100 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Is Tired of Kevin O’Leary’s Peanut Butter Arrogance – Shark Tank

  1. Kevin destroyed a family's life under the influence driving a boat paid off his wife to take the blame since he's the breadwinner fire him seriously

  2. I would buy a pump for that, I also put peanut butter in referg. You know how hard it is to put peanut butter on bread with nuts or with out. Thumbs up/ Iam sure there is a small market.

  3. People the sharks can’t take the product seriously because the salesperson is in a terrible position. He clearly doesn’t know how to run this business, as he not only revealed he was fired from his job, but that he also is technically stealing peoples money. As an investor, it doesn’t matter how good the product is (which it really isn’t) if the owner is having problems, you don’t invest.

  4. The sharks are sometimes really annoying because they won’t even give this guy a chance when he actually has a decent product

  5. See this perfect example when these sharks don't get the average household… This saves me so much time!! EXPECIALLY WITH KIDS!!!

  6. I’d buy a pump for my peanut butter. I make PB&J for my kids all the time. Also what mad man would refrigerate peanut butter?…

  7. Who would buy this? I used to use peanut butter all the time, this just seems stupid because my knife worked fine and I didn't need a ridiculous pump in the process.

  8. I divorced my wife because of this problem. If this was around back then, we would still be a happy family not a broken one

  9. They missed a good idea just for shits n giggles, but we would all buy this. I worked at Ritas water ice n the way they serve peanut butter is with a pump like this 1 but for big containers. Theres definitely a market

  10. Kevin is PB connoisseur. Thought just wine. Kevin being such a PB connoisseur should have put money where the PB is. And invest in it.

  11. We're just sick of oleary. Period. Gtf out of canada. We don't believe you for a second. Trash but with wealth. Especially the boating community down here on the urban waterfront. You should hear what other rich white folks think of you and your stories. Pay your election campaign invoice and stfu.

  12. I bought one of these and it fucking works lmao it leaves the container pretty damn clean.

    I also put it in the fridge and it’s still pumping away

  13. The sharks sound arrogant and it looks like they didn't give the guy a chance. I'd buy this since I freaking hate using spoons

  14. Why would you put peanut butter in the fridge??? Do they know how hard it is to spread cold peanut butter on a slice of bread? Of course they don't! They only eat expensive fancy foods!!

  15. All of a sudden the are complete buttholes to a somewhat "decent" idea in my opinion….
    I've seen much worse, Taken much Lighter

  16. They need to be a bit more humble. I mean who would have thought the makers of Daymond's glasses would have sold even 1 pair.

  17. First world problems am I right? But seriously just wipe your fucking knife off. Be a man and expect to wash your hands when digging for the last bit of peanut butter. I agree that this doesn't seem like a real problem.

  18. Cuban wants Al if so if cell phones with 5 Gigs were a very mild concern What about the concern from a robot that will pick up and receive instructions The routine does happen this way too on the job so eletromagnetic problems with this are a concern And a lot of us would be concerned too and we would need to know if environmental problems like these aren't being overlooked?

  19. I used to keep the Peanut butter besides the Nutella outside the fridge, till I read on Trader Joe's jar to refrigerate it. Tbh I thought it is unhealthy to keep it outside but man What a mess to spread the PB on bread lol .
    i use my hands now lmao .

  20. Id buy this product. I hate having to take out a knife to spread on the peanut butter and having to wash the knife right after.

  21. Amazing product. Don’t worry karma will bite the sharks in the ass for not even giving this guy a chance to speak. This guy will hit it big and the sharks will regret it. I’ve seen these stupid ass sharks invest in THEME PARKS shows LMAO!!!!!!!!

  22. Laughing at someone's product is absolute disrespect, at least respect his work and effort he's put in. What kind of a message would this give off?

  23. This is a great idea. He'll probably get knocked off into the stone age but still if you were to use this you wouldn't want to go back to a knife.

  24. how does this work with real peanut butter though, and why can't you refrigerate it? if you don't refrigerate real peanut butter the oil will separate and float to the top.
    They should make one that can also stir the peanut butter before every use

  25. This product I would use!! the only reason the shark's didn't see fit because the Heathens don't cook for themselves and have there maids and butlers do all their dirty work

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