25 thoughts on “Martin Luther King The Three Evils of Society

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  2. Psalm 73 Psalm 91 Psalm 23 Psalm 11 and the name of the father and the Holy Ghost Jacob Abraham Moses amen

  3. 2:10 to 2:25 he tells you that the north had slavery too just didnt call it slavery up there because they were slick they called it ghettos..and down here they called it plantations!!no different same thing…so yall get educated please..Democrats are not for you trust me!!! Neither are Republicans

  4. A murderer still is Hunt for another victim .
    You are only the man who told the truth. You a great human Justice for you will never did.

  5. This speech was 51 years ago and it reigns true in 2019.

    Whenever the government provides opportunities in privileges for white people and rich people they call it “subsidized” when they do it for Negro and poor people they call it “welfare.” The fact that is the everybody in this country lives on welfare. Suburbia was built with federally subsidized credit. And highways that take our white brothers out to the suburbs were built with federally subsidized money to the tune of 90 percent. Everybody is on welfare in this country. The problem is that we all to often have socialism for the rich and rugged free enterprise capitalism for the poor. That’s the problem.

    “The Minister to the Valley,” February 23, 1968, From the archives of the SCLC.*

  6. This is so powerful. Please forward to Donald J.Trump, his associates and followers. He is speaking about the plight of ADOS. He is also talking about.the globalist and 1% of the worlds population who profit from wars and rumors of wars. This is the battle cry for reputation of the ADOS. I hear you brother, I hear you. Share with the non believers who say pick yourself up by your boot traps. If a man does not have boots how can he has traps?

  7. The farther we get from his time on earth, the more I realize this man's greatness. Sounds as if he was looking into the future and describing today.

  8. I wish Mr king was here today and learn how they tell us that they went to the moon and the earth is like a ball round.

  9. I am now 56 years old. Became homeless after the amputation of my feet, just over there years now I have been homeless. I give thanks to God for this man Mr King very good and wise man. He is so right to say that we must get our own house in order, what he means is our own hearts and minds. This government wants us to be their prisoner by the controlling of our minds. I get around in a wheelchair on the streets that the true loving God has given us. I am at war with my own country, my battles are no longer mine but the creator of this all. As for racism, it was the Lord who put me in this white body, just as He put the soul of my neighbor in their body. As for poverty it was not the will of my Father but man is the taker of things. The wiser a man becomes the more sorrows he will have. All we can do now is wait for the true judgement to come down from Heaven, as we get our houses in order

  10. X called it MLK is a house slave who supported the State of Israel ! Just leave real justice and equality to the Muslims!

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