Madhuri Dixit & Sriram Nene On Nationalism and their Maiden Netflix Film | The Quint

Madhuri Dixit & Sriram Nene On Nationalism and their Maiden Netflix Film | The Quint

I'm Audrey and I shall thank you for talking to the Quint now if never a Indian edition of the replace believe it or not you know one of the first items I'm sure would be that you know Shriram Nina didn't see any film of Madhuri Dixit that's a good way to put it I'm sure the whole of India would be like what well just to qualify it I didn't speak Hindi I'm Maharashtra so I spoke Marathi and all the Hindi films I couldn't understand I grew up in the West as you said and so in the West you know you had these pot driven thrillers I mean I was a huge Star Wars fan and other things growing up right so for me it wasn't something which was different than any other immigrant child growing up in the u.s. even in coming to Mumbai every summer we didn't go to watch hindi films because we lived in Mumbai and we spoke Marathi it's changed to some degree and that I have gone to a few the premieres I've seen a handful of the films I I think you know the the storytelling which occurs here is an art which is in and of itself interesting and I think that's even involving I think all of us would agree that we've gone from you know song and musical things to some plot driven stuff and whatnot there's an evolution but there's a certain beauty in that and you have to appreciate that to really understand you know how this all fits in having said that I've probably seen a handful of films ya know Marjorie you've been so many films you've done romance you've done suspense you've done issue based films you doesn't appear while in films also now when you put on a producers hat what were the things that came to your mind that these are the things that my films should have and these other things that my film shouldn't have no you cannot really go into a movie thinking this is what my film should have or shouldn't have because your scripts and it's always the kind of stories you want to tell and when I heard the script of Burma August I thought it was a very relatable film because as a Maharashtrian I have lived with people like my relatives who have lived in Charles I have seen that life very closely and so I felt that this was something I could identify with I could identify the emotions the whole play of the characters with each other and also because even though it's a comedy it has a lot of layers it tells you something it's a story it's trying to you know give you kind of life lessons and yet they are entertaining and it's a family entertaining entertainer you know anybody can sit and watch the film and enjoy it so I thought this would be ideal as my first movie now I watched under August and I really liked it but was there any reason why you chose to make it in Marathi because you could have made it in Hindi with the same setting with you know Mumbai yeah Hindi and probably reached a wider audience in terms of you know people just saying that oh it's a Hindi film I thought that Marathi would be very ideal for the situation and the kind of characters they are the kind of dialogues that were written they sound better in Marathi than in Hindi to me and so I thought that you know this this is a very marathi film also they are my roots this is my root i came from a Maharashtrian family I am a Moorish rain and if I'm making my first film or doing something new as a producer then I would have liked to make a Marathi film first you know before anything else how has a shift from cardiovascular surgery to producing films being and a wild question is do you find any similarities between the two extremely different vocations great question I think cardiovascular surgery taught me that millimeters and milliseconds made the difference between life and death and that level of perfection that you have to attain is kind of like counting to infinity sometimes because you'll never get there but that same drive isn't everything we do and so whether it's in making films or it's in running a company or whether it's in trying to get health care to a billion people the idea is simple that you have to do everything in your our to do things properly and so even in this film project and in the film company we were so circumspect about how we did things we always had backup systems we always had you know people and we always you know checked and rechecked you know you measure twice cut once sort of thing so I would say it teaches you it's like being an athlete right going into cardiac surgery I played a lot of tennis on varsity teams and all that you get trained and it trains your mind as well as your body to encounter and overcome obstacles and so I I think I would say to anyone you know use what you got and leave the rest to fate and to where you're going and bring what you have to the table and make people's lives better and try to have some fun at the same time but now this is a very heartwarming and feel-good kind of a film it's self reflective also in a way the Gandhi chawl in the film is you know you know it could be a representation of India in a certain way um the chaos the culture the people know you been born and brought up in the US and you came to Bombay in 2011 what were your first impressions about India you know once you started living here so it's partly true but every summer when I was growing up we would spend with my grandparents in Dadar in Hindu colony in Ch Roger Park and they didn't live much different than what I saw there and I mean to be honest we've been very fortunate but we didn't grow up we we grew up more like this then you know what it is now and so we identify with a lot of this you identified and at the end of it it's it's the human condition and the happiness which they had it's not measured by what you have but it's rather measured by the people around you which was so special about the child it's a very unique way of living that you have all these people from different backgrounds put into one playing common you know facilities and everything and it's quickly going away so we thought this would be such a critical story to tell in this India we moved from an agrarian to an industrialized society and mirror the West with the high-rise