Majority Demands Same Rights as Minorities

Majority Demands Same Rights as Minorities

Namaste everyone! This is Ritu Rathaur here. There is a growing awareness in the Hindu society about the state sponsored discrimination wherein they feel their places of worship, their places of educational institutes are not being controlled by them. And there are schemes which are pro-minority and majority have no role to play in this. And these are the issues which they feel should be discussed and debated upon. I have with me Rahul Diwan. Hi Rahul, welcome aboard. Rahul runs, he is the founder of a foundation called Srijan Foundation, which runs non-formal schools He also runs a YouTube channel by the name of Srijan Talks. Rahul is one of the founder members of this Hindu Charter movement. The second guest that we have is Sankrant Sanu. Welcome Sankrant. -Thank you! -Sankrant is a very popular figure on social media, very active person on twitter who keeps giving his commentary on Indic civilization. Started a venture called Garuda Prakashan wherein he is publishing books related to Indic renaissance. He has recently published a, his organization Garuda has recently published a book on Urban Naxals which has been a bestseller written by Vivek Agnihotri. He himself has written a book on languages called, “The English Medium Myth”. wherein he feels that Indian languages are not getting the importance that they should get. And the third person is our rockstar, Rajiv Malhotraji. Welcome aboard Rajivji. Thank you! -So, my first question here goes to Rahul Diwan from Srijan. What is Hindu Charter all about? -There is no real founder members, so, I would like to correct you. Everybody is a member. Anybody can make it a, you know, their own charter. The primary point on our minds was the Dr. Satyapal Singh Bill which is in the parliament. Yeah? It actually asks for amendment of Articles 26 – 30. That’s how it all started. -My question to Rajivji is that you have been living in US for decades now. And you have also travelled across the world. Rajivji please tell me, have you ever experienced this kind of state sponsored discrimination against the majority of the country that you are living in? The idea of minority assumes that the majority has been powerful. In the US the minorities are the people who were either finished off the native Americans were devastated and destroyed. And they are living as a minority and need protection because the white Euopean majority came in. Or they are blacks who were brought in as slaves. They are the minority. And similarly, in Europe, the minorities are, for example, Muslims in France and England, they are immigrants from somewhere else. India is the only major civilization I know of where it has been ruled by a foreign minorities for a thousand years. So, it is very interesting. Numerically they are minorities. The Muslims are minorities. The Christians are minorities, but in terms of power for a thousand years, they are the ones who ruled over the majority. So, here you have a case where minorities who are former rulers and who have language an advantage and lot of infrastructure owned by them and lot of links with foreign nexuses where, who sent them to come and rule. You have all of that advantage in their hands. But numerically because they are minorities, the idea of minority rights which is applicable in the west is being brought to India on that basis. So, I think, the whole question of who is the minority needs to be debated and I have asked for that kind of a thing for many years. Now, as far as rights are, as far as giving privileges is concerned, you know, there is no anti-Christian clause in the United States in a way which says that the Christians are the majority we should take quotas away from them and give it to non-Christians. That would be considered laughable. It would be considered total joke. It would be a violation of the constitutional separation of church and state. So, there is no you know, muzzling the Christians because they are majority and they are too powerful. There is no such thing in United States, as there is in India taking the majority religion and trying to suppress it, trying to push it down on the basis that, you know, maybe it’s too powerful, too large and so on and so forth. So, there is no example of this sort where the constitution, the law, the systems are anti majority religion. I don’t see that anywhere. Certainly, you will not see anti-Islam in any Islamic country. You will not see anything anti-Confucianism in China. You will not see anti-Christianity in any European country or United States. So, I think this is a very strange thing in India. It’s actually a colonial inferiority complex that our elite have. They are trying to prove to their western masters that, you know, we are really going to beat ourselves up, we are going to beat ourselves up to prove to you that we are very liberal. So, it’s a great way to break up a country. To kind of really bashing at the start bashing at the majority and then look for a reaction against, from them. And when the reaction comes you can go to all the social media and all your sponsors in the western world and say, Oh, you know, the Hindus are angry without explaining why they are angry. So, I am quite concerned about this anti majority-ism, and minority-ism in India which has become very stable politics. -Sankrant, I want your response on this. You yourself having lived in US for such a long time. Sure! It’s a really a strange phenomenon in India. In fact, practically in any other country of the world, the minorities would be vying to get the same rights as majority. The very fact that we have to have the Hindu Charter and the very first clause of the Hindu Charter is, upgrade the status of the majority to that of minorities in India. If we look at how ridiculous that ask is, you see what strange situation India has created. And I think there are a couple of impulses here. If you compare to the US for instance, what the US understand by secularism of by what they call establishment clause, a state and religious institutions are completely kept separate. So, the state will not fund religious institutions which will teach for instance, religion officially. Nor will they interfere in the functioning of religious institutions. In India it’s the exact