17 thoughts on “Mass media | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy

  1. Pens and pens for her? That doesn't even make sense. It's called having different colored pens!!
    And razors for men and women are different because women shave a larger area, including sensitive areas, which need a gentler and more flexible razor to do the job.

    As for women being portrayed as shallow, obsessed with looks, and sexualized, have you ever seen most female Twitch streamers and Instagram models? Seriously, look up Neice Waidhofer for Christ's sake. In almost all of her pictures she has her boobs out. And I'm not saying men aren't shallow. Instagram has a lot of guy douche bags too. Just don't pretend that men aren't objectified as well.

    Also, fuck you, I like pink. Let me have a pink razor for the love of God.

    Wait, sorry. I meant all hail our leftist female overlords.

  2. at the 3:44 mark…yeah it was getting good until you need to bring up white males and so forth. Why do you need to bring up race? oh yeah it's because it's "cool" now and trending. Stop judging the color of someone's skin and look at their character.

  3. I liked this video
    until it got to feminism andddd eeggghhh

    mass media now is made for consumerism, most of the audience are straight white people because there's just that many of us aorund the globe, it makes sense from their perspective to just give something to the aducience that they can relate v:
    though of course they should diverse mass media in some ways so it doesn't become stale but not forcefully
    forcing diversity on mass media killed so many shows, games etc

    overall this is a good video
    but last minute is just….meh
    and the example of cinema is weird, they just want to watch movie in silence, they can talk about it afte the movie ended V:

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