Meet the Texan Fighting for the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 107)

Meet the Texan Fighting for the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 107)

100 thoughts on “Meet the Texan Fighting for the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 107)

  1. So many brainwashed people… perhaps someday you'll take the red pill instead of being pussies listening like sheep naivly to mainstream propaganda. Or perhaps history will repeat itself and you'll get it all right in your head. But then, it will be too late.

  2. IF Teas comes back to TEXAS, he better pray the marshals gets him before WE do…GOD BLESS TEXAS and ALL THE VETS THERE! Motherfucker…

  3. If they come here to the United States they would have joined Pro Donald Trump militias just in case if Joe Biden or the Democrats were to win

  4. Texan is half right Ukraine is ruled by America and America is run by big corporations but so is Russia

  5. American traitors have always been and will always be, much like in every other country.

    Volunteering to fight alongside the enemy is nothing new.

  6. Why bother interviewing someone who has no idea what he is talking about. Plus he can’t sing worth a damn

  7. Wow, he has absolutely no idea why he's doing the things he's doing. He can't defend or explain any of it. It's just this stream of bullshit, and he's found himself on another continent getting shot at because of it. Wild.

  8. I think he means well but his view of everyone as a "nazi" is misguided. Russia call all their enemies fascist, I'm left wing but Ukraine democracy is at stake here.

  9. He should studdy the result of comunism instead of study the propaganda of comunism. The Nazy said that their concentration camps were for criminals, the comunist called their camps work camps. The result is the same, when you give words another meaning propaganda starta and facts do not matter. The USA do not have a Facist government, they do not have censure, they have a division of power, I do however agree that rich people have to much political power.

  10. One man's fascism is anothers salvation. War is created initially from greed – rarely for ethical/political reasons. The Brits did the same thing to my Irish ancestors; devide and conquer. Slavs should not be killing Slavs. Irish shouldn't kill lrish etc. Dickheadashenko, Russia AND the U.S. are war criminals. Hell, Canada sent military advisors to train Ukranian regulars. How are these poor civilians to realize peace? The ukraine regular artillery can't hit a barn with a shovel full of peas so kill civilians…end that sickening shit!

  11. What a f.cking asshole! An American so communist he has to go help Russia to kill poor Ukrainians fighting for their country. You're a f.cking shame to your race, nation and country.
    Die motherf.cker!

  12. What a joke. Yeah man keep fighting for a dead political system and keep dreaming of your red utopia becuase thats all it will ever be. A dream. I hope he dies fighting for a country that isnt his

  13. Dirty commie it's sick that people think Communism is beautiful and in any way fasicst they are equally horrible in fact Communism has spilled more blood

  14. Not very smart to contradict yourself on video he said he wasn't fighting in another country's military and then said he belongs to a military group in another country in which he fights for 🤔🥴

  15. This sucker is out of his mind… Texans are the most amazing people in the world.
    I dare you put Texas down like that…

  16. He obviously is some crazy guy. The u.s has had the same government sense its creation. Its democracy and still a democracy. Socialism with capitalism is fascism. Socialism without capitalism is communism. Leave it to a 54yr old from texas to brinf country music to russian ukraine war. Lmao

  17. USSR 2.0??? "Bows to Gorbachev"
    "They wanted to provoke me into a fight and even a shootout and that could have resulted in my death," he said.
    Asked to name the things he most regretted, he replied without hesitation: "The fact that I went on too long in trying to reform the Communist party." He should have resigned in April 1991, he said, and formed a democratic party of reform since the Communists were putting the brakes on all the necessary changes.

  18. as a Texan pleas someone kick his socialist commie ass because he does not represent Texas maybe either Waco or Gara maybe Austin or Dallas but he aint a rep for us

  19. Russians think Americans are fat, vulgar, greedy, stupid, ambitious and ignorant and so on. And they've taken as their own, as their representative American, someone who actually embodies all of those qualities-Russ Bentley.

  20. He is right. People who cant see it, are just brainwashed. USA is the most evil regime in the world along with its best friend Israel

  21. Meanwhile at the farm in Virginia, CIA recruits are being taught a new tactic in infiltration techniques: "The Weird Uncle" .
    Texas may be a modern day Sun Tzu. By saying the most absurd shit he can think of, peppered with non-sequiturs and false statements, he ingratiates himself to once suspicious battle hardened commies.
    WOW! Is this for real?

  22. What is it with all these fucking obnoxious spasticated “Road Trip Project” adds blasting in out of nowhere and can’t be skipped? When you’re watching a 100 + episode series seeing that retarded fucking add every video becomes aids reaaaal quick.

  23. Here we go ! Now you can aktually see how stupid Nazis are at 3:05 the swastika goes to "right" not "left" like he wears it I know he must turn around it but that's the point stupid fascism just a bunch of idiots :'D
    Much respect for the Texan guy !

  24. He's right, look at the latest revelations Neo-Nazis are backed by the US govt. Even usa military joining the neo-nazis Ukrainian militias

  25. Wat a stoped men…comunist is a himera…rusia china vietnam change to capitalism…comunist iz a hibrid ideologia made by germany gor defet rasia țaristă în ww1 lose of control….

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