opposite. The state can and does fund religious institutions as long as they have the minority tag. This would be completely illegal in the United States. You could not do this at all. Not only that, in the United States all the sorts of scholarship and the schemes that India has put together, you know, you have special schemes for craftsmen from minority communities, you have special scholarships that only if you belong to certain religion, as long as you are not Hindu, you can get. These would be completely illegal under the US Constitution. In fact, the US census cannot even ask for the religion. Let alone do it for a scheme of our government scheme that would discriminate on the basis of religion. So, it’s an absurdity I will just add one final point which is, you know, our former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh had made the statement that minorities have the first right on resources. Now, I have to ask, what kind of country or what kind of system would say minority of people should have more rights than the majority. The only modern era state that I can think of is South Africa where a minority white people had more rights than the majority of coloured people. So, the system in India is what I would call a religious apartheid state in which the minority has greater rights than majority and the majority is pleading to the state to give them the same rights. -The hegemony between the media, the judiciary, the left radicals co-occupy this, legitimize this apartheid and any voice which is trying to, you know, which comes up asking for equal rights for the majority is termed as nonsense. Absolutely! Asking for equality, asking for pluralism, you become a right-wing Hindu fascist. Right? And supporting a system of apartheid of discrimination is supposed to be the liberal order of things. -Major Hindu temples are being controlled by the state. By this government, the central government, the state governance, all the donations, funds are being used by the state. The exclusive, The excuse they give is, the excuse they give is that the Hindus will not be able to manage their religious organizations very well. What’s your take on this? Many times I have said that if Christians in India can manage their own churches and Muslims can manage their own mosques, and Gurudwaras by the Sikhs and so on, you can go around this, you know. Then why is it that only Hindus are considered irresponsible and not able to manage their own temples. And the government has to force itself, it’s not a voluntary takeover, it has to force itself on the pretext that this is good for the Hindus that the government is managing their temples. This is utter nonsense. This was done by the British. This whole temple control stuff started by the British. And the Indian authorities have not had the courage, the audacity to kick this whole colonial laws out. They just continued these kind of a laws. The British did it to divide different religious people against each other. So, you know, Hindus being the majority it was very important to control their temples because lot of money was being given to the temples. And rather than the temples being free to reinvest that money for the civilization, for its education and writing books and scripts and manuscripts and preserving all the culture rather than letting the tradition fund itself, the British wanted to kind of get their hand on it. So, Indian government has continued this. It is completely ridiculous. So, you don’t have to give the analogy of how do the US Of course, there is no such thing as government, there is no government department that can run any religious organization. The department even such a thing doesn’t even exist in the US. But why do we want even bother with US, even in India, all we seek is the same treatment as the other minority religions are getting. When I tell this to my American friends, they can’t believe it. They think that this is a joke. And this is something so outrageous. How is it tolerated? And yet it is being tolerated. Rahul, my question to you. As Rajivji said that we are, you know, facing this state sponsored discrimination. You said just a while back that Articles 25 to 30 are the reasons that we are facing this kind of religious apartheid. Could you please explain a little bit about them? Sure. -What are Article 25, what exactly is happening between them? -So, I will not go into the legalities too much, but, you know, first a little background here. What happens is that Hindus normally tend to get very emotional about say, temples or RTE or our educations, instituitions, you know us not being able to teach Mahabharat and Ramayana in our schools or even yoga, for example. Right? And there is this whole narrative about, you know, This is what we need to do. We have to change the system. What we do not realize is that, and we vent our anger against say the judges and the Supreme Court and so on so forth. They are only interpreters of law. Where does the law comes from is the constitution. Now, Articles 25 to 30 were inserted during the constituent assembly debates. And they were inserted because, you know, we wanted to create an equal state for all minorities. Right? So, they were very anxious that is India going to be an, give equal rights to all minorities when the new modern nation state you know, as it was being formed. So, these articles were inserted for all of that. Now, there are some nuances You know, for example, there is a history of discrimination against purportedly lower classes among Hindus. So, there was, for example, 25(2)(b) a clause of throwing open temples to Hindus of all sections of society, for example. Now, these things between 25(2)(b), 26, there has been a lot of interpretation, misinterpretation and so on so forth which has led to, you know, various kinds of judgements. You know, just to give you an example, there is, you know, use of the phrase, religious denomination which has come up in the Sabrimala case. There is no definition of religion or a definition of a denomination. So, everything has to be interpreted. Right? Now, all of this leads to varying judgements. Right? And what happens is where the situation has arrived, which is not how the people who framed the constitution would have ever imagined, is a state which actually is not only not giving equal