38 thoughts on “Maxime Bernier s’entretient avec des journalistes, à Sainte-Marie, au Québec

  1. PPC Party is the only virtuous party left in Canada! Voting for Andrew the cheater is SCHEER STUPIDITY AT THIS POINT!

  2. What was Post Media's roll in this dirty tricks campaign? Kinsella is a writer for their papers and now they refuse to report on this huge story. Why?

  3. Mon conte twitter a été bloquer quand j'ai commencer a publier cette annonce hier soir…..

  4. Cela ne me surprend pas, venant de Andrew Scheer / CPC. Après ce qui s'est passé lors du congrès à la direction du parti conservateur. Où une différence de plus de 7,400 votes s'est produite; plus de votes que les électeurs inscrits, et les bulletins de vote étant immédiatement détruits par son équipe. Je dirais qu'ils (le Parti conservateur) étaient coupables de quelque chose, n'est-ce pas? Maxime Bernier et le PPC ont mon vote et je suis un électeur conservateur à vie (45 ans et plus). Je ne soutiendrai pas A. Scheer/parti conservateur, il a prouvé qu'il était un scélérat, OMI.
    This does not surprise me, coming from Andrew Scheer / CPC. After what happened in the Conservative Leadership Convention. Where an over 7,400 vote discrepancy occurred; more votes than registered voters, and the ballots being destroyed, immediately, by his team. I'd say they (Conservative Party) were guilty of something, wouldn't you? Maxime Bernier and the PPC have my vote, and I am a life long Conservative voter (45+) years. I will not support A. Scheer, he's proven himself to be a scoundrel, IMO.

  5. COME ON CPAC… Maxime tells the whole story again in English (right after the french) and you cut him off (along with yourselves) here. Are you guys IN ON THE PLOT???? Do the right thing and report honestly, and fairly. Provide Canadians with the footage!!!!!!!! CBC has already done it (surprizingly and couragiously I'll add)! I was already a PPC supporter, but it's baked in 100%. …..PPC 2019 PEOPLE! THEY'RE THE ONLY HONEST PARTY.

  6. We already voted for Max Bernier advance voting. So proud to have voted for someone with integrity and with our values and beliefs. God bless him and God please bless Canada with him as our next PM. PPC 2019 ❤️🇨🇦

  7. Finalement les médias luis porte attention! Il le dit depuis le début que les autres sont globalistes. Moi je vote Max Bernier du parti populaire pour un Canada uni, fort et libre!!! Go Max Go! PPC all the way.

  8. Max Bernier and the PPC have been smeared from the beginning which kept many Canadians from investigating them. They are the party I have been waiting for my whole life. Honesty, integrity and true patriot love for Canada. I have listened to many videos of Max and other PPC candidates. They are not racist. They believe in respect, fairness, responsibility and freedom.

  9. Cette élection fédéral ressemble à une grosse farce plate. Malheureusement je croie pas qu'il gagne cette année mais Maxime Bernier a mon vote et dans 4ans j'espère le revoir encors plus fort et mieux préparer pour combattre ses opposants.


  11. I am over 50 and for the first time in my life I have a deep respect for a party leader. He has my complete support!

  12. Scheer already proved to be as much a dictator as Trudeau a couple of weeks ago by getting a journalist he does not like arrested and handcuffed.
    There will be no democracy in Canada with any other Prime Minister than Max. Go PPC!

  13. The truth will out. The other fools want power. Bernier wants to lead. The others have an escape plan. Only Bernier talks like someone that will live in Canada after his political career is done. The rest hate their children. Only Bernier talks like he wants his children to live out their lives as Canadians, and is worried about the Canada that will be left to them. Puhleeeze Canadians. Could we please have a PM with some economic training in Ottawa again? Pretty pretty please?? VOTE DAMMIT. #PPC

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