing lol o girl was so scared she start sreaming like crazy lol she was screaming like banshee o dog bitch shut the fuck up for we blast yo ass 2 she shut up long as they didn't shoot her

  7. And his home boy that got blast by o dog with the shotgun was the one who shot Cain cousin harrel in the head but when o dog skatterd his ass with that shotgun when came from around the corner of the place with Cain. that's when he already got the aczack right one who shot harrel

  8. Funny thing happened at work.. After I saw this movie, I was walking around the floor and noticed one of the new guys were not sure of what they were doing, and looking around. So I approach him and said "Hey homie you need some help?". And he's like my computer keeps playing up. Ending up fixing it for him and we're like cool, and talk to each other. But if I had a gun *pop pop pop pop pop*.. Nah jkz πŸ˜‚

  9. they listen to this song on the way to kill 2 people but if you think about it its deeper then you expect

  10. This scene imo is exactly identical to Doughboys revenge. The parking lot, the fast food, the setting (night time) and even the reason behind it

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