19 thoughts on “Matthew Goodwin: Populism is here to stay – Viewsnight

  1. Populism and nationalism have become necessary in order to defend against the sinister forces of globalism and internationalism who want to destroy the nation states and the indigenous people's of Europe.

  2. Do you realize that South American cultures with half the per capita incomes of Europe and personal poverty as an eternal radical base are a predictable bohemian* stew with no other reasonable constraint other than moral disgust otherwise* as – a ! superior culture!? DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU JUST DID TO YOURSELVES ETERNALLY???

    Stated intent: you missed this, the good blokes didn't get any point other than your deflated worth: Revenge, eternal variety. A kind of freedom you might not have staked any defense against.

    You justified the most impossibly confounding dependence on screwing yourselves conservatively.

    Raise a toast for every person you think might not have trouble with each of them confronting our being insured against this slogan: "Don't tread on me".

    Of course countless reactions arise from masquerading as leftism for a sick and boorish hell-bent propaganda and cruelty. By the time people realize the tip of the scale* that's being mocked for hypocrisy's riches, up to the revealed nature of abuse as glorified, victims of morality that no longer exists have already been brought to their knees one-sidedly in the new competitive insecurity cancelling consideration* as genocidal exaggerations. It's designed to entrap all people by what once would have been freely recognized as satanists. It's hard to imagine what this new world would be like/ ah, what took it so long.

  3. Does it never feel a bit hysterical obsessing over Islam like its an existential threat, this isn't the blitz you know. All the second/third generation pakistani/bangladeshi migrants I know are heavy drinking social conservatives just like everyone else, they don't even pray or fast, the only difference is they won't get pepperoni on their pizzas… scary stuff.

  4. Wow, a native Brit like myself is allowed to comment on a BBC video? Shall I take my shoes off first take the tradesmen's entrance? In all seriousness, Is it me or does the BBC seem blissfully unaware of how much it's despised by swaths of the working-class electorate in Britain?

  5. Of course populism is here to stay. However long Islam is in Europe and growing, populism will continued use to grow.

  6. What they mean by populism.  Is the democratic awakening to the reality of out culture and way of life being dismantled by an ideological elite that is opposed to democracy and seeks through evil intent or stupidity the ascendancy of an undemocratic political  ideology called Islam. The left and political Islam have worked hand in hand and the naïve liberals have been locked into a political correctness that prevents then from seeing what evil they are doing to their own future.

  7. Le Penn is vile and many of her supporters would end up with buyers remorse should she gain power. Goodwin is correct though. #agree 🇬🇧

  8. OMG! A BBC Newsnight clip where comments are not disabled!!!!!! I nearly spat out my coffee. The great unwashed, (that's licence fee payers to me and you), are actually permitted to comment. Will wonders never case?

  9. Why make such a fuss over populist Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. His support in the last election was 13%. Le Pen now has 22%. In the UK, UKIP has one seat in parliament. Support for populism is meaningful but certainly not huge. These levels of populist support have not really changed since the 1980's. What has changed is the media attention for these populist parties.

  10. Perhaps there could be a broader effort to fight against conservative cultures like islam, and then the populists like le pen would not be needed anymore.

  11. Populism is just a democratic reaction against the authoritarian EU, neoliberalism, Islamization, and mass immigration.

  12. i hate immigration some people are living in their own community which is kind sucks ,they should be deported back to their country ,these people wont contribute your country ,they just want to take advantage of it , france should set up laws for migrants some of them should be deported , some moron in europe came back from syria ,why not question them ?why not deport them ? human rights ?knock it off !!why sweden has so many black people came from syria ?! i was wondering syria is a black country .

  13. Perhaps it is less about populism and more an awakening across Europe of the risks political Islam brings with it. Poland and Hungary are both rejecting calls from the EU to accept Islamic migrants. The terror attacks wrought by followers of Political Islam will either be the downfall of the liberal/left leaning politicians for those who reject the ideals of Islam or there will be a continuous stream of attacks as we are seeing now.

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