rights to the majority, but is actually against the majority. It is putting, it is given like a chair to the minorities while the majority is sitting on the floor. All the ask of the Dr. Satyapal Bill which is in the Parliament. It’s a private member bill. Is that please upgrade the status, like Sankrant was saying. So, it asks for some amendments. For example, remove the words, remove the word, minorities and replace it with all sections of society. -So, Rahul, are you trying to say that these sections 25 to 30 only apply on the majority Hindus? They do not apply on the minorities. They can run their own institutions. They can control their own religious places. Is that what you are trying to say? Yes, so, I will give you an example. So, see, India is a secular country and by that definition when the state touches any form of subsidy for example, whether on land or with teacher subsidies or anything like that. Because the state has to keep an arm’s distance, from promoting any religion, what happens is it, first later, sorry, I will take a step back. It has classified all religious, all even itihasa, like Mahabharat and Ramayana as religious texts. Firstly, that classification has happened. Now because the state cannot promote any religion, what happens is that and if it funds any institution either by land subsidy or teacher subsidy salaries and all of that, from that institution state has to withdraw its hand from promoting anything that is religious. What happens is that and if you, if I am Rahul Diwan, you are Ritu Rathaur and you form an institution, you are given a land by the government, you will not be allowed to teach Mahabharata or Ramayana or yoga in your school. However, the state will not interfere in if I am if my name is Jacob Dsouza or, you know, Jacob Dsouza. -But this cannot be secularism. Then I am free to teach however I want to, you know, run the curriculum. So, Jamia Milia Islamia can have a mosque inside the campus which is all funded by the centre. But an Arya Samaj cannot teach the Satyarth Prakash in DAV Schools which is run by the Arya Samaj. So, my next question again goes to Rahul, to you. It’s on your demand, Charter’s demand on complete ban on beef exports. Why? Right now, only about 75 or 80 legal slaughter houses in the country. India has become the largest exporter of beef in the world. It can be argued that this is not cow meet, which is typically beef, but nobody in the world creates a dinstinguition, distinguishes between buffalo meet and cow meet. India is the only place that makes that distinction. Yes, we export buffalo meet. There are about three crore buffalos which are killed every year. About 45% female buffalos and a large proportion of the rest of them is you know, calves, which is, you know, for tender meat. Now 50% roughly is from Uttar Pradesh alone. What this does is, that there is mass movement of cattle from all over the country because Uttar Pradesh, for example, or Derabassi in Punjab does not produce so many buffalos. When there is such mass movement, there is theft and there is theft of cows also for illegal abettor. Then there is rift in society because all said and done Hindus are sentimental about cows being slaughtered. You can you do away with that? No. Then there is all the gau rakshaks that are coming and the lynching that happened and there is whole rift in society. Our ask is, all these exports, we don’t want to interfere with your dinner you know, wherever you are, in North-East, Kerala or in Madhya Pradesh or Delhi, don’t care about it. Just ban export of beef. Do we really want the two billion dollars that comes in via this? There are only about by our estimates about 50,000 to 75,000 people employed. All of these can be done away and you know, over a course of some period of time a new businesses can be, these people can be assisted to start new businesses. So, there is a proposal coming up the right to return on Indic origin religions. The question is, will this make India into a religious state like Israel? How do you justify this? -Well, I think that the freedom to convert on one’s own initiative should be from any religion to any religion provided it is an act of genuine conversion for your own, by the consumer. It should not be that the seller, the marketer, the supplier is making you convert. So, I think that there is a difference between right of the producers and the right of the consumer. I think there should be no producer right to go around converting people. There should be a consumer right to convert on your own because you have a, from any religion to any religion. If you, once the supplier side the institutionalized religions, start competing against each other which is what is happening to convert more people, and then they are funded by foreign agencies and then they have a lot of reason to, you know, kind of spread kind of negative stuff about each other. Spread nonsense and rubbish that you are going to go to hell, that you are pagans and you are this and that. That is what creates conflict. Conflict is not that one guy had an awakening and he want to be following a certain Isht Devata, he can follow the Isht Devata. It should be a consumer right to have freedom of religion. It should not be a right of an institution to go around converting people on a large scale. That is how I feel about it. Sankrant, a quick question to you which Hindu Charter also speaks about is, you have been advocating Indian languages will boost our economic development, our overall development, cultural, economic, everything. You also wrote a book, the English medium myth. But how does this workout in a country like India which has so many languages and every state is possessive about its language. How do we homogenize this? So, a quick answer to your question. Firstly, I went to about 35 countries or so to study this issue and I found that there is no major country on the planet which has developed without developing its own languages. And without bringing science and technology education into the mass languages of the people. And so, neither will India develop. Only a small fraction of people are able to progress, the vast mass is left behind. Now the question for we have so many languages, we also have so many people. The population of India is one and a half times that of Europe. If you