Mehdi Hasan: “What is the point of John Hickenlooper?”

Mehdi Hasan: “What is the point of John Hickenlooper?”

Pete Buttigieg had a good line last night
about how, whether you run as a socialist, Democrat or as a conservative Democrat, the
Republicans are going to call you crazy, left-wing, radical, socialist. So, run on what you believe in; don’t just
run on what Republicans are going to say. And I thought that was a very good line from
Pete Buttigieg. Just on Hickenlooper, though, let’s take
a step back. What is the point of John Hickenlooper? What is the point of John Delaney? What is the point of Tim Ryan? Why are they there on stage? It’s irrelevant. I mean, let’s be clear. It’s a complete waste of time. They were there to act as kind of right-wing
foils for Sanders and Warren on this kind of CNN entertainment debate. Delaney is polling at something like 0.7%. He’s 14th in the race. And yet he got to speak more last night probably
than he gets to speak at home on an average Tuesday night. It was absurd. And I just find this whole framing of the
debate, where you have, you know, people asking Hickenlooper, “Is Bernie Sanders too extreme?”—we
have people—even here on this show, we’ve all internalized the rhetoric. We refer to them as “moderate.” Sorry, what is moderate about an out-of-touch
multimillionaire like John Delaney? There’s nothing moderate about him, because
the implication, therefore, is that Warren and Sanders are extreme, when, in fact, when
you look at the polling, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are more in line with mainstream
American opinion on healthcare, on tax cuts for the rich, on climate change, on immigration
reform, than any of those candidates who are basically polling at 1% and represent the
1% on stage.

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  1. What is the point of Mehdi Hassan? A Jihadi in a suit is still just a scumbag jihadi.
    Congrats DN for giving him a platform to spew his hate.

  2. The purpose of John Hickenlooper is the same purpose of Mehdi Masan. Have Trump derangement syndrome and hyperventilate about the Russiagate conspiracy theory.

  3. Mehdi is genius when comes to political world affairs he should run 🏃‍♀️ for and you name it.

  4. It's the same old white American lies they've been using. They trying to show the world that the lowest white person is still better than any person of color. That it's still acceptable to openly trash and lie about POC … with zero repercussions. The federal government is failing to protect POC from an Administration that is killing POC. Mainstream media does not properly represent POC.

  5. The point of John Hickenlooper is that he is running and deserves to be heard on that basis alone. CNN or Intercept don't get to decide who gets to run and who gets to present their case. Remember the opening line of the Wire? You have to let everyone play – it's America.

  6. Mehdi brutally savage with the analysis as per usual, love it 😊. What is the point of “blah blah moderate candidate” 🤣🤣🤣👍

  7. Medhi you’re brilliant!!! Probably spoke more than he’s allowed to at home on a Tuesday night!!! Stitches!!!!

  8. MAGA 2020 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  9. It’s bullshit that Delaney took mike gravels spot. Idk how he would’ve done w his health and age but I was sad he didn’t make it

  10. Marryanne Williamson had a great line "some of these people on the stage, I wonder why they're even Democrats". It was a great line and someone needed to say it.

  11. Well, we can put the other 300 useless candidates in the Hickenlooper category I won't watch this show, why there's not one of these people who represent the people. And on Baltimore, you will always have Baltimore's in almost every city. Remember poverty don't know color, these people didn't choose to be poor, but they have nowhere else to go. people who have will never know what it's like to not have

  12. Thank goodness there will be 4 more debates this year. Maybe they’ll get to talk for more than a few minutes on the issues.

  13. a Hickenlooper is a pitcher. rains on every parade, waters down so nobody stands out. look over there; where? yawning is the desired effect.

  14. The actual macro reason is to force the Democratic convention to go to a second ballot, bc that’s when the superdelegates have multiple votes.
    Their personal reason is bc ryan, hickenlooper, delaney, and that actor they pulled from the audience (jk, wth is a bullock?) are egomaniacal narcissistic pompous assholes.
    Ps I don’t think John Delaney is even married. Can you imagine anyone putting up w that kind of condescending sociopath?

  15. Couldn't have said it better they're pulling at 1% and they represent the one percenters $. their put there they are assets confuse the. Good people of the usa

  16. Why is it so hard to believe that we could we can give 1 trillion dollars for war why can't we give 1 trillion dollars back to the people

  17. This Mehdi fella is stupid. At least the Hickenlooper and others centrist are leaving themselves relevant for 2024. All the radical leftists will be irrelevant in 2024. Trump is winning 2020 in a landslide.

  18. "Where is John Hickenlooper?" – CNN producer
    "Who is John Hickenlooper?" -CNN debate moderator
    "Why is John Hickenlooper?" – Mehdi Hasan

  19. I wonder why billionaires wants to run to be a govt leader. They could essentially pay ehem… lobby their way through any politicians who can repeal or enact any laws to their liking. I thought they like to throw money at any problems. Feels like their actions are counterintuitive.

  20. The point is that the DNC is up to it’s usual corrupt tricks; they are there to suck votes away from Bernie, even if they are fake votes, so that Bernie doesn’t get a clear majority and the superdelegates can steal the primary in the second round. The DNC’s immoral behavior just makes the base loathe them all the more. They WANT to lose to Trump again, because that will keep their taxes low and donations high. They don’t care if we slide into full fascism and accelerated climate collapse wipes us out in ten years; as long as they suffocate in opulent luxury, it’s fine by them.

  21. If book guru Williamson's up there, anybody can be. Let's put a dentist and a tap-dancer up there. Or a tap-dancing dentist.

