22 thoughts on “Media Calls Polish Independence Marchers Neo-Nazis | Nationalism In Poland | European Union

  1. You wont see this in England, but you see it in Scotland. While the BBC doesn't cover it. We are proud to be Scottish and want home rule, one day we will have an independence day.

  2. funny how most of my class liked hillary more than trump. they said trump was a bad man or some shit like that

  3. Israel expresses concerns about racist march in Poland???
    Oy, Vey! Never do what a Jews says, but do as a Jew Does! Israel has a Jewish Only immigration policy, border walls, Marriage Laws, and wants Poland to be multicultural?? Maybe if more Jews showed the same type of loyalty to their host country as they do for Israel, people would stop kicking them out of THEIR COUNTRIES

  4. Thank you very much for show the truth about Poland and the Polish Independence Marche in Warsow, greetings from Spain.

  5. Lol, honestly we don't give a fuck about other countries media opinion about that march. CNN, The Guardian etc – "Now – fuck offfff" (Snatch – Desert Eagle vs. Replica Scene)

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