look at the European Union, they have 24 official languages. And you have science and technology happening in 24 languages. You can communicate with the European Union government in any of the 24 languages. You can email them, you can write to them, you can phone them in any of the 24 languages. So, India really needs to develop as a multilingual state and it is the government of India which forces English today. We think that India, the government is promoting Indian languages, but it forces only English IIT It funds only English IIMs, only English AIIMS, it forces English in most of the courts of India. The Supreme Court can only function in English. So, it is the government’s policy which is forcing English and this needs to change. -I think that Sankrant the people will not change the language of instruction unless it leads to jobs. Because the reason, in Punjab they are shutting down Punjabi schools for English is because that’s how you get jobs. So, you your movement needs to shift its focus to the employment market. You need to figure, you need to go convince employers that they should hire people with local language, skills, rather than the interview the HR. You have to go and lobby with the HR departments. The personnel department. That is the department which is holding which is creating English language opportunity and when they are hiring English language people, the interviews are in English, everything, resume, everything written in English. Then, you know, naturally, those guys, their parents send them to English schools. And then naturally the local language schools keep shutting down. So, you have to start with the end product which is jobs. And so, if you look at the jobs, I did this study, if you look at the jobs they will tell you that certain professions lack professional text books in those languages. So, we need engineering books written in Indian languages, we need the law, case studies, the legal case studies are only in English. So, if a lawyer is good, and he wants to represent your case, he has to look at all the case law and this case law is in English. If he is a Hindi speaking educated fellow, who doesn’t know much English, he is not going to approved represent your case. So, now there is language translation, mechanical language translation. What Garuda, your publishing house should do in my opinion is rather than the next few books being in English, you should the focus on Indian language books for science, technology, law, medicine where you set up a centre where you use this mechanical language translation, with the help of human beings who can perfect it later but efficiency with machine assisted translation will be much better. And then you produce, you crank out, Indian language books. Now, that, once that is available, then, you know, then the professional institutions which are creating the job oriented, you know, graduates, they will have the tools for engineering, medicine, business, law, in a local language. Now this is a huge ecosystem job. I have an experience in this, I want to relate to you. We have this history of science and technology in 14 languages. and so, Ganesh Arnal, a very dear friend of ours in Mumbai took his personal money and got five of them translated into Marathi. He did, he spent lot of money of his own, thinking that he will seed something and then the Marathi speaking education minister state level and all that will endorse it. They did not. He went to Marathi speaking publishing houses, they did not. He went to political groups that are rabble rousing the Marathi, you know, Maharashtrian ethnicity. And they did not. He is not been able to get his money back. Nobody sponsored him. So, you know, you have to look at real case studies of what, you can’t just say as a kind of political policy that, you know, stop English and do all this. You got to go down the value chain and see now, why will they do it if they don’t have jobs. And they don’t have jobs because there are no text books in those languages. And those who, people like Ganesh Arnal, who have tried to create the text books, and I gave him rights to all our volumes and said, you translate them to any language. and you keep the money, market, sell, do whatever you want. We don’t want anything, any royalty, any of that. But he is not able to get sponsors. So, really the issue is much deeper than a kind of something that some education HRD Minister can do. -Thank you, so I will just respond to that quickly. Firstly, of course, Garuda is doing this. Garuda has started a medical effort. We are starting, we, our aim is to do both the MBBS curriculum and the engineering curriculum into Hindi to start with another languages. Of course, as you saw with the Marathi example, there is no money for this. This is going to be, -No money. -This is going to have to be funded by people, funded by philanthropists because it’s not a commercial viable proposition at this point to do it. Right now, the AICTE, the governing body for engineering institutions does not even allow an engineering institution to be set up using anything other than English. So, it’s a ban on anything other than English. And the government is not going to fund anything other than English. And as far as the jobs go, a very simple example I will give you. Multinational company when it goes to any other country, when it goes to Thailand, it goes to Korea, it goes to Germany, it goes to France, it gives jobs in those languages. Why is it that in India it’s requiring English? It is because the talent, we are not producing engineering graduates in English What they are going to hire if they give jobs in here? We are not producing management graduates in Hindi. Right? So, it is a, I agree with you but for the complete ecosystem you have to look at all the parts of it. And government policy is a huge part of it and of course, we have to do individual efforts as well. But right now you have a, we have a linguistic apartheid state which simply does not allow, by law, you cannot practice in the Supreme Court. There was a recent case where the judge scolded a district judge who had come to the Supreme Court he was arguing in Hindi and the Supreme Court judge says, don’t you know you cannot speak in Hindi in this court? So, this is the state that we have right now. We have a, you know, as you