34 thoughts on “Meet Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll: A Finance Prophet Currently Serving Life

  1. Mr. Carroll states that as a young criminal, he did not see people as "people", he saw them as "opportunities". This is the most telling, and most honest capitalistic statement I have heard. After studying finance, he has learned to take advantage of others in the legal and respected tradition of those who own his prison.

  2. Imagine how many other genius' are in lock down, genius' who haven't identified their gift yet – because no one (including themselves) held them to higher standards. Much love to Curtis Carroll. The irony is: Curtis is in lock down, but he is financially literate, financially freer and financially richer than most of us at home living off our credit cards because paycheck to paycheck doesn't quite cut it.

    Reading is fundamental, y'all. You can reach any level of greatness if you study it and if you put your mind to it!!!

    I see Hollywood making a film about Curtis…

  3. Wow! Such a fascinating, articulate man. His family failed him as a child. I wonder how he would do in the world today May 2019? I think he’s brilliant, and truly hope he gets out, make a lot of money legally, and find peace.

  4. This guy has been rehabilitated he deserves to be free, now this is why I don't believe the prison system is to actually "rehabilitate" it's to fill the pocket's of the higher powered beings that own these countries and I'm NOT justifying what crime he committed but clearly he is rehabilitated and remorseful.

  5. I'm so happy for him. He is intrinsically wise. He was blessed to have his next hearing moved up to within 3 years, rather than within the next 3 decades. Now that took some doing. He is very impressive. I'm happy the warden thought to demand more from him.

  6. This Is Literally What The Movie “US” Was Explaining! It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are! Your Enviorment Has A Huge Influence on You and The Way You Think.

  7. 54yrs to Life??? For a robbery?? WTF, America??? And Harvey Weinstein is still Free?? Thank God for the internet. The real America is being revealed before our very eyes.

  8. Anda anda anda anda anda anda so so so so so so so he he he he he he. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUTTERING IGNORANT FUCK!

  9. I guess he has had 20yrs to think about his life. Maybe one day if he gets out he can do good with the rest of his life.

  10. To be honest, many of people who got trouble and serve sentence prison talks and feel the same way, but often times I believe comes from broken their spirit. But to this guy it's seams not true. Great energy, interesting thoughts etc

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