  22. CNN should get rid of that old bafoon Wolf Blitzer who is so biased when it comes to AIPAC and the Benjamin's. Mehdi should take over his place and he will do the best job. Everyone would be afraid to be interviewed by him.
    Love Mehdi Hassan. The best journalist ever! ☺

  23. Hickenlooper and Delaney purely exist to skew the overton window to the right and make corporate centrists seem more liberal.
    And who the hell is Bullock?

  24. Yeah I think you are pretty radical and an extremist when you have tens of thousands of people dying a year from lack of healthcare and you want to keep supporting that system when there are numerous example of a solution!
    It's also weird how people who are constantly calling for wars are not seen as extremists…over a million dead over the Iraq war, even ISIS will be put to shame over those number!

  25. Sooooo fucking true. please for the love of god, tell this to a Warren and Bernie surrogate so they can come up with a good statement to say this at the debate.

  26. But what is the point of MOST of them? Other than Bernie, Tulsi, Liz and to a degree Yang and Williamson, the rest are obviously self-serving souless gonks.

  27. Good point!
    Main stream media is the most powerful wepon to the establishment to keep the status quo of electing Republicans that pretend to be democrats.

  28. Delaney, Ryan, and Hickenlooper were there to attack Bernie and Warren that's it. It backfired spectacularly and I loved every second if it.

  29. Trump – "If you let me baby sit your child, I'll only molest him 4 times."

    Corporate Democrats – "If you let me babysit your child, I'll also molest him 4 times but I'll give him candy afterwards to make him feel better."

    Bernie Sanders – "Molesting children is disgusting and I will not molest your child. It is a human right that children are kept safe and not sexually abused!"

    CNN – "Bernie is too extreme. Keeping children safe isn't as important as beating Trump."

    Fox News – "Not molesting children? They tried that in Venezuela and how did that work out?"

  30. Except Warren is running on Bernie's platform, and she could advance the cause better and faster if she had endorsed him instead of running herself. Question: why is she boosted by MSM if she has the same
    ideas as Bernie? Answer: the deal she made in 2016 in order to rush ahead in line for power.

  31. you're wrong Mr Hasan. they ARE there for a reason. to steal votes from Bernie. if Bernie doesn't get the min number of delegates, they move to round 2. then the super delegates get to vote. that is the whole goal by having all these candidates.

  32. Pretty dishonest to claim Americans buy into Bernie & Warren's ideas. They hardly know what they're. Much is about name recognition at this point.

  33. Freedom for Lula, leader of the Brazilian Labour Party. We need the support of the all workers around the world

  34. Our Medhi needs to corner that insipid little man Sharpiro and give him another dose of English proper questioning by real journalists, like Andrew Neil, followed up by a younger Paxman. It would crush is over inflated ego bet old fake/ Fox won't allow it

  35. I love how Hickenlooper, Bullock, Ryan and Delaney are pretty much the same dude… I have trouble telling any of them apart either by policy or by sight. For that matter, Buttigieg and O'Rourke are nearly indistinguishable as well.

  36. The Left enjoy championing transgenders. I'm all for it! Transgender women embrace and exemplify feminine beauty, charm and seduction far more than non-transgender women; in sports they're stronger. Men are superior to women, even as women.

  37. There is arrogance in him in the way he speaks. When Mehdi speaks, I get a feeling that that his opinion is always right and any other opinion which deviates from his opinion is stupid, inhumane or racist.

  38. And what is the point of Kamala Harris? Do we really need more lies and platitudes. And have even those walked backed the next day?

  39. Hickenlooper lets these progressive – socialist whackjobs know the truth. Most of America is not for socialism ; stick with these proposals, Mr. Trump wins. Simple.

  40. I have watched once a disussio between him and a kurdish Woman. He was very Rude and very pro Iraq. He wiped Off the talkings about the genocide Like it never happened. He is Fake and Dangerous. Filled with hatred. I dont trust him

  41. Mehdi Hassan just knocked it out of the ball park ✌️👍
    The Democrats have put these Republicans on stage in a attempt to discourage people from voting for a true progressive 🤮

  42. Ths is a modern phenomenon facing the muslim ummah today. The modern world seem to have been divided into two groups. America on one side n Russia on the other side. And even they both are fighting amöng themselves abt representing Christianity. On one side , the Godless western world teaming up wth the Catholics n the Protestants. And u have the Conservative Orthodox Eastern Church on the other corner. Both devils wanted to rule the world. On one side, The Americans n its Allies, the other side The Russians n its Allies. The muslims are wanted by both Devils, becos the Muslims~ an ex Ruler n an ex Muslim Empire, now useless, spineless n brainless, without faith n full of hypocrisy, n out of touch wth the only Guidance, the Quran , seem to be in a DILEMMA. ! who do we muslims support. ! And again , the muslims divide themselves into two groups.
    My only concern is the Ummah, who are already divided ,without the Caliphate, is gonna be further divided wth crazy ~ bought over n sell out ULAMAS~ some frm the Saudi ~Wahabis against the majority sunnis, n some so called Ulamas or Islamic Scholars, who has too much confidence in the Russian Alliance rather than the Quran n the Sunnah. And they go on and openly support the Russian devils n the Shias wil be Watchers as usual..
    And now , we have Ulamas who quote Quranic verses n Hadiths to show why we shud support the Russians. What has happened to our ~ scholars, who are supposed to be Waarisul Anbiyas. Now they only talk Money Politics n point the finger to the Quran n Hadiths n justify their interpretations of '''''' unclear verses of the Quran '''''to what the European Devils want the muslims to do. Are these the real signs of Akhir zaman, where our Ulamas are a SELL OUT TO THE DEVILS WHO WANT TO RULE THE WORLD. ???? May Allah protect us n the innocent muslims frm Dajjal n leaders who support the Devils.

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