Meeting Hungry Lions EP03 | Namibia, Africa Travel Series | Etosha National Park | Tanya Khanijow

Meeting Hungry Lions EP03 | Namibia, Africa Travel Series | Etosha National Park | Tanya Khanijow

See if I have to be fully honest. I don’t think it’s difficult to achieve anything
in this time and age because of the amount of technology
that surrounds us. Okay… We have cameras, phones… We have GPS, maps. And even though life has become easy,
I don’t know why… but it’s fun to do things the hard way. Okay, this is really exhausting, guys! By the end of these four days… Sorry, these ten days… I’m going to turn into Brad Pitt. And I’ve even ended up cutting my finger,
a little bit. Look at the amount of static here! My hair is literally flying in the air
because of the static and how dry these conditions are. Anyway, I am all dressed.
But, I’ll also… take you to where all the facilities are,
over here, at the campsite. Which means all the toilets,
all the bathing areas, because they are quite interesting. Wait, before the campsite tour,
let me give you some context. I am Tanya and I don’t know why I don’t
like doing things the easy way. I guess that’s why I am here,
on this road trip. And today I am in Namibia
at a place called Otjiwarongo… where I am camping. And in this video, we’re heading
to the Etosha National Park, and we’ll be staying there for two nights. So, this right here is the ladies area. And it’s literally just ten paces away
from my campsite. Let’s go in. Let me show you…
I just had a bath over here. So, it’s going to be a little flooded. But the good thing is that
there’s nobody around. So even though these are open washrooms… I was pretty confident about
showering in here. So, over here we have
hot-water and cold-water supply. I obviously chose the hot-water… because it’s quite cold. Let me take you to the toilet section. So, these are the toilets. And you have to bring
your own tissue paper. Which I had bought earlier. With this, I was all set
to head to the next destination, but as you know, some days are good,
some are bad, and some are downright unfortunate! And this was one such day which was
a series of unfortunate events. First, it started off with a tetanus shot. A very quick stop for the day, is the Mediclinic in Otjiwarongo. Otjiwarongo is the town which was
the closest to our last camping spot. I got a cut this morning and… need a tetanus shot for that. Well, this way, we’re getting a tour
of a clinic in Namibia so, in case any of you
ever want to go to a hospital, I think this is a good idea. Don’t ever do it. Got it? -??
-Okay. Oh, my God! -??
-Okay. Thank you. You know, honestly,
full points to the doctor, though. Because he was pretty good and my experience overall,
was amazing. And I’ll just paint it Thank you! -Okay, bye!
-Okay, bye. Since we’re talking about this day, let me tell you about
the next unfortunate event. Technically, you cannot drive
late at night in Namibia. Although, we’ll be
breaking this rule as well! *WINK WINK* You never know, an elephant, a lion
or even leopards might pop up here. But we had to get to
our next campsite before it turned dark. And we were yet to refuel. So, while we’re refueling, a tour
of the gas station is a must! As you can see, this is the gas station. This car has just been refueled here. There’s a store and an ATM over here. It’s a lovely store but I might
not be able to shoot inside. Hey! -Hi.
-Hi. It’s a lovely store… I am sorry about the bad audio. I was supposed to review this camera
before the trip and its audio is a little disappointing. But, no worries,
we have voice-over to compensate for it. Anyway, this is the store
connected to the gas station. There’s a great washroom
connected as well. And then I wanted to grab some lunch because at this point, I was famished. It’s very hot. The afternoons are pretty hot here. I must admit, this fish… looks amazing! Okay, this is a very tiring day with… loads of driving, loads of heat,
so yeah… Salad and fish is amazing! And while I was relishing my lunch,
I didn’t even realize that we were going to face
another unfortunate event, and we will get late. And can somebody please explain what’s
going on with that little finger? I mean, who holds a knife that way? Then we soon arrived at the
Etosha National Park. And I thought, “Maybe, this is it.” Because we’ll soon reach
our camping destination. But the camping destination was
way inside the park and there’s no way you can
drive inside at night. But there was another problem. I have to take the right. Guess what’s happening right now! We’ll be driving in that direction. And the road is pretty gravelly. So, we need to deflate the tires. They need to be deflated to 1.8. But the biggest problem of the day was that the pressure monitor nozzle
of one of the tires was severely stuck! And I couldn’t
deflate the tires completely. Had to go halfway on these bad roads. Took a call to head back
because it was not at all safe. But do you know how
extremely rare it is… to randomly spot elephants in the middle
of a 22,000-square-kilometer park? Wow! So, what we just witnessed right now is an elephant herd crossing the road. And obviously, we cannot drive while
there’s an animal crossing going on. But this is such a surreal experience!
Look at this, guys! There’s an elephant on the road. They are protecting
the little baby elephant. I don’t know but there’s
something about nature which is so rare and surreal. How often do you get to see
wild elephants in their natural habitat? And the second rare thing about the day was that soon after leaving
