Margaret Thatcher – Capitalism and a Free Society

Margaret Thatcher – Capitalism and a Free Society

48 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher – Capitalism and a Free Society

  1. 6:18 '…if you do leave it to the tiny, well organized minority…Unpleasant things happen…" Unpleasant like for instance Cambodia in 1975, just to name 1 of many instances in the 20th century.

  2. Damn. You dumb-fuck English eurolibs seem to hate this woman. This woman should have been American. She was way too good for you, govNAH.

  3. Using the term "capitalism" automatically qualifies you as a retarded Marxist. It is free market economy what we should really talk about.

  4. a "free market" is never free, its ie ther controlled by the public or its controlled by individuals.

  5. The Capitalist system these days, as we saw during the last 10 years, is to tax the masses to bail out the reckless 1% on top.

  6. Good on ya Maggie, the miners probably hated you, but you had some very sound ideas and today we can see society is definitely moving away from the 'Free society' model.

  7. And she went and sold all our State owned Industries to the Jews heavily discounted. Norman Lamont advised on the privatisation scam and he started his career working for the Rothschild's.

  8. She was a superior intellect. The UK was so fortune to have had her as a leader. We had Reagan. What a combination.

  9. Great at speaking and I agree with some of what she is saying here but, let us not forget that the UK working classes suffered greatly whilst she was in power. A lot of people didn't respect her as a Prime Minister. Often people talk about great things until the are in a position where they are forced to stick to advocating a pre planned political agenda. I was a child of the 80's. I remember how tough it was back then.

  10. White people will sit there and talk about the importance of liberty with a straight face while they kept black people enslaves for over 400 years

  11. The Iron Lady was for bank deregulation, anti labor unions, privatization of London and getting rid of the middle class and lower class out of London. What a wonderful women.

  12. The madwoman ?
    In1979 the money rebelled, overthrew the people, and installed Thatcher.
    They overthrew the rule of the people BY the people FOR the people.
    She imposed the rule of the people by the money for the money !
    She transformed a basically civilised society into a racket of crazed, diseased, rats fighting to the death over the contents of a burst bin-bag.
    Her legacy is record poverty, record homelessness, record decline in public services, and record profits for the exploitative reptiles and slumlords who still idolise her for what she did to make them richer, and our people poorer.
    The only PM where whole towns, regions, held street parties when she died.
    An idol only to the reptiles, exploiters, and squalid little crooks who now rule our people !
    A brutal class war tyrant to the majority of our people !
    May she burn in hell !

  13. Wonderful woman! Wish she would reincarnate and be elected as the first woman president of the United States. She was so graceful, articulate, intelligent, and assertive.

  14. I hate the horned intro music. Makes me feel like I’m about to watch a monacled British man reading a newspaper and smoking a pipe by the fire lecture me about something.

  15. Wait a moment. Between 10.33 and 11.49 the iron Lady showed signs of having a social conciense. How can that be?

  16. This was her at her absolute best, mid to late 1970's, when she had the final goal in sight – only to win it or lose it – with a loyal core of lieutenants at her side and at the very height of her formidable intellectual power.

  17. From around 11.00 and forward, you will see how the reasonability of us here in Europe is juxtaposed with the market capitalism of a more fundamentalist and libertarian kind of the USA, formed and forged by their early settler and pioneer history where it really was make it or break it. All down to each and every individual.

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