Menace II Society – Final Scene (1993)

Menace II Society – Final Scene (1993)

look I just don't want you to go out and do something crazy don't wear Bob's shit I'm a hand of this nigga fuck you I got to handle my bin what's up um hey let's go twist this niggas cap back man let's go let's do this I've been paying for the sheet isn't but nobody's like in hey Kevin you gotta get your shit in you devil stop arguing fuck you up to your discretion every Monday we got soaked by Krishna coughs oh really oh fuck a lot I brought you a loop big boy you're still gonna hit me right just gonna crash into me focus okay okay such is going up up my brother you lazy lazy lazy [Applause] you lazy you know that right I want some money but his Kang for real yo wassup now panda Shariff get off me I gotta get Anthony get up come on oh oh fuck go get some fucking help me get some fucking help get them fucking out shit the fuck out here fight fight just fucking me up in here function okay have to start another this cousin like that I knew I was going to deal with that flu someday damn I never thought he'd come back like this blasting like I said it was funny like that hurts sometimes I mean you never knew what was gonna happen or when I'd done too much to turn back and I've done too much to go on I guess in the end it all catches up with you my grandpa asked me one time if I care whether I live or die yeah I do now it's too late you

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  1. Lowkey if Caine was 100% in them streets, he would have at least survived that drive by. Ronnie probably wouldn't fuck wit em, so he wouldn't have been there and her son wouldn't have been in danger. Plus He would have been strapped like O was and could have busted back. The good brotha, Shariff, got merked while the grimmiest nigga, illena's cousin, got away clean. Can't be a solid nigga in the hood, only a solid nigga from the hood.

  2. Whenever my friends would drive to my house to pick me up I would run to the car exactly how he ran and say what’s up homies let’s twist this niggas cap back always got laughs

  3. this scene was so powerful but extremely sad. Caine getting killed like he did and Sharif also you could feel the emotion in O Dog's voice. reminded me of the drive by scene in Boyz N the Hood when Ricky got killed in a drive by. saddest part also was when you hear Cain at the end narrating and mentioned his Grandpa asking whether he cares if he lives or dies Yeah i do and now it's too late. Powerful Ending

  4. So many things wrong with this scene o dogg is still alive caine runs towards a lil boy when hes being targeted , the shooters all had ski masks on exept the goffy ass one thats did that weird walk lol

  5. Were those 4 gang members in the car doing a drive-by shooting were same people that killed Harold and wound Caine by car jacking?

  6. Could of been a part 2 where Shareef and Cain actually lived. 20 years later and part 2 is o dog is facing the death penalty.

  7. "Stupid ass! Quit looking out just get yo ass in the car!" I never noticed this in all the times I've watched this scene.

  8. Once his grandfather asked him if he cared if he lived or died.
    He replied, he didn’t know.
    The moment he realized that he DID care, it was too late.


  9. scene looks so much rawer how it shows the chicks cousin's crew in the car loading there pistols and mac 10's, and just smoking a blunt while like what there about to do is nothing at all

  10. Shariff and Cain could've lived. Part 2 could've been about ole Dogg facing the death penaly from a crime he committed as a juvenile. Then liberals trying to excuse him. Even though he changed his life around, supposibly.

  11. At least o-dog survives which to me means a happy ending because o-dog is the realist nigga on dat hood.

  12. that is really not fair caine fought them with his fist they killed him with their guns that's such a bitch move that shows just how unmanly they are

  13. I can’t take this scene seriously because of their masks and weapons. Top fucking kek the sideways blast and dual Uzis with that goofy balaclava

  14. I seen this on tv just now my cousin just died from being a hood rat 😭 It's a never ending cycle fr ik I am going to have to put another close one in the ground 😭 he gotten shot bout two times before 😭 right in the front of his mother and his son r.i.p dae dae fly high 🕊🦋 may god keep u safe ty'rick

  15. Please help me. I've been looking for weeks. What's the rap song that opens with "i just bought you a big wheel, just gon hit me gon crash into me." Idk the exact wording but j need to find this. It's maybe from early 2000s

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