38 thoughts on “Maputo The Beautiful Capital of Mozambique.wmv

  1. لي قاعد يتحصر على مزمبيق من سكان شكوبي ستان يتكا جام 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Mozambique a country in south east Africa it's a Portuguese speaking country. she got her independence from Portugal in 1975.

  3. Beautiful from this point of view but what about all the crime and the women that are raped! Bottom line is this Country is very dangerous and should be avoided as a tourist. Garbage Country

  4. Saludos desde Venezuela visite ese país en el año 2009 fue una linda experiencia … Mozambique tierra amada días a días construyendo un nuevo días ..

  5. You should look here for Lourenço Marques, this was the most beautiful city in Africa, in the portuguese times of course!

  6. If i stay to myself and go here for holiday, i wonder if I will have to fear and/or worry about my safety? Is Maputo really a safe place?

  7. good peaple and good country is always winner as like mozambique we love you from somalia

  8. Mozambique is a beautiful country with extremely civilized and intelligent people. I stayed in Mauputo for a year in 2006-07 and traveled throughout the country, from south to north. When in meetings, I observed that they are all so soft-spoken. Never saw any street fighting there. The people are generally poor, but good. I wish to revisit this country. God bless this country.

  9. Instead of arguing about which African country is richer and which is poorer, let's build up whichever African country we choose to live. Do not be a drag on its development. Help.

  10. stupid African arguing and fighting against eachother.. this is what your white masters left u with.. hate on eachother… who cares what African country has the largest or richer resources.. your white masters took it all and they are still taking it. instead of u young people come together and figure how to remove this your so called wicked greedy useless leaders u are here arguing.. you Africans are pathetic and always will be. grow up and learn some sense.. educate yourselves and stop this your foolishness.

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