communities look at Mumbai right and at the same time what you see in this film is the happiness so to answer your question me coming from the US my roots were here as well you know with my grandparents and with my uncles and aunts so in me moving back I speak Marathi fluently I had a lot of the culture and part of the reason we came back was so that our kids could enjoy that you know we're Indians at heart after all sin done you can go anywhere but you can't take the Indian out of the person you know and that's true I think from all of Indians no matter where you're from in India if you go to the US you're identified as Indian first and then US or whatnot so I think it's all fair to say that this was a movie which really struck to our roots and wasn't any different than what I saw growing up Madhuri you were in the US for over a decade and you've been of course in India and you've seen the good and bad of good and just like the garbage hole there's a little positive and there's a little negative and everybody out living in living here if there were like three things you could change about India you know what would they be the roads for sure that's one yeah the infrastructure needs to get better apart from that I don't know what I would change maybe I would like people to be more proactive with whatever they're doing let's lead back yes let's lay back hello Nene can I you know and we got to get this done and let's do it kind of so change that and but I think you know the kind of love that is here I think you can't find it anywhere in the world now we see in Pandavas you know the residence of the Gandhi Chawla faced with a certain kind of situation and they all join in to solve that situation it's also 15 burgers there's certain kind of unity that's developed and the national anthem playing and that problem gets solved so there's this message of nationalism which comes across quite sweetly in the story but nationalism today is a word which is a little you know controversial you know some people have twisted it here and there whether it's in the US or in India what according to you represents nationalism or what is your idea of nationalism I think the commonalities of all of us outweigh the things which are different and in the end it's about the spirit of oneness I mean look for 4000 years India has been not just one India but it's been many ambience we've lived in harmony and if not peace right that's not something in a democracy which you see anywhere else on the planet you take Indians you put them anywhere on the time that they succeed and they succeed well what for us producing this and then taking it out on a platform like Netflix allows us to disseminate that message why we're so proud of being Indian and the films and the kind of culture that are coming out of here to a hundred ninety countries and 350 million people could you do that just going to the theaters I mean for two weeks maybe but here this is in perpetuity so III think the opportunity here is to educate the world on what we have and not judge until you've walked in someone's shoes you can't really sit back and say this is right or wrong right and that's part of the story that the commonality of the people even though they may be from different parts of the country or whatnot was that it was India first and then everything else second do you have a definition of nationalism or your idea of nationalism it's it's like you know when you're in different professions it's the love of what you do is the love for where you live is the love of who you meet you know so it all boils down to love you know and I think if you want to live in a society which is you know very together then you have to love your neighbors you have to love everyone and that is what sets you free and that's exactly what when they're always says in the end but finally love will set you free if you love and that's what you spread the message of love then you know that that's the ideal way to live now the casting is very refreshing what kind of role did you play in you know choosing the actors or was it completely left to the director well we all grew worked on it as a group so it's always teamwork filmmaking cannot be just one person doing something it's it's teamwork and so we all contributed to the kind of actors we wanted we wanted good actors you know in this movie because it's all about performances and we did get you know the best the cream of cream like Weber who Mangala was doing the you know character who's always up with ideas on how to rescue the child or Desmond mine who is who has fabulous films behind her kataka as a Bruce Lee he's a favorite actors there is adinath who is also very good actor and I thought he was so good for that role that he played and the an Rogers character which was amazing which was like very high voltage kind of a very meek guy but suddenly when he's cornered either a high wall very sensitive yes yes so I thought he was exactly he fit the role very well and so he already happy with the casting and finally how the film turned out and now it's on Netflix my last question my three you must be watching a lot of shows on Netflix and other platforms which are you played shows I mean if you could name one or two and if you were to remake popular web shows which you would want to feature in which would you pick Wow yeah it's a great question but when I watch Netflix there's so much content there's so much different content so many different stories in different languages whether it's narcos or whether it is because the other season we were like binge watching house of cards or you know so each story is different each storytelling the the way the story is told is different the language is different it is like a buffet of so many different kind of contents that it's very hard to pick in Seiki okay I want to remake this but I think it has to be something very original something very interesting something that I would feel that you know this is what I want to do and and I find it exciting so I think instead of remaking something that's already there I would rather create something that people will find exciting oh here we look to that and we hope that happens thank you thank you so much for talking to us our pleasure and all the best

