Meatball Massacre

Meatball Massacre

Minced meat! Milk! Cooking Cream! Soy! Ketchup! Mayo! No! Predinner-snack! Olive oil! Breadcrumbs! Spices of various kinds! Onion! And potatoes. Peel the potatoes With your body! Add Breadcrumbs! And milk! Let is sit for a while! Chop the onion! Some people complain about crying when chopping onin Not me, not me…. UNGHH! Add the ingredients! (Onion lol) Mix it good Put the potatoes in the pan (There you go!) Add water (Roof lolz!) ಠ_ಠ Mgrgrghfgggff ¯\(º_o)/¯ Cheers Next time We’ll have Pite dumplings

100 thoughts on “Meatball Massacre

  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeey, look, i follow you since 4 years and for first time im deceptionated about your videos. I wanted think that's not real but i replayed the video one thousand times and i didnt found any scene in that you eat mayo, i think thats a real respectless. im very sad for u, dislike

  2. jag kan inte fatta att mina föräldrar lät mig kolla på detta… var typ 10 när denna videon släpptes hahahah

  3. Back in the golden age of youtube, no copyright, no family friendly bullshit.
    When making youtube videos was just pure fun.
    Between creators and viewers.
    It's over now…
    Miss u, guys! 😕

  4. Когда грустно, смотрю его видосики. Конечно же, нихера не понимая. Но настроение поднимается!
    Пы. Сы. Хотелось бы знать перевод рецепта. Половину догадываюсь, а вот мелочи, в коих кроется льявол, не понимаю.

  5. Told my mum about brown sauce. When she asked what it was and I described it (saucey and brown) she gave me a weird look..

  6. I miss you.
    I remember I watched this video in English Academy
    I never forget that day.

    Can you come back?

  7. This is were i learned this specific recipe, and this is how I still make them good’ol balls.
    Wife’s not too impressed, but DAMN good balls!!

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