have said, we have continued the colonial state. We haven’t changed it. -This whole ecosystem is self-funding, self-feeding. And you cannot isolate one place because all of these things feed each other. Policy of the government, the employers, the job market, the training institute, education all of these. Now, the breakthrough can come through technology of language translation. That is a big breakthrough. It is happening. And, you know, it is Panini’s engine in computational linguistic which is doing all this, the brain, the work. So, I think that there is an opportunity to create language base, I mean, machine-based translation which would be 95% accurate, not hundred percent. And flood the market. Why don’t they take, like for instance, you know, take the important books that are being written on any subject and just translate them and distribute them. And you can even distribute them electronically, you don’t even have the cost of printing. So, somebody needs to take this on and this could be the kind of thing to take to the HRD Minister. That, you know, you have to do this. And the Minister of Labour, the HRD and the people who are trying to create jobs, educating them and creating jobs for them, they got to come together. And this has to be a very major agenda for nation building in local languages. So, I would love to move this forward because I am very clear on this that we cannot be colonized and expect to build a great nation that where we are trying to pretend that we are some kind of a European country. Rajivji, you are giving your full blessings to Hindu Charter. -So, you know, my feeling is the issues being raised to the Hindu Charter are all legitimate and valid issues. The question is, how do you go about it? And as I said in an earlier interview, I would take it department by department, ministry by ministry and not just hit all to everybody. I would say that you should take the education issues and let’s set up and appointment with the right people in HRD, let’s take cultural issues, Take them there. Let’s take legal issues. You know, let’s take the Charter, organize it to map it according to government, ministry level breakdown. of specialized things. Then, you know, nobody has an excuse to say, bhai ye to, you are asking me, I am the, I am the wrong guy to ask. I think we should take it like that. And then see what happens. And I would love to be part of it. -That’s a fantastic suggestion. -Absolutely! I think that’s the kind of strategic thinking we need which is how do we actually make it happen. I mean we all have good ideas but how do we actually make it happen. I think Rajiv is absolutely on the right track on that. -One of the things you can do is like in the in my old days, they, you know, you have marketing force which is called a strategic client marketing. So, they are marketing like instead of one salesman having 50 accounts or 500 accounts, this is the other way round. You are marketing to IBM and you have a sales force of 100. You have a 100 people marketing only to IBM. And you know, you have a thousand people in a large company marketing only to the federal government. Like that! And so, when you are doing very very big client marketing the first thing you do is you build up map of that organization. Who makes decisions, what are the departments, what permission this guy needs, who has the authority to do what. You don’t walk in and start telling everybody the whole thing because they feel ki you are just a, you are making no sense. You got to do a lot of research on how the Indian government makes decisions, where are the wheels moving, where are the departments that have what authority. This is a piece of due diligence that has to be done. And I would like to participate in that. I can help you with that. Then, you know, you go to this guy and he has got no excuse. You have taken his excuses away. You tell him this is according to your charter, according to this article that article. This is your job. I am bringing you the proposal. Now, he can’t run away. I think this is how we have to do it. Perfect. Good idea! -Rajivji, aapne bahut achha suggestion diya. Ab ek suggestion aur bhi de dijiye ki ye jitna bhi left liberal media ka gang hai ye sabse pahle attack karega Hindu Charter ke ooper bolkar ki ye to Hindus bematlab pe victim play kar rahe hain. Barkha Dutt ne bhi recently ek video nikala where she actually said, that Hindus are doing propaganda by bringing on this Hindu Charter. There is nothing, there is nothing against Hindus, it’s complete nonsense. How would, how should the Hindu Charter team deal with this? See, I would, I think that I can convince some Christians I know, who are based on my work as swadeshi Muslim and swadeshi Christian I have had actually a lot of private. I haven’t gone public with this, but I have a lot of private, you know, support from Christians, from Muslims saying, haan ham swadeshi hain. So, kya karein? How do we join? So, what I have told them is the way you join is we support each other. If it’s a reasonable Muslim issue we should support it. If it’s a reasonable Hindu issue, you should support it. Let’s, so, I think we can collect, we can collect sort of like a coalition, very diverse coalition that supports this because Specially things, see, there are certain things that are controversial which will affect them negatively. But there are certain things like right to education, it doesn’t affect them. Freeing our temples doesn’t affect them. So, there are certain things which are clearly anti-Hindu which are not for the benefit of any other religion. I mean we should at least form a unity on those points and get them moved first. That’s what I would do. -There is, there was a growing perception that this Hindu Charter is anti-BJP. Yes – no? Is it? Certainly not. To the contrary if I may say, actually what the Charter will do for this government is that if it takes up any one of these points as Rajivji said. They are all legitimate. There may be some nuances to how they are implemented and so on so forth. If anyone of these are implemented there actually be a very large Hindu consolidation in the country. -So, thank you Rahul, thank you Sankrant, thank you Rajivji for this wonderful show and this wonderful talk on Hindu Charter. We will catch you again soon. Thank you! Namaste!

