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  1. Looking back on this video makes me realise how far I've come. When I made this I was completely self taught, struggling to understand whatever books and articles I could and asking everyone I knew for advice. I'm now in my 20's, I am a few weeks away from graduating from a history degree and I'm training to become a journalist.
    You people helped this happen

  2. How do you equally distribute cash flow to workers? What is the purpose of owning a business under Marx ideology? What if the government goes too far with Marxism? It’s dangerous to put the power in the hands of the government alone, distributing power between business and government is a working system that offers opportunity for everyone who seeks it.

  3. Marxism is the most grandiose thing the world has ever experienced, and was born in the head of the biggest genius that ever lived on the Earth: Karl Marx. But dicks like the author and all the viewers who say he´s right will never understand that.

  4. How I like it when a teen-age (or shortly past twenty) idiot who has never been to a socialist country wants to teach others about Marxism! Go skateboarding, you little piece of shit.

  5. Excuse me sir if you don't mind can I ask you what exactly your accent is??? It's something similar to Klaus Michaelson…. I want to learn this… So I first have to know the exact name….

  6. Excellent work! Your grasp of the subject and accessible presentation are on the mark. Thanks.

  7. Great explanation dude, even as someone who’s not a Marxist, I found this video very informative, keep up the good work!

  8. The police do sell their labour so doesn't that make them members of the proletariat? Why would they support the oppressor? Who's side do they pick and why?

  9. As a beginner's guide, a good basic reading of class division. However, things have naturally got more complex since Marx's time.

    The Petty Bourgeois class has grown larger, i.e. small businesses; tradesmen; landlords etc people who both work and own their own means of production. Such 'little capitalists' do not necessarily have any allegiance with the traditional working class; in fact, more often than not – they will vote Tory, Liberal and UKIP.

    Then there's the so-called Labour Aristocracy – a class of skilled workers who can demand higher wages, often higher than traditional middleclass trades. Once again, such workers don't have an automatic affinity with class struggle, in fact it's probably the case, they'd be worse off under socialism. Such workers as electricians, carpenters, gas fitters will generally support soft-left positions, but, once again – they can easily be swayed by reactionary politics.

    And the other class that has mushroomed in recent decades is the underclass – or what Marx would've called the Lumpen Proletariat – petty criminals; sex workers; beggars; dope peddlers; benefit scroungers etc. Marx claimed that the Lumpen Proletariat would generally be A political at best; or at worst – a weapon of reactionary intrigue. Their slothful criminalized position would actually be threatened by socialism; hence they have little or no revolutionary potential.

    So the de facto working-class are not what they once were, perhaps making up 40 percent of the population. Which is why modern socialist parties in Western countries look to recruit oppressed minorities to improve their electoral chances. However, such a strategy can backfire – given Liberal policies can alienate traditional working class voters.

    Moreover, just because someone is Black, gay, trans, lesbian etc doesn't automatically mean they will vote for progressive parties.

    All of the above, speaking to why we are seeing the West drift ever right-ward. The expansion of private housing; self employment, small business and mass unemployment or under employment – can only lead in a Right-ward direction.

  10. Awesome video! I am in my first year of a criminal just degree and your video was way more interesting than listing to a three hour lecture and i got a relatively nice amount of understanding of Matt and social classes

  11. I understand that your video is an introduction to how social classes constitute themselves in general. But would the office worker, let's say in Microsoft, be also a proletarian ?

  12. As a business owner this is a perfect example of why Marxism failed so miserably, the notion that because you own a business you don’t work. Lol tell that to you local baker, florist, mom pop anything and you’ll get a real answer or the truth. Marxism is a disaster and history proves it over and over again. It simply is completely wrong in all its analogies.

  13. "Capitalism is very new" – Yes. Voluntary exchange between two people is only 300 years old. Before that it was all completely and entirely force and theft.

  14. Isn't the idea behind socialism to bring democracy to the work place? After the October revolution Lenin dissolved the workers councils and the soviets. Without the councils can we really call what happened in the USSR socialism? I would go further and say that, because of the 'labor army' they created, that they were anti-socialist who were using a popular idea to gain power.

  15. You did not deesvribe feudalism remotely accurately…. you just described slavery…. American slavery at that, not even Moorish slavery or African slavery, etc. feudalism can function within a representative republic or democracy and it could also function without slavery. Hence “neo fuedalisn” my point is I think you misunderstand what feudalism fundamentally is, yes older societies that were soncisered feudalist did indeed have slaves, so did representative republics and democracies and Desptots!

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