the national park we even found a place to stay. We were supposed to go to this
place called the Halali Camp. But for some reason… it became difficult to get there. Because over here,
you cannot drive in the night. And also, because I had got
a tetanus shot for my wound. So, I had to stop midway at a lodge. And thankfully, because it’s a lodge,
I don’t have to be camping today. Which means, I can stay in a nice room, take a nice hot shower, and chill by the pool. They have a nice pool over here. I don’t know if you can see it. But yeah, this property looks
really, really good! Look at this. My strained eyes need some relaxation,
hence the glasses. Listen, not all days are perfect. And I have to tell this to you that even during traveling,
some days can go horribly wrong. Although, the day wasn’t that bad because in the end,
we got a resort and good food. But most importantly, tomorrow… is going to be one of the best days we’ll ever experience together,
on this channel. Hi. Good morning, guys! This room was so comfortable that it breaks my heart
to say goodbye to it. So, I had breakfast a while ago and right now
it’s wee hours of the morning. If I have to give you an exact time,
it’s 6:30 a.m. And I am leaving for
my first ever national park safari… to Etosha National Park. And I am all set! So today, I lucked it out
by wearing just the right jacket. Because, the mornings are very cold here. So, if you ever go to
a national park in Africa don’t forget to take a jacket. A jacket that protects you from
the wind and is also warm. Okay, so the safari has begun and we’ve taken a stop at a water hole. So, as you can already see,
Etosha National Park is very dry. There are thorny bushes,
extremely dry-climate trees. But there are a lot of
artificially created water holes. And a lot of animals
come to these water holes… to drink water,
and that’s why… water holes are a great place
to spot animals. In fact, I am speaking very softly
because there are animals around. The water hole was just a short detour. I was yet to see the entire
22,000-square-kilometer park. And this was literally,
just the beginning, because… Later, we got extremely lucky because we spotted lions.
And not just ordinary lions, but feeding lions, which is very rare. They are taking turns to eat. She’s not interested. That over there,
is an actual lion behind me… who just fed on a giraffe. So, this is wildlife in action. We further continued our journey
on this vast land looking for more animals. And we also reached a water hole where we spotted oryx,
the national animal of Namibia. We saw ostriches,
and various other antelopes. And a lot of birds as well. What a yawn! And then, we located a rhino as well. Eventually, we did find the rhinos. Which was such a great experience because a rhino in the wild, is not very easy to spot,
especially in the daytime. I think it was because
of our amazing guide that we got to spot so many animals. And, we then came back. -It’s the nature.
-Yes, it’s part of nature. -Alright.
-Good job! -Thank you very much.
-Thank you! So, Sarah, how did you like the safari? Oh, it was so great! We saw…
so many animals. Like lions, giraffes… -Rhinos.
-Zebras, even rhinos. -Yeah!
-So… Pretty good! -Grego, how was it for you?
-It was excellent! -Yeah?
-Many animals… -Was this your first safari ever?
-Well… -Basically, yes!
-Yes! -I would say so.
-Mine too. -First time?
-Yeah! Great experience! Thank you. So, after this amazing experience
we came back, and it took me
some time to digest the fact that I had so closely witnessed
the wildlife. And after grabbing lunch
I drove to my next campsite which was right inside
Etosha National Park. And my experience of staying in the park was quite different and unique. Oh! Welcome to Etosha National Park,
have a pleasant stay. Which of course, I don’t want to
get into the details of. But, the next day, as the sun rose, I had a feeling that I was in for
something more exciting on this trip. Because it was already turning
into such a good experience. So, are you ready to meet a 500-year-old tribe
in the next episode? So, I want to ask her that… where do they get this ?? from. It’s amazing how they live! So, like this video,
subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for the next episode. And I’ll see you very, very soon.
Bye, guys! Hi, guys!
I just wanted to come in here and wish you all a very happy Diwali! I couldn’t make
a proper Diwali video because– -Happy Diwali!
-Oh, yes! I wanted to introduce you
to my good friends! -Best friends!
-Absolutely! The amazingly best! This is Kritika. She also has a channel on YouTube. Guys, this is actually Sugar’s yoga class. Welcome! Now you know about
Kritika and her channel. And who has recently revamped my channel? Tanya! She also redecorated my room,
so, she’s my inspiration. -Aww! And she’s been mine…
-Mutual Admiration Club! Mutual Admiration Club! And she’s my fashion inspiration. And Shivesh also has a YouTube channel called Bake with Shivesh. So, you guys can go check them out! Because these are my really,
really good friends! And I just wanted to come in here and wish you guys a very,
very happy Diwali! -Because–
-Happy Diwali! Because all my festivals -are incomplete without my family.
-Yes! Shivesh, come here for a group hug!
Quickly! Group hug! Okay.
Happy Diwali, everybody! -Happy Diwali!
-We’ll also have a Christmas vlog. Stay tuned for that! -We’ll tell you about it later.
-Yeah, not now. There will be a New Year vlog too.
Stay tuned! -Stay tuned.
-It’s gonna be fun! That was too soon, Shivesh!

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