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    Cast exists secularist never got votes
    I challenge Congress and other ncp sp bsp prove there secularism just eyewash they are getting votes based on cast how can they talk about secularism
    They are dividing Hindus
    Some Hindus are hunger for power money they are treating hinduism like brothel
    At least BJP doing something like yoga international day
    They will protect hinduism
    Present Muslims are not responsible for our downfall interpspect we respect all religeon not fanatic religeon
    Hinduism is our of life for everybody

  13. Only country in the world where a member of majority community convert to relegion of minority community to get previlage ,social status and extra state sponsered protection ,a strange situation ,If a member demands equal status the same would be stamped as communal !!!

  14. Tirupathi temple administrative head is a Christian ,and a sizable employees are christyan appointed by a converted chief minister

  15. This is utter nonsense! Have you jokers ever heard of something called Hindutva? And you are saying that Hindus are being discriminated against?

  16. Great discussion and presentation about Hindu charter. As always, great work. Thanks to Rajeev ji, Sankrant ji, Rahul ji and Ritu ji. May Divine Bless Your Endeavours.

  17. The language issue is a non starter. If I know only Marathi, then I cannot go to Bangalore or Delhi or other locations. It can come only if we have a standard common language. It can be sanskrit

  18. Pardon my language. It all happens, or has been happening in India because of the dangerously docile, slavish, condescending attitude of the Hindus. See what happened at Sabarimala in Kerala. The honour of the devotees is being looked down upon. Even the central govt. Is quite silent about it.

  19. Thank you very much. Very special thanks to Sri.Rajiv Malhotra for explaining with clarity.

    Numerically too , it is we the Hindus who have dwindled in numbers. Whereas muslims & christians have increased in numbers. The communists are ostensibly hindus ; not Hindus proper. Members of congress ,dmk , pmk , dk & similar political parties are all stealth christians calling the shots all over Southern States. Hindus are the most endangered of all in our own country Bharath.

  20. I wanted to educate my 1st son in Hindi medium school. Simple reason, language at home was hindi/Bhojpuri, he was well versed in it AND the hindi medium school was admitting him DIRECTLY into class 1 at the age of 5yrs, while the english medium schools wanted him to go thru' Prep, Lkg, then Ukg then class 1. But opposition from my in – laws ( esp Brother in Law ) was so intense that I had to give up my idea.

  21. Very important:- How church is going to have more control on medical care and research in USA

  22. Indians are making Indians poor. Hindus are allowing minorities to become rich and educated. Hindu farmers are committing suicide. Educated Hindus are working under bosses obtaining jobs through reservation. The sincere and intelligent are burdened with work of others. The hardworking Hindus are slogging, many going into depression.

  23. आपलोग हिंदी में वीडियो उपलब्ध करवाए
    कम से कम subtitles ही सही for wider reach

  24. This is how discussions in parliament should happen but rather having calm and reasonable debate the elected rowdies shout at each other for personal gains.

  25. It's ridiculous to know how majority is deprived of the same right that minority is enjoying in our country.
    We expect quick amendments are made to the law to correct the flaws.

  26. We are inventing problems where none exist! Because students study Engineering and Medicine in English they are employable globally. The BPO revolution in India is based on the fact that we have a large workforce that can speak in English
    Forthwith abandon this apartheid and victimhood narrative.
    If someone argues his case in front of Chief Justice Gogoi, Justice Chelameshwar and Justice Kurien in Hindi at the supreme court — then these judges will have to learn the law in all 17 languages to adjudicate. Please run with some common sense!
    Buffaloes are regularly sacrificed in Hindu temples across India! The mother goddess slayes a Mahish (buffalow) in which Mahishasur resided!

  27. This has been done by Congress party. Gandhi and nehru were agents of Christians and Muslims respectively. Hindus have been fooled by them by putting mahatma and pandit before their names. Unfortunately Hindus don't even vote for their political front , the BJP.

  28. During british rule gurdawars were also under control of british government and sikhs had to start gurudwara reform movement to take control of gurdawaras but they gave control only to neo sikhs

  29. what the use to claim that we are very liberal about and the pride in it. But we are losing ground. We are losing our privacy and security against minority. The minority are invader and try to destroy our culture and our most profound art work. We need proper rules and regulations from saving ourself from aggressor and own our mother land. welfare not be given to our enemy who plot to destroy our culture and habitat. The minority had all superior advantage over the native and they don't need special privilege. The minority shouldn't be very greedy for grading or covet Hindu land.

  30. English a commercial language. It has a it own function but not to forget our native language and it must up grade to modern environment to fit in the modern situation.

  31. From our mid-grades we were taught glorification of barbaric Mughal rulers through our history books. And these Congis and leftists were successful in demeaning and wiping out our minds from bravery, valor and courage shown by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, Krishnadevaraya etc. Seriously, our NCERT history books should be revised.

  32. Communist are our pigs 😀
    We survived 800 yrs of islamic invasion.
    We can survive these deep rooted community Shit eaters.

  33. Hindi is not a national language. South India does not want Hindi. We want our languages to be used in South. Do not impose Hindi on South. I am from South and I know Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and of course English. I understand Telugu and Malayalam but cannot speak it. But on the other hand I have met Hindi speakers who know only Hindi and of course English.

    Hindi imposition will bring about conflict within Hindus.

  34. Wake up Hindus before you are killed by khans illiterate rapist allah
    And Christian Rahul Antonio monio
    Sleeping cowards Hindu wake up you’ll be killed.

