33 thoughts on “Menace II Society – Liquor Store Robbery

  1. I don't mean any harm…..I LOVE this movie, truly I do. But my big cousin pointed something out to me. Look @01:55 in the liquor
    store mirrors…….THE ENTIRE CAMERA CREW IS FOLLOWING HIM! That's a slight blooper that I'm not sure to forget.

  2. I don't want any trouble !!
    Then you shouldn't have open a liquor store on the hood at the first place.

  3. He ain’t even have to do allat.just should’ve kept walking,wasn’t that serious.but also if the guy wanted him out the store he should’ve just been quiet.and he shouldn’t have opened it knowing how they were.but the owners also didn’t need to track them down🤦🏽‍♀️.

  4. The question is what should Cain be charged with here? He obviously didn't encourage a double murder and the survielence shows he was not happy about it. There wouldn't have been a problem if they didn't drink the beers in the store. But the lady shouldn't have acted the way she did which could have started it as well.

  5. The thing that makes these old school movies great is thst they don't have lame dramatised theme music playing in the background. Just pure acting son

  6. O Dog "what you say about my mama,Loc Dog what you say about my mama,Marlon Wayan's was way more funnier!

  7. The korean couple in this movie is the same couple in the hood comedy don't be a menace with the two wayans brothers

  8. 1:09 How the hell did the bottle refill itself ? It was a little empty on 0:52
    Btw why didn't he ask for ID they seem Tobe teenagers.

  9. To this day I don’t understand how people side with O – dog

    Let be real the Korean was justified in being paranoid about them O-dogs pistol was literally sticking out of his pants when they walked in the store and what the Korean said wasn’t even that bad when you think about everything O-dog said to his wife. O – Dog wasn’t a gangster he was blood thirsty sociopath

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