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  1. Ppl who spend all their lives living abroad have a lot to say about nationalism . Shame on entire India fr making these idiots their idols

  2. Madhuri mam is brilliant actress I'll always pray for you god bless you always keep smiling πŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

  3. Madhuri still looks the same. This is natural beauty. Today's heroines are plastic beauty. Gym and diets. Nothing natural. Abhise hi budhiya lagne lagi hai ..Kareena, Katrina, Anushka.

  4. I just noticed how The Quint has such good interviews, the interviewer comes with proper research and even the people being interviewed seem interested in answering the questions seriously for a change. Way better than that idiot Faridoon

  5. If I had a daughter I would want her to marry someone like dr. Nene!! He is a class act. I can listen to him all day. Such a gentleman with grace and poise. She made the best decision in her life to marry him.

  6. Dr. Nene is such an intelligent and warm human being. Now I know why Madhuri picked him as her life partner. You can almost see that Dr. Nene's intelligence has also rubbed off on his wife as well. They really compliment each other. I wish them all the best!

  7. The interviewers here follow a typical Marxist approach to suss out ideology. Too bad for them Madhuri and Nene didn't fall for it.

  8. The interviewer …is so pathetic …..I doubt he was even understanding what Mr.nene was saying? he didnt cross question

  9. Ram is trying to sound intelligent but he really did himself no favours by saying he doesnt speak Hindi and speaks Marathi ! I am Maharashtrain but everyone knows that Hindi is the national language of the country !!!! I mean ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. Madhuri Maam looks at him with so much of admiration, respect and love. Both of them are really intelligent.

  11. The Quint is so anti national. They can't accept that National Pride is a legitimate thing. I guess they feel insecure that they will have nothing to do unless they tell the society they operate in…"You have nothing to be proud of. You have to have zero self esteem and pride in your Nation…then culture…and so on. Insidiously. Then they snake their way in..saying now we will tell you what you can be proud of". BUT…I love Dr. NeNe. He said the right thing! Not that the constipated Quint'er got it. But…People who try to make National Pride a word that is a shame somehow..are the cancer of society. Why is being proud of your Nation..wanting to be respectful towards it a matter of shame?

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  14. There is no disappointment on their face about their marriage . They seem so used to each other and relaxed that they can work and live with each other. God bless them. No matter what jokes people make of Madhuri ji’s marriage she’s very happy. She is lucky as he is.

  15. They both are also so respectful about each other's space.. You see them listening to each other's answer lovingly.. so much kindness and respect. The so called young couples of current shitty bollywood need to learn

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  17. Hey Madhuri you have no BRAINS !!! The interviewer asked you 3 questions and you answered only one "Good Roads" what about 2 other ………. learn to carry a professional conversation………….. Also answer to "your idea of Nationalism" is LOVE omg !!! Take my advice " LANGUAGE" BONDS PEOPLE TOGETHER . So learn SUPPORT LANGAUGE "HINDI "



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