  35. Sirs, When non-Hindus allowed to occupy important positions of administration under the garb of equality of all, we got debased to this utter useless status in our own country after getting independence with great sacrifices of Hindu families. Until beginning of early nineteen sixties we used to have heavy dose of puranic literature in our regional language studies. For example when sri Brahmananda Reddy was chief minister who was a Christian he got most of the Hindu ethos in the education with lot of changes in syllabus. He got removed even the prayer in regional language (Telugu) which is translation of Kenoupanishad into a nice poem and meaning is universal in content only simply because of its Hindu origin. From there on communists and other antagonists of Hindus into important positions of educational system which ruined our education. There after Hindu moral controls vanished from education and so now even the educated turning to cruel and barbaric frequently which we see in news every day.

  36. Our situation is really bad. For e.g, look at the posture of Sankrant Sanu (my senior from IIT Kanpur). He seems lost, disconnected, not present. And the very first question that is asked of Rahul Dewan he gives a completely muddled and confused answer about his organization. It was his moment to showcase what he stood for and what his organization's purpose and charter is but he completely missed the boat. These people are supposed to be representing us and they cut such a sorry picture themselves.

  37. Politicial parties are looting hindu temple……
    Still temple money is being siphoned off by government control puppets…

  38. Christians have richer western countries to protect them; Muslim have richer middle-east to protect them; India is the only country for Hindus. We should realize and get together sooner

  39. जो भी इनके सोच से सहमत है उन्हे इस प्रवाह से जुडना होगा। अगर हम कमेंट भी करते है तो अपनी भाषा मे करे।

  40. 🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩🚩फि🚩र🚩 ए🚩क 🚩बा🚩र🚩 मो🚩दी 🚩स🚩र🚩का🚩र🚩

  41. में एक दलित हूं कोई मुझे सन्मान दे या न दे में हिन्दू हूँ हिन्दू ही रहूंगा में जहाँ रहता हूँ मै कभी भेदभाव की शिकार नेही हुआ लेकिन ।लेकिन बोहोत सारे स्थान में ये एक सचाई है कि दलितों के साथ भेदभाव होता है ।में भीम आर्मी का बिरोध करता हूँ और उच्च जाति का घमंड को भी ।आज दोनों को समझने की ज़रूरत है ।समस्या को नज़र अंदाज़ करनेका मतलब बेबकूफी ही है बोहोत सारे यूट्यूब चैनल दलितों की समस्या दिखा रहे हैअब मानता हूँ बढ़ा चढ़ा कर दिख रहे है लेकिन कुछ सचई भी है इसलिए बढ़ाने की मौका मिल रहा है।मुझे तब बोहोत बुरा लगा जब पूरी की संकराचार्य ने दलितों को मंदिर से बाहर रहने केलिए बोलै ।कुछ लोग अपने गाड़ी के पीछे गुर्जर ,राजपूत,ब्राह्मण लिख रहे है ये भी जातिबाद के एक अंश है और कुछ नेही पूर्ण रूप से मिटा न है तो भिर्न जाती से शादी की अनुमति ओर आपने जाति का घमंड अहंकार को मिटाना होगा ।अपने पूर्वजो पर गर्व करो लेकिन उसको अपने जाती का घमंड मत बनाओ । मेरे जैसे करोड़ो असवर्ण है जो हिन्दू धर्म को सन्मान देते है और लढ़ रहे है उनको नज़र अंदाज़ मत करो भीम आर्मी को देख कर ।मुझे टैब भि बुरा लगता है जब मुसलमानो के खिलाप सवर्ण एकता की बात करते है लोग अरे क्या असवर्ण मुस्लमान के खिलाफ नेही है ।ओडिशा में 4cr से 3cr असवर्ण है लेकिन अब जिसको भी पूछो bjp का समर्थक …यहां जाती भेद इतना ज्यादा नेही है इसलिए दलित भी खुद को दलित नेही समझते लेकिन यहा आदिवासी बोहोत हैँ जो जंगल मे रहते है ।BJD 20 साल से यह राज कर रहा है और बोहोत अच्चा भी है फिरभी लोग हिंदुत्वकी नाम पे एक हो रहे है 21 से 17 mp सीट पे बीजेपी जितने की चांस है सारे ओड़िया न्यूज़ का यही प्रेडिक्शन है और बिधान सभा मे भी यही मौका है बीजेपी की ।हिन्दू एकता की कोसिस करो सिर्फ सवर्ण एकता नेही ।

  42. Very good and informative discussion, It is the fact that a minority which claim to have ruled Hindu for over many centuries and have two islamic countries Pakistan/Bangladesh out of India is enjoying the privileged status in India, In fact power of India is at the hands of minorities, Partition was the biggest anti Hindu politics, Hindu are the losers everywhere be it in Pakistan India or Bangladesh, hindu never demanded for Pakistan but got trapped there and facing religious persecution while muslims demanded for Pakistan are enjoying in India, This is very disgusting and must be reversed to Save even this much India, and for this Hindu Charter is very much essential/required, India must be declared Hindu Rashtra, Bjp/Rss have no vision and are being controlled by mediocre persons,

  43. In Malaysia the majority malays are getting all the benefits. Sad to say in India its opposite.

  44. What an irony. What a shame on Hindus. A Hindu majority country asking for equal rights in their own country. What a sick joke. A very confused and sick minded hindu society . No wonder Hindus are a laughing stock who have no idea where the bulls arse is located.

  45. स्वामी रामदेव जी को फंड करना चाहिए आप लोगों की योजना में ।

  46. All developed countries have their entire education system including medicine &PhDs IN THEIR LOCAL LANGUAGES……CHINA,RUSSIA,GERMANY…..This should be widely published and discussed….otherwise local sepoys in all institutions, legislature, judiciary, government,press, tvchannels will hijack….

  47. One Narendra Modi,one Rajiv Malhotra, and one great yati in the south (Sri Sri Satyatma Teertharu)are going to transform our country,by their selfless service.

  48. The awareness of being short charged in their own country is fast growing among many hindus. But are they in large numbers? till date there is no organisation working on ground with pan India members which can democratically mobilise and raise the matters in public and to elected representatives. Even grass root organisations like RSS , VHP etc seem to fight shy of publicly representing hindu interests and the constitutional wrongs in a visible, public manner unlike minority organisations. Remember, our political independence was won through organised efforts of several groups working across country with physical movements like Dandi March, civil disobedience etc,. Hindus now , it seems, are preoccupied with their narrow caste and regional identity rather than the larger civilisational identity. A ram Mandir movement does not empathise with save Sabarimala movement and vice versa. When Brahmins were hounded in Tamilnadu, rest of the country showed no feelings. Large number of educated upper middle class and higher class hindus have no feel nor interest in hindu philosophy and religious practices and traditions. Just eavesdrop on conversations in twitter or WA of the expanding corporate folk in this country. You won't find an iota relating to the concerns voiced by Rajeev and others. Ditto for hindu businessmen. Not to talk of elites in media, judiciary and NGO. Religious gurus are on their own trip with esoteric ideas that they have no religion, that all this identity aspirations are irrelevant etc..So, all this idea of Hindu majority is itself fallacious. Even to carve out of these naamdaari hindus one small minority group called practising hindus with a pan India membership across all strata of society will be a tall order. It is indeed a sad situation, people holding influence won't buy into this and those holding this cause dear to their hearts unfortunately have an uphill task to create the right organisation. May be an attempt to enroll on pan India basis thru social media should be attempted followed by on ground chapters of volunteers.

  49. Yes for seventy years Congress rulars and politicians made Hindu people to keepqueit and no major role to play in any aspects of National issues,and No support,Hindu people ,most of them found their own occupation and lead their life independently.Even now we are not angry or hungry for offices or posts, we only want equality in poor section of Our community should get some support.

  50. You are wrong, catholic schools are govt funded and do propogate Christianity through classes, so why not DAV ?
    Our constitution is bakwas and requires to been trashed and rewritten….

  51. Wonderful interview with you all on Hindu charter. Finally you people are thinking straight. Forget Barkha, she is a frustrated bitch….

  52. whoever coming in hindu code bill,deattached themselves and become minority ..they should not have been given Minority status ..and this SC And ST resergation Obligation much chagrin to the peoples of india ,So called majority ..they should settle the issue 83% among sc st are hindus .. Muslim and Christians are only relgious minority, if jews are they also ..

  53. please let us know the email for supporting FREEING  HINDU TEMPLES FROM GOVT ? MAKE A PETTITION EASILY ACESSABLE TO PUBLIC


  55. Modi will die shout "mere sawa sho Deshwasiyo" rather than doing anything for people who have elected him. We will have to fight and die.

  56. Guys, I hope you’re actively lobbying for this. Now we have a government that is aligned with your thoughts.

  57. MMS is a Pakipanjabi, the genetic lumpen s , bloody Pakistani who slithered inti INDIA in 47. PAKIPANJABIS foreigners are sewer prds of worst of white xtian klannists savages and depraved white ass worshipping sewer sluts. He is a traitor. These beasts came as beggars,naked hungry beggars, but they are occupiers who work for white evil masters. Their DNA is of whites FDI, they r deranged traitors, still the BANGALI n Pakipanjabi n xtians dominate the native Indians it’s a war on native Indians by these Firangis outsiders, led by ITALIAN XTIAN BARDANCER N HER HALF ITALIAN XTIAN BIGOT S ON VATICAN ORDERS.

  58. Mapping the government machinery is a critical idea from Rajiv ji. They should open it up via channels like this to everyone who can send data to a central point. For example, there may be someone in the HRD itself who can send inside information to them. Hope this is progressing quickly.

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